Blocking Out the Invisible Sun: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Time Line set in Season 1’s ‘Nightmares.’ Things start to spin out of control when the Slayer is lost to them due to her killing Billy Palmer and ruling the Hell Mouth.

Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Angel – David Boreanaz
Spike – James Marsters
Chapter 1
“Your old one is dead. Who killed him…?” She asked the sea of angry faces.
“Why should we believe a Slayer,” said one of the Master’s followers.
She walked closer to him. “Because even though we’re not related by blood, he’s my sire by right and through this dream reality as you can see is real thanks to the killing of the kid and the murder of an innocent by these hands as you can see is fully evil. I am on your side until you cross me. Which I warn you, will ‘not’ be good for you…”
“And by the way, I came to this time line by accident. You see, my smart aleck friends kicked me out of my house because I couldn’t save some worthless lives. I gave up my life and dreams for them and they rejected it. The Master made me see. Gave me clarity.”
Yes, he gave her clarity alright. To make her the strongest Vamp in existence. You see, after, she had run off to L.A. after destroying and closing Acathla, she returned home only to find herself on the wrong receiving end and made a Vengeance wish. Well, 2 Vengeance Demons were there and she’s now in her past body before she saved Billy Palmer. For a while, she was a prize captured and sold. Then, the Master bought her, gave her redemption and freedom plus justice on her tormenters brought before them in trial. And they were all staked. So, she simply waved the minion off. “Leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. Otherwise, it’ll get nasty,” she smiled.

Author’s note: This is about a Season 3 Buffy just coming back from L.A. only for the Scoobies to shut her out. Sets during ‘Dead Man’s Party.’ This is pretty much Spuffy as he’ll come and then, will fall for her, disappointing Dru to run off to Angel.
Chapter 2

Angel was clouded in darkness as he watched the meeting. It was a grand ceremony for the Vampires of course terrifying horror for the Scoobies. ‘She’s gone,’ and then walked away with a swish to his long black coat.

Whistler sighed to the Powers that Be. ‘This wasn’t supposed to happen.’
Female Oracle: Oh but it did and now, you know what has to be done. Send the Key to Faith and have her lead the Slayer line.
“Very well,” he shook his head and tipped his hat. “I’ll tell Angelus…”
But, 2 Buffies are sharing the same bodies, Season 3’s and Season 7’s. The one from Season 7 got kicked out by Dawn and the Scoobies and she made a wish too, sick of all the betrayals as well. Now, she has Season 3’s memories as well as Season 1’s. She is in there listening to her past selves talk, formulating a plan to take over the Vampires. She listened quietly, intently.

Season 1’s Buffy: This is wrong!

Season 3’s: Who cares, they’re all traitors!

The debate was getting louder causing her to rub her forehead. Absentmindedly, she reached up with Season 1’s hand to scrub the protruding bump. “Stop arguing!” They both frowned.
Season 3’s: This is the right decision.
Chapter 3

All of the Demons crowded around a large ornate box with the Vampire Queen in the middle, hovering over it with a flaming burning candle. The glow bounced off of the walls, lighting up the cavern. “It’s the ancient Talessa, a powerful witch,” she said to her companions.
“Why do we need a witch,” asked the same ignorant Vamp.
“I need a spell from her, a spell on time travel.”
“Why time travel…,” there was confusion and mumbling.
“To return home…” It was S7 this time talking. She needed to create trouble for the Scoobies. Oh, she’ll play nice being the white hat doing her slaying while hiding what she’s planning.

Author’s note: This is about a Season 3 Buffy just coming back from L.A. only for the Scoobies to shut her out. Sets during ‘Dead Man’s Party.’ This is pretty much Spuffy as he’ll come and then, will fall for her, disappointing Dru to run off to Angel. Also Season 7’s after they all agreed that Buffy wasn’t the right choice to lead them against the First and kicked her out.

They both made the wish at the same time, getting thrown into their Season 1’s body and there are 3 Buffies using it.
Chapter 4
Angel and the Scoobies were on a mission to squash out the minions while the 3 Buffies prowled around Sunnydale after making their wish. Dawn would pay for kicking her out of the house, and so would Angel and the Scoobies.
That’s when Buffy spotted Spike squash out another minion.
“Spike!” Buffy yelled out to him.
Spike turned around to see Buffy waiting for him.
“Buffy?” Spike asked confused, wanting her more now than ever.
Buffy sent a come-hither look toward him. Spike was hooked. He had fallen under Talessa’s spell as he sauntered on over to Buffy, who held out her arms to wrap him in them.
“Buffy, whatever changed your mind?” Spike questioned as he kissed her.
“It’s time we gave our love a chance.” Buffy seductively, as Spike kissed her some more.

As Spike kissed Buffy passionately, Angel and the Scoobies were busy fighting off the minions from Acathla.
Suddenly, Dru showed up, heartbroken after Spike dumped her.
Chapter 5
As Buffy and Spike made out nearly making love, Angel and the Scoobies were fighting off the minions when Dru was planning some revenge on Spike and Buffy.
But she was confused when she saw S3 Buffy walking in downtown Sunnydale and stopped her by calling out to her.
“Buffy?” Dru called out.
But S3 Buffy continued walking oblivious to Dru calling her name.
Talessa the queen laughed as she watched the drama unfold in Sunnydale. The 3 Buffies running around creating havoc in Sunnydale. Angel and the Scoobies doing Buffy’s job fighting off the minions. Things were going according to plan.
Meanwhile, Faith was headed over to Dawn’s house to retrieve the key to open the portal, unbeknownst to everyone who or what the key was.
“Faith, what are you doing here?” Dawn asked her. “Buffy doesn’t live here anymore.”
“I didn’t come here for Buffy.” Faith told her. “I came because I’m looking for something I left in your house.”
“Oh? What was it that you left?” Dawn quizzed her.
“A key.” Faith said.
“What makes you think it’s here?”
“I was here last night, so I thought I would retrace my steps to find it.” Faith explained.
“Very well, come in and have a look.” Dawn told her.
When Faith got inside, she grabbed Dawn and bound and gagged her and put a cover over her head so she wouldn’t know where she was. Then Faith took Dawn to Talessa so she could begin the next phase in the plan.
Chapter 6
After giving Dawn to Talessa, Faith relished in her new found powers as Slayer of Sunnydale. She couldn’t wait to face Buffy when she learned of her new title as The Chosen One.
Meanwhile, S7 Buffy was busy making out with Spike when Dru confronted a S3 Buffy.
“Buffy, I thought you were with Spike?” Dru asked confused.
“Spike, who?” S3 Buffy asked.
But Dru didn’t get a chance to reply when Angel came out of hiding from the Master after he managed to squash out all the Master’s minions.
“Angel?” Dru said, happy to see him as he was part of her plot to get back at Spike and Buffy.
“Dru. Buffy. You need to get out now.” Angel warned.
“Why, Angel? What’s going on?”
“The Master scorned, that’s what.” Angel said. “I wiped out all his minions.”
“Well, bravo, Angel.” Dru said, congratulating him with a kiss as Angel kissed her back in front of S3 Buffy, who seemed oblivious to their kiss.
As Dru and Angel finally came up from their kiss, Dru was hurt that Buffy seemed to lack hurt by their kiss.
“What is going on?” Dru asked herself. “
“What was that for, Dru?” Angel asked her, interrupting her thoughts.
“The kiss?” Angel questioned again.
“Nothing.” Dru said disappointed, before leaving Angel alone to find another way to get to Spike and Buffy, unaware that S7 Buffy and Spike were busy getting passionate elsewhere.
Chapter 7
While Dru was busy trying to figure out why Buffy wasn’t hurt by the kiss between her and Angel, S7 Buffy and Spike were interrupted during their make out session when a shocked Angel happened upon them.
“Buffy? I thought I saw you earlier with Dru and I?” Angel said, confused.
“Uh, yeah. I found Spike alone…and well…things just got out of control for us.” S7 Buffy covered.
“Oh, ok.”
“So, Angel, what are you doing here?” Spike said irritated.
“I needed time alone and thought I would come here.”
“More like come between the slayer and i?!” Spike accused.
“Correction…Buffy isn’t the slayer anymore…Faith is.”
“Excuse me…Faith is the Chosen One?” Buffy said, pretending to be shocked.
“Yeah. When you were nowhere to be found…Giles named Faith the Chosen One.”
“Great.” Buffy said.
“Excuse me. I thought you liked being The Slayer?” Angel said, confused.
“I did…but clearly my time is over.” Buffy said. “Let Faith take over.”
“You seem to be a little to happy that Faith is The Slayer?” Angel questioned.
“Well…what is they say…that’s life!” Buffy said. “C’mon, Spike, let’s blow this pop stand!”
As Spike and Buffy went off to be alone, Angel decided to head back to L.A. and get his son, Connor back, but was interrupted when Faith showed up with romance on her mind.
“Angel, I thought we had a date?” Faith asked him as Angel was heading out of Sunnydale.
“I don’t recall having any date with you, Faith?”
“C’mon, baby, don’t you remember making it last night?” Faith said, nuzzling his ear.
“Well, I need to get to L.A. ASAP.” Angel said, trying to get out of the date, but Faith persisted.
“Well, then, I’m coming with you.”
Chapter 8
Angel and Faith found their way to Connor’s mother’s house to find that no one appeared to be home. So Angel and Faith walked in to find Connor crying and his mother lying dead in Connor’s nursery.
“What the hell happened here!” Angel said as he picked up a crying Connor.
“It looks like a vampire siege.” Faith said as she examined Connor’s mother’s body.
“It’s too bad we didn’t get here sooner. We might have stopped it?” Angel said, holding Connor, trying to soothe his cries.
“Buffy would’ve stopped this before a human life was taken.” Angel said.
“You don’t think I will measure up to Buffy as The Slayer?” Faith said, hurt.
“Buffy had a way with things.” Angel said, reminiscing about Buffy and her time as The Slayer.
“Well, Buffy isn’t The Slayer…I am!” Faith said matter-of-factly.
“Faith, I’m sorry. I didn’t…” Angel started to say, but didn’t get a chance to finish as Faith ran out of Connor’s mother’s house with Angel, holding Connor, after her.
Back in Sunnydale, Spike and Buffy were making out, unaware that Dru was on the hunt for Buffy. When Dru found Buffy with Spike, it was an all-out catfight between the two women as the two fought for Spike’s non-existent heart.


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