Playing With Fire: A Thomas Forrester Story

All Thomas wants is Caroline’s heart, but she is committed to his father, Ridge. So Thomas cooks a plot to seduce Ivy, who is involved with Wyatt. Who’s heart will be broken and will Thomas get the girl he really wants?
Thomas Forrester – Pierson Fode
Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Caroline Spencer Forrester – Linsey Godfrey
Ivy Forrester – Ashleigh Brewer
Wyatt Fuller-Spencer – Darin Brooks
Steffy Forrester – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Brooke Logan – Katherine Kelly Lang
Bill Spencer – Don Diamont
Katie Logan Spencer – Heather Tom
Chapter 1
“C’mon Ivy, forget Wyatt!” Thomas said as he tried to kiss Ivy on the lips. “I can give you more Wyatt any day!”
“Thomas, please.” Ivy pleaded, trying to resist Thomas’ advances, but all she could do was succumb to Thomas’ kiss, just as Wyatt walked into the office.
“What’s going on here?!” Wyatt said, with a hurt look on his face when he witnessed the kiss between Thomas and Ivy.
“Wyatt, it’s not what you think.” Ivy pulled herself out of Thomas’ grasp.
“It looks like you were kissing Thomas?” Wyatt replied.
“No, Wyatt, Thomas was kissing me.” Ivy explained.
“I didn’t see you trying to stop it.” Thomas said, trying to discredit Ivy in front of Wyatt.
“That’s exactly what I saw.” Wyatt responded. “I’m outta here!”
As Wyatt walked out of the office, Ivy ran after him to beg him for his forgiveness. Thomas smugly smiled knowing the real reason he was doing all this. To win Caroline’s heart by making his father and Caroline think he’d moved on and stop his pursuit of Caroline.

“Wyatt, please.” Ivy said, calling after him.
Wyatt couldn’t resist Ivy no matter what he saw. He was in love with her for the first time since Hope left him.
“Alright, Ivy. Explain why I saw you kissing Thomas.”
“Wyatt, I wasn’t kissing Thomas. He kissed me.” Ivy explained. “I was trying to get free of him. But his grasp was too strong for me.”
“You’re not interested in Thomas?” Wyatt asked her.
“You’re the only one I want.” Ivy reassured him with a kiss.
“Okay. I forgive you.” Wyatt said, as they kissed and made up.
“Can we go home and continue this there?” Ivy asked.
“That sounds like a good idea to me.” Wyatt said, kissing her one more time before they headed home.
Chapter 2
Thomas was hurt when Caroline chose his own father over him. Why couldn’t she see how much he loved her—a lot more than his father ever could. Well, if Caroline could move on with his father, he was not going to wait for Caroline.
Thomas found himself at the Bikini Bar drowning his sorrows when his sister, Steffy came in with Liam.
“Thomas!” Steffy berated. “Shouldn’t you be working on your designs for the upcoming fashion show?”
“Who are you, Steffy? My mother?” Thomas said bitterly.
“Are you drunk?” Steffy said heatedly.
“What’s it to you?”
“I’m your supervisor!”
“Yeah. Because our father favors you over me!”
“Guys! Please!” Liam tried to diffuse the two siblings.
“Stay out of it, Liam!” Thomas exploded before heading out of the Bikini Bar.
“Thomas!” Steffy called after him, but Thomas kept walking.
“Just let him go, Steffy.” Liam told her. “Let him blow off some steam!”
Steffy did just that as she led Liam out onto the dance floor.
“Now this is more like it.” Liam said as he kissed her on the lips.
Thomas was a little tipsy when he found himself on the beach where Ivy and Wyatt were arguing. Thomas lay in wait until Wyatt left then made his move.
“Ivy?” Thomas said to a heartbroken Ivy.
“What do you want?” Ivy said in tears.
“What did Wyatt do?”
“I caught him in an embrace with Hope, and when I confronted him, we argued.” Ivy cried as Thomas reached out to comfort her.
Thomas was holding Ivy in his arms when Wyatt came to his senses and went back to Ivy to explain when he witnessed Ivy in Thomas’ arms.
“So, you basically accuse me of cheating on you with Hope and you’re here making out with Thomas?!” Wyatt said disbelievingly.
“It’s not what it looks like!” Ivy defended herself.
“I’m sorry, but I just saw you in an embrace with Thomas?” Wyatt accused.
“It was just a hug!”
“If you like Thomas so much, you can have him! I’m done!” Wyatt said as he walked off.
A heartbroken Ivy gave into Thomas’ embrace as the two kissed passionately on the beach.



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