Complications: Abby’s Story (A B&B/Y&R Crossover)


On the heels from her divorce from Ben “Stitch” Rayburn, Abby Newman boards a flight for Los Angeles where she gets a job at Spencer Communications in marketing and public relations working alongside Wyatt Fuller-Spencer. It doesn’t take long for sparks to fly between the two. But just as it looks as if Abby has finally found happiness, she becomes embroiled in a complicated triangle when she meets Carter Walton, the attorney who works for Forrester Creations. Who will win Abby’s heart?


Abby Newman – Melissa Ordway
Wyatt Fuller-Spencer – Darin Brooks
Carter Walton – Lawrence St. Victor
Steffy Forrester – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
Bill Spencer – Don Diamont
Brooke Logan – Katherine Kelly Lang
Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Rick Forrester – Jacob Young
Maya Avant-Forrester – Karla Mosley
Nicole Avant-Forrester – Reign Edwards
Zende Forrester – Rome Flynn
Sasha Thompson-Avant – Felisha Cooper
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Quinn Fuller-Forrester – Rena Sofer

Chapter 1

A month after her divorce from Stitch, Abby still couldn’t get her mind off her ex-husband. Despite still being in love with him, she knew they would never get back together. The tension between them after Max caused her miscarriage was to much to bear.

Abby knew that Max had issues after the death of his own mother, but she still couldn’t find it in her heart to forgive Max for the death of her unborn daughter. And she especially had a hard time how Stitch was dealing with Max’s part in the tragic occurrence.

That is why Abby was taking the job offer at Spencer Communications in Los Angeles. She had to leave Genoa City. At least for now. She couldn’t bear to see Stitch at this time in her life. She need to make a clean break from him.

After Abby packed her belongings, Abby said a sad farewell to her sister, Victoria, and her brother, Nick, as well as her mother, Ashley,and uncle Jack before heading off to the airport to catch her flight to L.A. She took one last look at her family before getting into the cab that would take her out of Genoa City.

A couple hours later, Abby’s flight landed at LAX, where she got her baggage and checked into a nearby hotel near Spencer Communications. After getting settled into her hotel suite, Abby called Bill Spencer about her first day on the job.

“Bill Spencer, Spencer Communications. How may I help you?” Bill said when he heard the phone ring in his office.

“Yes, Mr. Spencer, this is Abby Newman. I was calling about the job. “ Abby explained. “I just arrived in L.A.”

“Yes, Abby, so glad you made it.” Bill said. “You can come in first thing in the morning and I’ll have my son, Wyatt, get you all settled in.”

“Thank you.” Abby said gratefully. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

Abby hung up and decided to have dinner in the lounge. A nice man sitting across from her smiled at her and asked her if he could join her.

“Are you new here?” Carter asked.

“Yes. “ Abby replied. “I came to L.A. for a job. I start in the morning.”

“Well, congratulations. I’m sure you will like it here in L.A.”

“Thank you. I’m sure I will.”

“Oh gee, looks like I need to leave. I have an important meeting to get back to.” Carter apologized, before hurrying off, without introducing himself.

Abby enjoyed her dinner then headed back up to her suite to get some zzzz’s before her first day at Spencer.

Chapter 2

Abby woke to the sound of her cell ringing on the table next to the bed. As she picked it up, she saw the call was from her father, Victor Newman.

“Hello, dad.” Abby said groggily.

“Abby, why did you leave Genoa City?” her father asked her. “Your mother and I are worried about you.”

“I’m sorry dad, but I needed time away.” Abby told her father. “Tell mom I love her and not to worry about me. I’m fine.”

“Well, where are you?”

“I’m in L.A.”

“L.A.? What are you doing there?”

“I got a job with Spencer Communications.” Abby told her father.

“So you abandon Newman for Spencer Communications?” Abby could hear the anger in her father’s voice. “Doesn’t family mean anything to you?!”

“I’m sorry, dad, to leave in a pinch the way I did, but I had to go.” Abby tried to apologize.

“Fine!” Victor said, hanging up.

As sorry as Abby was for leaving Newman the way she did, she knew she was doing the right thing in leaving Genoa City. She felt she was going to like it at Spencer, and she and Wyatt were forming a strong bond just after working 1 day.

The next morning, Abby overslept due to the call she received from her father in Genoa City. She got up and quickly dressed and grabbed some continental breakfast from the hotel she was staying at and got to Spencer as soon as she could.

She arrived at Spencer with Bill hot under the collar, but it was Wyatt who seemed to calm him down.

“Dad, let me handle this.”

“Okay, you do that.” Bill told his son as he went back to his office.

“Your late?” Wyatt said, more jokingly than his father. “It wasn’t because of our dinner?”

“No, I got a call from my father after I came home.” Abby explained.


“Yeah. He’s not happy I’m in L.A. And especially not happy I’m working here.”

“So, dad’s not happy with your decision?” Wyatt said sympathetically.

“Don’t worry. He’ll come around. I hope.”

Bill came back to see how Wyatt handled things.

“So, Wyatt, what did you find out?’

“Dad, can you lay off Abby? She had a disturbing call from her father last night.”
Wyatt tried to get his father to be sympathetic to Abby.

“Is that why you were late?” Bill questioned her.

“Yes. But I promise it won’t be a problem.”

“Okay. But just don’t let happen again.”

“Thank you, Mr. Spencer.” Abby said gratefully.

“And call me Bill. Everyone does.”

As Bill went back to his office, Wyatt brought Abby up to speed with the Spencer agenda.

Meanwhile, back in Genoa City, Victor was boarding the Newman jet to bring Abby back home.


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