Cruel Humanity: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction


It will take place after Angel Season Five’s ‘Not Fade Away.’ Wesley, Angel, and Spike are alive but not Gunn and Illyria and she can’t ever be resurrected since she’s a God. Having no city to protect and no lives in L.A. to be saving since the city is destroyed by the Dragon, they decide to head to Cleveland to join the Scoobies. Well, they have news for Angel and Spike. Buffy had been captured by Quentin and Kralik. You see the old head of the Council had Giles manipulate her again by giving her another Cruciamentum. Then, Travers resurrected the evil Demon from Hell. Now that he’s back, he’s going to r***, torture, and turn Buffy once Spike and Angel show up for the rescue. They will be shocked and angered especially Spike. This is a Spuffy prompt with Angel and Faith.
Wesley will be with Willow.

Chapter 1

A Vampire hefted up the long silver sword, it glowing in the Sunlight and down to the hilt.

He walked over to Buffy and gazed admiringly at her before swinging it in a perfect arch to cut her from the bind.

“So weak for such a powerful girl,” he tsked. “What are you waiting for, you crazy fool,” demanded Quentin.

It smiled with stinky breath and yellow teeth, gazing down to her wrist which was dripping blood. She was injured and it excited him. His eyes now travelled to her neck where he could make out her fearful pulse. He slapped her. The Slayer was bruised all over, her lip had been cut, and her eye was swollen shut.
But, she gave him a defiant glare none- the- less which infuriated them all except for the new Council leader with his head bent and eyes closed.

It was Giles hiding behind his guilt and pain, but Buffy merely gave a f***., she stared at him like Angelus or William the Bloody or any other villain.

She was done playing games. She was 30 years old and saved the world, gave up her life, and her normalcy, was ripped from Heaven to destroy the First and couldn’t do it anymore. Couldn’t become a naïve fifteen year old. “Kill me,” she whispered.

“Oh no, you’re not going to be dead Slayer! You’re going to be something else!” Then, he drank from her until she collapsed into the darkness.

It was an infirmity when she woke up. She knew she was alive and she could hear heartbeats around the room. Her heightened senses really allowed her to study everything, gave her a chance to test her fangs by swirling her tongue around it. Then, she gave them a chilling smile. “Is it my birthday,” she asked softly.

Chapter 2

Buffy was hungry for blood, and Quentin was nowhere to be found. She needed blood! Buffy managed to pull the shackles from the wall that she was chained to and got out to find some fresh blood.

“Now, time to look for some fresh meat!” Buffy said, baring her fangs. “I’m going to love this new life!”

Buffy managed to find some poor unsuspecting fool she could feed on while Spike, Angel , Giles and the Scoobies landed in what is now Cleveland, due to Sunnydale being destroyed by the dragon.

“I don’t think I’m going to like it here?” Xander said, when they departed the airport.

“It certainly isn’t Sunnydale.” Anya said.

“Well, we can’t go home.” Angel said.

“That’s because there is no Sunnydale.” Spike said.

“We’ll just have to make the most of it.” Giles said to the group.

“If only we knew if Buffy had survived?” Spike said sadly.

“It’s not likely.” Angel said.

Just then, a girl with blonde hair looking much like Buffy ran past them.

“Man, that girl looks a lot like Buffy.” Spike mused.

“That’s because it was Buffy.” Angel said, running after the girl.

“OMG! It was.” Spike said following Angel, with the Scoobies following close behind.

They found Buffy feeding on fresh kill as she sucked the blood from the guy.

“I can’t look.” Giles said when they all caught up to find Buffy sucking the blood from the guy.

Spike couldn’t believe what he saw…Buffy sucking blood from a human? She was one of them? Who had turned her? He vowed to find the one who turned Buffy, and kill them! They needed the Slayer…now that the Demons had destroyed Sunnydale and they were all forced to move to Cleveland. God how Spike hated it here!

“Spike, help me find Buffy!” Angel demanded.

Buffy had run off when she saw Angel and Spike. They couldn’t see her like this. One of them! A bloodsucker! As much as she enjoyed being one!

Meanwhile, in another part of Cleveland, Wesley and Willow were conducting their own search for the missing Buffy, when they were distracted by one of Kralik’s minions, hoping to destroy Willow and Wesley. Kralik had thought he’d seen the last of that Scooby gang when he kidnapped the Slayer and turned her, but no…they all had to move to Cleveland. That’s when Kralik decided to move to Cleveland. He had to destroy this Scooby gang. They couldn’t destroy his plan…to take over the world. He wanted to be King and the Slayer his Queen!

“Do you think he saw us?” Willow asked Wesley, as they hid in an alley from one of Kralik’s minions.

“No, but we’ll need to hide out here until all is clear.” Wesley told a nervous Willow.

As Wesley and Willow huddled close to each other in their cramped space, feelings of attraction haunted both Willow and Wesley as they each contemplated whether to give in to desire.



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I am a 51-year-old divorced mother to a 21-year-old boy, who is engaged to a 52-year-old man from Canada who also has a 17-year-old boy. I am an avid soap opera watcher who loves to write soap opera fanfiction as well as my own stories. I am currently in progress writing and trying to get published my own creations.
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