One More Life to Live: A Victor, Jr. & Tea Romance


After the real Todd Manning had come back to reclaim his life, his imposter, who turned out to be his identical twin-brother, Victor Lord, Jr. , was mysteriously killed, and Todd Manning was suspected of killing his twin-brother. Victor’s wife, Tea Delgado vowed revenge on Todd for Victor, Jr.’s murder. But an unsuspecting crazy, Allison Perkins, who has wreaked havoc in the lives of Llanviewites manages to save Victor, Jr.’s life with the help of Mitch Laurence’s son, Schuyler Joplin, despite the fact that Schuyler is in Statesville Prison for trying to shoot Bo Buchanan. Will Tea get her life back now that Victor, Jr. is alive, or will Allison and Schuyler have the last laugh?

Chapter 1

“So, how is Victor, Jr. doing?” Schuyler Joplin asks, when Allison pays him a visit.

“He’s still in a coma, but his stats are good.” Allison informs Schuyler. “So, did you hear the news about Mitch?”

“About McBain and Natalie Buchanan killing him? Yeah. And I’m glad.”

“You’re glad your father is dead!” Allison rages. “Mitch was a godsend!”

“Mitch Laurence was evil incarnate, even if he was my father!”

“Then why did you help bring back Victor, Jr., if you hate Mitch so much?”

“Because you left me know choice!”

“Liar! You did it to get back in the good graces of Starr Manning!” Allison accused him. “You have always wanted Starr! Ever since that scandalous kiss!

“Even if I did, it wouldn’t matter. Starr only has eyes for Cole and now that they have Hope. . .”

“Well, I just wanted to thank you for what you did for Victor, Jr.”

“I wish I never did. I hate that I am now linked to your schemes.”

“Oh, don’t worry. Nobody will find out you were involved.”

“Well, from now on, leave me out of your vendetta against the Buchanan-Manning family.”

Schuyler hung up the prison visitor phone and asked the guard to take him to his cell. Allison left to go see how Victor, Jr. was doing at Mitch’s compound where Allison had taken Victor, Jr.

Meanwhile. . .

Tea Delgado is reading over her brief for the trial charging Todd Manning for Victor, Jr.’s murder, when Blair Cramer comes into her office.

“Tea, I’m here on a plea to ask you to go easy on Todd at the trial.”

“I’m seeking the death penalty when Todd is convicted for Victor’s murder.”

“Please, Tea, for his childrens’ sake.” Blair urged her.

“Oh, save it, Blair! You’re not here for the sake of your children!” Tea said. “You’re here on your behalf. Stop using the children!”

“You’re right, Tea!” Blair confessed. “I’m here for myself. I’m still in love with him. We made love just last night and then John came in and had Todd arrested for Victor’s murder.”

“I’m sorry, Blair, but my mind is made up. I intend to make Todd pay for killing my husband.”

And Tea walked out of her office, leaving Blair emotionally distraught.

Chapter 2

Allison arrived at Mitch’s compound to check on Victor, Jr. only to find him gone. The rope that Allison had on Victor to keep him tied up was frayed from Victor pulling on it to free himself.

“Damn it!” Allison cursed. “Where the hell did he go?!”

Allison couldn’t believe that Victor, Jr. had managed to outsmart her and escape. Well, he couldn’t have gotten very far. He had to be a little shaky from not getting the vitamin concoction she gave him everyday to keep him compliant. She knew she had to find him before something happened.’

Meanwhile. . .

Blair Cramer had just gotten Sam tucked into his bed at La Beauleau and was just settling down to watch some movie she had just popped into the DVR, when she heard someone outside.

As she went to the double doors in the sitting room, only to come face-to-face with Victor, Jr. In shock from seeing Victor, Blair started to scream, but Victor, Jr. covered her mouth before she could make a sound.

“Sh-h-h-h!” Victor said. “It’s just me.”

“But you’re dead!” Blair still couldn’t believe she was actually seeing Victor, Jr.

“I’m alive and well, as you can see.” Victor, Jr. started to explain. “I’ve been held hostage by that crazy loony, Alison Perkins.

When Blair realized it was true, she kissed him. “You don’t know how glad I am to see you.”

“Yeah, everyone thought I was dead.”

“Yes. Now Todd won’t be held for your murder.” Blair sounded ecstatic.

“Well, you can’t tell anyone just yet.”

“Why not?” Blair asked him. “Tea needs to know. She’ll be so happy to know you’re alive.”

“Yeah, I don’t want her knowing I’m alive.”

“Why not, Victor?”

“Because I went by the penthouse and she was holding a baby.” Victor said, sounding hurt and jealous. “She’s obviously moved on and gotten a new family.”

“You went by to see Tea first.” Blair said, catching on to Victor’s hurt. “You saw the baby and thought she moved on?”

Blair couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Victor said.

“Victor, Tea, didn’t remarry or meet someone new.” Blair explained. “That baby you saw her holding is your son. Tea gave birth to your son.”

“Tea was pregnant?”

“Yes, Victor. You have a son.”

Now Victor felt like the fool.

“I have to go see her.” Victor started to say, as he attempted to head out, but instead passed out from withdrawal from not having the drugged concoction that Allison had been giving him.

“Victor! Are you alright!” Blair said, shaking him to revive him.

But Victor wouldn’t wake up and his vital signs were dropping fast. Blair called 9-1-1 to get an ambulance to take Victor to the hospital. As soon as Victor was on his way to the hospital, Blair called Tea at home.

“I don’t have time to explain, but you need to get over to Llanview Hospital right now. I’ll meet you there.” was all ‘Blair could say.

Tea did as Blair said and rushed to Llanview Hospital with little Victor.

Chapter 3

Tea had just arrived at Llanview Hospital after getting Blair’s call, and leaving Victor, III with Starr to look after. Thank goodness Starr still thought of Victor, Jr. as her father, even though, technically he was her uncle. Starr thought the world of Victor, Jr. and was happy to sit for little Victor.

Blair was waiting in the waiting room waiting for Tea to arrive. She couldn’t wait to tell her that Victor was alive. She saw Tea and motioned for her to come over.

“What was so urgent, it couldn’t wait?” Tea said, out of breath.

“You won’t believe this, Tea!” Blair started to explain. “I just couldn’t tell you over the phone.”

“Well, what is it?” Tea said, losing her impatience.

“You better sit down first.” Blair told her.

When Tea sat down on the chair near the entrance, Blair said, “Victor’s alive!”

Tea coughed, “I’m sorry. Did I just hear you say, ‘Victor’s alive?’”

“Yes, he is.” Blair confirmed. “Apparently, he was being held hostage by Allison Perkins, when he managed to escape.”

“So, what’s he doing here at the hospital?”

“Well, he went by your place to see you first, but when he saw you holding little Victor, he was hurt, thinking you moved on and had gotten a new family.”

“Victor thought I’d moved on?” Tea asked, confused.

“Yes. I told him the baby was his son and he was on his way over to see you, when he collapsed. That’s when I called an ambulance and then called you to meet me here.” Blair explained.

“So, what’s going on with him?”

“I haven’t heard word on his prognosis yet?”

Just then Dr. Michael McBain came out to report on Victor’s condition.

“Blair, Tea, it seems that Victor has been drugged. That’s why he collapsed. We’ve got him stable and he is resting peacefully.” Michael explained.

“Can I go see him?” Tea asked Michael.

“Yes, but one at a time.” Michael warned. “I don’t want him to relapse.”

“Thank you, Blair.” Tea said, as she followed Michael to see her husband.

Tea was nearly in tears when she saw Victor, Jr. resting comfortably in his hospital bed. As she walked in to sit next him, Victor opened his eyes.

“T-T-. . .” Victor started to say.

“Sh-h-h! Take it easy!” Tea said, as she kissed him on the lips.

Tea next to Victor’s bedside, holding his hand, glad to have her husband back, but filled with so many questions as to what happened to him, while she thought he was dead.

Chapter 4

Tea left Victor’s bedside to go home and get Little Victor to bring him to the hospital so Victor could see his son. But when she got back to Victor’s room, she was shocked to find Victor’s bed empty. Assuming he must be out for tests, Tea walked out and to the nurses’ station to inquire about it.

“Miss, did my husband’s doctor take him for some tests?” Tea asked the nurse’s aide at the nurses’ station.

“I don’t know, but let me call someone to find out?” the nurse’s aide told her.

The nurse’s aide motioned for the nurse who was just coming down the hallway for assistance.

“How can I be of assistance?” the nurse asked when she arrived at the nurses’ station.

“Yes, I’m Tea Delgado. I came back to bring my son to see his father, but when I got back, he wasn’t in his bed. Did Victor Lord, Jr. have some tests taken by his doctor?”

“No, as far as I know, Mr. Lord didn’t have no tests scheduled.” the nurse told her.

The nurse went over to the telephone and turned on the intercom and called a code Adam, the hospital’s code for a missing patient, that would alert hospital to start looking for the missing patient.

“I just alerted hospital staff to Mr. Lord’s absence, Ms. Delgado.” the nurse alerted her. “We will get to the bottom of his disappearance.”

“Thank you.” Tea said, but couldn’t help but worry.

Tea wasn’t alone for long, as Starr Manning heard from her mother, Blair, about Victor, and came to see her uncle.

“Tea, what’s with the code Adam?” Starr asked, praying inside it wasn’t about her uncle.

“Victor is missing!” a frantic Tea told her. “I just went back to the suite to pick up Little Victor so Victor could see his son and when I got back, he was gone!”

“I’m so sorry!” Starr said, giving Tea a hug for comfort.

As Starr and Tea waited for any word from hospital staff, Carlo Hesser was checking in on his new charge, Victor Lord, Jr.

Chapter 5

“Where am I?” Victor, Jr. said, to Carlo Hesser, who was checking his vital signs.

“You’re okay, Mr. Lord.” Carlo reassured him. “You’ve been admitted to a new wing under my watch. I’ve got the finest doctors on your case.”

“Where’s Tea?” Victor said, groggy. “She was going to bring our son to visit me?”

“You’re son?” Carlo said, questioning him. “I’m sorry, but you don’t have a son with Tea. The only son you have is Sam with that loony Margaret.”

“Just relax.” Carlo said, as he injected him with a sedative.

Meanwhile, Tea is frantic with worry wondering what happened to Victor. She was only gone long enough to get Little Victor so Victor, Jr. could see his son.

“Nurse, where is my husband?” Tea asked the nurse coming down the hall.

“I’m sorry. Who are you talking about?” the nurse asked.

“My husband? Victor Lord, Jr.?” Tea asked. “He was in Room 114 and now he’s gone?”

“Let me get back to you and find out for you.” the nurse told Tea.

Ten minutes later, the nurse came back to Tea to tell her what she found out.

“Ms. Delgado, I’m afraid you must be mistaken.” the nurse told her. “We’ve never had a patient here with your husband’s name.”

“What are you talking about?” Tea asked, confused. “He was just here a half hour ago?”

“I’ve checked and double-checked our records and there was never a Victor Lord, Jr. admitted.” the nurse told her. “In fact, all hospital records say that Mr. Lord is dead.”

The nurse left Tea more confused than ever, “That cannot be? He was here? What the hell is going on?”

Carlo Hesser was spying on Tea speaking with the nurse and laughs. He can’t wait to spring his plot on Llanview.

Chapter 6

Blair stopped by to visit Tea and Victor on his first day back from the hospital.

“Blair?” Tea asked, shocked and teary-eyed with mascara streaks down her face.

“Tea?” a concerned Blair asks. “What’s wrong?”

“Victor’s gone?” Tea says, as Blair comes in to comfort her.

“What do you mean. . .Victor’s gone?” Blair asks, confused.

“I went home to pick up Little Victor so Victor could get to know his son. . .” Tea began.

“And. . .what?”

“When I arrived back at the hospital, I was told that he wasn’t there.”

“What do you mean. . .he wasn’t there?”

“That there was no one by Victor’s name that was a patient at Llaview Hospital and there never was.”

“What?!” Blair asked.

“Something’s going on and I intend to find out what it is?” Tea told Blair in confidence.

“Well, I’d like to help you with that.”

“I was hoping you would agree.” Tea confessed. “I need you to ask Todd to run a picture of Victor, Jr. in The Sun and offer a huge reward.”

“Okay, I can do that.” Blair assured her.

“Great!” Tea said. “I’m going to the hospital and search for any evidence of Victor being at the hospital.”

“You think the staff is covering up for someone?”

“Yes, I do.” Tea informed her. “The nurse I spoke to was very vague with me when she told me Victor was never a patient there.”

“Okay. I will ask Todd to run a pic of his brother in The Sun.” Blair said, on her way out. “Let me know what you need to get this rolling.”

“Will do, Blair, and thanks for everything.” Tea said, as she saw Blair out of her front door.

Then she put on her coat, grabbed her briefcase, and left for the hospital to investigate Victor’s disappearance.

Chapter 7

Victor was going crazy lying handcuffed to the hospital bed. He wondered what Tea was thinking. And what did Carlo Hesser want with him?

Just then, Victor’s nurse aide that Carlo hired to take care of him personally came in to do her job. Victor saw his chance and decided to flirt with the nurse so she would trust him and eventually set him free.

“Good morning, Mr. Lord.” the nurse aide greeted Victor.

“Good morning.” Victor greeted her back.

“How did you sleep, Mr. Lord?”

“Please, call me Victor, since we’ll be spending a lot of time together.”

“Alright, Mr. L–, er– Victor, I mean.”

“So, what is your name?” Victor asked.

“It’s April.” the nurse aide told him.

“April, hmmmmm.” Victor said, in his best flirtatious voice. “That’s a very lovely name.”

“Well, thank you, Victor.” April said, blushing shyly.

“So, what do you have planned for today?”

“Well, it’s your lucky day.” April said. “I get to give you a shower.”

“Oh yeah.”

As April went to get the shower ready, Victor got ready to hightail it out of there when April took off the cuffs. But to his surprise, she handcuffed herself to Victor, per Carlo’s orders.

“Oh come on.” Victor pleaded. “Must you handcuff me to yourself? How am I supposed to take a shower if you’re handcuffed to me?”

“I’m sorry, Victor, but Mr. Hesser’s orders.”

As April helped Victor undress for his shower, undressed herself, as she would obviously be in the shower too, Victor had to think of a way to get himself out of the cuffs.

Meanwhile, Dani came to visit her mother and new baby brother.

“Hey, mom, I came for a visit.” Danie said, as she let herself in Tea’s apartment with the key she still had. It wasn’t like her mother not to be home without telling her, Dani thought.

Dani left her gift for Little Victor and a note and let herself out.

Back at Victor’s hospital room, Carlo walked in to find that April had been handcuffed to the hospital bed and gagged, with Victor no where in sight.

Chapter 8

Tea was waiting at her and Victor’s favorite spot in Llanview Park per instructions from the mysterious text she received. She almost didn’t come but a nagging feeling told her to come and not one to ignore a hunch, Tea reluctantly decided to visit her and Victor’s favorite spot in the park.
When Victor arrived at the park to find Tea waiting for him. God, she looked beautiful. He watched her for a few minutes before making his presence known to her.

“Tea?” Victor said, when he came out from hiding.

“Victor?” Tea said, shocked, yet happy at the same time.

Wanting desperately to hold each other, the two lovers embraced and kissed each other passionately.

“Where have you been?” Tea asked, when the two lovers finally came up for air.

“I was held hostage by Carlo Hesser.”

“Carlo Hesser?” Tea asked, confused. “Why would Carlo want to hold you hostage?”

“I didn’t stick around to find out.” Victor said. “I just wanted to get home to you.”

“Awww!” Tea said, touched, as the two began kissing again.

“What do you say we go home and make love.” Victor said, with a grin on his face.

“I like that idea a lot.” Tea agreed, as she and Victor went home.

Meanwhile, Carlo Hesser was raging mad when he found April had let Victor get the best of her.

Chapter 9

Schuyler Joplin escaped from Statesville when he heard the news that Allison Perkins had double-crossed him and working with Carlo Hesser.

Schuyler was waiting in Allison’s hotel suite when she let herself in.

“Well, well, well.” Schuyler remarked to a surprised Allison.


“Working with Hesser, huh?!” Schuyler said annoyed. “What happened to our deal?!”

“It’s hard to work with someone in prison.” Allison reminded him.

“Well, I’m out!”

“How did you get out?”

“That’s none of ya business.” Schuyler told her. “I’m back and you can forget about Hesser.”

“Well, there’s a slight problem.”

“What kind of problem?”

“Victor Jr. escaped.”

“You let him get away?” Schuyler said angrily.

“I’m sorry. He outsmarted me.”

“I suppose he’s back with that wife of his?”

“I’m sure of it.”

“Well, Tea and Victor won’t know what hit them.” Schuyler said. “As for you, Allison. . . .you’re on your own. I’m working alone from now on.”

As Schuyler went on his way to figure out his next move, Allison woke up in the basement of Llanfare, where thanks to his friendship with Starr Manning, managed to have a key to Llanfare. Schuyler had to put Allison out of commission while he dealt with Carlo Hesser and his plot against Victor and Tea.

Chapter 10

Victor, Jr. and Tea heated up their romance as they made out in Llanview Park. Suddenly aware of passersby, they politely apologized and left, embarrassed by their public display of affection.

After they arrived at Tea’s apartment, Victor and Tea just couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they ripped each other’s clothes off. It had suddenly became hot from their wanton desire for each other now that they were reunited. They gave in and made love after having been kept apart for so long.

Meanwhile, Schuyler was working on his plan to wreak havoc on Tea and Victor, Jr. when Carlo paid a visit to him.

“I came by to see how you like your new digs?” Carlo asked Schuyler.

“So, you did spring me from Statesville?” Schuyler asked.

“Yes. I have work for you to do now that Alison has double-crossed us.” Carlo ordered.

“And what would that be?”

“Kill Mitch Laurence!”

“I thought he was?” Schuyler said as he remembered shooting the man he had just learned was his father, the reason he landed in Statesville.

“You only shot him. I’m afraid Mitch survived the shooting.” Carlo informed him.

“So, I went to prison for nothing?!” Schuyler objected. “All this time, I thought I had killed my father!”

“That’s what Allison wanted you to believe!” Carlo replied, neglecting the fact that Carlo had ordered her not let on that he told her to lie.

“Well, I have Allison safely hidden until I want her to be released.” Schuyler said.

“So, she’s out of commission?” Carlo asked.

“For now.” Schuyler replied.

“Good. We don’t want anymore of Allison’s shenanigan.” Carlo told him.

“But you want me to kill Mitch Laurence?”

“It’ time Llanview was freed of that maniac once and for all!”
Carlo left Schuyler to do what he wanted. Carlo had plans for Llanview citizens and Mitch Laurence was in the way.

(Next: Schuyler prepares to do what Carlo wants and Carlo plots his next move; Tea and Victor, Jr. move on with the next phase of their lives.)

Chapter 11

Schuyler visited Allison in the basement dungeon of Llanfare.

“Allison?!” Schuyler said, loud enough to rouse her from her slumber.

“Schuyler?” Allison seethed behind locked bars.

“You double-crossed me?!”

“We need to talk!” Shuyler demanded.

“About what?”

“Mitch Laurence!”

“Mitch Laurence? He’s dead! You shot and killed him?” Allison reminded him.

“I know he’s alive and that you lied to me?!” Schuyler seethed.

“How did you find out?”

“A little birdie told me!”

“So? I let you go to prison for someone who wasn’t really dead?” Allison said, laughing, but saw Schuyler wasn’t laughing.

“You’re not laughing?” Allison said.

“I want to know where Mitch is hiding!!”

“If I tell you, will you release me from this prison?”

“Yeah, after I find Mitch!” Schuyler lied.

“He’s on the mountain, Eterna.” Allison confessed.

“Eterna? Thank you, Allison.”

Schuyler left Allison alone inside her prison.

“You are coming back? To get me out of here?” Allison said to herself after Schuyler left.

On the rooftop of Todd Manning’s old penthouse that Tea had acquired in her lawsuit against Todd for murdering Victor, Jr., Victor, Jr. was getting his dinner and proposal set up for Tea.

(Coming: A Proposal of Marriage; Evil Lurks!!!!)


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