Never Fade Away: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic


In Cleveland, the Powers ask Buffy to time travel and to return to Sunny Dale in her younger body again, the oracles tell her that she needs to keep this form without ever returning to her future body and she’ll need to because she has to stay a Vampire forever as in this time she is to kill Billy Palmer in order for his blood to make her turning PERMANENT because the Master will be returned from death through a demonic ritual and it’ll take a fully Vamped Slayer to defeat him. Meanwhile in L.A., the Powers change the events and stops the Dragon from killing Angel and Spike from being decapitated by sending them to Season 1 to help Buffy without letting them know ‘who’ they are helping and why they’re in the past Sunny Dale. They are sent to Buffy’s grave as time had been frozen by the oracles so that the past Scoobies will not get there to interfere and stop Buffy from draining the kid. Buffy has a soul so she’ll naturally feel horrible about murdering someone, but she has to do this and her Demon face will always look like this:


Angel, Spike, and their crew died in L.A. taking the Circle of Black Thorns down while Buffy is in Cleveland talking to the PTB where she is to drain Billy and remain stuck in her younger body and as a Vampire forever with no way to turn her back to her older self and no way to have humanity because the Master in her time line will be resurrected by a Vampire chant from a group of Demon worshippers. She is to stop them and in order to do this, she must become a creature of the night. She has to have the strengths of both a Vampire and Slayer. Well, the PTB will shock Angel, Spike, Wesley, Lorne, and Harmony by sending them as well without telling them or letting them in on who will also be there. Spike will be surprised to see Buffy in game face. The ptb will cast a spell over the past Scooby gang, causing them to forget who they are for the moment until Buffy stops Lucky Nineteen and ends Billy’s life. Spike refuses to let Buffy kill, but she finishes the boy off and they are sent to Buffy’s home in Cleveland. There the last of the Fang Gang will remain with her instead of going back to L.A. She is to fight the Master while asking Wesley to become her new Watcher. Her and Giles grew apart after Sunnydale closed because he didn’t like her decision making.

Anyways, they will fight the Master, but he will pull Buffy’s demon to him and then, using a crystal to lose her soul. They will have to deal with an evil Buffy while Angel contacts Willow to get the curse ready.

Buffy killed a lot of people and will feel like a burden, but Spike is there for her and at her beck and call.

Illyria dies and so will Gunn along with Wesley. But Lorne and Harmony are alive and will run Angel Investigations while Angel and Spike stay with Buffy behind in Cleveland. They reunite the Scooby Gang. Since they both love her, they will share her like they will both be her lovers.

Chapter 1

Angel, Spike and the Scooby Gang lie dead after the bloodshed taking down the Circle of Black Thorns, while Buffy found herself in Cleveland talking with the Powers That Be (PTB).

“You summoned, Master?” Buffy said sarcastically when she found herself with the Master.

“Yes, Buffy, I have a job for you.” the Master demanded of her.

“Excuse me, but I’m a slayer. What could I possibly do for you?”

“I need you to go back in time to stop Billy and drain him of his blood.”

“What, you expect me to kill a human being?”

“If you don’t you will turn into a vampire demon forever with no way to get back to yourself.”

While Buffy was talking to TPB, Angel and Spike woke up and before they knew it was transported back in time to where Buffy was.

“Hey, Spike, where are we?” Angel asked still dazed from being knocked out from the fight in present day Sunnydale.

“I think we’re in the past?” Spike replied but unsure of even that.

“This looks like Sunnydale High . . . before the fire?” Angel replied.

“Yeah, we definitely are back in the past.” Spike agreed.

“I wonder why we are here?” Angel wondered.

“I don’t know but I think we’re dead?” Spike said.

“Excuse me, Spike, but technically we are.” Angel said, baring his fangs to remind him they were 200-year-old vampires.

Suddenly someone in the school yard caught Spike’s eye as he ran over to see who it was, leading a confused Angel to follow behind.

“Hey, miss. . .” Spike yelled out when he got to the lady only to discover it was Buffy passed out.

“OMG! It’s Buffy!” Spike said, trying to rouse her awake. “Buffy! Buffy!”

Buffy woke up still groggy and dazed a bit suddenly remembering her talk with TPB and her mission.

“Spike. Angel. What are you doing here?” Buffy asked them confused. “I thought you were dead?”

“Hey, silly, you forget, you can’t kill a vampire.” Angel said. “We’re already dead.”

“How did you get here?”

“I don’t know?” Angel replied.

“Maybe you’re sent here to help me?”

“Help you?” Spike asked.

“I need to find a Billy and drain him of his blood.” Buffy informed them. “Or I turn into a vampire demon.”

Suddenly Buffy bared her fangs to a surprised Spike and Angel.

“I hate to tell you this Buff, but it looks like you are . . . one of us?”

“Huh?” Buffy questioned. “Damn them. They lied to me?!”

Chapter 2

Buffy, still in denial, suddenly felt a growing hunger for the taste of blood, and became sick at the thought of it.

“Hey, you OK?” Angel asked her.

“Oh, I just have this sudden craving for blood.” Buffy told him.

“Here.” Angel said, holding out his hand.

“Huh?” Buffy asked, bewildered.

“I don’t want you to have to eat a human being.” Angel explained, knowing Buffy’s nature. But little did Angel know, that Buffy would grow to love her new soulless self.

As Buffy sucked from Angel’s arm, the taste of his blood was surprisingly sweet to her. After she fed, Buffy wanted more, but hid the feeling from Angel as Angel covered up the marks Buffy left.

“C’mon.” Angel told her. “We need to find the rest of the gang.”

“You do that.” Buffy told him. “I need to find Billy and kill him and drain his blood.” Buffy couldn’t wait to find Billy. The thought of draining his blood suddenly appealed to her. . .

While Buffy hunted Billy with Spike, Angel went on his own to warn the Scoobies of Buffy.

“Hey, Xander.”

“Angel, did you find Buffy.”

“Yes, but she’s not herself.” Angel said, trying to warn them about Buffy.

“What do you mean?” Willow asked worried.

“She’s one. . .” Angel started to say, but was interrupted.

On the roof of Sunnydale High, stood Billy, about to kill himself by jumping from the roof. As Billy was about to jump, Buffy grabbed him from behind and sunk her fangs into his neck, draining him of his blood, while Xander and the rest of the Scoobies watched in utter horror.

After Buffy finished draining Billy of his blood, she licked her lips and tossed Billy’s lifeless body aside.

“I am the new Buffy!” Buffy yelled out to her astonished friends.

Chapter 3

Buffy was enjoying her new soulless self, as well as Spike, but Angel was sick at the thought of Buffy’s new nature.

Angel headed over to Giles’ store to talk with the Scoobies, but he was surprised to find the store closed and the Scoobies and Giles lying lifeless inside.

Angel busted the door down to get to Giles and the Scooby gang. Giles and Xander came to rather immediately, but Willow and Anya were still unconscious, as Xander struggled to revive Anya.

“C’mon, Anya, don’t die on me.” Xander pleaded with an unconscious Anya, as Angel roused Willow from her unconscious slumber.

But Xander didn’t have any luck reviving Anya as he cried on her shoulder, “Anya, why did you have to die?”

Willow laid a hand on Xander’s shoulder, as did Tara, in comfort.

“Guys, I need your help!” Angel pleaded with them.

“Yeah, what is so damn important!” Xander berated Angel. “Can’t you see I’m grieving!”

“I’m sorry, but we need to bring Buffy back!” Angel informed them.

“Bring Buffy back?” Willow asked with confusion.

“Buffy is a vampire.” Angel said.

“What?” Willow said. “No way!”

“I’m afraid so.” Angel told them.

“What can we do?” willow asked, while Xander listened, still cradling Anya’s body in his arms.

“Willow, I was hoping you and Tara could come up with a spell that would break the curse on Buffy.”

“A spell?” Willow asked, remembering the last curse she cast.

“Yes. We need to help Buffy.”

“Okay. I’ll try.” Willow agreed.

“Thank you.” Angel said, as he left them to discuss how Willow was going to come up with a curse.

Meanwhile, Buffy was meeting with the PTB to inform them that she had indeed killed Billy and drained him of his blood.

“Master, I have done what you asked.” Buffy said. “So why am I still a vampire?”

“Because you still have more work to do.” The Master told Buffy.

“And what would that be?” Buffy asked him.

“To kill Angelus.”

“Kill Angelus?” Buffy asked. Even in her vamp form, she detested the thought of killing Angel.

“Yes. Kill Angelus and you shall return to your original body.”

“Yes, Master. I am on it.” Buffy said.

As Buffy left the Master’s lair, the Master laughed slyly at how masterly he connived Buffy into agreeing to kill his nemesis, Angelus. It was going to be great when Angelus was dead.

Chapter 4

Buffy skulked out Sunnydale in her pursuit of Angel.

“I must kill Angelus! I must kill Angelus!” Buffy said in her sing-song voice, continuing to search for Angelus to kill him per orders from the Master.

While Buffy was looking for Angelus, Drusilla was looking for Buffy to exact her own brand of revenge for turning Spike against her.

While she was looking for Buffy, Spike spotted Dru and tried to reason with her and prove his love for her.

“Dru, come back!” Spike pleaded.

“Go back to Buffy!” Dru ranted. “If she’s what you want!”

“Babe, it’s you I want.”

“Just go away!” Dru continued to vent.

Unable to convince Dru of his love for her, Spike walked away and was met by Buffy, who was still looking for Angel.

“Buffy!” Spike said.

“Spikey?” Buffy said seductively in her sing-song voice. She thought she could draw Angel out by seducing Spike, but unbeknownst to her, Dru was following Spike as Dru watched Buffy’s seduction of Spike.

“Oh, Spikey, come to me!” Buffy said seductively as Spike fell for the scheme and kissed Buffy.

As Buffy kissed Spike, hoping to draw Angel out so she could kill him, Dru had her own plan worked out.

Buffy’s plan worked, as Angel happened along shocked to discover a lifeless Buffy lying on the ground.



Ridge’s Scheme to Take Down Quinn: A B&B Fanfiction


Ridge comes up with a plan to ruin Quinn and get her out of his father’s life once and for all. The only problem: he has to seduce Quinn. Will his plan work or will he end up falling for her and betray his reconciliation with Brooke?


Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Quinn Fuller-Forrester – Rena Sofer
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Brooke Logan – Katherine Kelly Lang
Katie Logan – Heather Tom
Steffy Forrester – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
Wyatt Fuller-Spencer – Darin Brooks


“Rick, I can’t stand Quinn in our father’s life!” Ridge raged.

“Calm down, Ridge.” Rick told him. “Quinn will bring her downfall on her own.”

“I can’t wait for that to happen.” Ridge demanded. “I want Quinn out now!”

“Ridge, I want Quinn out too, but we have to go about this the right way.” Rick tried to reason with Ridge.

“You’re either with me on this or you’re not?!” Ridge demanded.

“I’m sorry, Ridge, but I say we do this the right way.”

“Fine! Suit yourself.” Ridge said and walked out of Rick’s office.

Ridge knew what he had to do. Seduce Quinn. It had to be done in order to get Quinn out of his father’s life. As much as it pained him to think about it. Quinn had to be banished from Eric’s life and that of Forrester. It was the only way.

Chapter 1

Ridge made love to Brooke, knowing what he was about to do. But seducing Quinn was the only way to get Quinn of his father’s life. Nothing else worked. No matter what he did, Quinn always seemed to win. Well, not this time! If seducing Quinn and getting her in bed was the way to ruin Quinn and her marriage to his father, Ridge was glad to do it. He just hoped Brooke would understand the reason why he had to do this.

“Where are you going, Ridge?” Brooke asked as Ridge tried to slip out undetected.

“I just remember a surprise I had for you.” Ridge lied to Brooke.

“Okay.” Brooke said satisfied. “I love surprises.

“I won’t be long.” Ridge told her as he kissed her on the lips.

“Hurry back. I already miss you.”

As soon as Ridge got dressed, he hurried to the Forrester mansion to put his plan in motion.

Meanwhile, at the Forrester mansion, Quinn and Eric had just made love when Ridge came barreling in through the front yelling for Quinn.

“What the he—-?!” Eric whispered as he put on his robe and went downstairs to see what Ridge wanted.

“Ridge, what are you doing here?!” Eric asked him.

“Dad, I need Quinn at Forrester!” Ridge said hastily.

“Well, she decided to stay home today.”

“I’m sorry, but Quinn is needed at Forrester!”

“Where’s Steffy? Why can’t she handle it?”

“She and Liam made a last-minute decision to take a vacation.” Ridge lied.

“She can’t do that! Not on the heels of a fashion show!” Eric said angerly.

“I told her to go. I told her I would take the heat!” Ridge confessed.

“Well, okay, I’ll go tell her.” Eric said as he went back upstairs to tell Quinn.

“Thanks, Dad!” Ridge smiled gleefully. “Tell Quinn I’ll meet her at Forrester.”

Ridge headed over to Forrester and waited for Quinn to show up to put his scheme in motion. He pulled out his sketchbook and began drawing some designs while waiting for Quinn. Ridge was in an inspiring mood.

30 minutes later, Quinn showed up at Forrester and headed for Ridge’s office.

“Just what is the meaning of this?!” Quinn raged as she burst in through Ridge’s office.

“You’re needed here at the office since Steffy took off on a much-needed vacation with Liam.” Ridge told her.

“Well, Eric and I were spending the day together until you spoiled it.” Quinn continued her rant.

“Well, Forrester is in crisis!” Ridge lied.

“And you let Steffy leave on vacation?” Quinn berated him. “Smart move, Ridge. No wonder Eric doesn’t trust you to run his company!”

“Here!” Ridge said as he handed her his sketdhbook.

“What’s this?”

“Some designs I was working on for the upcoming fashion show.”

As Quinn took the sketch book from Ridge, she smiled as she subtly flirted with him.

“Well, at least you haven’t lost your touch when it comes to designing.”
“I knew you’d like it.” Ridge smiled as their hands touched.

Chapter 2

The thought of seducing Quinn made Ridge’s stomach turn, but what else could be done? Quinn had to go! Out of his father’s life and theirs! Nothing else worked! So Ridge bit his lip and went to see Quinn in her office to put his plan to work. Operation Get Quinn Out of Forrester! Was happening, whether Ridge liked it or not.
“Quinn, did you have time to view my designs?” Ridge asked her when he came into Quinn’s office unannounced, to find her in nothing but a slip. She was trying on designs and was in the middle of changing when Ridge came in.

“Am I interrupting something?” Ridge asked, not able to keep his eyes off Quinn, and wondering why he liked it so much. Just like the shower scene in the backyard. As much as Ridge detested Quinn, he couldn’t stop thinking about that moment.

“Ridge? What are you doing in here?” Quinn feigned surprise as she attempted to cover up. “Oh, screw it! You’ve already seen me in the buff! I’m just in my slip! And you can’t take your eyes off me!”

“Trust me, Quinn, I’m detesting the very sight of you!” Ridge told her, but the look in Ridge’s eyes told Quinn it was a lie.

“Yeah, if you really did, you’d have run away as fast as you can!” Quinn said in as seductive voice as possible as she snuggled close to him, nuzzling his ear.

“Yes, I’ve got her where I want her!” Ridge thought to himself, as he grabbed Quinn and kissed her on the lips.

The kiss lasted a few minutes and when they finally came up for air, Ridge was sick. Sick to his stomach for liking the kiss so much. He ran from Quinn’s office and into his own. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. It was only supposed to be a plot to get Quinn to be disloyal to his father so he would dump Quinn for the conniving tramp he knew she was. He didn’t expect to fall for her!

Ridge knew he had to get a handle on things. He couldn’t fall for Quinn. He loved Brooke. He had another chance with Brooke and he couldn’t ruin it this time!

Back in Quinn’s office, Quinn smiled to herself, “Two can play at that game, Ridge!” Quinn’s thoughts were interrupted when Bill knocked on Quinn’s door.

“Come in!” Quinn said when she heard the knock.

“So, how did Ridge take the seduction?” Bill asked her when he came in.

“He fell for it hook-line-and-sinker.” Quinn told Bill.

“So the dressmaker succumbed to the kiss?”

“Yep. Won’t be long before Brooke is yours again.”

“I knew you could do it.” Bill told Quinn. “Ridge is an idiot and he doesn’t deserve Brooke.”

“I know. I’m glad we’re together in this plot to break up Ridge and Brooke.” Quin told Bill.

“Yeah. Funny how we’re on the same side.” Bill said. “I never thought we would be working together.”

“Yeah, me either.”

“I’m sorry, but do my ears hear right?” Wyatt said when he came in after hearing his parents talking civilly.

“Yes, Wyatt, your mother and I were actually getting along.” Bill told his son.

“Wow!” Wyatt said in disbelief. “I think I need a drink!”

Chapter 3

Quinn was waiting in Ridge’s office just like she and Bill discussed when Ridge arrived. She couldn’t wait to see the look on Brooke’s face when she caught her and Ridge in an compromising position.

“Quinn, what are you doing in my office?” Ridge asked her.

“I enjoyed the kiss yesterday.” Quinn said seductively, as she slipped out of her blouse.

“Quinn, put your blouse back on!” Ridge said quietly so no one would hear them.

“What’s wrong Ridge?” Quinn continued to undress, as she rubbed Ridge’s shoulder to get him to loosen up.

“Quinn, stop it!” Ridge demanded, despite how much he enjoyed Quinn’s touch.

“Kiss me, Ridge. Kiss me now. I need to have you.” Quinn demanded as she planted a kiss on Ridge’s lips, just in time to have Brooke walk into Ridge’s office.

While Quinn was in a lip-lock with Ridge, she kept thinking to herself, “Thank you Bill, for working so quickly to get Brooke in Ridge’s office.”

“What is going on in here?!” Brooke demanded as Ridge tore himself away from Quinn’s clutches.

“Nothing Brooke. Quinn was coming on to me.” Ridge told Brooke.

“I was coming onto you?!” Quinn said, looking hurt.

“Is this true?” Brooke asked.

“Brooke, don’t believe him.” Quinn said masterly. “I came into here because Ridge asked me to. Next thing I knew, Ridge had me in a lip-lock and wouldn’t let me go.

He said not to tell you, but how was I supposed to know you’d come into his office?”

“I can’t believe you Ridge!” Brooke said hurt by Ridge’s apparent betrayal. “And with your father’s wife!”

Brooke took off with Ridge following after her. When he caught up to her, Brooke slapped Ridge square in the jaw.

“Ow! What did you do that for!” Ridge said, grabbing his jaw.

“That’s for kissing Quinn!” Brooke yelled at him, as RJ was rounding the corner.

“Mom? Dad?” RJ said confused.

“RJ!” Brooke said, upset that her son heard their tiff.”

“Mom, what’s going on? Why did you just hit dad?”

“RJ, can you go. I promise I’ll talk to you later.” Brooke urged her son to leave.

“No, tell me now!” RJ demanded. “I’m not a kid anymore!”

“Okay, RJ.” Brooke said. “Your dad and I won’t be getting married.”

“What? How come?” RJ cried. “Dad, what did you do to upset mom?”

“Nothing. I was set. . .” Ridge tried to tell him, but RJ wouldn’t hear it.

“Save it dad!” RJ yelled. “You promised you’d changed and that you wanted our family back!”

RJ ran off toward the beach. He couldn’t take how his father broke his promise. He wanted nothing to do with Ridge.

“See what you’ve done to our family, Ridge!” Brooke yelled at him.

“Brooke, please listen to me. I was set up.

As Ridge was left alone at Forrester after Brooke and RJ left him so abruptly, he decided once and for all that he was going to take down Quinn. He couldn’t believe Quinn was making herself look like the victim in all this.

Meanwhile, on the beach, RJ was tossing a ball when a pretty young girl caught his eye.

“Hey!” RJ said, when he came upon the girl.

“Hi!” the girl said meekly.

“Name’s RJ.” RJ introduced himself to the girl.

“Coco.” The girl said to him.

As RJ and Coco got to know each other, he forgot all about his parents.

Chapter 4

RJ enjoyed Coco’s company on the beach. They talked and swam and got to know each other. It was a welcome break from all the drama in his own family.

RJ and Coco were coming out of the water and got to their blanket when Coco saw she had a message. As she looked it at, it was from her sister, Sally.

“I’m sorry, RJ, but I’m needed back home.” Coco told him sadly.

“Do you really need to go?”

“Yes. There’s a crisis at home and my sister needs me.” Coco told him as she rushed off to her car and headed back to Spectra Fashions with RJ looking longingly towards her direction.

RJ packed his own stuff and headed back home. He didn’t really want to go home and face his parents, especially his dad. So he went to Forrester instead to work on some designs.

Back at Forrester, Ridge was busy on some designs but couldn’t get Quinn off his mind. He wanted revenge. On Quinn. She made him look bad in front of Brooke. She was going to pay. And he knew just how to do it.

The next day, Ridge came to Forrester ready to put his plan in action to get revenge on Quinn for ruining things between him and Brooke. After placing the evidence in Quinn’s desk, he called his father into his office.

“Ridge, what did you need?” Eric asked when he got to Ridge’s office.

“Yes, Quinn said she was going to have the jewelry designs so I could review them, but she’s not here yet?” Ridge told his father.

“Well, that’s not like Quinn?” Eric mused.

“Could you see if she’s in her office?”

“Yes, I’m sure she’s just running late.” Eric told him.

As Eric headed toward Quinn’s office, Ridge smiled. He couldn’t wait to see the look on his father’s face when he found the letters to him he had placed in Quinn’s desk.

Back at Forrester mansion, Quinn was upset that her car wouldn’t start and desperately called Eric to tell him she would be late, but no one answered, per Ridge taking the phones off the hook so Quinn couldn’t get through.

Back at Forrester, Eric entered Quinn’s office and looked around for the designs Ridge was talking about. He never found them, but he did find some letters in Quinn’s desk as he was looking for the jewelry designs. Thinking they were letters to him, Eric read one and was appalled Quinn would write such stuff to his son.

Quinn had finally arrived at Forrester after a nice boy got her car started. She was ashamed when he told her that spark plug had been removed. But the kind boy happened to have one on him. So Quinn thank the boy and headed to Forrester.

Ridge watched Quinn as she headed for her office. She was surprised to see Eric sitting behind her desk. Thinking he wanted some time alone, Quinn gave her husband a passionate kiss. But Eric pushed her away instead.

“What’s that for?!” Quinn asked confused.

“Just what is the meaning of these?” Eric said heatedly, holding up the letters.

“What are those?” Quinn said innocently.

“You don’t know love letters you wrote to my son?”

“Love letters to Ridge?” Quinn said, looking confused.

“Don’t look so innocent, Quinn!” Eric said angrily as he left her standing there wondering what was going on.

Ridge watched Eric leave Quinn’s office angrily. He was happy. Now maybe his father would see Quinn for who she really was and divorce her.


Port Charles Teen Scene


Josslyn Jacks, Spencer Cassadine, Cameron Webber, Charlotte Cassadine, Rocco Falconeri, Emma Scorpio-Drake, Jake Morgan, Aiden Spencer, and Avery Corinthos are now teens in high school. As they embark on high school life, they become involved in romance, intrigue and even murder. What adventures await the teens of Port Charles and can their parents handle this group of teens?


Josslyn Jacks
Spencer Cassadine
Cameron Webber
Charlotte Cassadine
Rocco Falconeri
Emma Scorpio-Drake
Jake Webber-Morgan
Aiden Webber-Spencer
Avery Corinthos


Ciara Brady’s L.A. Life: A DOOL/B&B Crossover


Ciara Brady has left Salem and headed for L.A. to go to school at UCLA. Little does she know but Theo is also headed there to bring her back to Salem after he broke up with Claire. But will Ciara go back after she has had a taste of L.A. life?


Ciara Brady – Vivian Jovanni
Theo Carver – Kyle Petis
RJ Forrester – Anthony Turpel
Coco Spectra – Courtney Grosbeck
Claire Brady – Olivia Rose Keegan
Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Quinn Forrester – Rena Sofer
Sheila Carter – Kimberlin Brown
Brooke Logan-Spencer – Katherine Kelly Lang
Katie Logan-Spencer – Heather Tom
Wyatt Fuller-Spencer – Darin Brooks
Bill Spencer – Don Diamont
Sally Spectra – Courtney Hope
Shirley Spectra – Patrika Darbo


A Wedding to Remember: A Kevin & Chloe (Khloe) Romance


It is Kevin and Chloe’s wedding day and Kevin is overjoyed to be given a second chance from Chloe after all she’s been through. But when Mariah interrupts the wedding with news about Chloe’s involvement in Adam’s fiery death, Kevin is a broken man. Will Mariah be able to pick up the pieces and help Kevin through Chloe’s deception? In other Genoa City news, Sharon’s secret about her son Sully is finally exposed by an unexpected party?


Kevin Fisher – Greg Rikaart
Chloe Valentine Ashby Fisher – Elizabeth Hendrickson
Mariah Copeland – Camryn Grimes
Sharon Collins Newman McAvoy – Sharon Case
Dylan McAvoy – Steve Burton
Nick Newman – Joshua Morrow

Chapter 1

“Chloe, I’m so happy you gave me a second chance.” Kevin said to Chloe as the two made love the night before their wedding.

“Kevin, there’s something I need to confess to you.” Chloe said, regretting her part in Adam Newman’s death. She pondered whether or not she should tell Kevin what she did.

“Chloe, there’s nothing you need to confess.” Kevin told her. “I forgive you for everything. There’s nothing you need to confess or apologize for.”

“But. . .” Chloe started to say, but Kevin interrupted her with a kiss as they began making love again.

As good as it was to be back in Kevin’s arms, Chloe knew she had to keep quiet about what she had done. No one could find out she was responsible for Adam’s fiery end.
For now, she lay in Kevin’s arms, as she contemplated her new life with Kevin and Bella.

Meanwhile, Mariah had been grilling Victor about Adam’s death since it appeared all ties led to him. After going over the facts, it didn’t add up. Why would Victor go through all the trouble to get Adam, Chelsea and Connor out of town only to have him blown up? Either Victor was still conning Adam or Victor was being framed? But by who?

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Sharon’s life was crumbling around her as it looked as if her secret about Sully being Christian would soon be exposed. The mystery person sent Sharon another text:

“You failed the assignment.” The mystery caller text her. “Prepare to lose Sully!”
“What’s the meaning of this!” Dylan woke Sharon from her slumber after intercepting her messages.

“What are you talking about?” Sharon woke up confused as Dylan handed her her cell.
As Sharon looked at the messages, she thought to herself, “No! it can’t be over!”
“Sharon?!” Dylan quizzed her.

“This must be some kind of joke!” Sharon replied, defending herself. “I don’t know what this is?!”

“Well, let me take it to the GCPD. I’ll get to the bottom of this!” Dylan told her as he kissed her goodbye for heading to GCPD.

Sharon feared that her secret was finally out. She can’t lose Dylan or Sully.

Chloe smiled after glimpsing inside Dylan and Sharon’s bedroom window and seeing that Dylan had intercepted Sharon’s messages. It couldn’t have happened better. Soon, everyone would know that Sullivan McAvoy was really Christian Andrew Newman.

Chapter 2

Sharon felt safe in Dylan’s arms when the two went to bed for the night, but it still didn’t stop the nightmare she had of her sec ret coming out that Sully was Christian.

Sharon got up out of bed and went to check on Sully. She was relieved to find that he was still in his crib.

“Hey, I came to find you when I didn’t see you in bed.” Dylan asked concerned.

“I’m okay.” Sharon lied, not wanting to tell Dylan her dream.

“It’s okay. You can tell me.” Dylan pressed her for details.

“I’m okay. You don’t need to worry.” Sharon insisted.

“Okay.” Dylan said.

“Hey, why don’t we go on a family camping trip.” Sharon suggested.

“That sounds like a great idea.” Dylan agreed. “When should we go?”

“How about now!”

“Now? It’s 2 a.m.?” Dylan said, as if Sharon was crazy.

“Please!” Sharon pleaded. Sharon wanted to get out of Genoa City before her secret about Sully got out. She felt as if something was going to happen any time.

“Okay. We’ll leave now.” Dylan said as he went back upstairs to pack some things for him and Sully.

As Dylan, Sharon and Sully got into the truck to leave on their camping trip, Chloe found herself at Delia’s grave, where she was met by a mysterious person.

“Chloe, did you get it done?” the mysterious voice asked her.

“Yes.” Chloe said, as she turned around to face Sage.
“You liar!” Sage raved.

“What are you talking about?” Chloe asked her.

“You didn’t do the job!” Sage continued her rant. “You did the one thing I didn’t want!”

“I freaked out Sharon so she would be exposed as a liar about Sully.” Chloe told her.

“You killed Adam, Christian’s father!” Sage yelled at her. “I asked you to expose Sharon as a liar, and you kill Adam instead?!”

“Adam deserved to die!” Chloe yelled at Sage. “He killed my Delia!”

“You went against my wishes and killed Adam!” Sage threatened. “And you’re going to pay for it!”

“I did what you wanted. I threatened Sharon to reveal who Sully really was. Isn’t that enough?”

“You clearly had your own agenda, and went against my instructions!” Sage told her. “Prepare to lose everything! Especially Bella!”

Sage left Chloe standing at Delia’s graveside wondering what Sage meant.

Chapter 3

Chloe worried about Sage revealing herself in GC and ruining her wedding to Kevin. She thought she would have a problem with Victor when he made her work with him to set Adam up and she went against him and set the bomb that killed Adam. Chloe never suspected that Sage was actually alive and out to ruin her happiness.

Chloe couldn’t let Sage ruin everything she’d work for. She had Kevin back. She had Bella. No one could learn that Billy was really Bella’s father and she changed the results of test to make Kevin the father. No one could know her true motive for not revealing to Billy that he was Bella’s father.

Chloe was on her way to the Chelsea 2.0 to check the dress that Chelsea was designing for her wedding to Kevin.

“Chloe, I finished the dress.” Chelsea said as Chloe walked into her store.

“Omigosh, it’s lovely.” Chloe beamed upon seeing what Chelsea created.

“Only the best for my bestie.” Chelsea said.

“It’s got to be your greatest design.”

Kevin showed up to take his bride-to-be to lunch as Chelsea and Chloe scrambled to hide the dress so Kevin wouldn’t see the dress.
“Kevin!” Chloe said.

“I thought I would take you to lunch.” Kevin said, pushing Bella’s stroller.
“That sounds good. I’m famished, as she gave Bella a hug when Bella stretched out her arms.

“Well, why don’t you two go. I have some work to get done.” Chelsea said to Kevin and Chloe.

Kevin, Chloe and Bella headed over to GCAC for lunch…Sharon and Dylan had just arrived at the cabin in the mountains where they decided to hide out. Sharon was paranoid that someone would find out about Sully being Christian. She couldn’t let that happen. But she didn’t know Sage was alive and watching every move she made.


The Young and the Restless One Shots

Victoria Finds Out the Truth about Juliet’s Brash & Sassy Lawsuit

Victoria was livid when when she learned Hilary persuaded Juliet to sue Brash & Sassy for sexual harassment and name Cane as the person responsible. Brash & Sassy is ruined because of Hilary’s revenge against Cane and Lily. And Poor Lily! Her marriage is in a shambles all because Hilary wanted revenge!
As Victoria sat at a table at GCAC, she got the biggest shock of her life as she overheard a conversation between Hilary and Juliet.
“Hilary, I’m glad you could meet me?” Juliet said near tears.
“What’s wrong? I thought you’d be celebrating after the successful win?”
“I have a confession to make.” Juliet said.
“What confession?”
“I lied.” Juliet came out with the lie.
“You lied about what?” Hilary said not comprehending what she was saying.
“I lied about everything.”
“What do you mean you lied.”
“Cane and I didn’t sleep together in Japan. He was drunk after our excursion on the town and I made him think we slept together.”
“Why you little…..” Hilary seethed through her words.
“I’m sorry.” was all Juliet said.
“Everybody in GC hates me because of this lawsuit and all you can say is ‘I’m sorry?’” Hilary continued her wrath on Juliet. “Get out of my sight before I do something I will regret!”
But as the Juliet walked away, the damage was already done as Victoria headed over to Cane and Lily’s to tell them what she heard.
As Hilary was about to leave, she felt someone grab her arm violently.
“What the?!” Hilary said as she turned around to find Victoria.
“You’re coming with me! Now!” Victoria yelled at Hilary.
Victoria forced Hilary into her car as they drove to Cane and Lily’s.
“Where are we going?” Hilary demanded to know.
“You’ll find out soon enough!” Victoria told her.
They pulled up to Cane and Lily’s drive way as Victoria forced Hilary out of the car.
“You can’t make me do this!” Hilary said.
“Watch me!”
Victoria knocked on Cane and Lily’s door, but when Lily opened the door, she was crying.
“What do you two want?” Lily said tearfully.
“Lily, Hilary has something to tell you.” Victoria said, as she waited for Hilary to tell her what Juliet confessed.
“What do you have to tell me, Hilary!” Lily demanded.
“Well, Hilary, spit it out!” Victoria demaned as well.
“I learned today that Juliet not only lied about the sexual harassment, but also about sleeping with him!”
“What do you mean?!” Lily raged.
“Juliet admitted that she and and Cane never slept together. Cane was drunk after their night out in Tokyo, so she made up the whole story about sleeping together.”
Cane had just come into the living room and heard the confession as well.
“Where’s Juliet?!” Cane demanded.
“She said she had a flight out of GC.” Hilary told Cane.
“No doubt she was leaving after she confessed to you because she knew I would be coming after her!”
And Juliet was right, because Cane was hot on Juliet’s trail as he raced to the airport before she could leave GC.
Lily on the other hand was seething, but not at Juliet.
“Get out, Hilary!” Lily raged.
“What! What did I do?!”
“Because of you, my marriage is over!”
“I’m responsible for your marriage crumbling!” Hilary said jokingly.
“Because of you, Juliet pressed charges against Cane and Brash & Sassy for sexual harassment!” Lily continued her rage on Hilary.
“So I encouraged Juliet to stand up for herself!” Hilary defended herself. “How was I supposed to know Juliet lied about sleeping with your husband!”
“You have had a problem with my family ever since you married my father! Get out of my life and GC!”
“Who’s going to make me!” Hilary yelled back.
Lily couldn’t stand Hilary’s satisfaction that she finally won. Enraged at Hilary, Lily grabbed the nearest object that happened to be a heavy lamp and threw at Hilary and threw it in Hilary’s direction. But Hilary ducked and the lamp hit Mattie, who had just come home from school into the living room when she heard the loud commotion.
“Mattie!” Lily shouted, as Mattie slumped to the floor.


Pandora Box: A Buffy the Vampire Slayrer Fanfiction


It’s about Willow resurrecting Buffy wrong and it’s a younger Buffy from Season 1 that is exchanged from the episode ‘Nightmares.’ She is a Vampire and has no idea how she got into the future, but she knows that she is stuck permanently and stuck as a Vamp forever after future Willow tells her how it happened. Willow tried spells to send her back but she never could. Buffy can’t be changed human either because Willow also tried to repent for her mistakes by causing her to shift out of a demon, only Billy could stop it and since Lucky nineteen took over Sunny Dale in her time and killed her friends, everything changed in the alternate universe even D’Hoffryn’s.

She does fall for Spike but eventually goes a little hungry, losing her soul. Spike/her friends has to follow her to L.A. where she’s trying to take out Angel’s soul. Darla and Angel are shocked as they are dealing with the pregnancy of Connor and the Vampire Hunter. (I will start this one as well then, you can continue before writing the SEQUEL all on your own).

Note: the “I thought I was dead” part. Buffy’s Vamp face will be exactly like that at all times.

Chapter 1

It was a universe full of chaos as the left over Urn, dried blood, and smell of burning incents wafted throughout Restfield Cemetery. It’s because the Scoobies had recently performed a ritual. And because of this, a blond now stood up, shaking dirt from her Blue jacket. It was Buffy as her demon self looked up and she was desperately hungry. And not just any hunger.

“I thought I was dead!”

Chapter 2

The small blond was dazed as she walked alone on the roadside. She almost killed a boy. Almost dragged him into a nearby bush and just ambushed him. How she got turned, she didn’t know, but she knew someone had so much power. So much to drag a person into Hell.


It’s about Willow resurrecting Buffy wrong and it’s a younger Buffy from Season 1 that is exchanged from the episode ‘Nightmares.’ She is a Vampire and has no idea how she got into the future, but she knows that she is stuck permanently and stuck as a Vamp forever, everything changed in the alternate universe that day, even D’Hoffryn’s and maybe he should pay the little sneak a visit.

Thank her for using the spell wrong and instead making her friend into a Demon.

It’s a good smile…

A very good one…


“Maybe they’re on their way here. I mean this place is norad when we’re at defcon1,” Xander began looking around and literally flaked when a big demon roared through the street.
“We really need Buffy!”

He looked everywhere for a rope to knock the demon off the bike.

Chapter 3

All hell broke loose in Sunnydale. Buffy was gone. Giles went back to England. Willow was bent on revenge against D’Hoffryn for the spell that went wrong that was supposed to bring Buffy back. And Angel and Darla were dealing with the abduction of their son, Connor, at the hands of Billy.

The only bright spot was that Buffy was back and looking for her friends, still unbeknownst to her that she was now a vampire—despite her sudden thirst for human blood. She refused to believe that she was one that she was trained to slay.

Unable to deny the thirst, Buffy grabbed a poor unsuspecting guy and drained him of his blood. Then tossed him to the side when her thirst was satiated.

That’s when Spike found Buffy.

“Buffy?” Spike asked, surprised she was alive.

“Spike!” Buffy exclaimed, who hoped he hadn’t seen what she had just done.

“I’m so glad you didn’t die!” Spike said, as he hugged her.

“Yea. Me too.” Buffy said.

“So, where have you been?”

“Around.” Buffy said, unable to really tell him what she had been through.

“Just around?”


“Well, you won’t believe the changes that have happened since you ‘died’.” Spike told her.

“Do I even want to know?!” Buffy asked, not knowing why she had the insatiable appetite for human blood.

“Well, let’ get you back to Giles’ store.”

While Spike and Buffy headed for Giles’ store to find her friends, D’Hoffryn had sent his minions to work their havoc on Sunnydale.

Chapter 4

When Buffy and Spike arrived at Giles’ store, there was nothing left for D’Hoffryn’s minions had totally demolished the store. That’s when Spike found Xander hidden under a board that had somehow protected him from the blast.

“Oh my god!” Xander cried out as he crawled out from under the board.

“Xander? Are you OK?” Spike said, faking concern, for he didn’t really care for the guy.

“Yeah. Where’s Willow, Tara and Anya?” Xander asked.

“I don’t know.” Buffy said, who still had a thirst for human blood.

That’s when Dawn pushed her way from the rubble to find Spike, Buffy and Xander.

“What the hell just happened?” Dawn asked them.

“I don’t know, but Willow, Tara and Anya are still missing.” Xander said.

“Where’s Giles?” Buffy asked.

“You don’t know?” Spike replied.

“Know what?” Buffy responded back.

“He went back to England.” Spike informed her.

“Damn! I needed to see him.” Buffy said, not telling them of her secret plan of revenge.

“Well, I’m going to look for Willow, Tara and Anya.” Xander told them as he dug into the rubble.

Unbeknownst to them, Willow was seeking out D’Hoffryn to seek revenge for the spell that went wrong.

“You killed her!” Willow spat out at D’Hoffryn.

“Buffy isn’t dead!” D’Hoffryn told her.

“Then where is she?” Willow demanded.

“She’s a vampire and is going to be one forever thanks to your spell!” D”Hoffryn smiled slyly at her.

“You used me to turn Buffy?!”

“Yes! I did!” D’Hoffryn laughed at her, as he disappeared into the air.

Willow had to get back to the others and warn Buffy about her demon self.

And Angel and Darla were frantic as they continued looking for Billy who had their son, Connor. That’s when Angel spotted Billy on the rooftop of what used to be Sunnydale High, holding Connor.

Chapter 5

Buffy continued looking for Angel who was on the rooftop of Sunnydale High trying to convince Billy to hand over Connor.

“Give Connor to me!” Angel desperately pleaded with Billy to hand over his son.
“I can’t!” Billy told Angel.

“Please, Billy!” Angel said, feeling his fangs forming from the rage he felt.

“I need him.” Billy said as he tried to unlock the portal that he was going to toss the newborn infant into that would allow him to leave this dimension.

“You can’t do that!” Angel screamed at him, lunging forward to grab his son from Billy’s grasp.

But just as Billy was about to toss the infant into the portal, Buffy comes out of nowhere swoops in and grabs the baby from Billy, as he fell from the rooftop to his death.

Angel, happy that Billy is dead and thinking Buffy is going to hand over his son, is surprised to learn differently.

“Buffy, where are you going?” Angel yells after her.

Buffy just keeps walking with the infant Connor, hoping Angel will follow her and hence into her trap.


Buffy’s trap worked as Angel did indeed follow her as he was led into the cell Buffy had set up for Angel. When she saw Billy on the high school rooftop holding Connor, Buffy knew she had just the ammunition to lure Angel into her trap and thus get his soul.