You’ll Always Be Mine: A Caleb & Livvie (Cavvie) Romance


After Livvie Locke’s plan to get Caleb Morley to seduce her with a love spell fails and leads Caleb to make love to Allison Barrington instead, Caleb falls head over heels in love with Allison, leaving Livvie out in the cold. Livvie desperately tries to break the spell to make Caleb hers again as Caleb becomes more and more obsessed with Allison, despite the objections of Allison’s fiance, Rafe Kovitch. Will Livvie break the spell she put on Caleb, or will Caleb be destined to live his immortal life obsessed with Allison?


Livvie Locke – Kelly Monaco
Caleb Morley – Michael Easton
Allison Barrington – Erin Hershey Presley
Rafe Kovitch – Brian Gaskill
Dr. Eve Lambert – Julie Pinson
Dr. Kevin Collins – Jon Lindstrom
Lucy Coe – Lynn Herring

Chapter 1

Rafe had been looking for Allison for hours now. When he found her in the barn he went mad at what he saw. Caleb having sex with his fiancee. Without thinking, he angrily walked over to Caleb and grabbed him and through him off of Allison.

“What the hell is going on?!” Rafe says, angry.

“I’m sorry, Rafe. I don’t know what came over us.” Caleb apologized to Rafe, but his apologies fell on deaf ears.

“Allison, how could you let this happen?”

“I-I-I don’t know? One minute we were arguing and the next, we were all over each other?” a confused Allison tries to plead with Rafe.

“You two make me sick!” Rafe continues to rage. “I can’t believe you did this to us, Allison! The engagement is off! I can’t look at you anymore, you whore!”

“Rafe, I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me! I love you! You’re the only man for me!” Allison pleads.

But an angry and betrayed Rafe just leaves them standing confused.

“I’m sorry, Caleb, I got to get out of here.” Allison as she puts her clothes back on in shame and scrambles out.

As Allison ponders what just happened, Caleb goes home to Livvie. He doesn’t understand what happened. Livvie is the girl for him. So why did he just get it on with Allison.

Caleb arrives at his pad where he is living with Livvie. To his surprise, Livvie is lying on their bed, dressed in a stunning black negligee, but for some reason, Caleb can’t even look at how sexy she is lying there half naked on the bed.

Caleb just falls, dead tired, on the bed instead. Livvie does her best to coax him into some romance, but Caleb just pushes her off him. When Livvie continues her seduction, Caleb gets angry and his fangs appear.

“C’mon, Caleb, do it!” Livvie demands his vampire kiss.

Confused by what happened with Allison and Livvie’s seductive ways, he begins to bite Livvie in her neck, but something stops him short.

“Caleb, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t bite you, let alone make love to you, Livvie.” Caleb tells her. “Something happened tonight.”

“What, Caleb, what happened?”

“I made love to Allison.” Caleb tells her matter of factly.

“How could you, Caleb?” Livvie demands, angrily.

“I don’t know? It just happened. One minute we were arguing, then we were all over each other, then Rafe came in and practically drug me off of Allison.”

“I have to go. I need time to be alone after hearing this.” Livvie says, then runs off.

Livvie knew exactly what happened. It was the spell she put on Caleb. Dammit! It was supposed to be her that he saw. How could Allison be the first one when she cast the spell? Well one thing was for certain, she would have to find some way to break the spell. She must have Caleb! All of him!

Chapter 2

Livvie decided to surf the web to find a website that might tell her where to look for breaking that spell. She hit pay dirt when she found Druid Princess Susan’s website on spells. Susan revealed herself to be a druid princess who could break any spell. There hadn’t been a spell she hasn’t broken.

Livvie dialed the number listed on the website and made an appointment within the hour as Princess Susan wished to be called. As Livvie headed out of the house to meet with Susan, she ran into Allison of all people.

“Livvie, I need to talk to you.” Allison said, sounding apologetic.

“I have nothing to say to you, Allison.” Livvie shot back, angrily.

“Is this because I slept with Caleb?”

“Yes, it is, Allison.” Livvie said, angrily. “I can’t believe you did this? After I told you how I feel about Caleb, you end up sleeping with him?”

“I’m so sorry, Livvie. I don’t know what came over us. One minute we’re arguing, and the next, we’re kissing and all over each other.”

“Yeah, well, you’re just a slut who thinks every man wants you!” Livvie said, obviously hurt.

“I said I was sorry?”

“Oh save your lies for someone else, Allison. Everyone knows how you have a thing for Caleb.”

“I’m engaged to Rafe Kovitch. Why would I want Caleb?”

“I gotta go. I’m on my way to a meeting.”

After Livvie left Allison there at the corner confused. Livvie knew she didn’t have a right to be mad since she put the spell on Caleb, but it just irked her that it had to be Allison he slept with. She only hoped that Princess Susan could remedy this situation and break that spell over Caleb. Caleb was hers and he belonged to her. And Allison Barrington was not going to ruin any chance she had with Caleb.

Chapter 3

After her run-in with Allison, Livvie headed straight over to Princess Susan’s place. Livvie was more determined than ever to break that spell that was put on Caleb and Allison.

Livvie knocked on Princess Susan’s door, but there was no answer. When Livvie grabbed the doorknob, the door was unlocked. Opening the door, Livvie walked in to find a disturbing scene.

“Why hello Livvie.” Princess said, as she sat down to her table, all decked out with lit candles and her crystal ball.

“Princess Susan?” Livvie asked.

“I was just getting things ready for our séance?”

“Seance?” Livvie asked confused.

“The séance that will break the spell you accidentally put on Caleb and Allison.”

“I didn’t think you had to perform a séance?” Livvie questioned Princess Susan.

“What did you think we’d be doing?” Princess replied back with another question.

“I thought all you had to do was utter another spell?”

“Oh no, dear. It’s a whole ritual that must be performed.” Princess Susan explained. “The spell you used is a very powerful one and must be done right in order to be removed.”

“So, what do we do?”

“Well, have a seat and let’s get started.” Princess Susan said, pointing Livvie to the chair.

Livvie took her seat so Princess Susan could begin the séance.

“Oh goddess of the night!” Princess began.

As Princess Susan went through her sham of a séance to silence Livvie’s fears, Allison was about to receive some news of her own.

“Eve?” Allison asked, worried. “Is there something wrong with me?”

“Oh, nothing that nine months won’t cure.” Eve announced.

“Pregnant?” Allison answered back. “I’m pregnant?!”

“Yes, Allison.” Eve said. “I wish you and Rafe all the congratulations.”

“Yeah. That’s what we will need alright.” Allison said.

“Allison, is everything alright?” Eve said, as Allison prepared to leave Eve’s office.

“Everything’s fine.” Allison said before leaving.

But Allison wasn’t so sure it was, hoping that Rafe was the father.

Chapter 4

Allison drove back to her and Rafe’s apartment worried about breaking the news of her pregnancy to Rafe. Worried that Caleb might be the father, she pulled into the driveway only to find Caleb waiting outside the apartment.

“Allison, I need to see you.” Caleb pleaded.

“Caleb, I don’t want you here.” Allison said.

“But we made love. And now, all I can think about is you.”

“Look Caleb, I don’t know what or how we made love, but it can’t happen again.” Allison told him.

“I want you now.”

“Just go away, before I call someone to have you thrown off the premises.” Allison threatened.

Caleb grabbed Allison’s arm to pull him to him, but Rafe came up behind him and shoved him off Allison.

“Get away from her!” Rafe yelled.

“You’ve forgiven Allison for her indiscretion?” Caleb smirked.

“I’ve come to my senses and realized that Allison loves me.” Rafe replied.

“Yeah, that’s why we had sex!” Caleb taunted.

“Get out of here, now!” Rafe yelled.

As Caleb left Allison and Rafe, Rafe took Allison up to their apartment to have a talk.

“I forgive you, Allison.” Rafe told her, giving Allison some relief. “I know you never intended to betray me.”

“I’m so sorry, Rafe.” Allison said. “I honestly don’t know what happened. All I know is you’re all I want.”

Rafe kisses Allison as she tries to find a way to tell him the news of her pregnancy. She decides it’s best to wait for another time as the two have a make-up night.

Meanwhile, Livvie is still working on a way to break the spell that will stop Caleb from obsessing over Allison.

Chapter 5

Rafe sensed something was wrong with Allison as he was kissing her.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Rafe asked his fiancée.

Allison pulled away from his embrace, afraid of how he would take the news of her pregnancy and that Caleb might be the father.

“I…I…I have…something to tell…y…you.” Allison stumbled on the words as she tried to find the courage to tell Rafe she was pregnant.

“Well, Alli, just spit it out.” Rafe told her.

“It’s not easy to tell you this.”

“What is it?” Rafe asked with anticipation, not knowing Allison’s indiscretion with Caleb.

“I’m pregnant.” Allison finally, despite the hesitation, told him.

“We’re going to have a baby?!” Rafe said with glee showing in his face, as he kissed her and threw her on the bed as he attempted to make love to her.

“Rafe, stop!” Allison pleaded.

“What’s wrong now?” Rafe said, feeling agitated.

“The baby.” Allison said, making an excuse to get out of making love, as she buttoned her blouse.

“I’m sure the baby’s fine.” Rafe said, kissing Allison’s neck, something he knew she enjoyed.

“Please, Rafe, I need some time to be alone.” Allison said, tearing herself away from him, and heading out the front door, leaving Rafe mystified.

As Allison walked along, she ran into Livvie. Livvie was the last person she expected to see right now.

“Allison, is something wrong?” Livvie said, pretending to be concerned to get the goods on her.

“I’m okay.” Allison said, drying her tears, hoping Livvie didn’t see them.

“Hey, you’re crying. Did Rafe hurt you?”

“No, it’s nothing that.” Allison told her.

“Then what is it?”

“I’m pregnant!” Allison blurted out to Livvie, leaving her shocked.

“It’s Rafe’s baby, right?”

“Why would you say something like that, Livvie?” Allison asked her. “Of course it’s Rafe’s!”

Allison ran off to be alone. First Rafe. Now Livvie.

But Livvie was hurt. This was all on her and her need to control Caleb. If she hadn’t put the spell on Caleb, that led to him making love to Allison, she’d be the one who was pregnant? Now Allison was pregnant, maybe with Caleb’s baby?!


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