Taylor’s Demise: Steffy & Hope’s Revenge on Taylor (A Bold and the Beautiful Fanfiction)


With Caroline and Bill out of the picture, Taylor Hayes had a plan to sink her claws back into Ridge again. But her ex-lover, Blake Hayes, had other plans for Taylor ousting her with a film from her past that would indicate that Taylor slept with Eric which produced Thomas, and Taylor slept with him that resulted in Steffy and Phoebe. Taylor’s actions would result in Steffy teaming up with Hope in a plot against her.


“Look at the life you’ve made!”Taylor huffed, pitifully, as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. “Some life!”

“Do you really have to depend on Ridge your whole life?” Taylor continued to stare at her reflection in the mirror as the thought hung in the back of her mind.

Charlie patted her hand as Taylor continued to flood her mind with images of Ridge, “Thinking about what I said.”

Chapter 1

Blake knew that Stephanie never died as he had Stephanie sent to the same tropical island where he had arranged for Sally Spectra to end up. It was Blake’s revenge against the two women: to live out the rest of their lives alone—together! Plus, Blake couldn’t afford to let it come out that Sally was his mother.

The only thing on Blake’s mind was vengeance against Taylor for hiding the truth from him that he was Steffy and Phoebe’s father and that their brother, Thomas was Eric Forrester’s. Blake loved the look on Stephanie’s face when he watched as she watched the video he had left for Stephanie and Sally to watch.

Blake intended to bring Sally and Stephanie back to L.A., but for now, he them right where he wanted them. Out of the way until he had his revenge on Taylor.
Just as Stephanie and Sally finished watching the video exposing Taylor’s lies, another mysteriously showed up. Curious as to what was on it, Sally popped it in the VCR and was shocked at what was on it: it was a video of Darla’s death at the hands of, not Taylor, but Steffy. Taylor covered up the fact that it was Steffy who ran down Darla and made it look like Taylor had done the deed herself, in an attempt to keep her daughter from going to prison for the hit-and-run.

Blake was loving the look on Sally and Stephanie’s faces as they watched the events leading up to Darla’s death. After getting the results he wanted from Stephanie and Sally, Blake headed for the airport and managed to get a last-minute flight for L.A.

“Hello, Babe!” Taylor heard the voice on the other end when she picked up her cell.

“Blake?!” Taylor said, a horrified look on her voice when she realized it was that of her ex-lover.

“I’m on my way to L.A.” Blake told her. “And I want to get to know my daughters.”

“I’m sorry Blake, but we never had any children.” Taylor told an obviously delusional Blake.

“Oh, but we do!” Blake said. “I know what you did!”

“I don’t know what you are talking about?” Taylor asked, worried.

“That Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe are not Ridge’s.” Blake was proud to point out.

“What are you trying to say, Blake?” Taylor said, worried.

“I know, Taylor.” Blake said. “Thomas is Eric’s son, . . ., and Steffy and Phoebe are mine?”

“Well, you’re right about Thomas, Blake. . .but . . .”

Taylor never got to finish her sentence as Blake hung up before Taylor could say another word.

“You’re the one who’s in for a rude awakening, Blake.” Taylor thought to herself. “Steffy and Phoebe are not your daughters, but you’ll find out once you get here. And I can’t wait to tell you how the twins were conceived.”

Chapter 2

Taylor worried what would happen when Blake got here. He wanted to get to now her girls, Steffy and Phoebe, but Taylor had a secret of her own, and one that she could not afford to get out. Blake was not the father of Steffy and Phoebe. Ridge was their father. Taylor could not let it out how she became pregnant with the girls. That she stole Ridge and Brooke’s embryo and had it implanted inside her uterus.

Thank goodness that Stephanie was dead. Taylor couldn’t imagine what Stephanie would do if she knew the truth—that the woman Stephanie hated most in the world was actually the mother of her granddaughters. Taylor would die before she let the truth out about the paternity of her children.

Back on the island, Sally and Stephanie came to the conclusion that they needed to put aside their differences and get off this island and back to L.A. They both agreed that their loved ones needed to know the truth about Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester.

“I know how we can do it!” Sally said, a scheme cooking up inside her head.

“What do you have in mind, Sally?”

“My ex, Clarke.”

“Why would he help you,?” Stephanie asked, remember how Sally dissed him at their last fashion show.

“Don’t worry, Stephanie. Clarke is CJ’s father.” Sally reminded her. “Clarke will come through for us.”

And as luck would have it, a helicopter was flying overhead. Sally and Stephanie threw more wood on the fire to alert the pilot of the helicopter. When the helicopter finally landed, they were shocked to discover it was Clarke piloting the helicopter.

“Clarke, darling.” Sally said, giving her ex a kiss and hug. “When did you learn to become a pilot?”

“Sally!” Clarke said, reciprocating the kiss and hug. “What a surprise it is to see you two?”

“It’s a long story, and one we will be glad to tell you. But it will have to wait until you get Stephanie and I back to L.A.” Sally explained to Clarke.

“Well, then, what are we waiting for.” Clarke said, as he motioned for the two ladies to board the helicopter.

Thanks to Clarke, Sally and Stephanie couldn’t wait to get back to their families and expose Taylor for the liar that she was.

Chapter 3

Blake arrived on Taylor’s doorstep to see his girls, Phoebe and Steffy, but Taylor had a surprise for Blake when he knocked on the door.

“Yes, I’ m looking for a Dr. Taylor Hayes?” Blake said, when Brooke answered her front door. Taylor had given Blake the address to Brooke’s condo so he wouldn’t see her or her daughters.

“I’m sorry, but Taylor doesn’t live here?” Brooke asked confused.

“I’m sorry, ma’am.” Blake said, turning to leave, as Blake figured out that Taylor had given him the wrong address, but Brooke, feeling sorry for the obviously cute hunk, invited Blake in for some tea.

“Would you like to come in for some tea?”

“Well, why not.” Blake said, thinking it would give him time to come up with a plan to get even with Taylor for giving him the wrong address.

“Well, Mr.—“ Brooke started to say.

“Sorry, ma’am, the name’s Hardwick, Blake Hardwick.” Blake introduced himself, not wanting this gorgeous hunk of woman to know who he really was, Taylor’s ex.

“Well, Mr. Hardwick, please have a seat on the sofa while I go fix us some tea.” Brooke offered.

As Brooke went into the kitchen, Blake dialed Taylor’s cell, “Nice one, Taylor!”

“Blake, what do you want?!” Taylor asked, irritated, unbeknownst to her that Steffy, Phoebe and Hope, who was staying over, were listening.

“I want to see my girls!” Blake whispered so Brooke wouldn’t hear.

“I told you, Blake, Steffy and Phoebe are not your children!” Taylor said over the phone, while Phoebe and Steffy looked horrified to learn that Ridge might not be their father.

“I know they are, Taylor, and I demand to see them!” Blake demanded, but Brooke was on his way out with tea and he had to cut the call short. “We’ll talk later, Taylor!”

As Blake enjoyed his tea with Brooke, Taylor was busy trying to avoid Blake at all cost. Steffy and Phoebe, the other hand, decided to take matters into their own hands and dialed Stephanie’s cell, not knowing that she had been stranded on an island with Sally and was on her way back to L.A. with Sally in Clarke’s helicopter.

“Gramma?” Steffy said when Stephanie answered her cell when it rang.

“Steffy?” Stephanie replied. “So nice to hear from you.”

“Gramma, Phoebe and I just heard some bad news!” Steffy said dramatically.

“Oh, no!” Stephanie said, worriedly, hoping they had not heard that they had been on an island for the last week.

“Yes, Phoebe overheard mother on her cell tell someone that Phoebe and I were not some guy’s children!” Steffy said saddened. “Please tell us that Ridge is our father?”

“I’m sure you heard wrong, darling.” Stephanie tried to calm Steffy down.

“I hope so.” Steffy said. “If Ridge isn’t our father, I don’t know what I will do?”

“Well, hang tight, dear.” Stephanie said. “We’ll be there shortly to explain things.

“Thanks, gramma!” Steffy said hanging up.

As Stephanie hung up with Steffy, Stephanie couldn’t wait to get home. Taylor has been lying about the father of her daughters? Hmmmmmm, what else has Taylor been lying about?



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