MacGyver on the Run: A MacGyver/General Hospital Crossover

Angus MacGyver, framed for a murder he didn’t commit, decides to head out of town and finds himself in Port Charles, where he is mistaken for Jeff Webber. When MacGyer fails to make Port Charles’ citizens understand that he isn’t Jeff Webber, he decides it may be in his best interest to assume Jeff’s identity. As MacGyver gets to know Jeff’s family, including his daughters, Elizabeth and Hayden, he begins a romance with Jeff’s old flame, Monica Quartermaine. When the real Jeff Webber returns to Port Charles, will Port Charles citizens learn the real reason why MacGyver is in Port Charles?
Angus MacGyver – Richard Dean Anderson (dual role)
Jeff Webber – Richard Dean Anderson (dual role)
Elizabeth Webber – Rebecca Herbst
Hayden Barnes aka Rachel Berlin – Rebecca Budig
Franco Baldwin – Roger Howarth
Dr. Hamilton Finn – Michael Easton
Dr. Monica Quartermaine – Leslie Charleson
Dante Falconeri – Dominic Zomprogna
Nathan West – Ryan Paevey
Maxie Jones-West – Kirsten Storms
Lulu Spencer-Falconeri – Emme Rylan
Chapter 1- A New Life
MacGyver was on the next flight out of town. The man that died…he couldn’t believe that he was dead…and everyone thinks he did it. There was nothing he could say to defend himself. They all think he did it!
That’s when he got on the next flight out town.
“Attention passengers!” the pilot came on the intercom. “We are about to descend into Port Charles! If you would please fasten your seatbelts as we begin landing!”
The plane landed and MacGyver picked up what little baggage he had. He really didn’t have time to pack. He just got out of town.
Port Charles looked like a quiet town to hide out in. A place he could leave all his problems behind. That is until he heard someone yelling at him.
“Hey, sir! Can you help me?” the woman asked.
As MacGyver turned around, it was Monica Quartermaine, who seemed shocked to see her old lover, Jeff Webber.
“Jeff?” Monica asked.
“I’m sorry?” MacGyver replied.
“Jeff, I’m so glad to see you.”
“I’m sorry ma’am. . .” MacGyer started to correct the lady, then it hit him. He was on the run for something he didn’t do. Why not let this lady think he was this Jeff Webber. It was apparent he must look like the guy?
“I’m sorry. I must have a lapse in memory.” MacGyver said, hoping he could get the lady to tell him just who this Jeff Webber was.
“Jeff, it’s been such a long time.” Monica told him.’
“Yeah. So much so I seem to have forgotten everything.”
Monica just smiled. She seemed to be buying his story that he didn’t remember everything.
“Monica, care to have a cup of coffee. . .and catch up?” MacGyver asked her.
“I’d love to.” Monica said as the two headed inside Kelly’s for some coffee and catch up time.
Elsewhere, in Port Charles, Hayden found herself on Elizabeth’s doorstep. The two reunited sisters had been bonding since Hayden found out she was pregnant. Now, Hayden wanted information about their father, Jeff Webber.



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