Billy Saves Brash & Sassy: A Young and the REstless Fanfiction


After years of being seen as an incompetent businessman with a gambling problem, Billy discovers the truth behind Juliet’s sexual harassment suit against Cane. But when Hilary gets wind of Billy’s plan to sabotage the case, she does the unthinkable to keep Billy quiet. Will Billy come out the hero in this war for power?


Billy Abbott – Jason Thompson
Victoria Newman – Amelia Heinle
Cane Ashby – Daniel Goddard
Hilary Curtis-Winters-Hamilton – Mishael Morgan
Mariah Copeland – Camryn Grimes
Devon Hamilton – Bryton James
Juliet Helton – Laur Allen
Michael Baldwin – Christian LeBlance
Lauren Fenmore-Baldwin – Tracey Bregman
Victor Newman – Eric Braden
Nikki Newman – Melody Thomas Scott
Nick Newman – Joshua Morrow
Chelsea Lawson-Newman – Melissa Claire Egan

Chapter 1

Billy found himself at a bar on the outskirts of Genoa City after Phyllis kicked him out of her apartment after she spied him kissing his ex-wife, Victoria. And to top that off, his brother, Jack still had a plan to make Billy pay for ruining his marriage to Phyllis.

While Billy was feeling sorry for himself, Juliet had agreed to meet Hilary, who happened to be at the same bar Billy found himself.

“Juliet, what do you mean you want to recant your testimony?!” Hilary berated her, unbeknownst to them that a drunken Billy was sitting within earshot to the entire conversation.

“I don’t see how I can possible win?” Juliet told Hilary.

“You can’t give up!” Hilary continued berating her. “You’ll ruin everything!”

“What do you mean everything! Juliet quizzed her. “Do you have another motive for encouraging me to sue Brash & Sassy?”

“What are you talking about?” Hilary denied Juliet’s accusation. “There is no ulterior motive. I am simply trying to get you justice.”

“Well, I’m dropping the suit.” Juliet told her.

“Well, if you do, you’ll regret it!” Hilary threatened.

“I’ve made up my mind, Hilary!” Juliet said as she attempted to leave, but Hilary grabbed her wrist and caused Juliet to fall on the floor.

Billy, who witnessed the entire scene, moved further back in his booth to avoid being seen as Hilary bent down to see if Juliet was alright. Upon seeing that Juliet was indeed breathing, Hilary left the scene.

Thanks to Billy calling 9-1-1, EMT’s were on the scene to tend to Juliet and get her to GCMH for medical treatment.

So he decided to follow Hilary and find out what was up with Hilary?

Hilary went home to come up with another plan to ruin Cane and bring out the truth of what happened in Tokyo. But her door bell rang instead.

“Billy?” a surprised Hilary said upon answering the door.

“We need to talk!” an inebriated Billy said.

“You’re drunk, as usual, Billy. What could you possibly have to say to me?” Hilary told him.

“I’ve only had one glass, so I am clearly not drunk.” Billy defended himself.
“Then what do you want? I’m busy!” Hilary demanded.

Billy schemed to get Hilary to confess to her motive for convincing Juliet to sue Brash & Sassy and Cane for sexual harassment.

“I wanted to talk about the lawsuit.” Billy pleaded with Hilary, in hopes of getting a confession from Hilary.

“What’s to tell? Cane used his position to get sex with Juliet. I was just trying to spare Lily the hurt and betrayal of her husband’s actions.” Hilary explained to Billy.

“So, that is the reason for convincing Juliet to sue?” Billy repeated.

“Yes.” Hilary said, being the schemer herself, she sensed something up with Billy.

“Billy, I have to be somewhere. So you need to go.” Hilary said, changing the subject.

Billy, not wanting to risk Hilary being on to him, decided it was best to leave for now.

“So long, Billy! Whatever you’re planning, you won’t win!” Hilary vowed.



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