Farewell Jane Elliott

We bid you farewell
As we watch your final scenes
As Tracy Quartermaine
On ABC’s General Hospital
We have laughed
And rejoiced
With Tracy
You gave us your best
For over 30 years
But sadly,
Now is the time
For you to go on your way
As much as we will miss you
We wish you all the best
With what life holds for you next
Farewell Jane Elliot
And to Tracy Quartermaine
And Days of Our Lives fans
Will also remember you
as Angelica Devereaux (DOOL),
Cynthia Chandler (AMC),
Carrie Todd (GL),
Judy Trent (KL)


About Soap Opera Fanfics n More

I am a 51-year-old divorced mother to a 21-year-old boy, who is engaged to a 52-year-old man from Canada who also has a 17-year-old boy. I am an avid soap opera watcher who loves to write soap opera fanfiction as well as my own stories. I am currently in progress writing and trying to get published my own creations.
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