The Battle for Eli’s Heart: A Gabi, Eli & Lani Love Triangle

As Gabi and Eli become closer in their relationship, Lani withdraws further from JJ after overdosing and forming a close friendship with Eli. When Gabi finds out, the two girls are at odds with each other. Who will win Eli’s heart? And Chad continues his pursuit in winning back Abigail as she becomes closer to Dario Hernandez.
Gabi Hernandez – Camila Banus
Lani Price – Sal Stowers
Eli Grant – Lamon Archey
JJ Devereaux – Casey Moss
Chad DiMera – Billy Flynn
Abigail Devereaux-DiMera – Marci Miller
Dario Hernandez – Jordi Vilasuso
Jennifer Rose Horton-Devereaux – Melissa Reeves
Eric Brady – Greg Vaughan
Chapter 1
“Eli, I want you to know how much I enjoyed our fifth date.” Gabi told Eli over dinner.
“I like you Gabi, despite the interference from my grandmother, Julie.” Eli replied.
“Yeah. Who’d a thought I’d have to face Julie’s wrath?” Gabi wondered.
“Hey, give it some time. Julie will come around.” Eli encouraged.
“Yeah. I hope so.”
Eli touched Gabi’s hand as the two succumbed to a kiss as a vengeful Julie watched from afar, vowing to destroy his budding relationship with Gabi.
At Salem University Hospital, Lani was still hiding her withdrawal symptoms from JJ as he tried desperately to reach out to her.
“Go away, JJ!” Lani yelled at him as he entered her hospital room.
“I’m just want to help!” JJ pleaded.
“I don’t need your help!” Lani continued to scream at him, sending in Maxine to see what all the commotion was.
“Hey, hey, hey, can we cut out all the noise in here? We have other patients trying to rest!” Maxine berated JJ and Lani.
“I’m sorry, Maxine.” JJ apologized.
“What’s going on in here?” Maxine asked the two of them.
“Just tell him to leave.” Lani ordered.
“I just want to be there for Lani, but she refuses to let me help her.” JJ pleads.
“JJ, I think maybe it’s best if you leave for the time being. Just until Lani calms down.”
“Okay, but I’ll be back later.” JJ replies as he heads out, bummed about Lani’s behavior.
“Please keep JJ out.” Lani pleas with Maxine.
“Okay, if that’s what you want. Now get some rest.” Maxine encourages.
“Okay. But when you see Eli, can you tell him to come by?” Lani requests.
“When I see Eli I will tell him to stop by.” Maxine tells her. “Now, get some rest.”
Lani tries to drift off to sleep but the withdrawal symptoms are just too much for her to bear. She hoped Eli came quickly. She needed to see him.



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