Love and Danger in Salem: A Days of Our Lives Fanfiction


Romance blossoms in Salem as the New Year approaches. But danger looms for several couples. Who will survive the danger?


Steve “Patch” Johnson – Stephen Nichols
Kayla Brady Johnson – Mary Beth Evans
Hope Williams Brady Jennings – Kristian Alfonso
Rafe Hernandez – Galen Gering
Abigail Devereaux – Kate Mansi
Chad DiMera – Billy Flynn
JJ Devereaux – Casey Moss
Lani Price – Sal Stowers
Eli Grant – Lamon Archy
Gabi Hernandez – Camila Banus
Marlena Evans – Diedre Hall
John Black – Drake Hogestyn
Brady Black – Eric Martsolf
Theresa Donovan – Jen Lilley
Nicole Walker – Arianne Zuker
Dr. Daniel Jonas – Shawn Christian
Belle Black Brady – Martha Madison
Shawn Brady – Brandon Beemer
Philip Kiriakis – John Paul Lavoisier
Eric Brady – Greg Vaughan
Jennifer Horton-Devereaux
Sonny Kiriakis – Freddie Smith
Paul Narita – Christopher Sean
Will Horton – Chandler Massey
Kate Roberts – Lauren Koslow
Eduardo Larson – A Martinez
Andre DiMera – Thaao Penghlis
Deimos Kiriakis – Vincent Irizarry
Xander Cook – Paul Telfer

Chapter 1

“Sweetness, I’m so grateful for the second chance to prove to you how committed I am—that I’ve always been committed to you.” Steve told Kayla after having made love to her.

“I love you Steve.” Kayla told him. “I’ve always loved you.”

As Steve and Kayla go back to their lovemaking, Rafe and Hope were having a magical night or their own.

“Hope, I can’t believe we are here tonight on a date.” Rafe said in amazement.

After losing the love of my life, I thought my life was over.” Hope said. “I’ve lost so much but gained you as a friend when I needed one most.”

Rafe and Hope kissed as they rang in the New Year as John and Marlena found a new way to bring their own New Year happiness.

“Have some strawberries ‘n’ cream.” John said as he placed a cream-dipped strawberry into Marlena’s mouth.

“We are going to have a wonderful new year.” Marlena said, after she swallowed the strawberry that John had place in her mouth.

John and Marlena kissed to a happy new year as Chad and Abigail enjoyed a quiet evening home with Baby Thomas.

“Wow! I can’t believe that Clyde switched the DNA results so it would show Ben as Thomas’ father.” Chad exclaimed as he held his son.

“Somehow I knew something wasn’t right.” Abigail confessed. “I saw your eyes in Thomas’ face when I saw him for the first time after giving birth to him.”

Chad and Abigail kissed each other as they looked lovingly at Baby Thomas sleeping now sleeping in his crib.

The other couples, JJ and Gabi, Nicole and Daniel, Eduardo and Kate all had blissful evenings as they celebrated the new year. But as they welcomed the new year in, they were all oblivious to the danger that lurked in the new year.

Chapter 2

Deimos Kiriakis was reviewing his revenge plot against everyone in Salem for sending him to prison. Unlike his brother, Victor, who managed to live a good life for 30 years while he languished in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, those in Salem who put him in prison would pay dearly. This New Year’s, nobody in Salem would be safe Deimos vowed!

Xander Cook was living it up with a call girl at the Pine Cone Motel, when he received his orders from Deimos via text: “It’s time!”

“Sorry, babe, but I have an important message coming in.” Xander excused himself as he got off from on top of the call girl he had been f******.

“Well, if that’s all I was to you but a f***!” the call girl got dressed and left Xander’s room in a huff. “He didn’t even bother to pay me!”

Xander locked his door to his motel and got into his car to do what he was ordered to do.

Nicole and Daniel were driving home after the New Eve’s bash at Horton Square happy and excited for their upcoming wedding come Valentine’s Day.

Nicole snuggled next to Daniel as he continued driving when she suddenly sat up and screamed, “Daniel! Watch out!”

But it was too late! Their car careened into the nearby ditch. Nicole was flown from the car, but Daniel was pinned behind the steering wheel.

Meanwhile, Eric and Jennifer were driving home when they happened upon the accident. Eric pulled over to the side of the road and stopped to see who was in the accident. That’s when they found Daniel pinned behind the steering wheel, bleeding profusely from the head. Jennifer pulled out her cell and dialed 9-1-1 immediately to get help as Eric looked around for Nicole.

He found her about 20 yards from their car unconscious but breathing. He picked her up and took her to the site where an ambulance had already arrived and was tending to Daniel’s injuries.

Meanwhile, Chad and Abby, Rafe and Hope, John and Marlena, Sonny and Paul, and the other Salemites were still celebrating New Year’s at Horton Square when a fire broke out.

Chapter 3

Chad managed to get Abby to safety when he saw the ceiling about to cave in over Abby. But Eli and Gabi didn’t fair so well as both were trapped inside a burning building along with JJ and Lani.

John and Marlena and Rafe and Hope, who made it out of Horton Square safely waited to see if everyone else made it to safety as well.

They were relief to see Chad and Abby make it out alive but they didn’t see Sonny and Paul, JJ and Lani, or Eli and Gabi.

John, Rafe and Chad went back to see if they could save the others as Abby, Marlena and Hope both feared and hoped for the best.

At Salem University Hospital, Kayla was on duty when Daniel and Nicole were brought in via ambulance and when she saw the extent of Daniel’s injuries, rushed him to the ER to examine him, while another doctor tended to Nicole.

Eric and Jennifer waited in the waiting room when Eric saw a call come from Marlena.
“Mother?” Eric said when he answered his cell.

“Eric, there’s been a fire here at Horton Square!” Marlena said with relief when she saw Eric was safe.

“What?” Eric said in disbelief.

“Yes. John and I got out as well Rafe and Hope and Chad and Abby, but Eli and Gabi and Sonny and Paul as well as JJ and Lani are trapped inside a burning building.” Marlena informed her son.

“Mother, is there anything I can do?” Eric asked.

“No, stay where you are?” Marlena told her son.

“Mother, we have news as well.”

“Oh?” Marlena asked wondering what it could be.

“Daniel and Nicole were in a car accident. Jennifer and I happened upon it and they are at Salem U now.”

“Are they ok?”

“Nicole doesn’t seem to be too bad, but Daniel seems to have suffered extensive injuries. Kayla is examining him now.” Eric told Marlena.

“Well, keep me informed. I got to go.” Marlena told her son.

While Jennifer and Eric waited word on Nicole and Daniel, and John, Rafe and Chad worked to get Eli, Gabi, JJ and Lani out of the burning building, Sonny and Paul happened upon a shock in their lives as they are confronted by Sami Brady who has news for Sonny.

Chapter 4

“Sonny, I have the best news for you!” Sami told Sonny, barely able to contain her excitement.

“Sami, I’m surprised to see you.” Sonny told her, but glad to see her.

“I need you to come with me.” Sami told Sonny, turning up her nose at Paul. “But not with him!”

“Sami, what have you been doing since Will was murdered?”

“That’s why I need you to come with me.” Sami said urgently.

“I’m busy with my fiance, Paul.” Sonny told a shocked Sami.

“No, you can’t marry!” Sami told him.

“Why can’t i? Will’s dead. I’ve moved on with Paul.”

“Just come with me!” Sami said as she grabbed Sonny’s hand and shoved him into her Jeep and drove off to undisclosed safe house.

“Sami, where are we?” Sonny said when Sami pulled up and turned off the ignition.
“Just come inside.” Sami told him.

His curiosity picqued, Sonny followed Sami inside and was shocked to discover Will lying in a hospital bed hooked to machines.

“Will’s alive?” Sonny asked, confused. “I don’t understand?”

“After Ben had shot my son, I had Will brought to this safe house where I’ve tended to his care waiting for him to get better.”

“So, that’s why they never found Will’s body? You had him all this time?” Sonny asked.

“I knew he was still alive when I felt his pulse and I brought him here to recuperate.”

“You let us all think Will was dead!”

“Just until he was well enough to tell everyone the truth.”

“So, he still seems to be unconscious?”

“Will doesn’t seem to be pulling through. That’s when I thought of you.”

“I’m sorry. What can I do?”

“Talk to him. Tell him you still love him.” Sami urged Sonny. “Give him a reason to live.”

Sonny walked over to Will lying in bed hooked to machines. As much as he loved Paul, his heart still belonged to Will. As Sonny knelt beside Will’s body, Sonny held Will’s hand. A glimmer of hope came as Will felt Sonny’s love.



All My Children: Friends & Lovers (An All My Children Fanfiction)


After discovering their spouses’ (Amanda & David) in the throes of passion, a heartbroken Jake & Cara succumb to passion and spend the night together. Weeks later, Cara discovers she is pregnant with twins. Now that Jake is back with Amanda, will Cara tell Jake the truth or will he discover it on his own?
Other pairings: Kendall & Griffin (since Zack never came back), Ryan & Greenlee, Tad & Dixie, and a Tad & Cara friendship (who helps Cara with her decision).


Jake Martin: Ricky Paull Goldin
Cara Castillo: Lindsay Hartley
Dr. David Hayward: Vincent Irizarry
Amanda Dillon Martin: Chrishell Stause
Kendall Hart Slater: Alicia Minshew
Griffin Castillo: Jordi Vilasuso
Ryan Lavery: Cameron Mathison
Greenlee Smythe: Rebecca Budig
Tad Martin: Michael E. Knight
Dixie Cooney Martin: Cady McClain

Chapter 1

“Hey, Cara, how are you and David and Alisha?” Kendall asked, when she spotted her at the Pine Valley Hospital, where Cara worked as a doctor.

“Oh hi Kendall. We’re doing great. Couldn’t be happier.” Cara stated.

“That’s great.” Kendall said, looking relieved. She had heard a rumor that David was sleeping with Amanda, who was married to Jake Martin.

“How are you and my brother?” Cara asked her, spying the rock on Kendall’s finger.

“Griffin and I are awesome.” Kendall exclaimed. Kendall had succumbed to Griffin’s advances after her husband, Zack Slater, went missing action from a business trip for Cambias.

“Is there anything you want to announce?” Cara asked, still looking at the rock on Kendall’s finger.

“No.” Kendall said, then looking down at her hand. “Oh, it almost slipped my mind. I don’t know what is wrong with me.”

“Maybe you’re giddy with excitement.” Cara suggested.

“Maybe. “ Kendall agreed. “Anyway, Griffin proposed and I accepted.”

“Oh, that’s so awesome. I’m so happy for you two.” Cara said, congratulating her.

“I know you will make my brother happy.”

“Code red in Room 114!” was announced over the intercom.

“Oh, I’m sorry Kendall. Looks as if I have to go.” Cara said as she rushed off to room 114.

“Talk with you later.” Kendall called after Cara.

Kendall went home to her two boys, Spike and Ian.

Meanwhile, at the Pine Valley Inn. . .

“David, we can’t keep doing this.” Amanda told him after they had just made love.

“Amanda, I love you.” David told her. “I don’t think I can go a day without you in it.”

“But what about Jake and Cara?”

“I married Cara because she became pregnant with Alisha.” David stated.

“But I married Jake because I loved him.”

“Then why are you in bed with me?” David asked.

Amanda had to ask herself the same question. Why was she risking her marriage to Jake just to sneak behind his back and have a fling with David?

“Exactly why we can’t do this anymore.” Amanda said matter-of-factly.

“Okay, Amanda, if that’s what you want.” David said, as he got up and began to get dressed.

As David left the motel room, he was seen by Ryan and Greenlee who were having their own magical night at the same hotel.

Chapter 2

“Wonder what David is up to?” Ryan asked, as an amorous Greenlee pulled himself their suite.

“Who cares?” Greenlee said, as she nuzzled Ryan’s ear.

“Yeah, who cares!” as Ryan grabbed Greenlee and threw her on the bed, as the two lovers succumbed to passion.

But Jake was at the Pine Valley Inn on business when he also saw David come out of the suite he had seen Amanda go in.

“Jake?” a shocked Amanda asked, answering her suite door. “I’m glad you came.”

“Really?! What was David doing coming out of your suite?!” an irate Jake confronted Amanda when she answered her suite door.

“He wanted a visit with Trevor.” Amanda lied.

“Really? But Trevor isn’t even here.”

“We were making arrangements for a visit.” Amanda covered, as Jake looked at the rumpled sheets on the bed.

“You’re sleeping with him!” Jake raged.

“What? No!” Amanda tried to get Jake to calm down.

“I can’t believe you, Amanda! After all we’ve been through to be together!”

Jake turned around and walked out of the hotel suite.

“Jake, please! Come back!” Amanda called after him. “Please let me explain!”

Jake wasn’t in the mood to go home, so he went to Pine Valley Hospital to tell Cara.

“Cara.” Jake said when he found Cara in the doctor’s lounge trying to nap.

“What’s wrong, Jake?” Cara asked sensing Jake’s agitation.

“It’s our spouses!” Jake said with anger. “They’re having an affair!”

“No!” Cara exclaimed. “David wouldn’t do that!”

“But they did.” Jake told Cara.

“But why?” Cara asked confused. “What about Alisha?”

Jake just held her in his arms, still reeling from the realization himself. The embrace led to more as Jake and Cara’s kiss turned passionate from the anger they both felt at being betrayed as Jake led Cara to the twin cot and the two made love.

Chapter 3

David came into the doctor’s lounge to get a nap after surgery and didn’t expect to see Cara in the cot with Jake.

“So, are you comfy?” David said, as Jake jumped out of the cot at the sound of David’s voice.

“David?” Jake said, surprised to see David.

“A little comfy with my wife, Jake?” David said, a little miffed.

“You’re having an affair with Amanda and you’re mad at finding Jake and I together!”

Cara said, angrily before storming out of the doctor’s lounge.

“A little hypocritical, David?” Jake said, as he ran out after Cara, but was stopped by Amanda, who was there to surprise him with dinner she had made.

“Jake, I brought you dinner!” Amanda said, as Jake brushed her off.

“No time Amanda.” Jake said, ignoring her to go find Cara.

“What’s got into him?” Amanda asked as David came up behind her.

“They know about us.” David informed her.

“What?!” Amanda snarked at him. “You swore you would never tell Jake!”

“I didn’t tell them anything.” David said in defense. “I found the two of them together in a cot in the doctor’s lounge and they revealed that they knew about our affair.”

“What am I going to do now?” Amanda wailed at David. “What about little Trevor?”

“Hey, it’ll be okay.” David tried to reassure her with a kiss. “Now we can be together.”

“I gotta go.” Amanda said, hurt as she tossed Jake’s dinner at him.

Amanda couldn’t believe that Jake knew about her and David. She didn’t want to lose Jake. She loved him. David was just a mistake. She had to find Jake and explain.

Meanwhile, Cara had to see her brother, Griffin. She had nowhere to turn to and Griffin always had her back. She knew he and Kendall were celebrating their engagement, but she just had to see her brother.

“Hello, Kendall.” Cara said when Kendall answered her door. “I’m sorry to bother you and Griffin, but I really needed to see my brother.”

“Sure, come in.” Kendall said. “No problem.”

Kendall led Cara into the living room where Griffin was playing video games with Spike and Ian.

“Griffin?” Cara asked.

“Yeah, Cara, what is it Sis?”

“I’m in trouble.”

“What kind of trouble?”

“David is having an affair with Amanda.” Cara came out and said what was on her mind.

“I’m sorry, sis.” Griffin said trying to comfort Cara with a hug as he motioned to Kendall not to let Cara know they already knew.

“What are you two shaking your heads for?” Cara asked as she noticed out of the corner of her eye their nods.

“Nothing sis.” Griffin said, never able to keep a secret from his sister, who caught on to their quiet discussion.

“You two knew?!” Cara said hurt. “I’m the last to know about David and Amanda?”

Cara couldn’t believe that her brother and Kendall would keep such a secret from her. Unable to face the two of them, Cara ran out of Kendall’s house. Griffin tried to stop her, but Kendall held him back.

“Grif, just let her go. She needs time to be alone.”

Griffin realized Kendal was right, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that Cara was somehow in trouble.

Cara had just got to her apartment and let herself inside. She was so distraught she didn’t realize that it was unlocked. When she got in, the intruder who was still inside the apartment heard someone come in. Before Cara knew what was wrong, the intruder struck her from behind and hurriedly left the apartment before he was caught, as Cara slumped to the floor.

Chapter 4

“Did you get it?” David asked the thug he hired to spy on Cara.

“No.” the thug revealed to him.

“What?” David raged. “I paid you a lot of money and you failed!”

“She came home unexpectedly!” the thug tried to explain to angry David.

“Get it done! Tonight!” David threatened. “Or your dead!”

David walked away and to his job as chief of staff at Pine Valley Hospital.

Meanwhile, back at Cara’s hotel suite, Ryan and Greenlee come by to check on Cara.

“Cara?” Ryan said, knocking on her door. “It’s Ryan and Greenlee.”

Cara was just coming to after being hit on the head by the intruder when she heard Ryan call from outside her door.

“Help.” Cara whispered meekly trying to get Ryan and Greenlee’s attention.
Outside Cara’s suite. . .

“Ryan, maybe she’s not there?” Greenlee said, nudging his arm to leave.

“No. something’s not right.” Ryan said worried.

Ryan stepped back a bit and busted the door in, to find Cara lying on the floor.

“Cara?” Greenlee screamed, wondering if she was okay.

But Ryan saw Cara move and went to see how hurt she was.

“Cara, it’s Ryan and Greenlee. What happened?”

“Ow! My head hurts!” Cara said, rubbing her head.

“I don’t know?” Cara said, still rubbing her head. “I came home last night and then I blacked out.”

“You have a goose egg on your forehead.” Ryan said, rubbing her head. “Did you hit your head last night?”

“There was someone here in my suite when I got home last night?” Cara revealed. “He must have hit me before I blacked out?”

“We better get you to the hospital?” Ryan said, as he and Greenlee helped Cara to stand.

As Ryan and Greenlee took Cara to the hospital, the thug was standing outside Cara’s suite as they left. As soon as it was clear, the thug got in with the key card he stole from the front desk and managed to do what he was there to do.

Chapter 5

David made his way to Pine Valley Hospital to play the dutiful husband. He was sitting next to Cara when she started murmuring in her sleep.

“Jake, I have something to tell you.” David heard Cara say.

“Cara, it’s David.” David told a groggy Cara who was startled from her slumber.
“David?” Cara said, confused.

“You said you had some news?” David questioned her.

“News?” Cara asked instead.

“You said it while you were sleeping.”

“I don’t remember anything.” Cara lied, remembering her dream that she thought she was talking to Jake and was about to tell him about the pregnancy.

“Well, maybe it’s because of the concussion you got from being hit on the head?”

“Yeah, maybe.”

Cara was glad she didn’t tell David that she was pregnant with Jake’s child. It was bad enough to learn of his affair with Amanda. She didn’t want David knowing about her sleeping with Jake.

“Well, hun, I have to go to my office.” David said, making an excuse to rush off to see the thug he hired to sneak into Cara’s suite.

“Okay.” Cara said, glad that David was leaving.

As soon as he left, she took her cell from the bedside table and found Jake’s cell and pushed the button.

“Jake?” Cara asked when she heard his voice.

“What’s wrong, Cara?”

“I nearly blew it with David.”

“What do you mean, blew it?”

“I nearly told David I was pregnant.”

“What? How?”

“I was still asleep, dreaming I was talking to you about the pregnancy, and I thought I was telling you.”

“But you didn’t say anything?”

“No, David startled me and I woke up.”

“Whew!” Jake relaxed. “That was a close one.”

“I don’t know what David will do if he knows I’m having your baby?”

“I don’t want to know.” Jake said, “I think it’s best if we keep it a secret. . .for now.”

“Okay.” Cara agreed with Jake.

“I’ll be there to see you later, okay?”

“Okay. I’ll be waiting.”

Jake and Cara said their good byes and Cara settled back in her hospital bed and tried to sleep.

Meanwhile. . .David found his way to the meeting place on the pier he had told the thug to meet.
“Did do it?”

“Yes, sir. You should be able to see anything Cara does in her suite.” The thug informed David.

“Here you go.” David said, handing the thug his payment. “Now don’t let anyone see you in town.”

“I’m on my way out of town.” The thug reassured David.

David went back to his mansion and checked the surveillance equipment to see if it worked and waited for Cara to be released from the hospital.

Chapter 6

Cara was released from the hospital and David was there to take her home. Little did Cara know, that David was setting a trap to find out what his wife was up to.

“Darling.” David said as he came into Cara’s hospital room and kissed her.

“David.” Cara said shocked. “I didn’t expect you to take me home.”

“Well, I thought that was what you loved about me.” David replied. “That I’m full of surprises!”

“Yes, I do love your surprises.” Cara said. “It’s one thing that attracted me to you.”

“Well, shall we go now that you’ve been released from PVU?” David said extending his hand to her.

“Thank you, David.”

As David accompanied Cara home, Jake watched from the sidelines. He wished he could have intercepted and taken Cara home, but he couldn’t risk their affair. Or David finding out Cara was pregnant.

David and Cara got home. David was in an amorous mood (mainly to see where he and Cara was in their marriage) but Cara resisted.

“David, please, not now.” Cara told him. “I just got out of the hospital.”

“Babe, I thought you might need some lovin’.” David kept trying to be ‘loving.’

“I love your loving, but I’m just not in the mood. I just want to go upstairs and go to sleep.” Cara tried to put David off.

“OK, darling. You go upstairs. Get some rest.” David relented.

“Thank you, David.” Cara said, glad that she didn’t have to expose her pregnancy to him. She didn’t want David to know.

As Cara went upstairs to check on Alisha. She doted on Alisha. She missed her while she was in the hospital. She didn’t like that David had a handful of servants and nannies to care for Alisha. She wanted to be a mother to her daughter. Not a bunch of strangers, even though David claimed that he only wanted the best for his little girl.

While Cara was holding Alisha and feeding her, Carissa the nanny came upstairs to feed Alisha.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Miss Cara.” Carissa said. “I came up to feed Alisha.”

“Oh please, let me.” Cara pleaded.

“I’m sorry. I assumed you wanted to rest?” Carissa asked.

“I am resting. Alisha is my rest.” Cara said proudly.

“Very well then.” Carissa said handing the bottle to her.

As Cara fed Alisha, Carissa went downstairs was accosted by David.

“Carissa, I thought you went upstairs to feed Alisha?”

“I was, but Miss Hayward wanted to do it.”

“I hired you to do such details.” David said a little ired.

“But Miss Hayward insisted.”

“Very well, go get things ready for Alisha’s outing then. I’ll go see what’s up with my wife.” David ordered Carissa.

As Carissa went to get things ready for David and Alisha’s outing, David went upstairs to talk to his wife when he overheard her conversation with Jake, who had managed to get into the mansion without David seeing.

“So, David still doesn’t know your pregnant?”

“No, it’s alright. David doesn’t suspect a thing.” Cara told Jake.

“Good. we can’t risk David finding out that I’m the father.”

“I don’t want David to know either.” Cara said worriedly. “No telling what David would do if he knew he wasn’t the father because I slept with you after learning of his affair with Amanda.”

“And he might suspect that he could be the father.” Jake suggested.

“That’s true.” Cara agreed.

“Well, then we need to keep quiet. . .for now.” Jake told her.

Jake got a text on his cell from the hospital. “I’m sorry Cara, but I need to get to the hospital. There’s an emergency at PVU.”

As Jake gave Cara a kiss on the forehead before leaving, David hid so Jake wouldn’t see him hiding and know that he heard the whole conversation.

“So Cara is pregnant and thinks that Jake is the father.” David said to himself.

As Cara was looking lovingly down at Alisha, David came up from behind her.

“I thought you were resting?” David inquired.

“I just need to check on Alisha.” Cara replied.

“That’s why I have a nanny.” David explained. “So you can get the rest you need.”

“Please, David, I don’t get enough time with her.” Cara said sadly. “Not with all the servants and nannies at Alisha’s beck and call.”

“OK.” David said. “Just get some rest.”

As David left Cara alone with Alisha, he told himself, “Just don’t get to comfortable, Cara. Your little secret is going to come back to bite you in the @$$! I guarantee it!”

Chapter 7

Kendall was hit hard as her and Zack’s anniversary approached. As Kendall flashed to the memory a year ago of the letter she received telling her that Zack was dead after he failed to come back from a business trip, Kendall thought her life was over. But now, Griffin has proved to be a great friend as well as a real gentleman. She was looking forward to her night out with Griffin. That’s when Greenlee text her.

“Are you still bringing the boys over 2nite?”

“Yes.” Kendall text Greenlee back. “Can’t wait 2 C what Griffin has planned.”

“I’m glad UR getting UR life back. ” Greenlee text back.

“B over around 5.”

“C ya then.”

After messaging Greenlee, Kendall went to take a shower and get ready for her date with Griffin. It was going to be a great night.

Meanwhile, David had to postpone his outing with Alisha, and went to confront Jake about him and Cara. But instead, he found Jake and Cara in a compromising position.
“What the hell is going on?!” David said angrily.

“David?” Cara said surprised to find David at the hospital. “I thought you were with Alisha?”

“She’s with her nanny!” David said irked. “I had some unfinished business here at PVH!”

“Jake and I were just working.” Cara covered.

“In each other arms?!” David accused.

“I was just comforting Cara.” Jake defended Cara.

“By kissing my wife!” David spat at Jake.

“I’m sorry, David. It just happened.” Cara said innocently.

“So, you’re cheating on me?!”

“What about you and Amanda!” Cara threw out.

“Me and Amanda!” David said, this time defending himself. “You think I’m cheating on you with my ex?!”

“I saw you with her!”

“That’s right, David.” Jake offered. “We know all about your tryst with my wife.”

“Well, then let’s just get everything out in the open!” David said.

“What do you mean?” Cara said.

“I know that you’re pregnant and you think Jake is the father!” David threw it out there.

“How do you know that!” Cara asked.

“That doesn’t matter. I know and if you think you’re going to keep my children from me, you have another thing coming!” David threatened.

That’s when Amanda happened among the argument, “Who’s pregnant?”

“Amanda!” David said surprised. “It seems our spouses have been seeing each other, and to make matters worse, my wife is pregnant.”

“Cara, you’re pregnant!” Amanda replied to David’s response. “Is Jake the father?”

“I-I-I don’t know!” Cara said. “David could also be the father.”

“So, you’re screwing my husband?!” Amanda said bitterly.

“Well, you’re screwing mine!” Cara threw back the accusation.

“That’s a lie! I am not screwing David!” Amanda defended herself, knowing full well she did.

“This is far from over!” David continued his tirade. “If I’m the father of this baby, I will make sure I take it away, along with Alisha, Cara! There’s no way I will let Jake anywhere near my children!”

David left the two would-be lovers alone as Cara doubled over in pain. Jake grabbed her and put Cara on the examining table to have a look at her.

“I’m running some tests on the baby.” Jake told Cara.

Chapter 8

Cara laid in her hospital bed waiting for word from Jake about her baby. She just hoped the baby was okay. Jake came to give Cara the results of the tests Jake ran on the baby.

“Cara, I’m afraid I have some bad news about the baby.” Jake told Cara.

“What is it, Jake?” Cara said, bracing herself for whatever Jake had to tell her.

“The baby is in distress and needs to born now.”

“But it’s too early?” Cara feared for her baby.

“It will be okay.” Jake said, doing his best to reassure her. “We’re monitoring the fetus for any signs of distress now.

As Jake hooked Cara up to machines to monitor the baby, David came in and immediately took over.

“I’ll take over, Jake.” David said, pushing him away.

“David, I don’t….” Cara said, but she lost consciousness.

“David, what are you doing?!” Jake demanded.

“I’m taking over!”

“You aren’t needed here!”

“I have the expertise to handle this situation! You can go now!” David told Jake.

As nurses and orderlies manhandled Jake to make him leave Cara’s room, David was left alone with Cara to monitor her and the baby.

“Everything is going to be okay. I’ll be taking over.” Jake said to an unconscious Cara.

Chapter 9

Jake waited in the waiting room while David monitored Cara and the baby. Tad arrived after Jake called him.

“Jake, what’s going on with Cara?” Tad asked, concerned.

“Cara had some pain in her stomach.” Jake explained to Tad. “I ran some tests on the baby and the baby is in distress.”

“Will Cara and the baby be okay?” Tad asked.

“It looks like the baby will be born early.”

“So, what are you doing out here?”

“David kicked me out of Cara’s room and took over.” Jake said, seething.

“Well, maybe it’s for the best.”

“How can you say that?”

“Well, you are the father. Maybe it is best if David were in there?”

“The only problem is….” Jake began.

“There’s a problem?”

“I may not be the father.” Jake told Tad. “David could still be the father.”

Back in Cara’s room, Cara woke up to find David in her room instead of Jake.

“Where’s Jake?” Cara asked David.

“I sent him out.” David told Cara.

“Why? I need him!” Cara spat at him.

“I’m taking over. I’m experienced in these things and can do a much better job.”

“I don’t care. I don’t want…..” Cara tried to say, but doubled over in pain from contractions.

“The baby’s coming. I can see his head.” David said as he got ready to deliver Cara’s baby.

A few minutes later, David laid Cara’s son on her chest. Cara smiled at her new son.

“Well, hello little one.” Cara said, but was interrupted when David took the baby away.

“Where are you taking him?” Cara asked David, as David left to put the baby in NICU to monitor his vitals.

Cara was left alone with the nurses to tend to her after delivering her son.

“Go bring Jake here!” Cara spat out at one of the nurses.

Chapter 10

“Dr. Martin, you’re wanted in Ms. Castillo’s room.” A nurse’s aide came out to tell Jake.

“Is she okay?” Jake asked the nurse’s aide.

“She had the baby and Dr. Hayward is monitoring the baby in NICU.” The nurse’s aide told him.

Jake went to Cara’s room immediately to see how she was doing.

“Cara, how are you doing?” Jake asked her with a peck on her cheek.

“Jake, you have to go see how he’s doing?” Cara pleaded with him, not able to take her mind off her son.

“Okay. Just relax and get some rest. I’ll go see what’s going on with the baby.”

Jake reassured her.

“David can’t take him from me.” Cara cried.

“Cara, he’s not taking her. The baby was born a little early. He needs to be monitored.” Jake told her.

“I know I should know that, but it’s different when it’s your baby.” Cara told him.

“Well, get some rest. I’ll go check on the baby.”

As Jake went to check on David and the baby, Cara tried to get some rest, but it was impossible. Her mind was on her son. She got up and put on a robe and walked out of her room. She had to see her baby for herself.

When she got to the NICU, she could see David arguing with Jake.

“David, how is the baby?” Jake asked him.

“He’s small, but stable.” David told Jake.

“Well, I want to be involved in taking care of the baby.”

“Sorry, Jake, but I’m the father so I will be handling everything.”

“You don’t know if you’re the father!” Jake told him.

“Well, then when the baby is stronger, there will be a paternity test done to find out.”

“Then until we know the truth, I want to be involved in matters considering this baby.” Jake told David.

They were interrupted by Cara who had come into the NICU when she seen them arguing.

“Who says you have the right to make decisions!” Cara spat out at them.

“Cara, what are you doing out of bed?” Jake said rushing to her side.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to come see my son.”

As Jake rushed to her side, Cara collapsed in his arms as he took her back to her hospital bed.

“Yes, Jake, go back and be with my wife.” David said to himself. “That’s your place. My place is with my son.”

Jake sat with Cara until she woke up as he waited word from David about the baby.

Author’s note: I changed Cara having twins to Cara having just a baby boy.


Billy Saves Brash & Sassy: A Young and the REstless Fanfiction


After years of being seen as an incompetent businessman with a gambling problem, Billy discovers the truth behind Juliet’s sexual harassment suit against Cane. But when Hilary gets wind of Billy’s plan to sabotage the case, she does the unthinkable to keep Billy quiet. Will Billy come out the hero in this war for power?


Billy Abbott – Jason Thompson
Victoria Newman – Amelia Heinle
Cane Ashby – Daniel Goddard
Hilary Curtis-Winters-Hamilton – Mishael Morgan
Mariah Copeland – Camryn Grimes
Devon Hamilton – Bryton James
Juliet Helton – Laur Allen
Michael Baldwin – Christian LeBlance
Lauren Fenmore-Baldwin – Tracey Bregman
Victor Newman – Eric Braden
Nikki Newman – Melody Thomas Scott
Nick Newman – Joshua Morrow
Chelsea Lawson-Newman – Melissa Claire Egan

Chapter 1

Billy found himself at a bar on the outskirts of Genoa City after Phyllis kicked him out of her apartment after she spied him kissing his ex-wife, Victoria. And to top that off, his brother, Jack still had a plan to make Billy pay for ruining his marriage to Phyllis.

While Billy was feeling sorry for himself, Juliet had agreed to meet Hilary, who happened to be at the same bar Billy found himself.

“Juliet, what do you mean you want to recant your testimony?!” Hilary berated her, unbeknownst to them that a drunken Billy was sitting within earshot to the entire conversation.

“I don’t see how I can possible win?” Juliet told Hilary.

“You can’t give up!” Hilary continued berating her. “You’ll ruin everything!”

“What do you mean everything! Juliet quizzed her. “Do you have another motive for encouraging me to sue Brash & Sassy?”

“What are you talking about?” Hilary denied Juliet’s accusation. “There is no ulterior motive. I am simply trying to get you justice.”

“Well, I’m dropping the suit.” Juliet told her.

“Well, if you do, you’ll regret it!” Hilary threatened.

“I’ve made up my mind, Hilary!” Juliet said as she attempted to leave, but Hilary grabbed her wrist and caused Juliet to fall on the floor.

Billy, who witnessed the entire scene, moved further back in his booth to avoid being seen as Hilary bent down to see if Juliet was alright. Upon seeing that Juliet was indeed breathing, Hilary left the scene.

Thanks to Billy calling 9-1-1, EMT’s were on the scene to tend to Juliet and get her to GCMH for medical treatment.

So he decided to follow Hilary and find out what was up with Hilary?

Hilary went home to come up with another plan to ruin Cane and bring out the truth of what happened in Tokyo. But her door bell rang instead.

“Billy?” a surprised Hilary said upon answering the door.

“We need to talk!” an inebriated Billy said.

“You’re drunk, as usual, Billy. What could you possibly have to say to me?” Hilary told him.

“I’ve only had one glass, so I am clearly not drunk.” Billy defended himself.
“Then what do you want? I’m busy!” Hilary demanded.

Billy schemed to get Hilary to confess to her motive for convincing Juliet to sue Brash & Sassy and Cane for sexual harassment.

“I wanted to talk about the lawsuit.” Billy pleaded with Hilary, in hopes of getting a confession from Hilary.

“What’s to tell? Cane used his position to get sex with Juliet. I was just trying to spare Lily the hurt and betrayal of her husband’s actions.” Hilary explained to Billy.

“So, that is the reason for convincing Juliet to sue?” Billy repeated.

“Yes.” Hilary said, being the schemer herself, she sensed something up with Billy.

“Billy, I have to be somewhere. So you need to go.” Hilary said, changing the subject.

Billy, not wanting to risk Hilary being on to him, decided it was best to leave for now.

“So long, Billy! Whatever you’re planning, you won’t win!” Hilary vowed.


Soap Opera Critiques for June 12 – 16, 2017

The Young and the Restless

Cane, you made a dumb move going to see Juliet about the lawsuit.

Hilary, will you ever learn?

Scott & Sharon: you two really sizzled—too bad mother (Lauren) didn’t think the same?

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge, now that you’ve made your father proud by saving Quinn’s life, will you mess it up with your feelings?

Quinn, will you still stay loyal to Eric, or fall into Ridge’s arms?

Sheila, we know you weren’t the shooter, but do you think Eric will forgive you for the past?

Deacon, did really you think Quinn would risk everything to help you?

General Hospital

Loved the sisterly bond between Hayden and Liz.

Sam, you skipped out on your meeting with Kevin. Do you think that was wise?

Spencer, we know you’ve been through a lot with Valentin killing your father, but you didn’t need to blame Charlotte. We hope you listen to your grandmother.

Laura, you’re doing a good job being a role model to Spencer.

Days of Our Lives

Abigail, we hope you come to your senses about Dario and listen to your heart.

Chad and Gabi, what happens when you get off the island?

Paul, so nice to see you come to your senses and realize what’s at stake.

Chloe, you can see how Holly misses her mother. Isn’t it cruel for you to keep her away from her own mother?


Strange Bedfellows in Salem


Citizens in Salem seem to be hooking up with the wrong partners: Aiden & Hope, Rafe & Kate, Dario & Nicole as they long for the ones they really want? Will Salemites get it right or be destined to love woes?


Rafe Hernandez – Galen Gering
Kate Roberts – Lauren Koslow
Hope Williams Brady Jennings – Kristian Alfonso
Aiden Jennings – Daniel Cosgrove
Nicole Walker – Arianne Zuker
Dario Hernandez – Jordi Villasuso
Deimos Kiriakis – Vincent Irizarry
Chloe Lane – Nadia Bjorlin
Will Horton – Guy Wilson
Sonny Kiriakis – Freddy Jackson
Paul Narita – Sean Christopher
Brady Black – Eric Martsolf
Theresa Donovan – Jen Lilley
Roman Brady – Josh Taylor
Anne Milbauer – Meredith Scott Lynn
Dr. Marlena Evans Brady Black – Diedre Hall
John Black – Drake Hogestyn

Chapter 1

“I’m sorry Rafe,” Hope told a rejected Rafe. “I’m going back to Aiden.”

“After I professed my love to you?” Rafe asked confused. “How can you do this to us, Hope?”

“I’m sorry.” Was all Hope could say, as she turned and ran from the lake where Hope had told Rafe to meet her.

Rafe couldn’t believe it. He had hoped she would dump that creep, Aiden. Rafe didn’t like him. He knew Aiden was trouble. And his son raped Hope’s daughter, Ciara. How could she go back after that?

Rafe found himself at the Belle’s Night Club, the one she bought from Victor Kiriakis, where he ordered numerous drinks.

A drunk Rafe didn’t notice Kate, who had come in after witnessing Deimos in a liplock with Nicole, sit down next to him.

“Men!” Kate said bitterly. “Dario, hit me up!”

As Dario poured Kate a drink, Rafe tried to get up, but stumbled and nearly fell on the floor.

“Rafe!” Kate warned as she helped Rafe back into her seat
“W-w-w-who are you?” Rafe said, slurring his words.

“It’s Kate.” Kate told him, sitting him back on his stool. “On second thought, Dario, hold the drink. I think I’ll just help Rafe out of here.”

“Maybe it’s best.” Dario agreed.

As Kate was helping an inebriated Rafe out of the club, Dario noticed Nicole come in with Deimos, jealously hitting him hard when Deimos led Nicole out onto the dance floor.

Chapter 2

Kate saw daggers when she witnessed Deimos with Nicole. How dare he turn to Nicole after all they had been to each other. But Kate’s attention was diverted to an inebriated Rafe as he began staggering out the club door.

“Rafe, wait up!” Kate yelled after him, trying to catch up with him. “Gee, you’re pretty fast for being drunk!”

Meanwhile, Dario couldn’t take it anymore. Watching Nicole on the dance floor with Deimos. It was enough to make him vomit. Dario step out from behind the bar and walked onto the dance floor. Who cares if he was still working.

“Care to have a tango with me?” Dario asked Nicole for her hand as he whirled her away from Deimos who just stood by watching.

“Go ahead, Dario.” Deimos smiled. “Nicole will be back!”

As Deimos watched Dario dance with Nicole, Dario attempted Nicole to be with him.

“What do you see in that creep?” Dario asked Nicole while dancing.

“You don’t understand?” was all Nicole could say, who didn’t understand herself her attraction to Deimos.

“I know the guy is a creep and you don’t need him.”

“I have to go.” Nicole said, as she tore herself away from Dario’s arms and back to Deimos as if a magnet was forcing her into Deimos’ arms.

“I just don’t get it?!” Dario said to himself as he watched Nicole give Deimos a kiss on the lips.

“I knew you’d be back.” Deimos said smiling as he gave Dario a victory smile.

Dario didn’t like Nicole with Demos and vowed to win her away from him, no matter what.

Meanwhile, back at Rafe’s apartment, Kate had managed to get Rafe home and into bed and strip him of his clothing to make him more comfortable. As Kate was helping him, Rafe saw Hope’s face helping him and pleaded, “Stay with me, Hope!”

Kate couldn’t deny the words of her former lover and gave Rafe a kiss on the lips which turned to passion.

“I love you, Hope.” An inebriated Rafe said to Kate, who kissed him back.

Rafe made love to Kate, as he mistook her for Hope, who didn’t seem to mind at all. She had Rafe back in her bed, even if he was too drunk to realize who she was. Now she just had to keep him in her bed. Deimos would pay for dumping her for that bitch, Nicole!

Chapter 3

Elsewhere in Salem, Theresa found herself at Club TBD drowning her sorrows in a bottle of tequila.

“Keep ‘em comin’!” Theresa shot back at Sonny as she downed another glass of tequila. The funny thing is she hated tequila. She didn’t know why she was drinking when what she really wanted was a joint or something. How she wished she could go back to those days of using. But she couldn’t do that now. She was a mother with a child who was dependant on her. As if it wasn’t enough, Anne had just came in. Gawd, she didn’t want to deal with one of Anne’s tirades that she was ignoring her in favor of Tate and Brady.

“Hey, Theresa, have a favor to ask you?” Anne said, as she pulled a stool next to Theresa.

“Yeah, what is it?” Theresa said, knowing she would regret it.

“I want you to hook me up with your father!” Anne came out and asked her request.

Theresa just spat out the swallow of tequila she had taken in her mouth. “What??!!”

“I want you to hook me up with your father.” Anne repeated herself.

“I heard you, but how can I do that? My father can’t stand you?!”

“I don’t care what excuse you make. Hook me up or I will make your life hell!” Anne demanded.

“Fine!” Theresa said giving in.

“Good! I knew you’d see things my way!” Anne said. “Let me know when you’ve made a date.”

“Will do.” Theresa said.

As if it wasn’t enough that Anne wanted to hook up with her father, Summer was putting the moves on Brady. Theresa couldn’t believe that Brady was falling for that slut’s advances. She had caught Brady kissing Summer and that’s when she found her way to Club TBD.

After Brady had found a way to unclench himself from Summer’s arms, he had to find Theresa and explain. He had seen Theresa as Summer was kissing him. He had to explain to her that it was all Summer, that Summer was the one who kissed him. Not the other way around.

Chapter 4

After her unsuccessful attempt to hook up with Shane (which should have been obvious since he was happily married to Kimberly) Anne decided to pursue Lucas Horton. She saw her chance now that Adrienne was going through chemo and vascillating between Justin and Lucas, and she thought Lucas deserved better treatment. That’s when Anne saw a depressed Lucas sitting in Horton Square sipping on Vanilla Latte.

“Lucas, may I?” Anne innocently asked, as she sat down next to him.

“Sure, Anne, what brings you here?” Lucas asks her.

“Oh, just looking for some excitement.” Anne says.

“Well, you came to the right spot.” Lucas said as he pointed to a young couple arguing right there in the Square.

“You’d think they’d fight in private?” Anne said, shaking her head.

“Well, you know, kids these days.” Lucas said.

“No, I don’t.” Anne said. “I never had kids of my own.”

Anne couldn’t take it anymore. She had to know if Lucas wanted her. She decided to make the leap and just ask.

“Lucas, will you have dinner with me?” Anne asked him.

“I’m sorry, Anne, I’m busy.” Lucas lied. He didn’t want anything to do with her.
“Oh? Kate keeping you busy at Basic Black?”

“Yes.” Lucas continued his lie. He was waiting for Adrienne’s decision about her choice after his botched nuptials and Adrienne’s chemo.

Just then, Lucas got a text from Adrienne, “Lucas, I can’t wait to tell you my decision. I choose you (heart, kisses)!

“Oh my!” Lucas said elated. “She choose me!”

Lucas was so happy, he left Anne alone in Horton Square.

“Well, damn!” Anne said. “What a sad waste of a man! To think he’s wasted on Adrienne!”

Then it hit her, “That means, Justin will be miserable now that Adrienne chose Lucas.”

She rushed off to find Justin in hopes of consoling him.

Chapter 5

Anne showed up at the Kiriakis mansion hoping to catch Justin at a low point in his life, but it was quite the opposite.

“Hello, Justin.” Anne greeted him when he answered the front door.

“Anne, what are you doing here?” Justin asked, shocked to find her on his front porch.

“I thought you might need some company now that Adrienne chose Lucas?” Anne explained.

“I’m sorry, Anne, but I’m kinda busy at the moment.” Justin told her as a beautiful blonde came up to kiss him.

“I see.” Anne said, feeling dejected, as she walked off.

Anne didn’t understand why she was alone? First Lucas, now Justin. What was wrong with her? She wondered why no man wanted her?

As she walked alone in Salem, she found herself at Dario’s club where she ordered herself a drink. There were several men drinking alone. As she eyed them, none of them even bought her one. She couldn’t even get a man to buy her a drink?

Then she spotted him, Eduardo. Sad. Looking lonely. Kate must have broken his heart. well, she decided she would go see if she could cheer him up. So she walked over to the table Eduardo sat down at.

“This seat taken?” Anne asked as Eduardo shook his head, giving Anne an indication that it was okay to sit down.

“Alone too?” Eduardo asked her, as she sipped her drink.

“Yes. You?”

“Betrayed by the one I love.” Eduardo drowned his sorrow in his drink.



Anne and Eduardo drank their troubles. But Anne was still somewhat sober as Eduardo was obviously drunk. He started to get up, but just stumbled his way out of the club. Anne couldn’t stand to see anyone in that condition, so she went up to Eduardo and put her arm around his shoulder as she helped him back to her suite at the Salem Inn to let him sleep it off.

Meanwhile, Kate had come to her senses and realized the mistake she had made. She hoped she’d have time to find Eduardo and apologize, but it seemed too late as she witnessed an obviously tipsy Eduardo being led up to a room by none other than Anne.

“Well, fine, Eduardo! If that’s how you want it?!” Kate said to herself as she headed back home.

Lover and Mate: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Chapter 1

Buffy, Spike, and Angel are trapped together hands bound and mouths gagged.

“Tragic how your blood will be spilt!”

After that big fallout in L.A., they were left to pick up the pieces of the broken body parts of Illyria. Then, bury Gunn and Wesley. Sadly, both boys were taken by surprise. “I am Thorne, you see, your Slayer, here greatly offended me by staking my master and I am delivering the blow!”

He had a long line of torture devices, ranging from small knives to large knives. He picked the largest one with Celtic writings. “I am going to make you watch as I torment her,” he grinned.

Angel was testing his chains to see if he could break.

“You bloody pillock,” screamed Spike also thrashing around. “Don’t you fuckin touch my girl!”

“Please William, if I want her, I’ll have her! If I want to, I’ll break her…!”

Angelus was now struggling, I could tell. It won’t be long before she’s completely mine.


Like a dutiful childe, she came to stand by him. “Sire, when are you going to turn the Slayer…?” He smiled at her.

“Come Willow, we have things to do…” She grabbed his hand and allowed him to walk her into the night air.


Chapter 2- Feed

He swallowed a mouthful of her blood, the strongest Slayer drug was still in her system, he had ripped it out of the Council himself, a Cruciamentum drug.
William the Bloody cried out in protest as I fed from her. She was delicious and I beckoned Willow to try some. I backhanded the bitch. Boy she was tougher than she looked!

“Come on little girl, don’t pass out on me!” She gazed at me tiredly, the light gone out of her eyes. Bingo, she was about to give up. With her friend dead, she had no one on her side.

I am destroying her sanity.

Chapter 3- Awake

Buffy let a low growl-rumble through her chest to her head, the pain was growing and it was coming from her stomach. Spike/Angel almost tore through their bonds. She gazed at her sire curiously. “Hungry!”

“You are exquisite,” he said with lust, hungrily gauzing her.

“You turned her vertigo,” said one of his 6 female Vamps.

“What can I say, I practically ripped it off of Angelus- driving his victims insane, torturing them mentally and psychotically, then turning them!” He reached out. “Come here!”

The newborn obediently obliged. “Hungry,” she repeated.

“Willow, get her something to eat!”

She followed through the instructions and returned with a young girl. “Drink from her,” he commanded and her fangs elongated.

Watching Buffy kill had been tremendous torture, an act of violation to her nature, but watching her enjoy it was worse.

She was drinking greedily, taking her time, and actually moaning to the healing effect. It was returning her strengths and cleaning her body of the drug. “We will go hunting later…”

Chapter 4- Party On

‘Hunting and Buffy just did not go,’ thought Spike angrily.

Angel was distressed. She was dressed in a beautiful Red gown and her hair was curled making her Green eyes seem even more innocent, but this creature wasn’t innocent, not by human standards. She was lithe and powerful also evil.

“Who would you like to eat first? Kennedy, Rona, or Vi?” Asked her Vampire best friend.

“Kennedy,” she said with distaste. Even her soul hated her. It was because of her, she was kicked out. She was just a distraction. “I would like to break her, make her beg for mercy before her throat is ripped out!” They giggled, clutching onto their sire.

Chapter 5- Hunting Competition

“Thank you for turning me into a monster. I couldn’t have asked for anything more luxurious than this. As the Slayer, they always expected me to do my duty, everything had to be done right, I was handed a stake and just told to slay Vampires. Didn’t even have the proper training before Merrick was killed. I hated being used like a sacrificial lamb. I was only 15!”

Marie: It’s like they needed us at the altar or something. She was another Slayer turned, one of the former SITS.

They headed to the park, Willow and Buffy holding hands, swinging side- by- side.

“Oh, the freedom is great, but there are other things about being a Vampire… Like chaos, mayhem, and destruction.”

They saw the human.

Chapter 6 – Destruction

Buffy and Willow preyed on the human in the park, waiting to pounce on him and devour him. . .then make him feed on them. . .turn him. . .

Buffy saw her chance and walked up to the man, began chatting with him, getting a feel for his friendliness. . .then. . .

The man was out cold when Buffy slit her wrist and put it to the man’s mouth to feed upon.

“You do that well.” Willow noticed.

“It’s easy. . .not to mention, a hell of a lot more fun than slaying vampires.”
Buffy told her.

“Uh oh!” Willow warned Buffy. “Look who’s coming!”

Buffy turned to spy Cordy with Angel, walking hand in hand. Ever since Angel hooked up with Cordy, Buffy detested Cordy. She couldn’t believe that Cordy would turn to Angel when she knew how Buffy felt about Angel.

“So. Let the two be.” Buffy said. “I have no use for Angel anymore.”

But deep down, it hurt to see Angel with that spiteful girl. Cordy would pay and pay dearly for taking Angel from her. But for now, Buffy turned her attention to the man she had just turned as he got up with a strange hunger for raw meat and blood.

“You’re one of us now.” Buffy told the man. “I am your master for I sired you.”
The man went on his way looking for something to curb his growing hunger. . .until Buffy gave her call.

Chapter 7

Now that Buffy had fulfilled her quest to her sire, it was time for revenge—on Cordy for taking Angel from her.

Buffy stalked Cordy and Angel as they walked hand in hand, kissing each other hungrily every few steps. It was sickening to watch, as if they couldn’t get enough.

Buffy waited.

Waited for just the right moment. . . .


Angel left poor Cordy alone. Buffy could now seek her revenge on Cordy. Buffy swooped in on a unsuspecting Cordy and bit her neck. As Cordy went limp in Buffy’s arms, Buffy thought of just letting Cordy die, but she knew it would be more fun if Cordy were a vamp, soulless, like her. So she let Cordy feed from her until Cordy was turned.

“What did you do to me!” Cordy screamed, as she looked into the mirror and saw no reflection. “It can’t be!”

“Yes, dear Cordy! You are my childe!” Buffy laughed.

“Angel?” Cordy cried. “What will he think now that I’m one too?”

But Cordy didn’t have to wait a second longer when Angel showed up looking for Cordy when she failed to meet him at the time they agreed.

“Cordy, I was getting worried?” Angel said, horrified at her new look.

“Angel, you can’t. . .” Cordy began before trailing off, not wanting to tell him she was a vamp, but the hunger was getting worse. She knew she needed some fresh blood soon.

“Cordy, you look sick?” Angel said with concern, as Buffy laughed at the two of them. It was even better than Buffy imagined.

“What did you do to her, Buffy?” Angel demanded.

“Whatever do you mean?” Buffy said innocently.

“You turned Cordy!”

“Yes, Angelus, I did!” Buffy retorted.

Chapter 8

As Angel tended to Cordy and helped her with her hunger, Spike met with Buffy. Gawd! She was even more desireable as a vamp! He wanted her now!

“See somethin’ you like?” Buffy asked Spike, noticing how he was looking at her.

“What the hell!” Buffy thought to herself. “What could be wrong with giving Spike what he wanted.”

And Buffy went in for the kill as she moved in to give Spike a kiss. He went for it as he kissed her fervently, hungry for whatever she gave him as the two of them made passionate love.

As Buffy and Spike made love to each other, they were unaware of the audience they had as Angel watched the two lovers. Angel was now seeking his revenge on Buffy for turning Cordy, and Spike, for taking his girl.

Back at Giles’ store, Willow was minding the store while Xander was making out with Anya. But Willow wouldn’t be alone for long, as Tara was on her way to see Willow.

“Tara?” Willow said surprised to see her.

“I needed to see you.” Tara said, looking outside.

“Tara, what’s wrong? Why do you keep looking out the window?”

“Someone tried to kill me!”

“What? Who?” Willow said as she pulled Tara from the window just as a gun sounded.

Willow placed her body over Tara’s, but when she got off Tara’s body after the gunfire, it was too late as she saw Tara had been shot.

“Tara!” Willow screamed, shaking Tara’s lifeless body, and sending Xander and Anya inside, the two lovers oblivious to the gunfire.

“What’s all the noise!” Xander yelled coming into the store.

“Tara’s been shot!” Willow yelled.

“What? How?” Anya said confused.

“You didn’t hear the gunshots?”

“No. I guess Xander and I were too busy.”

“We heard someone screaming and came inside.” Xander said.

“She’s not…..” Willow said, almost afraid to say it.

“No, she has a pulse.” Xander said, feeling Tara’s pulse on her inner arm.

As Willow breathed a sigh of relief, Xander covered Tara’s body with a blanket as Anya called an ambulance to take Tara to the hospital.


Starrleena’s Soap Opera Critiques

June 5 – 9, 2017

The Young and the Restless:

Victor, you get away with murder again as Chloe fakes her suicide and goes off with Kevin and Bella and everyone thinks she is dead.

Hilary, what do you think is going to happen when Juliet claims sexual harassment against Cane for their night in Tokyo partying and Cane’s drunken night he doesn’t remember?

Dina, what are you hiding from Jack and Ashley? What don’t you want them to know?

The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie, really, you thought pointing a gun at Quinn would solve your problems?

Nicole, we feel for you not being able to have another child, but you did choose to give Lizzie to Maya and Rick.

And, Sheila Carter is back? What does she have in mind and can Quinn escape her?

General Hospital:

Kiki, so glad you listened to Dillon about Ava. Yes she’s done some horrible things, but she is your mother.

Sonny and Carly, now that you know the truth about Morgan’s meds, will you find closure and heal…maybe reconcile, or move on with your lives.

Julian, you were such a heartbreaker when Alexis let you see Scout. Will you use it to redeem yourself in your children and Alexis’ eyes?

Curtis and Jordan, will the past come back to haunt you?

Ava, you thought you could just give up and die. But you’re still alive. Looks like you’ll have to face your horrible situation!

Valentin, your video to Charlotte was heartbreakingly moving. It’s clear you love your daughter.

Days of Our Lives:

Abigail, you’re about to marry Dario to help him from being deported and you’re worry about Chad being with Gabi.

John, so glad you got your priorities right and your real mission is to save your son.

Chad and Gabi, will you do the deed now that you’re stuck together on the island amongst all the mayhem?

Paul, don’t give in to the sickness. You have strength among friends.

Look for John Grisham’s “Camino Island!”