Buffy vs. the Buffybot: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

When Spike created the Buffybot, it was meant only for him. The Buffybot has been botnapped by Glory in another attempt to rid the world of Buffy and open the portal to her world. Will Buffy find the Buffybot and destroy it before Glory can use it to open the portal to bring her world back?
Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Angel – David Boreanaz
Spike – James Marsters
Willow – Alyson Hannigan
Xander – Nicholas Brendan
Rupert Giles – Anthony Head
Wesley – Alexis Denisof
Cordelia Chase – Charisma Carpenter
Anya – Emma Caulfield
Dawn Summers – Michelle Trachtenberg
Glory – Clare Kramer
Chapter 1
“You love me, right, Buffy?” Spike said to his invention the Buffybot.
Spike has been down since Buffy called it quits between them. He can remember the conversation between them:
“I’m in love with Angel.” Spike recalled Buffy’s words breaking off their relationship.
Spike couldn’t believe that Buffy could just let it end because of Angel. Angel for all people, or vampires. He was a helluva lot good looking than that twit? What did she see in him anyway?
Spike went to the refrigerator to pull out a fresh pint of blood to sustain him and found that the refrigerator was empty. “Well, time to go hunting!” Spike said to the Buffybot. “Be back later.”

Spike went to hunt for fresh blood to curb his hunger. Along the way he ran into Buffy.
“So, Buffy, how is Angel?” Spike asked with hurt in his voice.
“Angel is fine, thanks!” Buffy replied.
“Well, you two must have had some laugh at my expense?” Spike continued obviously still hurt that Buffy ended things between them.
“Spike, go back home!” Buffy told him.
“Gee, I’d love to, but I seem to be out of fresh blood.”
“Well, go find some fresh warm body to suck the blood from.” Buffy responded. “I am busy right now.”
Buffy took her dagger and jammed it through the demon that was about to take Spike out.
“What the hell was that?” Spike asked.
“I don’t know but something is happening. I just don’t know what?!”

Meanwhile, Glory’s minions had paid her a visit.
“I have what you asked me to retrieve.”
“It’s about time!” Glory spat out as she grabbed the Buffybot from the minion’s hands.
“What the hell do you want with this thing?” the minion asked Glory.
“You’ll find out all in due time!” Glory replied to her minion with a gleam in her eye. “And soon, so will all of Sunnydale!”
Chapter 2
Spike returned home to find that his Buffybot was missing from his cave. Spike ran out of the cave looking for the Buffybot, thinking she must have gone out scouting about.
After about an hour with no luck, Spike high-tailed it over to Buffy’s house to see if she could help him find the Buffybot.
“Spike, I thought I told you it was over?!” Buffy spat out at him.
“I’m here on another matter.” Spike said to her.
“What could that be?” Buffy said clearly uninterested in what Spike wanted and just wanted him gone.
“Buffy, please?” Spike pleaded with her. “The Buffybot is missing!”
“The Buffybot is missing?” Buffy said, confused. “You still have that thing?”
“It’s a long story. . .one I don’t care to rehash with you right now.” Spike replied back.
“Well, how do you know it’s been botnapped?” Buffy asked Spike.
“I looked everywhere and she’s nowhere to be found.” Spike explained.
“You call it a she. . .as if it’s human?” Buffy quizzed Spike.
“She’s a companion.” Spike told her.
“You want a robot for a companion?”
“She’s the next best thing to the real thing.”
“You can’t have me, so you made a robotic copy?” Buffy said incredulousy. “I knew there was something off with you?”
“Please, Buffy, can you stop with the questions and just find her?” Spike pleaded again.
“Fine. I had nothing planned anyway!” Buffy said, as she grabbed her jacket and locked the front door to her home, as Spike followed along.
“So where or who do you think has this . . . Buffybot?” Buffy asked.
“I don’t know? That’s why I came to you.”
“Well, let’s head over to Giles’ store and check in the him and the others and see if they can figure out some ideas where the Buffybot could be.” Buffy said as they headed over to Giles’ store.
While Buffy, Spike and gang were trying to come up with ideas where Buffybot could be, Glory was reprogramming the Buffybot to turn it against Buffy and Spike and the Scoobies.
Chapter 3
Cordy was walking downtown Sunnydale on her way to meet Xander when she encountered Buffy.
“Buffy, what are you doing here?” Cordy asked her.
The Buffybot, which had been reprogrammed by Glory, played along with Cordy, making her think she was Buffy.
“I was supposed to meet Spike here.” The Buffybot said in Buffy’s voice. “Isn’t Spike sexy?”
“Yeah, sure! If you like that sort of thing!” Cordy said, surprised that Buffy was ogling Spike.
“”Well, have you seen him?” the buffybot asked her.
“No, I thought you were with him?” Cordy asked.
“I’ve been looking for him and Bu- er, Angel.” The buffy said, hoping Cordy didn’t notice her near-slip of the tongue.
“What do you want with both Spike and Angel?”
“It’s private.” The buffybot said.
“Well, Buffy, I hope you find them.” Cordy said heading on her way to find Xander.
“Yeah. Thanks for nothing!” the buffybot said.
The buffybot hid from view when she spotted Spike with Buffy. She had to get Buffy away from Spike so Glory to kidnap Buffy like she was programmed by Glory to do.
The buffybot saw her chance when Spike left Buffy’s side to fight off a demon. When Buffy was busy fighting the demon, the buffybot tossed Spike into the bushes just as Glory came out from behind the bush and knocked Buffy on the head. Then Glory nodded to her minions to take Buffy away, as she motioned to the buffybot to do what she was supposed to do before heading off before Spike woke up.
10 minutes later, Spike woke up to find, unbeknownst to him, his buffybot, disguised as Buffy, nursing him back to health.



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