Pandora Box: A Buffy the Vampire Slayrer Fanfiction


It’s about Willow resurrecting Buffy wrong and it’s a younger Buffy from Season 1 that is exchanged from the episode ‘Nightmares.’ She is a Vampire and has no idea how she got into the future, but she knows that she is stuck permanently and stuck as a Vamp forever after future Willow tells her how it happened. Willow tried spells to send her back but she never could. Buffy can’t be changed human either because Willow also tried to repent for her mistakes by causing her to shift out of a demon, only Billy could stop it and since Lucky nineteen took over Sunny Dale in her time and killed her friends, everything changed in the alternate universe even D’Hoffryn’s.

She does fall for Spike but eventually goes a little hungry, losing her soul. Spike/her friends has to follow her to L.A. where she’s trying to take out Angel’s soul. Darla and Angel are shocked as they are dealing with the pregnancy of Connor and the Vampire Hunter. (I will start this one as well then, you can continue before writing the SEQUEL all on your own).

Note: the “I thought I was dead” part. Buffy’s Vamp face will be exactly like that at all times.

Chapter 1

It was a universe full of chaos as the left over Urn, dried blood, and smell of burning incents wafted throughout Restfield Cemetery. It’s because the Scoobies had recently performed a ritual. And because of this, a blond now stood up, shaking dirt from her Blue jacket. It was Buffy as her demon self looked up and she was desperately hungry. And not just any hunger.

“I thought I was dead!”

Chapter 2

The small blond was dazed as she walked alone on the roadside. She almost killed a boy. Almost dragged him into a nearby bush and just ambushed him. How she got turned, she didn’t know, but she knew someone had so much power. So much to drag a person into Hell.


It’s about Willow resurrecting Buffy wrong and it’s a younger Buffy from Season 1 that is exchanged from the episode ‘Nightmares.’ She is a Vampire and has no idea how she got into the future, but she knows that she is stuck permanently and stuck as a Vamp forever, everything changed in the alternate universe that day, even D’Hoffryn’s and maybe he should pay the little sneak a visit.

Thank her for using the spell wrong and instead making her friend into a Demon.

It’s a good smile…

A very good one…


“Maybe they’re on their way here. I mean this place is norad when we’re at defcon1,” Xander began looking around and literally flaked when a big demon roared through the street.
“We really need Buffy!”

He looked everywhere for a rope to knock the demon off the bike.

Chapter 3

All hell broke loose in Sunnydale. Buffy was gone. Giles went back to England. Willow was bent on revenge against D’Hoffryn for the spell that went wrong that was supposed to bring Buffy back. And Angel and Darla were dealing with the abduction of their son, Connor, at the hands of Billy.

The only bright spot was that Buffy was back and looking for her friends, still unbeknownst to her that she was now a vampire—despite her sudden thirst for human blood. She refused to believe that she was one that she was trained to slay.

Unable to deny the thirst, Buffy grabbed a poor unsuspecting guy and drained him of his blood. Then tossed him to the side when her thirst was satiated.

That’s when Spike found Buffy.

“Buffy?” Spike asked, surprised she was alive.

“Spike!” Buffy exclaimed, who hoped he hadn’t seen what she had just done.

“I’m so glad you didn’t die!” Spike said, as he hugged her.

“Yea. Me too.” Buffy said.

“So, where have you been?”

“Around.” Buffy said, unable to really tell him what she had been through.

“Just around?”


“Well, you won’t believe the changes that have happened since you ‘died’.” Spike told her.

“Do I even want to know?!” Buffy asked, not knowing why she had the insatiable appetite for human blood.

“Well, let’ get you back to Giles’ store.”

While Spike and Buffy headed for Giles’ store to find her friends, D’Hoffryn had sent his minions to work their havoc on Sunnydale.

Chapter 4

When Buffy and Spike arrived at Giles’ store, there was nothing left for D’Hoffryn’s minions had totally demolished the store. That’s when Spike found Xander hidden under a board that had somehow protected him from the blast.

“Oh my god!” Xander cried out as he crawled out from under the board.

“Xander? Are you OK?” Spike said, faking concern, for he didn’t really care for the guy.

“Yeah. Where’s Willow, Tara and Anya?” Xander asked.

“I don’t know.” Buffy said, who still had a thirst for human blood.

That’s when Dawn pushed her way from the rubble to find Spike, Buffy and Xander.

“What the hell just happened?” Dawn asked them.

“I don’t know, but Willow, Tara and Anya are still missing.” Xander said.

“Where’s Giles?” Buffy asked.

“You don’t know?” Spike replied.

“Know what?” Buffy responded back.

“He went back to England.” Spike informed her.

“Damn! I needed to see him.” Buffy said, not telling them of her secret plan of revenge.

“Well, I’m going to look for Willow, Tara and Anya.” Xander told them as he dug into the rubble.

Unbeknownst to them, Willow was seeking out D’Hoffryn to seek revenge for the spell that went wrong.

“You killed her!” Willow spat out at D’Hoffryn.

“Buffy isn’t dead!” D’Hoffryn told her.

“Then where is she?” Willow demanded.

“She’s a vampire and is going to be one forever thanks to your spell!” D”Hoffryn smiled slyly at her.

“You used me to turn Buffy?!”

“Yes! I did!” D’Hoffryn laughed at her, as he disappeared into the air.

Willow had to get back to the others and warn Buffy about her demon self.

And Angel and Darla were frantic as they continued looking for Billy who had their son, Connor. That’s when Angel spotted Billy on the rooftop of what used to be Sunnydale High, holding Connor.

Chapter 5

Buffy continued looking for Angel who was on the rooftop of Sunnydale High trying to convince Billy to hand over Connor.

“Give Connor to me!” Angel desperately pleaded with Billy to hand over his son.
“I can’t!” Billy told Angel.

“Please, Billy!” Angel said, feeling his fangs forming from the rage he felt.

“I need him.” Billy said as he tried to unlock the portal that he was going to toss the newborn infant into that would allow him to leave this dimension.

“You can’t do that!” Angel screamed at him, lunging forward to grab his son from Billy’s grasp.

But just as Billy was about to toss the infant into the portal, Buffy comes out of nowhere swoops in and grabs the baby from Billy, as he fell from the rooftop to his death.

Angel, happy that Billy is dead and thinking Buffy is going to hand over his son, is surprised to learn differently.

“Buffy, where are you going?” Angel yells after her.

Buffy just keeps walking with the infant Connor, hoping Angel will follow her and hence into her trap.


Buffy’s trap worked as Angel did indeed follow her as he was led into the cell Buffy had set up for Angel. When she saw Billy on the high school rooftop holding Connor, Buffy knew she had just the ammunition to lure Angel into her trap and thus get his soul.



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