Buffy & Spike: The Passion Continues


After denying their feelings for years, Buffy and Spike finally give into and have a night of passion. But when Angel returns to help solve a mystery, old feelings resurface between the slayer and her first love. As Buffy works to solve the mystery with Angel, will it drive a wedge between Buffy and Spike, or bring them closer?


Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Dawn Summers– Michelle Trachtenberg
Spike – James Marsters
Willow Rosenberg– Alyson Hannigan
Xander Harris– Nicholas Brendan
Anthony Head – Rupert Giles
Anya – Emma Caulfield
Angel – David Boreanaz
Cordelia Chase – Charisma Carpenter
Tara Maclay – Amber Benson
Glory – Clare Kramer
Faith – Elisha Dushku
Wesley – Alexis Denisof

Chapter 1

“Buffy, you don’t know how long I’ve longed for this.” Spike confesses to Buffy as he kisses her after the two finally give into passion.

For years, Buffy detested Spike. She believed that Spike was out for himself. When hate turned to friendship, and Spike’s feelings for Buffy grew stronger, Buffy hated to admit that her feelings for Spike were growing stronger too. So instead of admitting these feelings for Spike, Buffy continued her “loathing” for Spike.

Now after their first passionate embrace, entwined in each others bodies, Buffy kissed Spike back, enticing him to enter her again, as Spike gave in and made love to Buffy again.

But the lovemaking was short-lived when Buffy’s cell rang.

“Ignore it, Buf.” Spike said, kissing her more deeply to make Buffy forget her slayer duties.

“I can’t Spike.” Buffy said, as she picked up her cell and answered it.

Spike groaned as he rolled off of Buffy and laid back in bed, while Buffy took the call.

“Hey, Willow, what’s up?”

“Buffy, we have a problem!” Willow cried.

“What’s wrong, Willow?”

“Giles is missing!”

“What?” Buffy exclaims, as she gets up to get dressed. “I’m on my way!”

Buffy ends the call and demands Spike to leave before Dawn got home.

“Hey, Buf.” Spike says, giving her one last kiss before they go their separate ways. “Remember. I love you.”

“Thanks Spike, but I don’t have time right now. Giles is missing and I need to be going.” Buffy says, feeling guilty about her time with Spike.

Buffy leaves her home and is on her way to Giles’ store when Xander meets her along the way.

“Hey, Buffy, where have you been? Enjoying a moment with Spike?” Xander asks, half joking, half serious, sensing the special bond between Buffy and Spike.

“Ha ha! Very funny, Xander!” Buffy exclaims, feeling guilty that she actually was with Spike.

“No, seriously, where you headed to?”

“Willow called me and said Giles is missing!” Buffy informs Xander. “I’m on my way to meet Willow at Giles’ store.”

Xander and Buffy rush to meet Willow at Giles’s store, as Spike does some sleuthing on his own.

Chapter 2

At Giles’ store, Willow and the rest of the gang were waiting for Buffy to arrive. Buffy took charge as soon as she arrived with Xander, who had met her on the way to the store.

Buffy and gang discussed the plan to find Giles’ and then left the room when she got a call from Spike.

“Spike? What’s up?” Buffy asked as soon as she was out of earshot of the others.

“You need to meet me!” Spike ordered.

“I love you too, Spike, but we need to find Giles.” Buffy said, resisting his charms.

“This has to do with Giles.”

“What? You found Giles?”

“No, but I think I may know where he is?”

“I’m on my way. . . “ Buffy said hanging up her cell.

15 minutes later Buffy met Spike in the graveyard where he told Buffy he was waiting.

“Ooh, Spike…..a graveyard. How romantic?!” Buffy said sarcastically.

“I’m not trying to be amorous, Buf.” Spike explained. “I think this is where Giles is buried?”

“Giles is dead?” Buffy questioned in disbelief.

“No, not dead. Buried alive!”

“Buried alive!” Buffy shouted as she started to dig to save Giles.

“Relax, Buf!” Spike tried to calm her down. “There’s a tube coming out of the ground which means he can breathe.”

“Who would play a cruel joke like this?” Buffy said irately.

“Me!” Glory said as she stepped from beyond the shadows.

Buffy turned around to see Glory.


“What’s wrong, Buffy? Cat got your tongue?” Glory said sarcastically.

“Why would you bury Giles alive?!” Buffy demanded from her.

“Because you foiled my plan to unlock the portal that would grant me unlimited access!”

“So, you buried Giles alive as payback!”

“What do they say? Payback’s a bitch!” Glory said as she disappeared, leaving Buffy and Spike to get Giles out of the grave.

“Well, Buffy, start digging.” Spike suggested, as Xander and the gang showed up per Buffy’s call to help.

Chapter 3

Buffy, Spike and Xander managed to dig Giles out of his grave alive but unconscious from lack of air. As Buffy performed CPR on Giles, she got his heart beating again and oxygen to his brain while Xander called the paramedics to have Giles transported to Sunnydale General Health.

Glory had to come up with another way to gain access to the portal that Buffy ruined. She couldn’t believe that Buffy survived after she jumped to her “death” that closed the portal access. And she was even more upset that Giles had survived his prison in the grave. What did she have to do to get what she wanted. She had to get the key to that portal. But now that Dawn was revealed to be the key and the plan was foiled, Dawn couldn’t be used to gain access to the portal. A new key had to be made—and Glory was going to be the one make that key!

Meanwhile, Buffy, Spike and the Scoobies visited Giles at the Sunnydale General Health to make sure Giles was doing alright.

“Giles, we wanted to see how you were doing?” Buffy said as she entered Giles hospital room.
“I’m alright.” Giles told her. “I can’t believe I was buried alive by Glory?”

“Well, Glory said it was payback for ruining access to the portal.” Buffy explained.

“You risked your life and Glory had to seek revenge for that by burying me alive?” Giles wondered more to himself than to Buffy and gang.

“Well, I don’t think Glory is done trying to get through the portal.” Buffy advised.
“Oh?” Giles asked her.

“No. I think Glory is going to look for another way into that portal.”

“Well, we’re going to make sure she doesn’t succeed at it again.” Giles told Buffy and gang.
“Right.” Spike agreed.

“Well, Giles, get some rest so we can get back to work on the Glory issue.” Buffy told him as she and Spike departed Giles hospital room.

Buffy and Spike got back to his cave and celebrated saving Giles’ life by getting passionate. They couldn’t take their hands off each other once they had gotten to Spike’s cave.

After making love amongst the rocks and sea, Buffy and Spike were hard at work trying to figure out a way to diffuse Glory’s plan to gain access to the portal.

Chapter 4

Buffy and Spike were in the midst of getting passionate as the two lovers found renewed hope and had a hard time keeping their hands off each other…that is, until they were interrupted by a surprising visitor.

“Hey, guys!” Angel exclaimed interrupting Buffy and Spike’s lovemaking.

“Angel?” Buffy said, surprised to see him as she grabbed Spike’s shirt to put over her to cover herself up.

“Angel!” Spike said a little irked as he pulled up his pants.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt your… er, night!” Angel apologized. “But I heard about Glory’s plan and thought I would stop by and see if I could help?”

“Yeah, whatever you say.” Spike said jealously.

“Well, let’s go!” Buffy said not wanting to see the fight that would escalate between Spike and Angel over her.

Buffy, Spike and Angel went out looking for Glory and encountered Glory’s minions instead. As Buffy, with the help of Spike and Angel, fought off the minions, Glory was watching via her crystal ball.

“Just wait for our encounter, Buffy.” Glory laughed maniacally. “You’ll wish you were fighting my minions instead!”



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