Dying Wish: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Kralik turns Buffy in Season 3 and she runs into Spike.
A futuristic Spike from Season 6. How she came to be in Season 6 instead of Season 3, through a wish that Halfrek grants and suddenly, the turned Vampire Slayer is switched with ‘our’ Slayer from the ‘Bargaining’ which stays in Heaven. This one is soulless.
Chapter 1
“What is your wish before you die…?”
“I- I- wish I got to see it all before…” Someone grinned noxiously.
And suddenly, this alternate universe one is switched with our older one. Willow’s spell had gone wrong too the urn was destroyed, the blood of the foul stained the ground, and all of the incents left unburned/untouched on the floor.
The soulless Demon shoved the dirt up with no fear.
Chapter 2
Cordy ran into Buffy, unbeknownst to her, that Buffy wasn’t herself.
“Buffy? I’m glad I found you.”
“Yes, Cordy. What do you want?” the new soulless Buffy asked.
“Everything is gone weird around Sunnydale.” Cordy informed her.
“Like, how do you mean?” the soulless Buffy asked, wanting Cordy to leave so she could hunt for victims.
“Willow’s spell. . .it’s gone wrong.” Cordy said with fear. “And Willow’s not the same.”
“Willow. . .not the same?” Buffy contemplated, knowing she too wasn’t herself.
“Yes, she’s been turned. . .evil?”
Just then, Willow came barreling towards Cordy, who tried to back away from Willow’s evil glance.
“There you are, Cordy.” Willow said with her yellow eyes glowing. “You thought you could escape me!”
“Willow, please, calm down!” Cordy said trying to get away from Willow, but Willow’s grip on her arm was too strong. “Buffy, help!”
As Willow dragged Cordy back to Giles’ store, Buffy sat and watched Willow take Cordy away, glad that she could now hunt some victims for some fresh blood. She needed blood—badly, now that she was a soulless vampire.
Chapter 3
The nerve of Cordy to bother her. Buffy didn’t care. She wasn’t the soulless one. It was Cordy who was soulless. Ever since high school. Going after Xander—no, more like stalking—like she did. Cordy knew Buffy had a thing for Xander. But Buffy stepped aside and let Cordy have him. That’s when she allowed herself to become enticed by Angel. Even losing her virginity to him. And now, she’s the soulless one. Funny how things work out. She needed some fresh blood.
As Buffy went on the prowl for some fresh blood, Evil Willow had brought Cordy back to Giles’ store and began torturing her.
“Willow, please!” Cordy whined in her schoolgirl voice.
“Shut up, Cordy!” Evil Willow barked at her.
“Why are you torturing me?” Cordy continued her whining. “It’s Buffy you want!”
Evil Willow mulled over the concept of torturing Buffy, despite the fact that neither knew Buffy was now a soulless vampire.
“Naw, I think I’ll take my chances with you!” Evil Willow said to a horrified Cordy, who tried to escape the ropes that she was tied up in.
But Cordy was spared further torture when Giles walked into the store.
Chapter 4
“Willow, untie her!” Giles demanded.
“Yes, sir.” Willow said as she obeyed Giles’ command. She had better things to do anyway—like finding Buffy.
As soon as Cordy was free of the ropes, Willow tried to make an escape, but Giles prevented it.
“Girls, I want you to hug and make peace.” Giles offered.
“Hug?” Cordy and Dark Willow said simultaneously, turning their noses at each other and Giles for mentioning the thought.
But Giles could see the disdain in the girls’ actions. “Now!”
“Yes sir.” Cordy and Dark Willow both said together as they hugged each other, both not liking it.
“Now, can I go?” Dark Willow said in Willow’s irritating whine.
“Yes, you can.” Giles said as he left the two of them. “I need to get back to my store.”
Cordy was on her way to meet Xander after her ordeal with Willow, and Dark Willow left to find Buffy. But she only encountered Angel instead.
“Willow?” Angel said, surprising Dark Willow, who knew about Willow’s transformation into Dark Willow.
“What happened to you to your promise to torture Cordy?”
“Giles walked in and stopped it.” Dark Willow said.
“And you let him do it!” Angel raged.
“Yes, Angelus. It wasn’t Cordy I wanted!” Dark Willow spat back.
“Buffy!” Angel said. “What the hell is it with this Buffy bitch!”
“Oh, it’s not Buffy I want! It’s revenge!”
“What do you have revenge against Buffy for?”
“For the death of Tara!”
Angel laughed, “You’re blaming Buffy for your girlfriend’s death?”
“It was because of Buffy that Glory allowed Tara to die!” Dark Willow raged. “She just had to save Dawn! And at Tara’s expense, too!”
“Well, you promised to torture Cordy, and you failed!” Angel reminded Dark Willow of her promise. “Now you’re the one who’s going to pay!”
Dark Willow started to run, but Angel outran her and caught up to her and knocked her out.
Fifteen minutes later, Dark Willow woke up inside Angel’s dungeon cell, only to discover a shrine made in Buffy’s honor.



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