Maxie’s New Career: A General Hospital Fanfiction

Maxie has always loved being in the limelight and has made a successful career in the fashion world thanks to her mentor Kate, aka Connie Falconeri. But after starring as the lead role in Dillon Quartermaine’s movie, movie producers have been calling Maxie with offers to star in their movies. Will success go to Maxie’s head? And how will it affect her blossoming romance with hunky cop, Nathan West?
Maxie Jones – Kirsten Storms
Nathan West – Ryan Paevey
Dillon Quartermaine – Robert Palmer Watkins
Lulu Spencer Falconeri – Emme Rylan
Dante Falconeri – Dominic Zamprogna
Claudette – Bree Williamson
Chapter 1
Maxie never imagined being an actress, but after the success as the lead heroine in Dillon Quartermaine’s movie, Maxie couldn’t stop thinking about it. She always assumed she would work in fashion, thanks to Kate aka Connie giving her the opportunity to work at her fashion magazine, Couture. Now Maxie had bigger dreams!
“Earth to Maxie.” Lulu said, jolting Maxie from her reverie.
“I’m sorry, Lulu, what were you saying?” Maxie replied back to her friend.
“Wow! You were a million miles away!” Lulu said. “It wouldn’t have to with Dillon’s movie?”
“That’s what I like about you, Lulu?” Maxie said. “You always seem to know where I’m coming from.”
As Maxie and Lulu enjoyed a latte at The Metro Court with their children, Rocco and Georgie, an agent from a production company walked into The Metro Court.
“May I help you?” Valerie greeted the guest.
“Yes, I would like to know where I could find Maxie Jones?” the agent replied back.
“What a coincidence. She’s right over there.” Valerie said, point in Lulu and Maxie’s direction.
“Thank you.” The agent said, as he walked over to Maxie and Lulu’s table.
“Excuse me, Ms. Jones.” The agent said as he arrived at Maxie’s table.
“Yes. I’m Maxie Jones.” Maxie introduced herself to the gentleman.
“My name is Grey Mathison, a talent agent for aspiring actors.
“Yes. How can I help you?” Maxie asked, as Lulu eyes were glued on Maxie and the agent.
“I couldn’t help but see the talent in that movie you were in.” the agent said. “How long have you been an actress?”
“That was my first role.” Maxie told the agent.
“Wow! That’s amazing!” the agent told her. “Such raw talent. It’s amazing you were never snapped up by anyone.”
“What do you mean?” Maxie inquired.
“I mean, you’re a natural. You have amazing talent. Would you consider coming to Hollywood to audition for some roles my company have in mind for you?” the agent asked her.
Maxie was starstruck. She couldn’t believe that they were asking her to be in movies.
“Yes. Yes Mr. Mathison. I can do that!” Maxie said, without thinking, excited at the prospect to star in more movies.
“Great. We’ll see you in Hollywood.” The agent told her, as he handed Maxie a plane ticket to L.A.
“Wow! Maxie, I can’t believe you got an audition in Hollywood!” Lulu said when the agent left their table.
“I can’t believe it either.” Maxie said, excitedly.

Meanwhile, back at Maxie’s apartment, Nathan was setting up a romantic surprise for Maxie.
Chapter 2
“Nathan, you won’t be. . . .” Maxie began to say as she walked in her front door to find Nathan had a romantic dinner planned for the two of them.
“What won’t I believe?” Nathan asked Maxie, giving her a kiss and pulling her into his arms.
“What’s the occasion?” Maxie asked him, kissing him back.
“Can’s a guy just surprise his woman with dinner?” Nathan smiled at her.
“You can.” Maxie said, as Nathan held out a chair for her.
“So what is this news you began to tell me when you came rushing in?”
“You won’t believe it!” Maxie said, barely able to contain her excitement.
“You’re pregnant!” Nathan exclaimed, more as a joke.
“Don’t even go there!” Maxie exclaimed. “Seriously though, there was a movie producer in town, Mr. Mathison. . .”
“Why would a movie producer come to Port Charles?” Nathan inquired.
“He saw my performance in Dillon’s movie.” Maxie announced. “He wants me in Hollywood to audition for a part in a movie.”
“You’re not going to do it, are you?” Nathan said in a serious tone.
“I leave in two days.” Maxie told him.
“So you’re going?!” Nathan said, suddenly not in the mood for romance.
“Nathan, I thought you would be happy for me?” Maxie said hurtfully.
“Maxie, what about our plans for a life together?” Nathan reminded her.
“But, this is Hollywood!” Maxie exclaimed.
“I can’t believe you, Maxie Jones! What about Georgie, your daughter!”
“I only have part-time custody of Georgie and when I’m in between movie parts, I can squeeze in some Georgie time.”
“I just can’t believe you are doing this!” Nathan exclaimed, as he left their apartment, slamming the door behind him.
Maxie couldn’t believe that Nathan was behaving this way! What about her career? This was the chance of a lifetime! She was going to be a star! A celebrity! Hmmmph!! Let him go!
Maxie went to her room to pack her suitcase. She was going to Hollywood, with or without Nathan’s support!
Chapter 3
Nathan felt bad not giving Maxie his support to go to Hollywood to play a part in a movie. The truth was, he didn’t want her to go. Why did she have to do this, now, when they were just finding each other? Nathan thought to himself. Nathan headed to the PCPD to fill the void with work. They were short-staffed due to Dante out supporting Lulu with fertility treatments to have another child.

Meanwhile, Maxie had landed in Los Angeles and just checked into her hotel room at the Bel Air and called her new manager, Mr. Mathison.
“Hey, Mr. Mathison, it’s me, Maxie.” Maxie said when she heard Mr. Mathison’s voice.
“Maxie.” Mr. Mathison replied. “How was your trip?”
“Awesome!” Maxie said ecstatically. “I can’t wait to start on my new role for the movie!”
“That’s great. I’ll need you to show up at the studio promptly at 6 a.m. tomorrow.” Mr. Mathison said. “We need run lines with the lead actor for an audition to see how you will test out.”
“Sounds great, Mr. Mathison.” Maxie told him.
“Get some sleep, Maxie. It’s going to be a long day.”
“Okay. See in the morning.” Maxie said as she hung up.
Maxie went down to the hotel lobby to get some dinner. She felt so good she ordered all her favorites: Porterhouse steak, baked potato with sour cream and butter, broccoli, and a light white wine to celebrate her new career. Things were looking up, for once. She just wished Nathan was here to celebrate. She still couldn’t believe how Nathan acted and refused to support her in new career. All she could think was that he was being totally selfish. Oh, well, the only bright spot was that she was closer to Spinelli so she could see her daughter Georgie more.
As soon as Maxie finished her delectable meal, she headed up to her room to get a good night’s sleep. She couldn’t wait to start her new role in the movie.
Chapter 4
Back in Port Charles, Nathan was missing Maxie. He wished she hadn’t gone to Hollywood. Ever since Dillon’s movie came out, Maxie was starstruck. Maxie was on the next flight to Hollywood before Nathan knew what hit him. He was just about to propose marriage when Maxie made her announcement to head to Hollywood.
“Hey, bro.” Dante said, bringing Nathan out of his reverie. “Whatcha thinkin’ about?”
“Maxie.” Nathan said, depressed.
“Oh, right. Maxie headed for Hollywood.” Dante remembered.
“Yeah.” Nathan said bitterly. “Just as I was about to propose marriage!”
“You were about to pop the question?” Dante said, not surprised at all, since he knew how Nathan knew felt about Maxie. The two had long talks about their relationships with Maxie and Lulu. “So why don’t you fly out to Hollywood and surprise Maxie?”
“You think I should?” Nathan questioned.
“Heck yeah.” Dante encouraged his partner and friend.
“Alright, I’ll do it.” Nathan said, after mulling it over.
“Great.” Dante said.

Meanwhile, Maxie had just arrived at the studio as Mechelle, the casting director met her at the entrance.
“Maxie, you’re early.”
“I was so excited to begin. . .” Maxie said excitedly, not able to finish her thought.
“Well, come with me and we’ll get you started with hair and makeup.” Mechelle explained to Maxie.
Maxie followed Mechelle as she escorted her to Sonja, the hairstylist and makeup artist.
“Sonja, this is Maxie Jones.” Mechelle said to Sonja, introducing Maxie. “She’s the new lead in the movie.”
“Welcome, Maxie.” Sonja greeted Maxie, pointing to her chair. “Have a seat here and we’ll get started.”
As Maxie took a seat in Sonja’s chair, Mechelle told Maxie she would be back when Sonja finished with her and take her to the studio to start working on the script.
Chapter 5
Maxie was studying her script when a gorgeous blonde sat next to her in the other makeup chair.
“Hello.” Claudette said to Maxie. “I’m Claudette.”
“Hello. I’m Maxie.” Maxie greeted her.
“Studying the script?”
“Yeah. It’s a killer.”
“Oh you’ll get the hang of it.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah. I’ve been doing this for a few years.”
“So how did you get into movies?”
“I moved her when my ex-husband left me.”
“Wow! You were married?” Maxie said. “He must have been a real dreamboat.”
“Yea, we were in love once.”
“Yeah. He was great.” Claudette said, remembering her time with Nathan.
“So, what happened?” Maxie inquired.
“He killed someone.” Claudette said.
“Hey, Ms. Beaulieu, you’re supposed to go onset.” The director told Claudette.
“Hey, Maxie, thanks for the talk. It was nice knowing you.” Claudette said before leaving to go onset.
Maxie picked up her cell to retrieve the call coming in, “Nathan?”
“Maxie, how are you?” Nathan said, missing her.
“Awww! Do you miss me?” Maxie said.
“Yeah. It’s not the same without you here.”
“I’d love to come back, but I actually got a part.” Maxie said excitedly.
“You did. That’s great!” Nathan said, bummed, but trying to be happy for her.
“Yeah, and I met a new friend too.” Maxie said about meeting Claudette, unbeknownst that she was Nathan’s ex.
“Well, break a leg, Maxie. I’ve got to go. Duty calls.” Nathan told Maxie when Jordan called him.
“Okay, Nathan. I do miss…” Maxie said but was cut off end the call abruptly ended.
After Nathan got off work from the PCPD, he missed Maxie so much. He decided that he was going to surprise her by visiting L.A. So he called PCPD and put in his notice for a vacation. He was headed for L.A.
Chapter 6
Maxie was at the studio rehearsing her lines before going on set. She was interrupted by Claudette who seemed preoccupied by something. She invited Claudette in her dressing room to talk.
Meanwhile, Nathan had just arrived in L.A., and was just getting out of the cab at the studio to meet Maxie.
“It was terrible, Maxie!” Claudetter sobbed.
“What was, Claudette?” Maxie sympathized.
“My date last night?” Claudette told her.
“Honey, what happened?”
“He tried to rape me?” Claudette sobbed even louder.
That’s when the runner brought Nathan into Maxie’s dressing room.
“Nathan?” Maxie said, looking up from Claudette, who turned around to see Maxie hug her ex.
“Well, I’ll be!” Claudette said to herself. “The little bitch really is dating my ex!”
“Oh, Nathan, I’d like you to meet the friend I just met.” Maxie said excitedly, as she turned around to introduce Nathan to Claudette.
But Maxie was taken aback when Nathan and Claudette came face-to-face for the first time since she left him.
“Claudette?” Nathan said, shocked to see his ex-wife.
“Hello, Nathan.” Claudette replied.
“You two know each other?” Maxie said, surprised.
“Maxie, I came here to surprise you, because I missed you, and I come face to face with my ex-wife.”
“I’m sorry, you were married?”
“Yeah. You just befriended my ex.”
“Well, don’t I feel stupid.” Maxie replied.
As Claudette watched Nathan and Maxie, she thought Nathan’s visit was perfect. Although she didn’t plan on Nathan visiting Maxie, but she did intend to give Maxie a run for her money for dating her ex.
And now that Nathan is here, Claudette was going to do just that! Watch out, Maxie!



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