Torn Between Two Loves: A Sheridan & Luis (Shuis) Romance

Episode 1

Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald and Fancy Crane had been married for a year and everything was rosy for the newlyweds. But after a year of bliss, Luis slipped into a depression. He never came home to spend the evenings with Fancy. He worked late at the Harmony Police Department almost every night, and when he wasn’t working, he was down at Harmony Tavern drinking his sorrow away. When Luis did manage to come home, he yelled at Fancy and their newborn daughter, Ivy Pilar, who was born just a month ago. It had been a month since Ivy had been born, and Luis had yet to hold his new daughter, let alone help out with taking care of the baby. All he did was work, sleep, and drink.
Luis knew the problem. But he couldn’t bring himself to confront Fancy. He had made a huge mistake marrying Fancy. Oh, at the time, he truly believed he was in love with Fancy. But now Luis knew the truth: he was still in love with Sheridan Crane, Fancy’s Aunt. Luis was on the verge of telling Fancy, but news of Fancy’s pregnancy two months into the marriage and Luis decided to keep quiet about his feelings for Sheridan. He was so sure they would subside, especially since Sheridan was married to his brother Antonio.

Luis was making inroads with his feelings for Sheridan. Until two months ago when Sheridan confronted him at the police station. She told him they needed to talk and they went for coffee to discuss it. She told him that she and Antonio were at a crossroads. Things between them were bad. Then she told Luis the reason. She was still in love with him. This news hit Luis like a ton of bricks. He was finally getting over Sheridan, and all the feelings and memories came flooding back. Then Sheridan and Luis kissed and it was all over. The two ended up back at the Crane cottage making love.

After the lovemaking, Luis felt guilty. He broke his vows to Fancy. Sheridan reached out to comfort him, but he told her he had to leave. He put his clothes back on and left the Crane mansion. He couldn’t go home and face Fancy after what he did. So he went the only place he knew he could go; his home away from home, the Harmony Police Department. And he has been throwing himself into his work every since.

Episode 2

Luis was busy working when Fancy walked into the police station.
“Luis, I waited all night for you.”

Looking up from his work, “Oh, hi Fancy. Sorry. I got busy on this report and lost track of time.”

“I thought we had plans to go to our favorite spot on the beach?”

“I told you Fancy, I just lost track of time.” Luis snaps at her.

“It’s okay. I was just worried. So I came where I knew where I know I’d find you.”
Fancy wraps her arms around Luis’ neck and kisses him.

“Please, Fancy, I’m really busy here. Can you just go home?”

“Fine, Luis! What is the matter with you?” Fancy asks, as she walks out, leaving him alone with his report.

Luis felt bad for the way he treated Fancy. It bugged him that he had just betrayed her by making love to Sheridan. He didn’t know how he was going to get through this. How can he leave Fancy, pregnant with his baby? How could he deny his feelings for the one woman he’s really ever loved? Luis married Fancy because he didn’t think he could ever get past Sheridan keeping the secret that their son was alive. Sheridan tried to reason with him why she kept it, but Luis, being stubborn, refused to listen. That was the worst mistake in his life. It drove Sheridan straight into the arms of his brother, Antonio. And just as Luis was about to apologize and ask Sheridan to marry him, she was abruptly married to Antonio. After several attempts to try to convince Sheridan to divorce Antonio, Luis gave up and began dating Fancy, then married her. Shortly after he married Fancy, Luis knew it was a mistake when his feelings for Sheridan resurfaced.

And now, he and Sheridan both betrayed Fancy and Antonio by their affair.

Episode 3

Fancy woke in the middle of the night hungry for pickles and ice cream. Luis got up out of bed and went to the kitchen to get them for her. Luis still didn’t know how he was going to break the news to Fancy that he was in love with her aunt Sheridan and had broken their wedding vows and slept with her. It broke his heart knowing that he had to somehow tell Fancy the truth.
Luis went back upstairs with the pickles and ice cream that Fancy asked Luis for. When he got to their bedroom, Fancy was sound asleep looking like an angel in their bed. Not wanting to go back down stairs again, Luis ate the pickles and ice cream himself.

After Luis had polished off the pickles and ice cream, Luis’ cell gave off a notification that he had received a text. It was from Sheridan.

“Did you tell Fancy the news?”
Luis text Sheridan back:
“No. I received some disturbing news from her. I’ll meet you tomorrow and give you details.”
“Okay. Meet you at the cafe in town around 8 a.m.” I have some news of my own.”
“Okay. See at 8 a.m.”
Luis went back to sleep for a few more hours before he had to meet with Sheridan. He couldn’t sleep so he just laid there in bed until it was time to get up.
Fancy was up and dressed and in the kitchen making Luis breakfast when Luis came into the kitchen.

“Babe, you shouldn’t have made me breakfast.” Luis told her.

“I wanted to make you a special breakfast since you went to the trouble of fetching me the pickles and ice cream and I was fast asleep when you got back to the bedroom.” Fancy apologized.

“It was really sweet of you, dear, but I have to be to work early to work on new details for a case I’m working on.” Luis lied to her.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll just make some for myself before I jet on over to Crane Industries.”

“Thanks love, for theunderstanding.” Luis told her as he gave Fancy a quick kiss before leaving.
Luis felt guilty lying to Fancy, but he had to meet Sheridan at the cafe in town. He pulled up to a parking spot in the cafe parking lot and saw that Sheridan was waiting inside at a booth. He walked inside and told the waitress that he was meeting with Sheridan Crane Lopez-Fitzgerald. The waitress led to the booth where Sheridan was sitting.

“So what was your news you had to tell me?” Sheridan inquired as soon as the waitress left.

“Fancy is pregnant.” Luis informed her.

“What? I thought Fancy couldn’t have children?” Sheridan asked, shocked.

“Well, I guess her doctor made a mistake. I’ve been torn on how to tell Fancy about us.” Luis told Sheridan.

“Well, I hate to put this on you, Luis, but I’m also pregnant.” Sheridan told him.

Luis almost spit out the water he was drinking. “What?!”

“Yeah, only I don’t know if Antonio or you are the father? I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came up positive. I’m going to my doctor to confirm what the pregnancy test says.”

“Well, let me know as soon as you see your doctor.” Luis said.

Luis and Sheridan sat there in silence eating breakfast. Luis didn’t have a clue how he was going to get out of this one. Sheridan pregnant and he might be the father? Both Fancy and Sheridan pregnant with his child?

Episode 4

Luis found himself at the Harmony’s busiest bar, Martimmy’s, named after Timmy. He just wanted quiet time to get slammed. He just didn’t want to think about how much his life was a mess. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Antonio comes in, and seeing his little bro, heads on over.
“Well, hello Bro!” Antonio says.
Luis just wants to hide. Antonio is the last person he wants to see right now. But he bucks it up as Antonio pulls up a seat.
“Did you hear the news?” Antonio ask him, sounding excited.
“What is that?” Luis replies back.
“Sheridan is pregnant.” Antonion announces, as he holds up his glass toward Gus, the bartender letting him know he wants another.
“Yes, Sheridan told me just tonight.” Luis tells him, wondering what Antonio will do if Luis turns out to be the father of Sheridan’s baby.
“I hear you have good news too. Fancy’s also pregnant. This definitely calls for a celebration!” Antonio adds. “Everyone! The next round is on me, in honor of my brother, Luis and I. Our wives are having babies!”
The entire bar holds up their glasses and cheers Luis and Antonio on. Luis just sinks lower in his chair, as he is in no mood for a celebration.
As Antonio and Luis are celebrating their “happy” marriages, a mysterious woman lady is watchin Antonio and Luis from the bar.
She thinks to herself, “Luis you won’t get away with what you have done! You’ll pay for what you have done to me.!”
The mysterious woman sends an anonymous text to both Fancy and Sheridan making it look as if Antonio and Luis sent them:
“Baby, come join us at Martimmy’s for a celebration of our happy lives.”
Then the mysterious woman waits for Fancy and Sheridan to join their husbands.

Episode 5

Fancy and Sheridan happen to show up at Martimmy’s at the same time.
“Aunt Sheridan, what are you doing here?” Fancy asked when she saw Sheridan coming into Martimmy’s.
“I got a text from Antonio asking me to join him here.”
“That’s funny, because I got a text from Luis asking me to join him here too.”
“Well, let’s go join our men.” Sheridan said.
Sheridan and Fancy walk into Martimmy’s where Luis and Antonio are taken by surprise to see their wives.
“Fancy, what brings you here?” Luis asked.
“Yeah, Sheridan, what are you here for?” Antonio asked Sheridan.
“Well, we both got a text from you two asking us to join you here.” Fancy told both Luis and Antonio.”
“Luis, did you text Fancy to join us?” Antonio asked him.
“I didn’t do anything like that.” Luis said.
“That’s funny, because neither did I.” Antonio also told them.
“Well, how do you explain the texts on our phones from the two of you?” Sheridan asked.
Beth is sitting a few tables down watching Luis and Antonio try to explain themselves to their wives.
“And it’s going to get worse for you, Luis.” Beth said to herself.

Episode 6

Beth couldn’t stand Luis so happy with Fancy. Then Beth noticed that Luis had his arm around Fancy and his other hand rubbing Sheridan’s leg under the table. Poor Fancy didn’t have a clue that Luis might also be the father of Sheridan’s baby too, Beth thought. Served her right, for marrying the man that belonged to her. Poor Antonio and Fancy would be crushed when it came out that Luis was Sheridan’s baby too. Beth it was funny that Luis and Sheridan were messing around behind Antonio and Fancy’s backs. Maybe they could console each other when the truth came out. And Beth intended to make sure it did. But Beth intended to make Luis hers and not Sheridan’s.
Beth had a plan to kidnap both Sheridan’s and Fancy’s babies. Yeah, she knew what happened when she kidnapped Sheridan’s first son with Luis. But she didn’t care. She wanted Luis for herself and do anything to make sure Luis was. Luis belonged with her, not Fancy, or Sheridan. Luis and Beth go way back—all the way to high school. Beth flashed back to the time when Luis proposed marriage when they were a month from graduating. (In reality, it hadn’t happened, but that’s how Beth remembers it.)
After watching the foursome at Martimmy’s, Beth couldn’t stand it anymore. She had to put a stop to this. She walks over to the table where the happy foursome is enjoying their time and removes her hat and sunglasses. . . . .
Luis’ jaw drops at the sight of Beth Wallace. Sheridan faints and falls into Luis’ arms. Fancy and Antonio are confused as to what is going on and are wondering who the woman is. (Fancy and Antonio were out of Harmony when Beth last showed up for her last escapade.)
“Why hello, Luis!” a jubliant Beth says to him.
“How the hell did you get out of the mental institution?” a confused Luis says.
“Let’s just say, I got out on good behavior.”
“So, you tricked the nurses into letting you out?’
“Hey, I just had to get back to my man!” crazy Beth said.
“I was never your guy!” Luis said, matter-of-factly.
“Awwww, what about when you proposed marriage back in high school?” Beth remembers.
“I never proposed to you, Beth?” Luis tries to remind her.
“Well, let’s forget about that now. It’s in the past.” Beth instantly drops the subject. “You’ll be mine in no time again.”
“I’ll never be yours, Beth.” Luis tells her. “I’m married to Fancy now, and having a baby.”
“But you’re still in love with Sheridan.” Beth blurts out in front of both Antonio and Fancy. “If they only knew what else you were hiding from them?”
As Fancy and Antonio look at Luis confused, Beth gets a call from her invalid mother and leaves abruptly.
“What the hell did Beth mean?” Fancy asks Luis.
“Yeah, Luis, are you still in love with my wife?” Antonio demands.
“No, I’m not in love with Sheridan.” Luis lies. “I’m happily married to Fancy, and we’re having a baby.”
But Fancy and Antonio were not so sure about Luis’ admission. For the first time since they were married, Fancy was having serious doubts about Luis and her Aunt Sheridan, thanks to Beth.

Episode 7

Later that night, Fancy woke in extreme pain in her abdominal area. She woke Luis to let him know and he rushed her to Harmony General for examination. As the doctor was in the ER examining Fancy, a worried Luis called Sheridan, but she failed to answer as she too was having the same abdominal pain Fancy was, and was being brought into the ER by Antonio.
Antonio and Luis stood vigil in the ER waiting room while their wives were in the ER as a jubilant Beth watched from the sidelines waiting for word whether her concoction did its job on Fancy and Sheridan.
Ten minutes later, the doctor examining both Sheridan and Fancy came out into the ER to talk with Luis and Antonio, while Beth listened nearby.
“Antonio? Luis?” the doctor said. “I have some news for you about your wives.”
“Are they okay?” Antonio asked him.
“And the babies?” Luis also asked.
“The good news is both Sheridan and Fancy are resting comfortably in separate rooms.” the doctor told them.
“And the bad news?” both Antonio and Luis asked in unison.
“Sheridan’s baby is just fine, but Fancy’s baby didn’t make it.” the doctor sadly said to Luis.
“Fancy miscarried.” a saddened Luis said, sitting down, as Antonio put his hand on Luis’ shoulder.
“I’m so sorry for your loss.” the doctor said.
“Can we go in to see them, doctor?” Antonio asked.
“Yes, but they will be probably be sleeping.” the doctor told them.
As Antonio and Luis went to see their wives, Beth banged her hand on the wall of the hospital. “Dammit, it was Sheridan’s baby that was supposed to die, not Fancy’s!”
Beth went back home to devise a scheme to take Sheridan’s baby, as Luis and Antonio sat vigil at their wives bedsides.

Episode 8

Luis sat vigil at Fancy’s bedside holding her hand as Antonio was in awe at the tiny little face looking feeding at Sheridan’s breast.
“He looks so tiny.” Antonio exclaimed.
“He looks like you.” Sheridan lied, noticing the resemblance to her and Luis’ son, Marty.
“I’m just glad he’s okay.” Antonio said happily.
Antonio watched as the baby fed from Sheridan’s breast.
“So, what are we going to name him?” Antonio asked.
“I don’t know.” Sheridan. “I thought about Anthony Luis, after his father and uncle.”
“I think it’s a perfect name.” Antonio agreed, oblivious to the fact that baby was really his brother’s, Luis’s, son.
Meanwhile, Luis was dying to know how Sheridan was doing with the birth of their child, but didn’t want to leave Fancy’s side during her time of need. But he made an excuse to leave so he could check on Sheridan.
“Fancy, I’m going to go get you something to eat. You must be famished after all that you’ve been through?” Luis told her.
“Okay, Fancy said. I’m a little tired anyway. Sleep would be good right now.” Fancy said, knowing where he really was going. Fancy knew all along that Luis didn’t love her and that his heart really belonged with her Aunt Sheridan.
“Okay, Fancy, get some sleep and I’ll go get you some lunch.” Luis said after he kissed on the forehead.
Fancy drifted off to sleep as soon as Luis left.

Luis found himself knocking on Sheridan’s hospital door just as Beth was rounding the corner, who was there to waiting for an opportunity to kidnap Sheridan and Luis’s baby. Her opportunity came when the nurse walked out with the baby’s bassinet to take him to the nursery to run the usual tests.

Episode 9

The nurse came in to get baby boy Lopez-Fitzgerald and was surprised to find the baby missing. Assuming that someone must’ve already taken to his parents, the nurse went to Sheridan’s room to check on mother and son.
“Can I come in?” the nurse asked, knocking on Sheridan’s door.
“Yes.” Sheridan said, hoping the nurse was bringing her son.
“I just wanted to check on mother and son.” The nurse told Sheridan and Luis, who was visiting Sheridan.
“What do you mean, checking on us?” Sheridan asked. “Where’s my baby?”
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald. I’m assumed the baby was brought to you already?”
“You don’t have my baby?” Sheridan asked worriedly.
“I’m sorry, I’ll go see where he is.” The nurse left to go see another nurse at the nurse’s station.
“Amy, you did take baby Lopez-Fitzgerald to his parents?”
“No, Lucy. I went to get the baby, but I saw he wasn’t in the nursery so I assumed someone else did it?” Amy said.
“So, he’s not in the nursery and he’s not with his parents?” Lucy questioned. “It can only mean one thing…..”
“We have an abduction?!” Amy said.
Sheridan and Luis heard the Amber alert from the PA system and Sheridan got worried.
“That’s an amber alert!” Sheridan cried. “Our baby’s been taken?”
Luis took Sheridan in his arms to comfort her. Then Fancy and Antonio came in.
“What’s going on her?” Fancy asked, with Antonio nodded in agreement.
“It’s not what it looks like.” Luis told his wife and brother.
“Well, it looks as if you and my aunt were hugging?” Fancy hinted.
“No, you don’t understand.” Luis tried to explain. “The baby has been taken.”
“My son is gone?” Antonio asked in disbelief.
“Yes, the hospital is on lock down searching for your son.” Luis told Antonio and Fancy.
“Oh, my god!” Fancy said. “Who could have taken a newborn baby?”


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