Soap Opera Critiques: Week of July 3 – 7, 2017

Week of July 3 – 7, 2017

Days of Our Lives

As Chad and Gabi tried to reconnect, Dario and Abby said vows, but it was clear that Abby’s heart wasn’t in it…and we all know why……………

JJ is charged with Deimos’ murder, but it is Sonny who confesses…did he do it…………….

On a happier note, Rafe proposed to Hope, who, at first turned him down, but as she talked with Julie, accepted Rafe’s proposal as she asked Rafe to marry her………..

General Hospital

Sam continues to be on edge as she talks with her new doctor, who is played by actor, James DePaiva, last seen as Max Holden on One Life to Live…….

Sonny and Carly continue to deal with teen drama as Josslyn makes her demands to live with her father in Australia……

Michael and Nelle become a couple to Carly and Sonny’s chagrin………

And on a happier note, Ned and Olivia are wed after a little mishap at the police station………

The Bold and the Beautiful

Eric tosses Quinn out after he learns of her and Ridge’s indiscretion from a secretly ecstatic Sheila…….

Brooke and Ridge rush to the hospital when RJ is in a car accident caused by texing while driving, and Coco ultimately takes the blame…..

Thomas and Sally challenge the Forresters to a fashion duel in Monte Carlo at the Spencer Summit……

The Young and the Restless

Victoria fires Cane after Juliet turns up pregnant and Cane admits to Lily he slept with Juliet on the night of his drunken night out in Tokyo…..

Nikki intends to prove something to Victor at the concert for MS, much to Nick’s chagrin….

And Kevin bids Genoa City farewell as he takes Bella and heads out of town with a not-so-dead-Chloe……..


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