Cupcake Wars: An EJ & Abby (Ejabby) Romance


Fed up with Ben and Chad’s constant bickering over her, Abigail decides to give up on men and put her efforts in a business venture opening a catering business selling cupcakes. But when Abigail starts to fall for EJ DiMera again, Ben and Chad put a truce to their feud to take over Abigail’s cupcake business. Who will win the cupcake war?


Abigail Devereaux – Kate Mansi
EJ DiMera – James Scott
Chad DiMera – Billy Flynn
Ben Rogers – Robert Wilson
Clyde Weston – James Read
Stefano DiMera – Joseph Mascolo

Chapter 1

Abigail couldn’t believe the way Ben and Chad were acting. She had professed her love for Ben over and over. She was tired of having to prove her love. And Chad was no better. She had told him several times that she was with Ben. But they still continued their feud fighting over her. Well she was tired of it. She was through with both of them. In fact, she was through with men.

As Abigail threw herself onto her bed, she picked up her favorite food magazine that showed the most amazing cupcakes ever! As she flipped through the pages to find the recipes, Abigail got an idea! Why not concentrate her efforts into a business venture. She could start a catering business selling cupcakes.

She was displeased with her job at Salem University Hospital, thanks to Theresa and Anne’s constant criticism on her job performance. And her love life was definitely going no where. So why not start her own business?

As Abigail thought about names for her new business venture, her mother, Jennifer knocked on her door.

“Abby, can I come in?” Jennifer asked after knocking on her daughter’s bedroom door.
“Sure, mom! C’mon in.” Abigail replied back.

“Honey, are you okay, dear?” Jennifer asked with concern.

“Yeah, I’m just stressed with my job and love life.” Abigail confessed. She loved her chats with her mother. It was one of the best things between them. Like she confide in her mother about anything.

“That bad, huh?”

“Yeah, but I’m not about to let it get me down.”

“Oh?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah, mom, I am going to start a catering business selling cupcakes.”

“That’s great, Abby.” Jennifer encouraged her daughter.

“I was just thinking about names for a cupcake business.”

“Well, good luck.” Jennifer said. “If you need any assistance, let me know.”

“Thanks mom.” Abigail said before Jennifer left her alone.

Abigail was thinking up names for her business when she got a text from Ben.

“No, Ben.” Abigail text back.

Aggravated, Ben called her.

“What’s wrong, Abby?” Ben asked Abby when she answered her cell.

“I’m done, Ben. I’m tired of you and Chad’s constant bickering.” Abigail came out and told him.

“I’m sorry, Abby.” Ben tried to apologize.

“It’s too late, Ben. It’s over between us!” Abigail said. “I’m moving on to other things!”

And Abigail hung up the cell. When Ben tried to call back, Abigail ignored his call and went back concentrating on her new business idea.

Chapter 2

Abigail woke the next day, having slept better than ever. It sure was nice not having to sleep with a man.

“Men sure knew how to complicate matters?” Abigail thought to herself, getting out of bed and opening up her closet.

After picking out a lovely lavender skirt with an off-white blouse and matching lavender blazer, Abigail headed to the bathroom down the hall to shower before heading downstairs.

Finishing with her shower and blowdrying her long blonde tresses, Abigail checked her appearance in the mirror. Approving of her image in the mirror, Abigail headed downstairs to join her mother and brother, JJ, for breakfast.

“What is that wonderful aroma?” Abigail asked her mother cheerily.

“Well, good morning, Abigail.” Jennifer greeted her daughter. “I’m making both your favorites this morning.”

“Belgian Waffles with strawberries!” Abigail exclaimed. “My favorite!”

“I know, dear.” Jennifer said, as she gave Abigail a kiss on the top of her head.

“Thanks for the Chocolate Chip Pancakes!” JJ thanked his mother.

“You’re welcome dear son of mine.” Jennifer said, also giving JJ a kiss on the top of his head.

“So where are headed to this morning, Abby?” JJ asked his sister.

“I’m going to head to the library to research my new business venture.” Abigail said full of hope.

“Oh, what business do you want to start?” JJ inquired curiously.

“I’m starting a catering business selling cupcakes.”

“Hmmmmm, interesting idea.”

“Well, thanks for the lovely breakfast, mom!” Abigail told her mother, gratefully, before heading out to the library.

While on her way to the library, Abigail ran into EJ DiMera. Abigail tried to avoid EJ because she had always been a little smitten with him. She didn’t wish to get involved with EJ after her fiasco of a crush with the still married Austin Reed.

No, no, no. EJ DiMera was definitely off limits to her.

But as hard as Abigail tried to avoid the dashing DiMera, EJ finally caught up to Abigail just before she was about to head into the library to do some research on her new business venture.

Chapter 3

Ben was in the library when Abigail and EJ came in to talk about her cupcake venture. Ben didn’t like Abigail being so chummy with EJ and sat back watching them. It bothered him that Abigail could move on so fast after their break up. He wondered if Abigail was secretly seeing EJ behind his back.

“So what are you planning on calling this cupcake venture?” EJ asked Abigail.

“I thought about ‘Abigail’s Cupcakes’.” Abigail told EJ.

“How about we go in this together and call it ‘A & E Cupcakes’?” EJ questioned her.
“Hmmmmmm.” Abigail mused. “A partnership?”

“Yes.” EJ said. “We could make a great team.”
“I like it.” Abigail agreed.

As Abigail and EJ shook hands, Ben was getting a little miffed and called Chad to tell him about Abigail.

“Chad, we have to talk.” Ben said.

“Why, Ben?” Chad said, sounding irritated.
“It’s about Abigail.”

“I don’t want to discuss Abigail with you!” Chad said miffed.

“Just meet me. You’ll want to hear me out.”

“Fine!” Chad said. “Where do you want to meet?”

“I’m at the library right now. I’ll meet you at Club TBD in 15 minutes.”

“Okay.” Chad warned. “You better make this good, Ben!”

Meanwhile, Abigail arrived home after her discussion with EJ. She was happy to be starting her cupcake venture with him. In fact, she was starting to fall for the handsome Englishman.

Chapter 4

“So, Ben, what did you want to see me about?” Chad said a little irritated, not really wanting to deal with him, as Chad met Ben at Club TBD.

“I have a business proposition for you?” Ben proposed.

“Why would I go into business with you?” Chad questioned.

“To get back at Abigail.” Ben reasoned. “I mean, she screwed us both over, didn’t she?”

“Well, you do have a point.” Chad agreed.

“Let’s open our own cupcake business to rival Abigail and EJ’s.” Ben continued with his proposal.

“Okay. But let me guess. You need my money as startup?”

“Huh, yeah, kinda.”

“There’s just one problem.”

“What’s that?”

“Do you know how to make cupcakes? Because I don’t.” Chad reasoned.

“So we hire someone to make the cupcakes.”

“And what do we name this business?”

“How about Bros Cupcakes?” Ben suggested.

“Hmmmm….” Chad said as he thought about it. “Bros Cupcakes? I like it.”

“So we have a deal?” Ben asked, holding out his hand for a handshake.

“I’ll have my father’s attorney draw up the papers.” Chad said.

“Okay.” Ben agreed. “And thanks, bro.”

“Sure.” Chad said. “I’ll bring the papers over to you to sign when the attorney gets them drawn up.”

As Chad left Club TBD to head over to the attorney’s office, Chad thought more and more about Ben’s proposal and thought it a good idea to do this. Abigail was a bitch to do the two of them the way she did. I mean, he was just looking out for her welfare, Chad reasoned. Why did she have to be so cruel to him. Yeah! Getting back at Abigail was exactly what Chad wanted. And running a rival cupcake venture was just the thing to do. Chad intended to make Abigail sorry for everything!

Chapter 5

Abigail was feeling victorious when she opened the doors to her cupcake store to open for business. EJ text her and said he would be late coming into the store as he had some legal briefs to go over before coming into the store.
After an hour of being open, Abigail had only one customer when EJ came into their store.

“EJ, I’m sorry.” Abigail apologized.

“Why are you apologizing?” EJ asked her.

“I’ve only had one customer since I opened an hour ago.” Abigail cried on his shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay, Abby.” EJ took her in his arms and comforted her.

As EJ embraced her, she saw a new store in the mall she had never recognized before.

“EJ, can you keep an eye on the store?” Abigail asked him. “I just remembered I forgot an important ingredient.”

“Sure, Abs.” EJ agreed as Abigail kissed him good-bye before heading out of the store.

Abigail entered the new store in the mall and noticed it was a store selling cupcakes too and was doing quite well. Then she saw the man at the counter taking orders: Chad!

“Just what do you think you are doing, Chad?!” Abigail said angrily, as she marched up to the counter, facing Chad just as Ben came out of the back.

“Why Abigail, how lovely to see you on our first day of business!” Chad greeted her, cheerfully, but with a snarky tone.

“What are you doing?!” Abigail demanded to know.

“Why I am doing business.” Chad replied back.

“Cupcakes!” Abigail snapped back at him. “Really Chad? You had to copy me?”
“Hey, who said you had the market cornered on cupcakes?” Chad explained, as Ben nodded in agreement.

“So that’s it?” Abigail reasoned. “You and Ben. Going into business together?”
“What’s your point, Abigail?” Ben asked.

“You two! You’re doing this to get back at me for dumping you two!”

“Really, Abigail, you must really get over yourself!” Chad told her. “Ben and I decided to go into business together.”

“Now, Abigail, as you can see, we have business to tend to.” Ben told her.

“You two won’t get away with this!” Abigail warned them before she walked out of their store.

As Abigail headed back to her own store, she couldn’t believe that Chad and Ben would go into business to rival her cupcake business. Well, she would show them! A & E Cupcakes would win the cupcake wars and Ben and Chad’s Bros Cupcakes would regret their decision to rival hers.

Chapter 6

“You won’t believe what Chad and Ben are doing now!” Abigail fumed at EJ when she walked into the store.

“What did they do now love?”

“They’re starting their own cupcake business!”


“I can’t believe they are copying my idea!” Abigail continued to fume. “Well, I’ll show them! My cupcakes will be better than theirs anytime!”

“That’s right love. We’ll show them for messing with the best.” EJ supported her by giving her a kiss on the lips.

“Well, EJ, I’d really like to continue this, but I need to get busy cooking some cupcakes for the store.” Abigail said. “But I promise there’ll be more where that came from.

As Abigail got busy making cupcakes for the customers, Ben and Chad were also busy with their new venture to rival Abigail and EJ’s business. Chad was interviewing bakers to make the cupcakes since neither Ben nor Chad could bake, and Ben was designing the store.

“Mr. DiMera?” a shy timid voice came up and asked.

“Yes? May I help you?” Chad asked the shy timid girl.

“I’m Louisa. I had an interview with you today?”

“Yes. Yes, Louisa. Have a seat and we’ll get started.” Chad said to the girl.

“So, Louisa, why do you want to work for Bros Cupcakes?”

“I am an accomplished baker, having graduated at the top of my class in my culinary arts class.”

“That’s interesting. Do you bake cupcakes?”

“Why, that is my specialty.”

“Really. Well, then, you’re hired.”

“Really? Oh I can’t believe it!”

“Yes, you can start tomorrow. Ben, my associate should be done with the store today and then we can start making cupcakes.”

“I’ll be here bright and early in the morning.”

As Chad saw Louisa off, Louisa stopped in at the Java Café to have a coffee to celebrate her new job. While waiting for her coffee, she went to the ladies’ room to fix herself up. She took off her disguise, to reveal a voluptuous brunette.

“Abigail Devereaux won’t know what hit her, Chad.” Jackie Mesa, a rival of Abigail’s in high school, said to herself in the mirror.

Chapter 7

Abigail was making another batch of cupcakes when EJ walked into the kitchen of E&A Cupcakes with an editorial in his hands.

“Abigail, you won’t believe what I’m reading!”
“What, EJ?”

“Chad and Ben have opened a rival cupcake business and hired a baker fresh out of culinary school!”

“That’s funny!” Abigail laughed.

“I know what you mean.” EJ agreed. “They think they are going to rival our cupcake business.”

“We’ll show them.” Abigail told EJ.

“They won’t know what hit them.” EJ said as he kissed her. “I have the best thing.”
EJ kissed Abigail more passionately, but Abigail pulled away, “EJ, I really have to get baking if we’re going to beat Chad and Ben at their game.”
“You’re right.” EJ agreed. “We can continue this later. . .at home.”

Abigail went back to baking and EJ went back to the books and figure out how to drum up business.

Back at Chad and Ben’s store, Louise aka Jackie arrived at her first day on the job. Ben was in his office working on advertising and Chad had not arrived as yet slept through his alarm.

“Good morning, Ben.” Louisa greeted him, as she casually flirted with him. “Shall I get to work on the baking.”

“Yes, Louisa.” Ben instructed, ignoring her advances because he was still in love with Abigail. “Chad left a list of things for you to start on.”

“Ah, couldn’t we do something a little more exciting.” Louisa continued flirting with him. Little did he know that she was practicing for the big one, taking EJ away from Abigail.

“I’m sorry, Louisa, but I have work to do, as do you.” Ben told her.

Louisa went into the kitchen to get to work baking. Louisa wondered what was up with Ben. He was good looking. He should have looked at her. Was it the frumpy look? Well, he would take a better look when she revealed her real self. Louisa decided to test her charm on Chad when he came in.

But Louisa had to keep her eye on the real prize. Getting EJ in her bed and away from Abigail. Abigail would pay for everything she did to her. Louisa aka Jackie reminisced about how she took away the one guy she was interested in: the school heartthrob and quarterback of Salem High, Wyatt Jenkins. And Abigail took him from her. She would pay and Louisa was going to have fun taking EJ from her as well as Chad and Ben. Now the only problem was how to get EJ in her life and way from Abigail?

Chapter 8

Abigail woke up tired the next morning from working all day in the shop. She didn’t want to get up and felt the urge to hit the snooze button. But she fought the urge and got up out of bed to get ready for another day at the cupcake shop.

Abigail went downstairs to join EJ at breakfast, who had surprised her with breakfast of all her favorites: Belgian waffles with huckleberry syrup, scrambled eggs, and bacon with orange juice and milk.

“Mmmm…something sure smells good.” Abigail said as she gave EJ a kiss before sitting down at the table.

“I just thought I would make you a little breakfast before we head to the shop.” EJ said to her.

“A little? Looks like you made a feast.” Abigail joked as she took a bite. But she had to quit as she suddenly got up and ran into the bathroom.

When Abigail came out, she still felt sick but joined EJ at the table.

“Love, you look terrible.” EJ said looking concerned.

“It’s probably nothing.” Abigail said brushing it off, as she took another bite of EJ’s wonderful breakfast. “See, I’m fine.”

“OK, if you say so.”

EJ and Abigail finished their breakfast, then left for the shop.

Meanwhile, Louisa was busy working on her plot to ruin Abigail’s business and her life. And she thought of the perfect way to do it.

EJ was going over business reports when he saw an incoming call on his cell he didn’t recognize.

“Hello?” EJ answered his cell.

“Yes, this is Miss Alvers, from the bank.”

“Yes. Is there a problem?” EJ asked her.

“Yes. Could you come in today and talk about it?”

“Well, I do have a few minutes, I’ll be there in a few.” EJ told her.
“Thank you, Mr. DiMera.” Louisa said and hung up.

“Well, thank you very much, Mr. DiMera.” Louisa said to herself, as she went to prepare for her “meeting.”

EJ met with Abigail who was in the kitchen making more cupcakes.

“Abigail, I have to step out for awhile.” EJ said, as he kissed her goodbye. “I have to meet with the banker.”

“Oh, is something wrong?”

“Probably just forgot to sign something.” EJ said brushing it off.

“OK, if you say so.” Abigail said.

EJ walked into the bank and met with the Miss Alvers he spoke to on the phone, but something familiar struck him, but he couldn’t place where he met her.

“Mr. DiMera?” Louisa asked, posing as Miss Alvers.

“Miss Alvers, what seems to be the problem?”

“Well, if you won’t mind following me?”

“Sure.” EJ said as he followed her, but had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Chapter 9

As soon as Louisa, posing as Miss Alvers from the bank, got in her car and saw that EJ was too, she led EJ on a wild goose chase until she finally came to a stop at an abandoned warehouse. After getting out of her car, EJ did the same and followed Miss Alvers inside the warehouse, wondering what the bloody hell was going on. The feeling inside the pit of his stomach stronger than ever, he continued following Miss Alvers because curiosity had him picqued.

Miss Alvers showed EJ to a little room where he went inside and as soon as he was inside, she quickly shut the door and locked it.

“Miss Alvers?” EJ yelled from inside the room. “What’s going on?”

But Louise (Miss Alvers) just smiled slyly and walked away.

“Soon, EJ,” Louisa said to herself. “It will be our time and little Abigail will be left out in the cold.”

Back at A & E Cupcakes, Abigail was busy working in the shop wondering why EJ had not gotten back yet. He’d been gone for hours. It wasn’t like EJ to stray from her for so long.

Abigail was making busy with orders when Chad showed up to check out Abby’s business.

“Well, what do we have here?” Chad mocked Abby.

“I’m a little busy, Chad.” Abby told him. “So, make it quick.”

“I just wanted to see how your little venture was going?”

“Well, as you can see, business is booming.” Abby bragged. “And you thought my cupcake business idea was stupid?”

“Well, enjoy the success while you can?” Chad mocked her before leaving.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Abby asked perplexed by all her orders and EJ nowhere to be found.

As Chad walked out, Abby was just a little curious as to what Chad was up to, so she followed him to her window and looked out.

“What the hell?” Abby said to herself, as she saw the rival cupcake business across the street from her and EJ’s. “No way, Chad. You didn’t!”

Chapter 10

Abby couldn’t believe that Chad and Ben would start a rival cupcake business. She marched over to their store just to see what they had. But she was in for a shock when she saw who was working for them.

“Chad! Ben!” Abby called out but got the counter girl, Miss Alvers, or unbeknownst to Abby, her high school rival, Jackie Rivera.

“May I help you?” Louisa Alvers asked Abby, who had stormed into the store.

“I’m here to see Chad or Ben?” Abby said, as she looked around the store for either of them.

“I’m sorry, but neither of them are here right now?” Louisa told Abby.

“Well, I’ll be back!” Abby huffed. “You can guarantee it!”

Abby turned around and went back to her own store to make some more cupcakes.
“EJ?” Abby called out.

When EJ didn’t call out when she called his name, Abby thought it weird, but went back to mixing up some more cupcakes for the store.

“You want a war, Chad and Ben! You got it! Abby muttered under her breath as she poured cupcake batter into the pan and put them in the oven and mixed up some more batter as those were baking.

Meanwhile, Chad had arrived back at the store and Louisa told him that some girl came in looking for him.

“How’s business, Louisa?” Chad asked.

“A little slow, but some girl came in asking for you?” Louisa told him.
“Oh?” Chad mused. “Did she leave a name?”

“No, just walked out in a huff when I told her you or Ben weren’t around.”
“Well, I’m sure she’ll be back.”

“She said she would be.” Louisa replied. “Oh, Mr. DiMera, since it’s slow, may I run a few errands?”

“Yes, Louise, I’ll hold down the fort.” Chad told her.

“Thanks.” Louise said leaving the store and headed to the warehouse where she had EJ hostage.


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