A Forever Love: A Cruz & Eden (Creden) Romance


Heading to Paris, France to live with Eden and Adriana (everyone believed Cruz had divorced Eden), Cruz and Eden decided to leave Santa Barbara after one of her personalities killed Robert Barr, or so they thought. Now after years of living abroad, Cruz and Eden (Adriana is an adult and world-renowned model) come back after Adriana is kidnapped when a lead brings them back to Santa Barbara. When the kidnapper is revealed to be Robert Barr (who still hasn’t forgiven Eden for “killing” him) gives Eden an ultimatum: Will Eden give in to his request?


Cruz Castillo – A Martinez
Eden Capwell Castillo – Marcy Walker
Robert Barr – Roscoe Born
CC Capwell – Jed Allan
Sophia Capwell – Judith McConnell
Kelly Capwell – Robin Wright
Mason Capwell – Lane Davies
Julia Wainwright Capwell – Nancy Lee Grahn
TJ Daniels – Chip Mayer
DA Keith Timmons – Justin Deas
Gina Capwell-Timmons – Robin Mattson
Chip Castillo – Jesse Metcalf
Adrianna Castillo – MacKenzie Mauzy

Chapter 1

“Cruz, we are going to find her?” a worried Eden asked her husband, referring to their daughter, Adriana, a world-renowned model, who was recently kidnapped.

“Yes, Eden.” Cruz reassured his wife, as he took her hand.

Cruz and Eden were headed back to Santa Barbara, US, from Paris, where they had been living for several years after Robert Barr had been killed by one of Eden’s personalities, Lisa. They left to protect Eden from Robert’s men, afraid they might avenge his death. Now they were returning to Santa Barbara following a lead into Adriana’s disappearance.

The plane was just landing at LAX where CC And Sophia Capwell were waiting for Cruz and Eden’s arrival. Sophia was nearly in tears at the thought of seeing her daugher after so many years abroad. CC stood by Sophia’s side when Cruz and Eden appeared at the gate.

“Mama!” Eden cried, holding out her arms, as Sophia rushed to hug her daughter.

“Eden!” Sophia cried when she held her daughter for the first time in years. “It’s been so long!”

“I know Mama!” Eden agreed. “Too long!”

As Sophia and Eden cried in each others arms, Cruz pulled CC to the side.

“Mr. C.” Cruz began. “I’m afraid we’re here on business.”

“What’s wrong?” CC asked with concern.

“It’s Adriana!”

“Adriana!” CC asked confused.

“Shes been abducted.” Cruz explained. “We came back to Santa Barbara following a lead into her disappearance.”

“Do you know who took her?”

“Not yet.” Cruz told him. “But I have to go see the source of the lead. I was wondering if you could keep an eye on Eden?”

“Yes, of course, Cruz.” CC told him.

“Good.” Cruz said. “I don’t want Eden coming along when I get to the source’s address. She’s distraught enough as it is.”

“Well, you do what you have to to find your daughter.” CC reassured him. “We’ll look after Eden.”

“Thanks Mr. C.” Cruz said, rushing out of the airport without another word.

CC came back to where Sophia and Eden were talking.

“Well, princess, you’re coming home with us.” CC announced to Eden.

“Cruz?” Eden asked. “Where did he go, daddy?”

“Now, don’t worry, princess.” CC told her. “Cruz had to go check on something, so he asked us to look after you while he was gone.”

“But Adriana. We were going to look for her.” Eden cried, before she collapsed in CC’s arms.

CC and Sophia took Eden back to the mansion and let her rest in her old room while Cruz headed for the source that would supply him with the person who took his daughter.

Chapter 2

Cruz was welcomed back at Santa Barbara Police Department when he arrived at the police station to inform them on his daughter’s disappearance.

“Cruz, we’re so sorry about Adriana.” The commissioner said, giving his condolences.

“Thank you sir, but I’m here on a lead that brought Eden and I back to the states.”

“Do you have any idea who took her?” the commish asked.

“Not yet, but I got a call from someone who claims to know where she is.”

“When was the last time you saw her?”

“She was just coming from a photo shoot when she never showed up at her apartment after Eden and I went to visit her that day.”

Just then, Cruz reached inside his pocket to retrieve his cell when he felt it vibrate inside his pocket.


“If you want your daughter back, meet me at the docks in one hour.” The mysterious man said before hanging up.

“I gotta go.” Cruz said before suddenly heading out of the SBPD leaving the commish confused.

Back at the Capwell mansion,

“How is my sister?” Kelly asked Sophia, who had just arrived after receiving word about Eden and Cruz’s return and her niece’s kidnapping.

“She’s been sleeping all morning.” Sophia told her daughter. “The doctor prescribed a sleeping medication and Eden’s been out for most of the morning.”

“And Adriana?” Kelly asked with concern. “Do they have any idea who took her?”

“No. But Cruz rushed off this morning to the police station to inform them.”

Kelly gave a comforting embrace to Sophia before heading to Eden’s room to check on her sister.

Cruz arrived at the docks and sat in the police cruiser waiting for the mysterious caller who told him to be there.

Fifteen minutes later, Robert Barr arrives at the docks as Cruz gets out of his police cruiser and heads toward him.

Chapter 3

Cruz and Robert Barr meet face-to-face after several years. Cruz is mystified as he thought Robert was dead when Eden accidentally shot him that sent him over the cliff.

“Robert Barr?” Cruz asked mystified.

“Well, Cruz Castillo, we finally meet after all these years.” Robert said half joking, half serious.

“I thought you were dead?”

“Well, I can see where you might think that, considering your wife shot me as I went over that cliff!” Robert said riled up.

“So you’re the one who has Adrianna?” Cruz asked him.

“She’s in a safe location.” Robert told him.

“What do you want?” Cruz pleads with him.

“I want Eden!” Robert demands.

“Okay. . .” but Cruz is interrupted from agreeing to Robert’s terms when Robert receives a call on his cell.

“What is it?!” Robert demands.

“Boss, we have a problem?” Robert’s right-hand man says.

“What happened now?” Robert says angrily.

“The hostage has disappeared.” The man informs him.

“How the hell did she disappear!”

“I have no idea. But she is gone!”

“Well, I’m on my way. I’ll deal with you when I get back!”

As Cruz listens to Robert’s call, he is crushed that Adrianna is nowhere to be found. As the men part ways, Cruz heads back to the station to tell SBPD the bad news, wondering what he will tell Eden about Adrianna.

“So, did you get info on Adrianna’s whereabouts?” TJ said.

“I know who took my daughter is all I know.” Cruz sadly tells him.


“Robert Barr.”

“Robert Barr?”

“Yes, apparently Robert survived the fall off the cliff when Eden accidentally shot him.” Cruz filled in TJ.

“Wow! I thought Robert was a goner.” TJ mused.

“So, what went wrong?”

“Robert got a call informing him Adrianna disappeared.”

“What? She disappeared? Did she get away somehow?”

“I have no idea. That’s where Robert and I parted ways.” Cruz said.

“Now all we have is another dead end.” TJ said.

“Yeah, and how will I tell Eden that her daughter is out there somewhere?”

“Well, go home. I’m here. If you or Eden need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.” TJ told him with sympathy.

“Yeah man. Thanks for sticking to this case.”

“Anytime.” TJ said as Cruz headed back to the Capwell mansion to tell Eden the bad news about Adrianna.

Meanwhile, on a flight back to Santa Barbara, Chip Castillo is sitting next to his sister as the two wait to get back to Santa Barbara to see their parents.

Chapter 4

Chip and Adrianna arrive back in Santa Barbara to overjoyed parents as Cruz and Eden, and their grandparents, Sophia and CC, welcome them back home.

“Adrianna!” Eden cries with relief to see her daughter is safe from Robert Barr.

“I’m alright, mother!” Adrianna says to her mother, releasing herself from her mother’s tight grasp.

“I’m sorry dear.” Eden apologizes to her daughter. “I was beside myself with grief.”

“Well, everything is okay now that I’m back home.” Adrianna tells her family.

“Chip, it was you who saved your sister?” Cruz asks his son.
“Yes, dad.” Chip answered his father. “I couldn’t let Robert take my sister. I know how much it hurt you and Eden.”

“Thank you, Chip.” Eden tells her step-son gratefully, as she gives him a hug.

“Okay, if nobody doesn’t start eating this delicious food Cook made, it’s going to go to waste!” Sophia said.

“You’re right, grandmother.” Adrianna agreed. “I’m suddenly famished.”

“It must be all the excitement in Paris.” Chip joked.

“Shut up, brother.” Adrianna said playfully joking with him.

As the Castillos and Capwells relished in a happy moment now that Adrianna was safe and back home, Robert Barr waited in the wings for his next surprise on an unsuspecting Cruz and Eden.


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