Steffy in Salem: A DOOL/B&B Crossover


Steffy needed a vacation from all the drama at Forrester. So she boards a flight—destination unknown—and winds up in Salem, Illinois. She meets Kate, Nicole and Theresa—Salem’s fashion extraordinaires; not to mention, Max Brady. After sparks fly for the two, Steffy locks horns with Max’s ex-girlfriend, Chelsea. Do Max and Steffy have a future, or will it fizzle out?


Steffy Forrester-Spencer – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Kate Roberts – Lauren Koslow
Nicole Walker – Arianne Zuker
Theresa Donovan – Jen Lilley
Brady Black – Eric Martsolf
Deimos Kiriakis – Vincent Irrizarry
Max Brady – Darin Brooks
Chelsea Brady – Rachel Melvin

Chapter 1

“I’m sorry, Steffy.” Liam told Steffy. “I’m glad that you finally left Wyatt, but it’s too late for us.”

“What do you mean, too late for us?” Steffy asked Liam. “You begged me for weeks to leave Wyatt.”

“That’s was before. . .” Liam started to say.

“Before what?” Steffy asked him.

“Before I got back with Ivy!” Liam told her.

“What? Back with Ivy?” Steffy protested.

“Yes, Steffy. I am back with Ivy.” Liam confessed. “Sorry, but you took too long vacillating between my brother and me.”

“Please, Liam. . .” Steffy pleaded. “I need you.”

Liam shut Steffy out of his beach house and his life. He was with Ivy now. It was over once and for all between him and Steffy.

Steffy couldn’t believe that Liam would shut her out of his life. For weeks he begged her to leave Wyatt and when she finally did, he turns to none other than Ivy?
Steffy needed a vacation. But where? She got in her car and headed for LAX.
When Steffy got the LAX airport counter, the ticket agent asked her destination.
“Surprise me.” Steffy said.

“Okay, lady.” The ticket agent said, as he handed her a ticket.

“Salem? Sounds good.” Steffy said.

“Attention, passengers! Final boarding for Salem!” the announcer said.

“Sounds like my flight.” Steffy said to herself, as she headed for the gate to board her flight.

A few hours later. . .

“Attention passengers, we are now arriving in Salem, Illinois. Please buckle your seat belts.” The pilot announced.

“Salem, Illinois?” Steffy asked. “I thought we were heading for Salem, Massachusetts?”

Steffy takes her ticket and looks at it and sees “Salem, Illinois.”

“What am I going to do now?” Steffy asks herself.

“Miss, is there I can stay on this flight? It seems I got on the wrong flight?” Steffy asks the flight attendant.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but you’ll have to get off here.” The flight attendant says after looking at her flight ticket.

“But. . .” Steffy protests, but the flight attendant helps her off the flight.
“Great! Now I’m stuck in Salem, Illinois?”

Steffy managed to hail a cab and asked to take her to a java shop for some coffee. As the cab dropped her off at the Java Café, Steffy goes in for a coffee. But as she is heading inside, she thinks she sees Wyatt.

“Wyatt?” Steffy says to herself. But when she turns around to call out to him, the man is gone. “Hmmm, must be my imagination. Guess I needed a vacation more than I thought? Now I’m seeing Wyatt everywhere?”

Steffy settles into a booth and orders her favorite vanilla latte as she takes out her laptop and does some research for Forrester.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but aren’t you Steffy Forrester, from Forrester Creations?” Theresa asks her.

Chapter 2

“Yes, but please don’t mention Forrester to me.” Steffy tells her.

“Steffy Forrester, from Forrester Creations.” Theresa hails her. “I’ve followed you and the company for years.”

“Thank you.” Steffy says to Theresa to be pleasant, then does a double-take when Max Brady walks into the Brady Pub as Steffy mistakes him for Wyatt.

“OMG! He followed me to this makeshift town of Salem?” Steffy says as Theresa notices Max walk in the Brady Pub.

“Who are you talking about?” Theresa asks her.

“That man who just walked in here.” Steffy says, pointing to Max.” “My ex-husband followed me here.”

“Max Brady, my cousin, is your ex-husband?” Theresa quizzes her.

“No. Wyatt. That’s Wyatt Fuller-Spencer, isn’t he?” Steffy asks, confused.

“That’s my cousin, Max Brady.” Theresa tells her.

“Max Brady? Damn! He looks just like Wyatt?” Steffy says.

“Hey, Cuz, this is Steffy Forrester, from Forrester Creations.” Theresa says, introducing Max to Steffy.

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Forrester.” Max replies to Steffy.

“I’m sorry. I did a double-take when I saw you.” Steffy apologizes. “You look a lot like my ex-husband.”

“Wow! I have a twin?” Max says.

“Yeah, looks like it.” Steffy adds. “To think I came here accidentally to get away from him and everything L.A., only to meet you, my ex-husband’s doppelganger?”

“Well, it’s been nice, but I’ve got to go meet my girlfriend.” Max said, as he rushed off.

“It was nice to meet you, Wy-er-Max.” Steffy said.

“So, Ms. Forrester…” Theresa started to say, as she pulled out her design portfolio.
“What’s that?” Steffy asked.

“My designs.” Theresa told her.

“You’re a designer?” Steffy asked, as she eyed Theresa’s ensemble. “I hope you didn’t design that outfit?”

“This thing?” Theresa said, embarrassed. “My friend, Anne, gave it to me. I couldn’t be rude and not wear it?”

“Right. How thoughtful of you.” Steffy replied.

Steffy noticed Theresa’s portfolio that Theresa had conveniently placed on Steffy’s table while Steffy was talking with Max.

“What’s this?” Steffy said as she picked up the designs.

“Oh, nothing. Just my designs.” Theresa said, as if it were unimportant.

“These are great!” Steffy mentioned, while looking through Theresa’s designs.

“Thank you.” Theresa said proudly.

Just then Theresa noticed Kate had stopped into the Brady Pub.

“Oh, great!” Theresa said, more to herself, but Steffy heard her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just the worst person ever to pop in.” Theresa said, hoping Kate wouldn’t come over but she did.

“Well, Theresa, fancy meeting you here.” Kate said.

“Funny Kate, you know my grandmother runs this restaurant.”

“Who’s your friend?” Kate asked, ignoring Theresa and introducing herself. “I’m Kate Roberts.”

“Steffy Forrester.” Steffy said, shaking Kate’s hand.

“You’re not the Steffy Forrester from Forrester Creations?”

“The one and only.” Steffy replied.

“Hmmmm, and you’re looking at Ms. Donovan’s designs.” Kate said detestingly.

“There really good.” Steffy commented.

“Really?” Kate said surprisingly.

“Yeah, Theresa would make a great addition to Forrester.” Steffy said, while Theresa secretly blushed.

“Well, I will have to rethink my decision to firing her.” Kate said.

“You have a design business?” Steffy asked.

“CEO of Basic Black.” Kate said.

“The company you stole from Nicole and I.” Theresa added.

“C’mon, Theresa.” Kate reminded her. “You and Nicole are happy at DJ Wear.”

“Excuse me…did your say DJ Wear?” Steffy asked.

“Yes. I did.” Kate said.

“Funny, I was supposed to meet with a Nicole Walker from DJ Wear?” Steffy asked.

“You know this Nicole?”

“Sadly, yes.”

“Wow!” Theresa said. “I can go with you and introduce you to Nicole as she is my partner.”

“Great! How about tomorrow?” Steffy asked.

“Sounds great!” Theresa asked.

“Okay. I’m going to get some rest. I’ll meet with you in the morning, 9 a.m.”

Steffy said before paying for her meal and heading for her suite.

Theresa couldn’t believe that she had just met with Steffy Forrester from Forrester Creations and she wanted to meet with them.

Chapter 3

Steffy had had a trying day, what with arriving in Salem. She wanted a place where she could veg out for a while. She didn’t intend to stay long. Just get away from L.A. for a while. She needed time away from the Forrester drama…and Liam…after he got back with that vicious snake, her own cousin, Ivy. What did Liam see in her anyway?!

Well, Steffy stopped at Brady’s Pub for a bite to eat as she suddenly felt hunger pangs, and no wonder…she realized she hadn’t eaten anything since she left L.A.

As she came into the pub, she was met with Max, the owner, Caroline’s son.

“May I seat you, miss?” Max asked Steffy, who was still dumbstruck as to his likeness to Wyatt back in L.A.

“Yes, Max, show me the way.” Steffy replied.

“Right this way!” Max said, as Steffy followed him to her table.

“May I get anything to drink?” Max asked Steffy as soon as she was seated.

“Yes, bring me a cold glass of iced tea.”

“Very well, one cold glass of iced tea coming up.” Max said as he handed her a menu so Steffy could decide what to order.

While Steffy was reading the menu to decide what she wanted to eat, Deimos Kiriakis walked in and saw Steffy sitting in a nearby booth, and instantly smitten with her, walked over to her table.

“This seat taken?” Deimos asked Steffy, who looked up to see who was talking to her.

“I’m afraid it is.” Steffy politely told the handsome stranger.

Not one to listen to rejection, Deimos sat down across from Steffy.

“You certainly are brash?!” Steffy told the stranger.

“Well, when I see something I like…….” Deimos began.

“And just what do you like?” Steffy asked.


“Really, are you coming on to me?”

“Take it as you see it.”

“Well, Mr…….” Steffy began, but realizing she didn’t have his name.

“I’m sorry, the name’s Deimos.” Deimos introduced himself
“Well, Deimos, if you don’t mind…..” Steffy began but Deimos interrupted her.

“I don’t mind at all.” Deimos said, as he touched her hand.

By this time, Max had arrived with Steffy’s iced tea and got a little jealous when he saw Deimos sitting in Steffy’s booth.

“Well, Steffy, here’s your iced tea.” Max said, trying not to sound jealous.

“Thank you.” Steffy said. “I’m ready to order.”

“Great. What’ll you have?” Max asked.

“Just bring me the clam chowder and a turkey sandwich.” Steffy told him.

“Great choice. My grandmother is famous for her clam chowder.” Max said.

“He’s right.” Deimos agreed. “Caroline Brady’s clam chowder is all the rave here in Salem.”

Max didn’t like Deimos sitting with Steffy so he concocted a scheme to have Nicole send a text to Deimos. Nicole agreed and did as Max requested.

Deimos’ cell beeped indicating he had a message coming in: “Urgent!!!!! You’re needed at Titan!!!!” came the anonymous text.

“I’m sorry but I’m needed at work!” Deimos apologized to Steffy as he ran out of the Brady Pub and to Titan.

Max smiled at his cleverness, then brought Steffy her clam chowder and turkey sandwich.


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