Ridge’s Scheme to Take Down Quinn: A B&B Fanfiction


Ridge comes up with a plan to ruin Quinn and get her out of his father’s life once and for all. The only problem: he has to seduce Quinn. Will his plan work or will he end up falling for her and betray his reconciliation with Brooke?


Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Quinn Fuller-Forrester – Rena Sofer
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Brooke Logan – Katherine Kelly Lang
Katie Logan – Heather Tom
Steffy Forrester – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
Wyatt Fuller-Spencer – Darin Brooks


“Rick, I can’t stand Quinn in our father’s life!” Ridge raged.

“Calm down, Ridge.” Rick told him. “Quinn will bring her downfall on her own.”

“I can’t wait for that to happen.” Ridge demanded. “I want Quinn out now!”

“Ridge, I want Quinn out too, but we have to go about this the right way.” Rick tried to reason with Ridge.

“You’re either with me on this or you’re not?!” Ridge demanded.

“I’m sorry, Ridge, but I say we do this the right way.”

“Fine! Suit yourself.” Ridge said and walked out of Rick’s office.

Ridge knew what he had to do. Seduce Quinn. It had to be done in order to get Quinn out of his father’s life. As much as it pained him to think about it. Quinn had to be banished from Eric’s life and that of Forrester. It was the only way.

Chapter 1

Ridge made love to Brooke, knowing what he was about to do. But seducing Quinn was the only way to get Quinn of his father’s life. Nothing else worked. No matter what he did, Quinn always seemed to win. Well, not this time! If seducing Quinn and getting her in bed was the way to ruin Quinn and her marriage to his father, Ridge was glad to do it. He just hoped Brooke would understand the reason why he had to do this.

“Where are you going, Ridge?” Brooke asked as Ridge tried to slip out undetected.

“I just remember a surprise I had for you.” Ridge lied to Brooke.

“Okay.” Brooke said satisfied. “I love surprises.

“I won’t be long.” Ridge told her as he kissed her on the lips.

“Hurry back. I already miss you.”

As soon as Ridge got dressed, he hurried to the Forrester mansion to put his plan in motion.

Meanwhile, at the Forrester mansion, Quinn and Eric had just made love when Ridge came barreling in through the front yelling for Quinn.

“What the he—-?!” Eric whispered as he put on his robe and went downstairs to see what Ridge wanted.

“Ridge, what are you doing here?!” Eric asked him.

“Dad, I need Quinn at Forrester!” Ridge said hastily.

“Well, she decided to stay home today.”

“I’m sorry, but Quinn is needed at Forrester!”

“Where’s Steffy? Why can’t she handle it?”

“She and Liam made a last-minute decision to take a vacation.” Ridge lied.

“She can’t do that! Not on the heels of a fashion show!” Eric said angerly.

“I told her to go. I told her I would take the heat!” Ridge confessed.

“Well, okay, I’ll go tell her.” Eric said as he went back upstairs to tell Quinn.

“Thanks, Dad!” Ridge smiled gleefully. “Tell Quinn I’ll meet her at Forrester.”

Ridge headed over to Forrester and waited for Quinn to show up to put his scheme in motion. He pulled out his sketchbook and began drawing some designs while waiting for Quinn. Ridge was in an inspiring mood.

30 minutes later, Quinn showed up at Forrester and headed for Ridge’s office.

“Just what is the meaning of this?!” Quinn raged as she burst in through Ridge’s office.

“You’re needed here at the office since Steffy took off on a much-needed vacation with Liam.” Ridge told her.

“Well, Eric and I were spending the day together until you spoiled it.” Quinn continued her rant.

“Well, Forrester is in crisis!” Ridge lied.

“And you let Steffy leave on vacation?” Quinn berated him. “Smart move, Ridge. No wonder Eric doesn’t trust you to run his company!”

“Here!” Ridge said as he handed her his sketdhbook.

“What’s this?”

“Some designs I was working on for the upcoming fashion show.”

As Quinn took the sketch book from Ridge, she smiled as she subtly flirted with him.

“Well, at least you haven’t lost your touch when it comes to designing.”
“I knew you’d like it.” Ridge smiled as their hands touched.

Chapter 2

The thought of seducing Quinn made Ridge’s stomach turn, but what else could be done? Quinn had to go! Out of his father’s life and theirs! Nothing else worked! So Ridge bit his lip and went to see Quinn in her office to put his plan to work. Operation Get Quinn Out of Forrester! Was happening, whether Ridge liked it or not.
“Quinn, did you have time to view my designs?” Ridge asked her when he came into Quinn’s office unannounced, to find her in nothing but a slip. She was trying on designs and was in the middle of changing when Ridge came in.

“Am I interrupting something?” Ridge asked, not able to keep his eyes off Quinn, and wondering why he liked it so much. Just like the shower scene in the backyard. As much as Ridge detested Quinn, he couldn’t stop thinking about that moment.

“Ridge? What are you doing in here?” Quinn feigned surprise as she attempted to cover up. “Oh, screw it! You’ve already seen me in the buff! I’m just in my slip! And you can’t take your eyes off me!”

“Trust me, Quinn, I’m detesting the very sight of you!” Ridge told her, but the look in Ridge’s eyes told Quinn it was a lie.

“Yeah, if you really did, you’d have run away as fast as you can!” Quinn said in as seductive voice as possible as she snuggled close to him, nuzzling his ear.

“Yes, I’ve got her where I want her!” Ridge thought to himself, as he grabbed Quinn and kissed her on the lips.

The kiss lasted a few minutes and when they finally came up for air, Ridge was sick. Sick to his stomach for liking the kiss so much. He ran from Quinn’s office and into his own. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. It was only supposed to be a plot to get Quinn to be disloyal to his father so he would dump Quinn for the conniving tramp he knew she was. He didn’t expect to fall for her!

Ridge knew he had to get a handle on things. He couldn’t fall for Quinn. He loved Brooke. He had another chance with Brooke and he couldn’t ruin it this time!

Back in Quinn’s office, Quinn smiled to herself, “Two can play at that game, Ridge!” Quinn’s thoughts were interrupted when Bill knocked on Quinn’s door.

“Come in!” Quinn said when she heard the knock.

“So, how did Ridge take the seduction?” Bill asked her when he came in.

“He fell for it hook-line-and-sinker.” Quinn told Bill.

“So the dressmaker succumbed to the kiss?”

“Yep. Won’t be long before Brooke is yours again.”

“I knew you could do it.” Bill told Quinn. “Ridge is an idiot and he doesn’t deserve Brooke.”

“I know. I’m glad we’re together in this plot to break up Ridge and Brooke.” Quin told Bill.

“Yeah. Funny how we’re on the same side.” Bill said. “I never thought we would be working together.”

“Yeah, me either.”

“I’m sorry, but do my ears hear right?” Wyatt said when he came in after hearing his parents talking civilly.

“Yes, Wyatt, your mother and I were actually getting along.” Bill told his son.

“Wow!” Wyatt said in disbelief. “I think I need a drink!”

Chapter 3

Quinn was waiting in Ridge’s office just like she and Bill discussed when Ridge arrived. She couldn’t wait to see the look on Brooke’s face when she caught her and Ridge in an compromising position.

“Quinn, what are you doing in my office?” Ridge asked her.

“I enjoyed the kiss yesterday.” Quinn said seductively, as she slipped out of her blouse.

“Quinn, put your blouse back on!” Ridge said quietly so no one would hear them.

“What’s wrong Ridge?” Quinn continued to undress, as she rubbed Ridge’s shoulder to get him to loosen up.

“Quinn, stop it!” Ridge demanded, despite how much he enjoyed Quinn’s touch.

“Kiss me, Ridge. Kiss me now. I need to have you.” Quinn demanded as she planted a kiss on Ridge’s lips, just in time to have Brooke walk into Ridge’s office.

While Quinn was in a lip-lock with Ridge, she kept thinking to herself, “Thank you Bill, for working so quickly to get Brooke in Ridge’s office.”

“What is going on in here?!” Brooke demanded as Ridge tore himself away from Quinn’s clutches.

“Nothing Brooke. Quinn was coming on to me.” Ridge told Brooke.

“I was coming onto you?!” Quinn said, looking hurt.

“Is this true?” Brooke asked.

“Brooke, don’t believe him.” Quinn said masterly. “I came into here because Ridge asked me to. Next thing I knew, Ridge had me in a lip-lock and wouldn’t let me go.

He said not to tell you, but how was I supposed to know you’d come into his office?”

“I can’t believe you Ridge!” Brooke said hurt by Ridge’s apparent betrayal. “And with your father’s wife!”

Brooke took off with Ridge following after her. When he caught up to her, Brooke slapped Ridge square in the jaw.

“Ow! What did you do that for!” Ridge said, grabbing his jaw.

“That’s for kissing Quinn!” Brooke yelled at him, as RJ was rounding the corner.

“Mom? Dad?” RJ said confused.

“RJ!” Brooke said, upset that her son heard their tiff.”

“Mom, what’s going on? Why did you just hit dad?”

“RJ, can you go. I promise I’ll talk to you later.” Brooke urged her son to leave.

“No, tell me now!” RJ demanded. “I’m not a kid anymore!”

“Okay, RJ.” Brooke said. “Your dad and I won’t be getting married.”

“What? How come?” RJ cried. “Dad, what did you do to upset mom?”

“Nothing. I was set. . .” Ridge tried to tell him, but RJ wouldn’t hear it.

“Save it dad!” RJ yelled. “You promised you’d changed and that you wanted our family back!”

RJ ran off toward the beach. He couldn’t take how his father broke his promise. He wanted nothing to do with Ridge.

“See what you’ve done to our family, Ridge!” Brooke yelled at him.

“Brooke, please listen to me. I was set up.

As Ridge was left alone at Forrester after Brooke and RJ left him so abruptly, he decided once and for all that he was going to take down Quinn. He couldn’t believe Quinn was making herself look like the victim in all this.

Meanwhile, on the beach, RJ was tossing a ball when a pretty young girl caught his eye.

“Hey!” RJ said, when he came upon the girl.

“Hi!” the girl said meekly.

“Name’s RJ.” RJ introduced himself to the girl.

“Coco.” The girl said to him.

As RJ and Coco got to know each other, he forgot all about his parents.

Chapter 4

RJ enjoyed Coco’s company on the beach. They talked and swam and got to know each other. It was a welcome break from all the drama in his own family.

RJ and Coco were coming out of the water and got to their blanket when Coco saw she had a message. As she looked it at, it was from her sister, Sally.

“I’m sorry, RJ, but I’m needed back home.” Coco told him sadly.

“Do you really need to go?”

“Yes. There’s a crisis at home and my sister needs me.” Coco told him as she rushed off to her car and headed back to Spectra Fashions with RJ looking longingly towards her direction.

RJ packed his own stuff and headed back home. He didn’t really want to go home and face his parents, especially his dad. So he went to Forrester instead to work on some designs.

Back at Forrester, Ridge was busy on some designs but couldn’t get Quinn off his mind. He wanted revenge. On Quinn. She made him look bad in front of Brooke. She was going to pay. And he knew just how to do it.

The next day, Ridge came to Forrester ready to put his plan in action to get revenge on Quinn for ruining things between him and Brooke. After placing the evidence in Quinn’s desk, he called his father into his office.

“Ridge, what did you need?” Eric asked when he got to Ridge’s office.

“Yes, Quinn said she was going to have the jewelry designs so I could review them, but she’s not here yet?” Ridge told his father.

“Well, that’s not like Quinn?” Eric mused.

“Could you see if she’s in her office?”

“Yes, I’m sure she’s just running late.” Eric told him.

As Eric headed toward Quinn’s office, Ridge smiled. He couldn’t wait to see the look on his father’s face when he found the letters to him he had placed in Quinn’s desk.

Back at Forrester mansion, Quinn was upset that her car wouldn’t start and desperately called Eric to tell him she would be late, but no one answered, per Ridge taking the phones off the hook so Quinn couldn’t get through.

Back at Forrester, Eric entered Quinn’s office and looked around for the designs Ridge was talking about. He never found them, but he did find some letters in Quinn’s desk as he was looking for the jewelry designs. Thinking they were letters to him, Eric read one and was appalled Quinn would write such stuff to his son.

Quinn had finally arrived at Forrester after a nice boy got her car started. She was ashamed when he told her that spark plug had been removed. But the kind boy happened to have one on him. So Quinn thank the boy and headed to Forrester.

Ridge watched Quinn as she headed for her office. She was surprised to see Eric sitting behind her desk. Thinking he wanted some time alone, Quinn gave her husband a passionate kiss. But Eric pushed her away instead.

“What’s that for?!” Quinn asked confused.

“Just what is the meaning of these?” Eric said heatedly, holding up the letters.

“What are those?” Quinn said innocently.

“You don’t know love letters you wrote to my son?”

“Love letters to Ridge?” Quinn said, looking confused.

“Don’t look so innocent, Quinn!” Eric said angrily as he left her standing there wondering what was going on.

Ridge watched Eric leave Quinn’s office angrily. He was happy. Now maybe his father would see Quinn for who she really was and divorce her.



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