Monte Carlo: Lust & Passion (A Bold and the Beautiful Fanfiction)


As the Spencer Summit begins, several couples have romance in their minds: Quinn desires to be with Eric, but Deacon has other plans in store for her; Wyatt and Steffy embark on a very romantic holiday but Liam plans to make this one of Steffy’s best memories. Who will end up with who? Elsewhere, Ridge and Caroline deny their feelings for each other while getting involved with other people and Katie and Bill work hard at co-parenting now that their marriage is over.


Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
Wyatt Fuller-Spencer – Darin Brooks
Steffy Forrester-Fuller-Spencer – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Quinn Fuller – Rena Sofer
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Deacon Sharpe – Sean Kanan
Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Caroline Spencer Forrester – Linsey Godfrey
Brooke Logan – Katherine Kelly Lang
Thomas Forrester – Pierson Fode
Katie Logan Spencer – Heather Tom
Bill Spencer – Don Diamont

Chapter 1

“Steffy, I love you!” Liam told Steffy in between kisses.

“Liam, please.” Steffy protested Liam’s kisses as she pulled away from him. “Please respect my marriage to your brother.”

“C’mon, Steffy!” Liam debated. “You’re not buying my father’s drivel are you?”

“The fact is I’m married to Wyatt.” Steffy reminded him.

“Steffy! Please!” Liam said as Steffy walked out on him.

As hard as it was to turn Liam down, Steffy had to do it. It was the hardest thing she had ever had to do. And she deeply wanted Liam. Well one thing was for sure, while her and Wyatt and Liam were in Monte Carlo for the Spencer Summit, she would just have to avoid Liam at all costs.

Meanwhile, back in L.A…….

“Quinn be logical.” Deacon did his best to persuade her from going to Monte Carlo to be with Eric.

“I’m going to Monte Carlo, Deacon.” Quinn responded. “I need to be with Eric.”

“But what if you run into Steffy?”

“I don’t care! I need Eric right now!”

Deacon pulled Quinn into a kiss to remind her of what they had, but Quinn pulled away.

“Stop that, Deacon!” Quinn fired back as she slapped him. “I belong to Eric now!”

“Oh, please, Quinn! Don’t make me laugh!”

“Eric and I have something magical?” Quinn said dreamy-eyed as if she was still a schoolgirl.

“Magical!” Deacon objected. “The only thing sees you as is a fling!”

“You’re just jealous because Eric has my heart!”

“Oh, trust me Quinn, it’s not your heart Eric wants!” Deacon fired back.

“I’m going to Monte Carlo and you can’t stop me!” Quinn said as she grabbed her luggage and headed for the taxi that was waiting for her to take her to the airport.

“Oh, Quinn, you’re not getting away that easily!” Deacon said to himself.

Elsewhere in L.A…….

“Thomas, your father and I have parted ways.” Caroline came out and admitted it during a discussion with Thomas about Douglas.

“He did!” Thomas said in mock surprise as he hid his glee from her.

“It was a mutual decision.” Caroline said as she tried to hide the tears in her eyes.

“Well, my father didn’t deserve your love.” Thomas said, hoping he had another chance with Caroline and they could be a family.

As Caroline broke down in front of Thomas, he put his arms around her as it ended in a kiss.


“Brooke, it’s over between Caroline and i.” Ridge said when she walked into the Tiki Bar as Ridge was drinking his troubles away.

“No, Ridge, not you and Caroline!” Brooke said, but quietly to herself, “Ridge is mine once again!”

As Ridge poured out his troubles to Brooke, she sat there and listened, as she held his hand.

Chapter 2

Brooke felt sorry for Ridge as he drank his troubles away. As she helped Ridge to her townhouse and helped him upstairs to her bedroom, the bedroom they once shared, Brooke tried to resist temptation not to kiss him. But the temptation was more than she could bare and she leaned in to give Ridge a kiss on the cheek.
“Brooke, lie next to me.” Ridge pleaded.

Unable to resist Ridge, Brooke did as he requested, as Ridge put his arms around her, and the two ex-lovers found themselves in an embrace that led to passionate kissing.

Elsewhere, in L.A……..

“Thomas, please!” Caroline said as she pulled away from Thomas’ embrace. “I’m not over your dad.”

“Caroline, I’m sorry. I don’t want to pressure you.” Thomas says as he begins to leave.

Caroline, feeling sorry for Thomas, doesn’t want him to leave, and grabs his arm before he can. Thomas senses Caroline’s loneliness and seals their fate by kissing her on the lips, to which, Caroline doesn’t resist.

The next thing Caroline remembers, Thomas has swept her up in his arm and carries her upstairs to the bedroom where he lays her on the bed and starts to unbutton her blouse. . .

In Monte Carlo……..
Deacon spies Quinn’s reunion with Eric and waits for his move.

“Quinn?” a surprised Eric says when Quinn shows up at his hotel suite.

“I couldn’t stay away!” Quinn told an ecstatic Eric as the two find themselves in a kiss, which leads the two lovers to a very passionate lovemaking, as Deacon continues to spy on the lovebirds.

“Go ahead and have your fun, Quinn!” Deacon says to himself.

Elsewhere in Monte Carlo……

“This is nice, Wyatt.” Steffy tells her husband, but can’t keep her mind off Liam.

“What’s wrong, Steffy?” Wyatt asks, sensing her distraction.

“Nothing.” Steffy tries to reassure him with a kiss.

“You’re lying.” Wyatt accuses. “You’re thinking about my brother?!”

“No. Wyatt.” Steffy pleads. “You have my full attention!”

“Go!” Wyatt yells bitterly at him. “If you want my brother that badly, just go!”

Wyatt turns to leave, leaving Steffy alone. As much as she wants to go after Wyatt, her heart stops her as thoughts of Liam come flooding back to her, just as Liam shown up at the beach.

“Steffy?” Liam asks.

“Liam? What are you doing here?”

“Come with me.” Liam requests. “I promise, you won’t regret it.”

Liam holds out his hand as Steffy takes hold and follows him.

Chapter 3

Steffy runs into Liam’s arms as the two kiss passionately. It felt good to feel Liam’s kisses again. It was as if it was the way it should have been before Quinn manipulated them all. As Liam and Steffy kissed, thoughts of Steffy lying next to Wyatt in bed came flooding back to Liam, the same memories before he got locked in the airplane lavatory that got him stranded on the flight to Australia.

“I remember.” Liam said, pulling away from her.

“You remember what?” Steffy asked with confusion.

“What made me break it off in the first place.” Liam stated.

“Broke it off?”

“Why I was so mad at you and ended our engagement and resigned from Forrester.”

“So why did you?” Steffy questioned. “I have been waiting to hear about that one too?”

“You slept with my brother.” Liam accused.

“Duh? We’re married.” Steffy reminded him.

“No. before.”

“Before what?”

“Before I got locked in the lavatory on Ivy’s flight to Australia.” Liam explained.
“I saw you in bed with Wyatt.”

It all came back to Steffy now as she remembered the night she just slept in Wyatt’s bed next to him.

“That’s the reason you broke off the engagement and resigned from Forrester?” Steffy asked confused. “You saw Wyatt and me in bed together that night?”

“Yes, Steffy. You were cheating on me before?”

“Liam, we were just sleeping that time.” Steffy tried to explain to Liam, but he refused to listen to her excuses. “All we did was sleep!”

“Yea. And you two sure looked all cozy lying in each other’s arms!”

“Liam, it’s the truth!” Steffy pleaded with him.

“Go back to Wyatt, Steffy!” Liam yelled at her. “You evidently wanted him from the beginning!”

“Liam, come back!” Steffy yelled at him. “I love you!”

But Steffy’s cries of love fell on deaf ears as Liam left her alone in his hotel room.

As Steffy left Liam’s hotel room and went back to her and Wyatt’s suite, Liam found himself at the hotel lounge. As he ordered a martini, Ivy surprised him.

“Guess who?” Ivy said covering his eyes.

“Ivy?” Liam said surprised. “What are you doing in Monte Carlo?”

“I needed a much-needed vacation.” Ivy lied. The truth was, she had read about what was happening thanks to Spencer Publications and decided she could get Liam back now that Steffy was married to Wyatt.

“I’m so glad to see you.” Liam said. “I’ve had a rough time since I got back from my ill-fated trip from Australia.”

“So I read.” Ivy told him.

“You know all about it?”

“Thanks to Spencer Publications.” Ivy told him.

Liam forgot about Spencer publishing the whole ordeal.

“The worst time of my life and I can’t believe I let Quinn get away with what she did to me?” Liam said regretfully. “But even worse is what I remembered tonight.”

“What did you remember?” Ivy quizzed him, remembering what he told her on that flight.

“I remember why I ended the engagement and resigned from Forrester.” Liam told Ivy.
“About Steffy sleeping with Wyatt?” Ivy asked, hoping she now had another chance with him.

“Yes. And of course, Steffy denied it, claiming all she did was sleep next to him.”
Liam told her. “Can you believe that Steffy lied to me?”

“No, I can’t.” Ivy secretly smiled inside.

“So, what brings you to Monte Carlo?” Liam asked, changing the subject.

“I needed a vacation, so a friend of mine invited me to come and stay with them.” Ivy said.

“A friend?”

“Yes, but the funny thing is. . .when I got here, she denied even asking me.” Ivy lied to him. “Now I am here and no place to stay.”

“You couldn’t find a suite?” Liam questioned.

“Funny thing. . .everything’s book due to the Spencer Summit.” Ivy said.

“Gee, that’s too bad.” Liam said. “Hey, why don’t you stay with me?”

“Really?” Ivy said trying to contain her excitement. “You wouldn’t mind?

“I’d love to have you stay with me.” Liam told her. “I need to get my mind off Steffy and Wyatt.”

“Well, thank you Liam.” Ivy said gratefully.

“Well, shall we go then?” Liam said, extending his hand out to her as she accepted and went with him up to his room, as a dejected Steffy watched as she was headed for her suite.

“Damn you, Ivy!” Steffy said to herself. “I won’t let you take Liam from me. I’ll get out of this marriage to Wyatt somehow, and when I do, Liam will forget all about you!”

Chapter 4

“Well, you won’t believe who had the audacity to show up here in Monte Carlo?!”

Steffy raged as she slammed the door to their suite.

“What?!” Wyatt asked. “Don’t tell me my mother showed up?!”

“Even worse than Quinn!”

“Who could be worse than my mother showing up?”

“How about Ivy Forrester!”

“Ivy?” Wyatt asked. “What is she doing here?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t like her hanging around Liam!”

“And why not?” Wyatt asked.

“Because. . .” Steffy started to tell him, then stopped herself. She didn’t want Wyatt to know that she wanted Liam back and it looked impossible after her fight with Liam.

“Because what?”

“Nothing.” Steffy said giving him a kiss as she tried to forget Liam.

Wyatt wanted so desperately to make love to his wife ever since they had landed in Monte Carlo. But Steffy’s preoccupation with Liam had prevented that. So when Steffy planted a kiss on him, Wyatt went with it, forgetting about their problems.

Meanwhile, Quinn is waiting for Eric in the hotel lounge where Eric told her to wait when she feels hands cover her mouth. Thinking it is Eric, she doesn’t resist as a rag is place over her mouth and nose and she faints in Deacon’s arms, as he quietly carries her off.

Quinn wakes up in Deacon’s suite with Deacon hovering over her.

“Deacon?” Quinn asks him surprised.

“Hello love.” Deacon greets her with a kiss.

“Get off me!” Quinn demands as she pushes him off her.

“C’mon Quinn, you know you want me!”Deacon taunts her.

“I’m in love with Eric.” Quinn tells him.

“Yeah, right!” Deacon laughs as he reminds her. “More like you like his money and power!”

“No, Deacon, I really do love him.”

“Yeah, just like you ‘loved’ Liam?”

“Well. . .that was a misguided notion on my part and I realized I was just playing a role in my plot to keep Liam and Steffy apart so she would marry my son.” Quinn told him.

“Well, I realize I still love you and you’re ‘love’ for Eric will not keep us apart.” Deacon told her.

“You won’t keep Eric and I apart!” Quinn told him.

“I won’t have to!” Deacon said, forcing her to face reality. “Eric’s family will!”

But Quinn didn’t care what Eric’s family thought. She would be the next Forrester matriarch and she would not let Eric’s family stop her from achieving that title.

Chapter 5

“Where do you think you’re going?” Deacon said from the bed he and Quinn were sleeping in.

Quinn had laid awake in Deacon’s hotel bed waiting for him to fall asleep so she could make her escape and head back to Eric’s suite.

“I was leaving…” Quinn told Deacon. “…to get you some room service.”

“That’s what a phone is for.” Deacon told Quinn as he pointed toward the phone on the nighttable.

“Yeah…” Quinn said defeated. “…so I noticed.”

She hated being here with Deacon. Eric must be out of his mind with worry wondering where she was.

“Well, love, how about we take a shower.” Deacon suggested.

“You first.” Quinn told him.

“I meant together.” Deacon demanded.

As Quinn started undressing for their shower, she hoped that Eric would find her here with Deacon. The thought of taking a shower with Deacon terrified her.

“C’mere, lover.” Deacon said, kissing her on the lips as he pulled her toward toward the shower and pulled her into it.

As Deacon groped Quinn she was filled with memories of their wedding night as she gave into desire as she took him inside her, any thoughts of Eric out of her mind.
“See, I knew you would like it.” Deacon said as he continued making out with her.
But Eric found Deacon’s suite and went in and was shocked to find Quinn naked and wet with Deacon in the shower.

“Quinn!” Eric said upset, and ran out.

Quinn ran after him calling him to come back.

Then she woke to find it was just a dream, and breathed a sigh of relief as she notice that Deacon was asleep. So she gathered her things and managed to make it out of Deacon’s room and back to Eric’s suite where they reunited with a passionate kiss.

Elsewhere in Monte Carlo, Liam and Ivy were enjoying a picnic on the beach. Liam went out into the surf as Ivy sat on their blanket and watched.

Liam felt invigorated after his swim when he came back to find Ivy had set out some finger sandwiches and champagne.

“I’m famished.” Liam said after his swim.

“I bet…” Ivy said. “So I got out our lunch so we could eat.”

As Liam ate the sandwich and drank the champagne, he couldn’t take his eyes of off Ivy. He wondered what he ever saw in Steffy. Ivy was gorgeous. And all he could think about now was kissing her. Deciding to make a move, he leaned in for a kiss, to which Ivy didn’t resist.

But the passionate kiss was interrupted when Steffy and Wyatt came up to enjoy them.
Back in L.A., Brooke and Ridge woke up in bed after making love to each other. Brooke was regretting it, hoping Bill wouldn’t be hurt.

“Where you going, Logan?” Ridge asked. “Come back to bed.”

“I’m sorry, Ridge, but we must get ready to head to Forrester.” Brooke said making excuses to get out of bed.

“Forrester can wait. But I can’t.” Ridge said as he pulled her back to bed and nuzzled her earlobe.

“Ridge, please.” Brooke said, resisting him.

Brooke pulled herself away from Ridge’s embrace and got herself dressed and headed downstairs to make them breakfast when Brooke noticed a missed call on her cell.

“Dammit, I missed a call from Bill!” Brooke said, feeling guilty as she thought of her night of passion with Ridge.



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