Starrleena’s Soap Opera Critiques for the Wek of June 26 – 30, 2017

Week of June 26 – 30, 2017

Days of Our Lives

Vincent Irizarry fans are saddened by Deimos Kiriakis demise when he is murdered at the Martin House party when he spikes the champagne with Halo 2.0.

Due the effects of champagne spiked with Halo 2.0 by Deimos:

Chad and Abby think they are renewing their wedding vows

JJ and Gabi share a dance

Lani and Eli share a kiss

Rafe proposes to Hope

Eric and Nicole share a kiss thinking it’s Daniel

JJ and Sonny both struggle with Deimos

Paul is knocked unconscious by Deimos when she spies him dressed as a bartender at the Martin House party

After everyone at the Martin House party wakes from their Halo-induced sleep, they are questioned by Raines after they discover Deimos has been stabbed at the party

Tripp continues to make Kayla look bad as he changes the orders on patients’ meds

General Hospital

Sam’s health continues to decline

Finn, Hayden, Curtis, Monica, Kiki expose Dr. Obrecht for sabotaging Finn’s drug tests

As Carly and Sonny reconnect, Josslyn tells Carly she wants to live with Jax in Australia permanently

Nina gets the scoop on Nathan and Amy’s book deal

The Bold and the Beautiful

After an emotional family meeting, Nicole signs the adoption papers making Rick and Maya Lizzy’s legal parents, to Julius dismay

Sheila probes into Quinn and Ridge’s secret affair

Thomas and Sally devise a scheme to make Spectra Fashions benefit from Forrester’s swimwear photo shoot

The Young and Restless

Lily learns the truth about Cane’s night in Tokyo after Juliet turns up pregnant

Dina informs Jack and Ashley that Graham is her heir in her will

Gloria and Graham heat up at the GCAC sauna



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