Soap Opera Critiques for June 12 – 16, 2017

The Young and the Restless

Cane, you made a dumb move going to see Juliet about the lawsuit.

Hilary, will you ever learn?

Scott & Sharon: you two really sizzled—too bad mother (Lauren) didn’t think the same?

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge, now that you’ve made your father proud by saving Quinn’s life, will you mess it up with your feelings?

Quinn, will you still stay loyal to Eric, or fall into Ridge’s arms?

Sheila, we know you weren’t the shooter, but do you think Eric will forgive you for the past?

Deacon, did really you think Quinn would risk everything to help you?

General Hospital

Loved the sisterly bond between Hayden and Liz.

Sam, you skipped out on your meeting with Kevin. Do you think that was wise?

Spencer, we know you’ve been through a lot with Valentin killing your father, but you didn’t need to blame Charlotte. We hope you listen to your grandmother.

Laura, you’re doing a good job being a role model to Spencer.

Days of Our Lives

Abigail, we hope you come to your senses about Dario and listen to your heart.

Chad and Gabi, what happens when you get off the island?

Paul, so nice to see you come to your senses and realize what’s at stake.

Chloe, you can see how Holly misses her mother. Isn’t it cruel for you to keep her away from her own mother?



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