Jax’s Story: The Real Reason He Came Back to Port Charles

When Jax came back to Port Charles to deal with Carly and her search for Josslyn’s kidney donor, he also has another reason? His daughter with Alexis, named Chloe Morgan Jacks, after Chloe Morgan, Lila Quartermaine’s cousin and fashion designer who was killed by Stavros Cassadine. He finds their daughter on Cassadine Island where Helena has kept her prisoner after she had the baby kidnapped from a drugged Alexis.
Jake Martin is glad to see his friend when they were together on Cassadine Island. As Alexis and Jax struggle to deal with their daughter, Jake and Chloe kindle a sweet romance, much to Elizabeth’s dismay.
Jasper “Jax” Jacks – Ingo Rademacher
Alexis Davis – Nancy Lee Grahn
Molly Davis-Lansing – Haley Pullos
Kristina Davis-Corinthos – Lexie Ainsworth
Sam McCall-Morgan – Kelly Monaco
Jason Morgan – Billy Miller
Elizabeth “Liz” Webber – Rebecca Herbst
Franco Baldwin – Roger Howarth
Cameron “Cam” Webber-Spencer –
Ayden Spencer –
Jake Martin –
Chloe Jacks –
Chapter 1
Now that the drama with Jossalyn’s kidney donor was over with, Jax could get to heart of the reason why he really came back to Port Charles. He headed over to Alexis’ to talk to her about their daughter, Chloe Morgan Jacks, who didn’t realize that Alexis never told anyone about their daughter.
“Jax?” Alexis said surprised to see Jax at the front door when she opened the door.
“Alexis, we need to talk about our daughter.” Jax said worried.
“Our daughter?” Alexis said, confused at first, then remembered Chloe, whom she gladly let Jax take with him to Australia to raise.
“She’s been missing for years.” Jax said.
“Missing. How can that be?” Alexis said. “And for years? And you’re now just telling me?”
“I just now got an idea on where she’s been all these years.” Jax told her.
“Where do you think she is?”
“On Cassadine Island.” Jax told her.
“Cassadine Island?” Alexis asked. “Do you think Helena had something to do with it?”
“I wouldn’t put it past her.” Jax said. “She always did need to put one over on you.”
“True. So what do you want from me?”
“I need you to go with me to Cassadine Island to bring her back.” Jax said.
“Jax, I can’t do that.” Alexis told him.
“Why not, Alexis?”
“Because nobody here in Port Charles knows I have another daughter.” Alexis explained to him. “How would I explain Chloe to Julian and my daughters?”
“So, they will know they have another sister, just like Jossalyn.”
“I can’t do that to them.”
“Well, I think Sam, Kristina and Molly will somehow understand.” Jax said. “Right now, you’re coming to Greece with me to retrieve our daughter.”
While Jax and Alexis were on their way to his private jet that he had gassed and ready for their departure, they had no idea that Molly was in the hallway listening to their conversation.

In another part of Port Charles, at Liz’s house, a despondent Jake had Liz worried as she tried to figure out why he was so depressed.
“Jake, what’s wrong?” Liz implored her son.
“I’m just missing someone.” Jake told her.
“Who?” Liz tried to get him to tell her.
“A friend from the island where I was staying before Jason found me.”
“Oh, you met a little friend.” Liz said, assuming it was a boy. “Do you know his name?”
“Chloe.” Jake told his mother.
“A girl?” Liz said. “Did you know her long?”
“For about a year before I was brought back here.”
“Well, I’m sure she went back to her life when you came back home.” Liz said, hoping Jake would forget all about her.
“Yeah, I guess.” Jake said sadly.
“C’mon, let’s you, me and your brothers go get some pizza at Jake’s?” Liz said to Jake as she called upstairs to alert Cam and Aiden.
Chapter 2
Jax and Alexis were flightbound to Cassadine Island to find their missing daughter, Chloe, just as Sam and her sisters arrived at Alexis’ home and found her note:
“I had to go out on town on business. Love you all. Your mother.”
“What business do you think mom had?” Molly asked her also-curious sisters.
“I don’t know, but I intend to find out.” Sam said, dialing the airport for any flights out.
“Yes, Port Charles International Airport? How may I help you?” the counter agent asked.
“I’m looking for any outbound flights today?” Sam asked the agent.
“The recent one is to Greece.” The agent told Sam.
“Greece?” Sam asked, more to herself than to the agent. “Thank you ma’am. Can you book me flight to that destination?”
“To Cassadine Island?” the agent asked Sam.
“That’s the destination?” Sam asked. “Yes. Book me.”
“Me too.” Both Molly and Kristina chimed in.
“Make that 3 tickets to Cassadine Island, Greece.”
“3 tickets to Cassadine Island, Greece.” The agent punched into the computer. “Will you be paying now or when you get to the airport?”
“I’ll pay when I get to the airport.” Sam said to the agent before hanging up.
Sam, Molly and Kristina quickly packed a few things before heading off to the airport to catch their flight.

Meanwhile, on Cassadine Island, Jax and Alexis arrived at Helena’s castle to search for their daughter. When they knocked on the door, a little girl answered.
“Hello?” the little girl answered.
“Yes, is Helena here?” Jax asked the little girl.
“No, she stepped out for a while.” The little girl said, while Helena listened.
“Okay. We’ll come back later.” Jax said to the little girl.
After the little girl closed the door, Jax said to Alexis, “That’s her.”
“She’s our daughter?” Alexis asked.
“Yes. Can’t you tell?”
“If she’s our daughter, I’m going in!” Alexis said, as she banged on Helena’s door.
No answered, so Alexis let herself in with Jax following behind her.
“Helena?” Alexis called out, but no answered.
“C’mon, Alexis! This is useless.” Jax said to Alexis.
But just then, the little girl came out from hiding.
“What’s your name?” Alexis asked the little girl.
But the little girl just stared at Alexis and Jax.
“It’s okay.” Alexis told the little girl. “I won’t hurt you.”
“She won’t let me talk to anyone!” the little girl said, as she pointed to the door to the secret room.
“Who won’t?” Alexis asked, while Jax watched.
“The lady taking care of me.” The little girl said. “She said you were bad people.”
“You know us?” Jax asked.
The little girl pointed to two photos of Jax and Alexis sitting on the desk in the living room. Jax and Alexis looked at each other and nodded their confirmation that this was their daughter.
“Honey, come with us.” Alexis said as she grabbed the little girl’s hand as the three of them tried to make an escape from Helena’s castle, but Helena stopped them short.
“Just where do the two of you think you’re going with that girl?” Helena ordered.
“We’re taking our daughter with us?” Jax demanded.
“Oh, you think Chloe is your daughter, do you?” Helena smiled gleefully.
“We will take her back to Port Charles and have a DNA test done to prove it.” Alexis told Helena.
Just then, Jax and Alexis were knocked out as Helena’s bodyguards snuck up on them and hit them over the head with two lamps.
“Take them away!” Helena ordered the two men, as the men did as they were told and locked Jax and Alexis away in Helena’s secret dungeon.
“Chloe, why did you let those two in?” Helena asked her.
“I didn’t.” Chloe told her. “They came in on their own. I hid just as you told me.”
“Okay, dear. Let’s go get something to eat. I bet you’re hungry!” Helena said as she led Chloe out of harm’s way, just as Kristina, Molly and Sam arrived at Helena’s castle.
Chapter 3
Helena loved playing games and Jax and Alexis were going to get a game. They weren’t going to take Chloe from her. Her plan was foiled when Jason foiled her plan and took Jake back to Port Charles to that nasty Elizabeth. And Jason was going to pay for doing so. Which was why Chloe was so important to her. Helena planned on getting revenge on everyone in Port Charles.
As Helena and Chloe boarded the flight for Port Charles to do some damage control, Kristina, Molly and Sam managed to find Jax and Alexis locked in Helena’s dungeon.
“Mom!” Molly said to a grateful Jax and Alexis.
“Oh, you don’t know how happy we are to see you girls.” Alexis said to them.
“Where is Helena?” Kristina asked when they found Helena’s key that she had purposely left in plain sight, and unlocked the cell Jax and Alexis was in.
“You mean Helena isn’t here?” Jax questioned them.
“No, we searched the premises and Helena is nowhere to be found.” Sam told them.
“Damn her!” Jax said.
“What’s going on?” Sam asked.
“Helena took our daughter!” Jax said enraged.
“I’m sorry, come again?” Sam said confused.
“Chloe!” Alexis explained. “Helena has our daughter, Chloe.”
“You and Jax have a daughter?” Molly and Kristina said simultaneously.
“Which explains why you found the key to let us out?” Jax questioned. “Helena wanted you to find it. She wanted us to follow you.”
“Then why have you locked up?” Kristina asked.
“It’s all part of her game.” Jax explained.
“So, what next?” Alexis asked.
“We head back to Port Charles.” Jax told them all. “She’s on her way back to Port Charles.”



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