Who Killed Deimos? A Days of Our Lives Whodunnit

After Nicole and Holly have been rescued by Deimos, Salemites are skeptical as to how Deimos managed to do so. But citizens of Salem are shocked when Deimos turns up dead down at the pier instead. Which Salemite is the culprit?
Nicole Walker – Arianne Zucker
Brady Black – Eric Martsolf
Chloe Lane – Nadja Bjorlin
Dario Hernandez – Jordi Villasuso
Rafe Hernandez – Galen Gering
Chad DiMera – Billy Flynn
Abigail Devereaux-DiMera – Marci Miller
Gabi Hernandez – Camilla Banus
Victor Kiriakis – John Aniston
Eduardo Hernandez – A Martinez
Kate Roberts – Lauren Koslow
Eric Brady – Greg Vaughan
Jennifer Horton-Devereaux
Chapter 1
“Nicole, please listen to me.” Deimos pleaded.
“Go away, Deimos!” Nicole said bitterly to him.
“Nicole, I rescued you from Xander! Doesn’t that prove anything to you?” Deimos continued to persuade her of his love for her.
“All I see is a vile evil man!” Nicole said to him. “I don’t want you in my daughter’s life. I’m with Brady now!”
“Please, I did all this for you. So you could get rightful custody of your daughter.”
“You made it possible for Chloe to take Holly from me!” Nicole shouted at him.
“Nicole, you kidnapped your own daughter. I was trying to help you.”
“Get out! Get out now!” Nicole raged as she threw a knife in Deimos’ direction, but narrowly missed Chloe as she entered the sitting room in the Kiriakis mansion.
“What is going on in here?!” Chloe asked, but surprised to see Nicole back, holding Holly.
“Nicole, you’re back!” Chloe raged. “Give me my daughter!”
“Please, Chloe, don’t take her from me!” Nicole pleaded with her.
“I’m calling the authorities! I want you put behind bars!” Chloe said, as she snatched Holly from Nicole’s arms.
As Chloe left with Holly, Nicole glared at Deimos as if she was going to kill him, “Thanks for all your damn love, Deimos! I hate you!”
Nicole walked out on Deimos and from the Kiriakis mansion.
At the DiMera mansion, Chad and Kate were discussing their plot to take the one thing from Deimos, and Victor—the Kiriakis empire. But they had to thank Deimos for taking over Victor’s businesses. It sure made it easy to take control. Kate and Chad both wanted the Kiriakis holdings and Deimos made that much easier for them.
“Deimos won’t know what hit him.” Chad told Kate.
“No, he won’t but what will he do about it when the acquisition is done?” Kate agreed.
“Well, he’ll obviously get even. But we will be waiting when he does.”
“So, when’s the meeting to take inform the board of directors of the acquisition?” Kate asked Chad.
“In about an hour.” Chad informed Kate.
“Good, but I think I need a strong latte. The suspense of waiting is going to kill me.” Kate said.
“Well, go do that. Then meet me at Kiriakis for the meeting.” Chad told her, as she left the DiMera mansion.
“See you in an hour.”
Chad had one more thing to do before the board meeting at Titan. One that Kate would just love…



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