Death Knocking: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction


After Angel Season 5 ended, Angelus returns through a curse by a Wolfram and Hart survivor and someone against Angel and his team, Lilah Morgan.
Angelus then captures Buffy and Spike without them knowing that the other is also captured.
He proceeds to torture Buffy in front of her mate and then will kill his childe by turning her.
Chapter 1
He is not forgiven and he will never be forgiven again. Angelus smiled in glee at the long list of torture instruments. He picked up his sword. “Well Lilah, I have to say, you did a good job of seducing soul boy and when that didn’t work, you went to dark magic…”
She shivered in lust as his brown eyes lingered on her breasts and began to touch herself.
He grinned. “You’re too stupid for me to even want you, a lot like Cordelia, desperate and selfish…”
She gave him a glare. “I prefer my women either crazy, insane, or easy to break!”
“Someone…” He pretended to give a thought. “Like Buffy Summers!” He laughed when she rolled her eyes. “Jealous or something, Lilah…?”
“NO, you’re a real bastard!”
Chapter 2
“And you’re a real tease, but like I said, it’s no fun when the victim can’t enjoy the torture!” Then, swinging, he cut her head clean from her shoulder. Holding the head, he walked out the door, whistling.
“Spikey, my boy,” he grinned as he stood by the door and watched the Vampire champion frown at his present, the head of Lilah was attached to a sword attached to a paper with a drawing of Buffy naked. He sucked in a deep breath. “Angelus…?”
“A bonus for the winner!” Then, he proceeded to walk into the room and sat on the leather chair. “You see, someone thought of a brilliant idea to unleash the beast!”
“And Spike,” he growled. “You fucked my mate…!”
He was hanging on a rail, bleeding, the blood dripping to the ground below him. Angelus marveled at his work and smiled as William the Bloody struggled to snarl. “It’s dipped in Holy Water so if you continue to flop like a fish, the liquid will seep into your skin and the pain will be far too great…” It was like the old days again with the knives, saws, and whips. The two males would be in this same position with Angelus holding up a different tool for him to see. Spike wrestled with the chains.
Chapter 3
Angelus left Spike to suffer in the holy water, certain that Spike would be dead in a few hours. He had to get back to Buffy and torture her again.
As Spike lay there struggling to break free of the hell Angelus had him in, along came Cordelia, and wondered if she should free him.
“Cordy!” Spike whispered to her.
“Well, well, well.” Cordy exclaimed. “Aren’t you in a pickle of a mess?”
“Help me?” Spike pleaded.
“Why should i?” Cordy questioned.
But just as Cordy was about to release Spike, Drusilla happened by, “Leave him!”
“Dru?” Spike shouted, happy to see her.
“Don’t touch him lest I drink from you!” Drusilla ordered Cordy to leave.
“Yes, Drusilla.” Cordy agreed as she went along her way, leaving Spike to Drusilla’s mercy.
“Dru, you know I love you.” Spike pleaded. “Now help me out of this stuff.”
“First you have to forget Buffy.” Drusilla made him promise.
“Yes, yes.” Spike agreed. “I will give up on Buffy.”
“Thank you.” Drusilla said as she tore off Spike’s shirt and sopped up all the holy water that was nearly surrounding Spike.
Spike kissed Drusilla as a promise to her to keep his word.
Chapter 4
Spike fully intended to keep his word to Dru, but as he was making love to her, thoughts of Buffy entered his mind. He wondered where she was? If she was safe? It was going to keep his word to Dru, but try as he might, he would do it.
Back where Angelus had Buffy, he was about to torture her when Cordy showed up after following him.
“Cordy, help me!” Buffy called out.
“Why should I?” Cordy questioned her.
“We’re friends, since high school.” Buffy reminded her.
“But you never liked Xander and me.” Cordy also reminded her.
“That’s because I had a crush on Xander.” Buffy lied to gain Cordy’s sympathy.
“Really?” Cordy replied. “I always knew you were jealous. Just waited for you to admit it.”
“Well, I admit it.” Buffy continued her lie. “We had some great times, didn’t we?”
Cordy thought about helping Buffy for a minute then decided against it. “Nope. Sorry Buffy. You’re on own.”
Cordy walked out on Buffy to get herself out of her jam. She was after all, the Vampire Slayer. Giles trained her well. She was very much capable of getting herself out of her own ordeal.
Angel smiled knowing that Cordy did the right thing. If she had did as Buffy asked, Cordy would be seeing herself right along with Buffy. Cordy made the right decision. Now it was time for Buffy to get ready for what came next.
Chapter 5
“Damn you, Buffy!” Cordy said to herself. “Why do you always get what you want?!”
Cordy turned around and went back inside to help Buffy. But when she got inside the building where Angelus was holding Buffy, she was grabbed from behind and thrown into the same dungeon with Buffy.
A few minutes later, Angel arrived.
“Bravo!” Angel said, clapping his hands. “Are you happy, Cordy? Why didn’t you just leave!”
“I couldn’t let her stay here” Cordy shot back. “My guilt got to me!”
“I know our history would prevail!” Buffy smiled.
“Well, it didn’t work, because your help is in here with you now!” Angel told the both of them.
But Angel didn’t count on Spike coming back for Buffy as he swooped in and knocked out Angel. Then he grabbed the key and unlocked Buffy and Cordy’s cell and let the out. The three of them got out before Angel came to.
Back at Giles’ store, Spike, Buffy and Cordy arrived and Giles’ and the rest of the Scoobies reveled in Buffy being back.
Back at the dungeon, Angel came to and found Buffy’s cell door open.
“Damn you, Spike!” Angel said. “You’re going to pay for this!”



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