Chosen Rage: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction


Buffy makes an angry wish against the Slayerettes in Season 3’s ‘Dead Man’s Party’ because they didn’t forgive her for running out on them. It takes a drastic turn when she is vamped and finds that she can’t change it. Will her friends ever get her back or is her hate for them real and genuine, not the soul? Who is right and who is wrong in a tug of war fight?

Chapter 1

On the night, that the Scoobies voted her back to L.A., she screamed her heart out.

“God, I wish they were dead so that way I can stop hearing them!” Halfrek’s face changed and she smiled.

The room and scenery whirled into another time line and place, a wish made by the world of D’Hoffryn. She became the Dark Slayer wearing heavy makeup and wanting to be turned. Her wish was from deep down within, a truly evil ‘heart’ so she got it granted, sighed Halfrek gulping Vodkha and speaking to her boss. D’Hoffryn lifted his own glass of Orange Westishae to his mouth. The place was beginning to bug him with a bunch of smart aleck teenagers. He glared at a particular group.
Chapter 2

The Dark Slayer smiled with glee at her black trimmed fingernails like she felt relaxed, like everything was alright now that she’s in this brave new world. Then, when a human passed her by, she suddenly wanted to toss him off a building. The old Slayer would have cared. Would have stopped it. Not Lady Death. Instead, she glared at his retreating back with a cold smirk. “I can get used to this!”

The town looked dead. Everything was turned upside down and people shrieked as monsters killed them. Because she was boss. She had the edge. Even the Vampires/Demons strayed from her. They knew who she was.

“Hey you,” she hollered at Vamp Jonathan.

He turned to her shivering. “I want you to sire me, tonight!”

Chapter 3

Blood oozed out of her neck along the twin puncture holes on one side as she lied there silent and dead, pale as the moon. Blood dripped down his chin as he gazed upon his childe, but knew that she would be the more powerful one, first child to dishonor her sire. He knew the power and venom in this demon. As a human, she had been terrifying, liking to inflame her victims. Hanging them upside down on a circular wheel. She never went for a fast kill.

Willow Rosenburg regretted her actions as the police questioned Joyce on Buffy’s disappearance. She watched in dismay as Joyce went with them to the station. She knew the woman was destroyed. In fact, she glared at Xander and her, making them flinch. In fact, she now glared at Xander.

“You know, you can make Angelus look like a puppy! You and Cordy hurt people with your words!”

The teen sat there and clutched his head. “All my fault…!”

His ex tried to comfort him, but he threw her off. “Get away Cordelia before I hurt you!”

Chapter 4

Buffy, the dark slayer knew she was the powerful one and tossed Jonathon aside as she went hunting for more. She found some poor unsuspecting girl just sitting on a park bench when she went walking through the park.

Buffy would have felt sorry for the poor girl, but dark Buffy went in for the kill as she swooped in and sired the poor girl and drank her blood, then let the girl drink from her. Another victory for the Dark Slayer. . . .

Meanwhile, back at Giles’ store, the Scoobies were thinking of a way to get Buffy back while Spike and Angel each took it upon themselves to find Buffy on their own.
Angel was the first to find Buffy as he watched what looked to be Buffy but with darker makeup sire another victim. As Dark Buffy was about to leave and prowl for more victims, Angel grabbed her arm.

“Who the . . .” Dark Buffy began to say.

“Buffy?” Angel asked.

“Who the hell are you?” Dark Buffy spat at him.

“No! Say they didn’t turn you?” Angel said, but knew what would have been his heart that she was turned.

“I’m Buffy, Dark Buffy.” She told him. “’The new and improved Buffy.”

Angel hated to do it, but he knew what he had to do. . .as he knocked Buffy unconscious just as Spike had managed to find them together.

“Spike, I found Buffy. . .” Angel began.

“And you knocked her out?” Spike questioned him.

“You don’t understand?” Angel told him. “Buffy’s been turned.”

“Buffy’s been turned?” Spike pondered the idea.

“Yes, we need to find a way to turn her back.”

“Ah, Angel, I don’t think that can be done.” Spike said.

“Well, we have to find a way.”

“Okay, but I don’t think the other demons will like it.”

Spike followed Angel and Buffy back to Giles’ store as Giles and the Scoobies Gang looked astonished at Buffy’s new look.

Chapter 5

“She’s not. . .” Willow said disbelievingly.

“I’m afraid she is.” Angel said sadly.

“Angel says we need to find a way to turn her back.” Spike says doubtfully.

“Can that be done?” Willow asks.

“We have to try. We can’t let Dark Buffy reign.”

“Angel is right. We have to get the Slayer back.” Giles says.

Angel lays Dark Buffy in a darkened room while the rest of them think of a way to get Buffy back. As the Scoobies, Giles, and Angel are trying to find a way to bring Buffy back, Spike is caught off guard when he spies on the sleeping Buffy and happens to awaken her.

“Who are you?!” Buffy growls at Spike.

“Spike.” Spike introduces himself to Dark Buffy.

“What do you want with me?”

“I want nothing from you. . .except maybe. . .your love.”

“I love you?” Dark Buffy asks.

“Well, we have had a thing.”


“We had one night.” Spike fills Dark Buffy in.

“Well, I don’t like you so I don’t see how I could love you. You don’t look like my type.”

“And what is your type?”

“Not you, that’s for sure.” Dark Buffy says as she gets up from the bed and knocks Spike across the room and leaving the building before anyone can stop her, leaving Spike unconscious.

“See ya! Wouldn’t want to be ya!” Dark Buffy says.

Dark Buffy intended to thwart the Scoobies plan to bring Buffy back. There was no way she was ever going to forgive them for what they did. Dark Buffy was here to stay, whether anybody like it or not.

Chapter 6

Dark Buffy went on the lam through Sunnydale. She was hungry…hungry for blood. She spotted some poor soul sitting on the bridge railing contemplating suicide…probably some poor guy whose girl just dumped him…maybe she should put him out of his misery and just drink his blood…Dark Buffy thought.

But before she could drink the poor guy’s blood, she heard moans from under the bridge. She looked under the bridge to find Cordy and Xander making out.

“Ahem!” Dark Buffy coughed to get their attention.

“Buffy!” Cordy screamed, knocking the guy on the bridge into the water to his death.

“Damn it!” Dark Buffy said under her breath, as she watched her dinner go into the river.

“Buffy!” Xander exclaimed, unaware of Buffy’s turned status.

“I see you two can’t get enough of each other!” Dark Buffy scoffed.

“Well, we thought no one was around!” Cordy told Buffy.

“Well, you thought wrong?” Dark Buffy exclaimed.

“So, where were you?” Xander asked.

“I was with…” Buffy began but never got to finish her thought when Spike happened along looking for Buffy after he came to.

“Buffy? You took off on me?” Spike asked, still confused from the decking Buffy gave him.

“Sorry, Spike! Had things to do!” Dark Buffy said, ired.

“Well, how about it?” Spike asked Dark Buffy.

“About what?” Dark Buffy asked, determined to ditch Spike, but Xander and Cordy were curious as to what Spike meant.

“About being lovers?” Spike inquired.

“Ewwwww!” Cordy said, disgusted. “You and Buffy?!”

“What about it, Cordy?!” Spike said, hurt.

As Spike, Xander and Cordy were arguing, Dark Buffy saw her chance and managed to escape the three of them. All Dark Buffy could think about was getting some blood to curb the hunger she felt.



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