The Young and the Restless One Shots

Victoria Finds Out the Truth about Juliet’s Brash & Sassy Lawsuit

Victoria was livid when when she learned Hilary persuaded Juliet to sue Brash & Sassy for sexual harassment and name Cane as the person responsible. Brash & Sassy is ruined because of Hilary’s revenge against Cane and Lily. And Poor Lily! Her marriage is in a shambles all because Hilary wanted revenge!
As Victoria sat at a table at GCAC, she got the biggest shock of her life as she overheard a conversation between Hilary and Juliet.
“Hilary, I’m glad you could meet me?” Juliet said near tears.
“What’s wrong? I thought you’d be celebrating after the successful win?”
“I have a confession to make.” Juliet said.
“What confession?”
“I lied.” Juliet came out with the lie.
“You lied about what?” Hilary said not comprehending what she was saying.
“I lied about everything.”
“What do you mean you lied.”
“Cane and I didn’t sleep together in Japan. He was drunk after our excursion on the town and I made him think we slept together.”
“Why you little…..” Hilary seethed through her words.
“I’m sorry.” was all Juliet said.
“Everybody in GC hates me because of this lawsuit and all you can say is ‘I’m sorry?’” Hilary continued her wrath on Juliet. “Get out of my sight before I do something I will regret!”
But as the Juliet walked away, the damage was already done as Victoria headed over to Cane and Lily’s to tell them what she heard.
As Hilary was about to leave, she felt someone grab her arm violently.
“What the?!” Hilary said as she turned around to find Victoria.
“You’re coming with me! Now!” Victoria yelled at Hilary.
Victoria forced Hilary into her car as they drove to Cane and Lily’s.
“Where are we going?” Hilary demanded to know.
“You’ll find out soon enough!” Victoria told her.
They pulled up to Cane and Lily’s drive way as Victoria forced Hilary out of the car.
“You can’t make me do this!” Hilary said.
“Watch me!”
Victoria knocked on Cane and Lily’s door, but when Lily opened the door, she was crying.
“What do you two want?” Lily said tearfully.
“Lily, Hilary has something to tell you.” Victoria said, as she waited for Hilary to tell her what Juliet confessed.
“What do you have to tell me, Hilary!” Lily demanded.
“Well, Hilary, spit it out!” Victoria demaned as well.
“I learned today that Juliet not only lied about the sexual harassment, but also about sleeping with him!”
“What do you mean?!” Lily raged.
“Juliet admitted that she and and Cane never slept together. Cane was drunk after their night out in Tokyo, so she made up the whole story about sleeping together.”
Cane had just come into the living room and heard the confession as well.
“Where’s Juliet?!” Cane demanded.
“She said she had a flight out of GC.” Hilary told Cane.
“No doubt she was leaving after she confessed to you because she knew I would be coming after her!”
And Juliet was right, because Cane was hot on Juliet’s trail as he raced to the airport before she could leave GC.
Lily on the other hand was seething, but not at Juliet.
“Get out, Hilary!” Lily raged.
“What! What did I do?!”
“Because of you, my marriage is over!”
“I’m responsible for your marriage crumbling!” Hilary said jokingly.
“Because of you, Juliet pressed charges against Cane and Brash & Sassy for sexual harassment!” Lily continued her rage on Hilary.
“So I encouraged Juliet to stand up for herself!” Hilary defended herself. “How was I supposed to know Juliet lied about sleeping with your husband!”
“You have had a problem with my family ever since you married my father! Get out of my life and GC!”
“Who’s going to make me!” Hilary yelled back.
Lily couldn’t stand Hilary’s satisfaction that she finally won. Enraged at Hilary, Lily grabbed the nearest object that happened to be a heavy lamp and threw at Hilary and threw it in Hilary’s direction. But Hilary ducked and the lamp hit Mattie, who had just come home from school into the living room when she heard the loud commotion.
“Mattie!” Lily shouted, as Mattie slumped to the floor.



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