A Wedding to Remember: A Kevin & Chloe (Khloe) Romance


It is Kevin and Chloe’s wedding day and Kevin is overjoyed to be given a second chance from Chloe after all she’s been through. But when Mariah interrupts the wedding with news about Chloe’s involvement in Adam’s fiery death, Kevin is a broken man. Will Mariah be able to pick up the pieces and help Kevin through Chloe’s deception? In other Genoa City news, Sharon’s secret about her son Sully is finally exposed by an unexpected party?


Kevin Fisher – Greg Rikaart
Chloe Valentine Ashby Fisher – Elizabeth Hendrickson
Mariah Copeland – Camryn Grimes
Sharon Collins Newman McAvoy – Sharon Case
Dylan McAvoy – Steve Burton
Nick Newman – Joshua Morrow

Chapter 1

“Chloe, I’m so happy you gave me a second chance.” Kevin said to Chloe as the two made love the night before their wedding.

“Kevin, there’s something I need to confess to you.” Chloe said, regretting her part in Adam Newman’s death. She pondered whether or not she should tell Kevin what she did.

“Chloe, there’s nothing you need to confess.” Kevin told her. “I forgive you for everything. There’s nothing you need to confess or apologize for.”

“But. . .” Chloe started to say, but Kevin interrupted her with a kiss as they began making love again.

As good as it was to be back in Kevin’s arms, Chloe knew she had to keep quiet about what she had done. No one could find out she was responsible for Adam’s fiery end.
For now, she lay in Kevin’s arms, as she contemplated her new life with Kevin and Bella.

Meanwhile, Mariah had been grilling Victor about Adam’s death since it appeared all ties led to him. After going over the facts, it didn’t add up. Why would Victor go through all the trouble to get Adam, Chelsea and Connor out of town only to have him blown up? Either Victor was still conning Adam or Victor was being framed? But by who?

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Sharon’s life was crumbling around her as it looked as if her secret about Sully being Christian would soon be exposed. The mystery person sent Sharon another text:

“You failed the assignment.” The mystery caller text her. “Prepare to lose Sully!”
“What’s the meaning of this!” Dylan woke Sharon from her slumber after intercepting her messages.

“What are you talking about?” Sharon woke up confused as Dylan handed her her cell.
As Sharon looked at the messages, she thought to herself, “No! it can’t be over!”
“Sharon?!” Dylan quizzed her.

“This must be some kind of joke!” Sharon replied, defending herself. “I don’t know what this is?!”

“Well, let me take it to the GCPD. I’ll get to the bottom of this!” Dylan told her as he kissed her goodbye for heading to GCPD.

Sharon feared that her secret was finally out. She can’t lose Dylan or Sully.

Chloe smiled after glimpsing inside Dylan and Sharon’s bedroom window and seeing that Dylan had intercepted Sharon’s messages. It couldn’t have happened better. Soon, everyone would know that Sullivan McAvoy was really Christian Andrew Newman.

Chapter 2

Sharon felt safe in Dylan’s arms when the two went to bed for the night, but it still didn’t stop the nightmare she had of her sec ret coming out that Sully was Christian.

Sharon got up out of bed and went to check on Sully. She was relieved to find that he was still in his crib.

“Hey, I came to find you when I didn’t see you in bed.” Dylan asked concerned.

“I’m okay.” Sharon lied, not wanting to tell Dylan her dream.

“It’s okay. You can tell me.” Dylan pressed her for details.

“I’m okay. You don’t need to worry.” Sharon insisted.

“Okay.” Dylan said.

“Hey, why don’t we go on a family camping trip.” Sharon suggested.

“That sounds like a great idea.” Dylan agreed. “When should we go?”

“How about now!”

“Now? It’s 2 a.m.?” Dylan said, as if Sharon was crazy.

“Please!” Sharon pleaded. Sharon wanted to get out of Genoa City before her secret about Sully got out. She felt as if something was going to happen any time.

“Okay. We’ll leave now.” Dylan said as he went back upstairs to pack some things for him and Sully.

As Dylan, Sharon and Sully got into the truck to leave on their camping trip, Chloe found herself at Delia’s grave, where she was met by a mysterious person.

“Chloe, did you get it done?” the mysterious voice asked her.

“Yes.” Chloe said, as she turned around to face Sage.
“You liar!” Sage raved.

“What are you talking about?” Chloe asked her.

“You didn’t do the job!” Sage continued her rant. “You did the one thing I didn’t want!”

“I freaked out Sharon so she would be exposed as a liar about Sully.” Chloe told her.

“You killed Adam, Christian’s father!” Sage yelled at her. “I asked you to expose Sharon as a liar, and you kill Adam instead?!”

“Adam deserved to die!” Chloe yelled at Sage. “He killed my Delia!”

“You went against my wishes and killed Adam!” Sage threatened. “And you’re going to pay for it!”

“I did what you wanted. I threatened Sharon to reveal who Sully really was. Isn’t that enough?”

“You clearly had your own agenda, and went against my instructions!” Sage told her. “Prepare to lose everything! Especially Bella!”

Sage left Chloe standing at Delia’s graveside wondering what Sage meant.

Chapter 3

Chloe worried about Sage revealing herself in GC and ruining her wedding to Kevin. She thought she would have a problem with Victor when he made her work with him to set Adam up and she went against him and set the bomb that killed Adam. Chloe never suspected that Sage was actually alive and out to ruin her happiness.

Chloe couldn’t let Sage ruin everything she’d work for. She had Kevin back. She had Bella. No one could learn that Billy was really Bella’s father and she changed the results of test to make Kevin the father. No one could know her true motive for not revealing to Billy that he was Bella’s father.

Chloe was on her way to the Chelsea 2.0 to check the dress that Chelsea was designing for her wedding to Kevin.

“Chloe, I finished the dress.” Chelsea said as Chloe walked into her store.

“Omigosh, it’s lovely.” Chloe beamed upon seeing what Chelsea created.

“Only the best for my bestie.” Chelsea said.

“It’s got to be your greatest design.”

Kevin showed up to take his bride-to-be to lunch as Chelsea and Chloe scrambled to hide the dress so Kevin wouldn’t see the dress.
“Kevin!” Chloe said.

“I thought I would take you to lunch.” Kevin said, pushing Bella’s stroller.
“That sounds good. I’m famished, as she gave Bella a hug when Bella stretched out her arms.

“Well, why don’t you two go. I have some work to get done.” Chelsea said to Kevin and Chloe.

Kevin, Chloe and Bella headed over to GCAC for lunch…Sharon and Dylan had just arrived at the cabin in the mountains where they decided to hide out. Sharon was paranoid that someone would find out about Sully being Christian. She couldn’t let that happen. But she didn’t know Sage was alive and watching every move she made.



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