Saving Chelsea: A Max & Chelsea (Chax) Romance

Max Brady heads to London to surprise Chelsea Brady with a romantic proposal after he realizes he loves her. But after learning via Billie Reed that Chelsea has been kidnapped, Max receives an anonymous text that sends him back to Salem. While in Salem, Max learns of Caroline’s visions when Caroline has a vision of Chelsea’s whereabouts. Will Max be able to save Chelsea and live his life happily with her?
Max Brady – Darin Brooks
Chelsea Brady – Rachel Melvin
Billie Reed – Lisa Rinna
Bo Brady – Peter Reckell
Hope Brady – Kristian Alfonso
Caroline Brady – Peggy McKay
Victor Kiriakis – John Aniston
Maggie Horton-Kiriakis – Suzanne Rogers
Ciara Brady – Vivian Johanson
Shawn Brady – Jason Cook
Belle Black-Brady – Martha Madison
Chapter 1
Max couldn’t wait to see Chelsea as his flight landed in London. He had a special surprise for her. He was about to propose to her after realizing that she was the one he wanted in his life. Anticipating see Chelsea, Max was getting off the plane when he received a text from Billie Reed, Chelsea’s mother, who know all about Max’s surprise for her daughter.
“Max, have you landed in London?” Billie text Max.
“Yes, I just got off the plane.” Max text Billie back.
“Meet me out front.” Billie text. “It’s urgent!”
“Okay. C U N a few.” Max text back, wondering what was wrong.
As soon as Max grabbed his luggage from the baggage claim, he met Billie out front of the terminal.
“Oh Max, I’m so sorry.” Billie said, sadly.
“Billie, what’s wrong?” Max asked concerned.
“It’s Chelsea.” Billie sobbed.
“She didn’t leave London?!” Max said, worried.
“Worse!” Billie said, barely able to speak.
“What could be worse than Chelsea leaving?”
“She’s been kidnapped!” Billie sobbed as Max comforted her.
“Kidnapped? By who?” Max asked, not believing her.
“I don’t know, but they left a note.” Billie said, showing him the note.
“I don’t believe this?!” Max said after he read the note.
“Oh, Max, and you were going to propose to her.” Billie cried.
“It’s okay, Ms. Reed. We’ll find her.” Max said reassuringly. “We just have to.”
Max helped Billie into a cab that took them both to Billie’s apartment. Once there, Max began making calls to find out where Chelsea could have been taken too.

After making a dozen calls trying to locate where Chelsea could be, Max got a lead that would lead him straight back to Salem.
Chapter 2
As soon as Max’s flight landed in Salem, Max headed over to Brady’s Pub to see Caroline to let him know he was back in town.
“How is the greatest mother in the world.” Max said as he entered the Brady Pub.
“Max, so nice to see you.” Caroline rejoiced to see Max again after his stint in college.
“I thought I’d come see my mother before I set off to for what I really came her for.”
“Oh, dear, I hope everything is okay?” Caroline worried.
“Well, I’m here to find Chelsea.”
“Omigosh!” Caroline wailed. “What’s happened to her?”
“She’s missing.” Max explained. “Billie and I think she’s been kidnapped.”
“And you’re here in Salem?”
“Well, that’s the weird part—my lead to Chelsea’s whereabouts led me here.”
“Well, I’m off to see Steve and see if he has any conclusions about my lead.” Max said as he gave Caroline a peck on the cheek before heading over to Steve’s.
After Max headed off to see Steve, Caroline headed back into the kitchen to do some prep work for the restaurant when she got the most excruciating headache. As she sat down to relax on a nearby stool, she saw images of a girl bound and gagged lying on a cot. Then she saw a mysterious figure that she couldn’t recognize.
Hope came into the Brady kitchen with the vegetables Caroline had asked Hope to get for her when Hope saw Caroline in distress sitting on a stool in the kitchen.
“Caroline, are you okay?” Hope said worried.
“Oh, Hope, I just had the most disturbing vision.” Caroline explained.
“What about?” Hope inquired.
“A young girl bound and gagged and a mysterious figure I couldn’t recognize was with her.”
“It’s not Ciara, is it?” Hope asked.
“Oh, now I know what it means.”
“What, Caroline?”
“It’s Chelsea!”
“Yes, Hope. Max was just by visiting when he mentioned he that Chelsea had been kidnapped.”
“Chelsea’s been kidnapped?”
“Yes, and after Max left, that’s when I had the visions.”
“Well, did Max say where he was going off to?”
“Yes, he said he was going over to Steve’s to see if Steve could find something out on his lead.” Caroline explained.
“Well, do you want me to take you over there to tell them?”
“Yes, I think that’s what I had better do. Max would want to know.”
As Hope and Caroline headed over to Steve’s to tell them of her vision, Chelsea had managed to get free of her ropes and gotten free as well as knocked the kidnapper out cold. Then she rummaged through the dilapidated building and found her cell to call Billie, but the cell had no battery.
Just as Chelsea was about to leave the building to find a phone so she could call her mom, the mysterious figure grabbed her.
Chapter 3
Max was at his wit’s end trying not to panic. He had the Brady’s to rally around him as they continued the search for Chelsea. Hope sat down in the booth with Max.
“Anything on Chelsea?” a worried Max asked Hope.
“Not yet.” Hope said sadly. “But we are doing everything possible to locate Chelsea.”
“I can’t believe she’s missing.” Max relented. “I was going to propose to her.”
“You were?” Hope said, wishing this was a happy time for the two of them. Ever since Chelsea accidentally ran down her son, Zack, Hope had had a hard time forgiving Chelsea. But in time, Hope began to see that Chelsea truly felt bad for what she did and knowing that helped Hope to forgive Chelsea.
“Hey, you two.” Caroline said coming over to Max’s table with some of her famous clam chowder. “I brought you two some clam chowder. You have to keep your strength up to find Chelsea.”
“Thanks, mom!” Max said gratefuly.
“Yes, thank you, Caroline.” Hope added.
As Hope and Max ate Caroline’s clam chowder, Hope saw the text from Rafe: New lead on Chelsea’s disappearance.”
“Max, I gotta go!” Hope said, as she rushed out of the Brady Pub, leaving Max in a quandary.

Later, back in the UK, Chelsea found herself bound and gagged in a tiny room. She couldn’t believe that she had managed to break free only to be knocked out again.
The door to the room Chelsea opened and in walked a women’s figure, “I hope you are finding you’re new lodging to your liking?”
Chelsea looked up and said: “You!!!!!”
Chapter 4
Max didn’t understand who could have taken Chelsea. He spent every waking moment, not that he got any sleep at all, looking for Chelsea. He had to find her. She had to be okay. But who had her? It was a mystery? Especially when there had been no ransom note. Nothing! Why was Chelsea taken?
Caroline, seeing Max’s hurt brought over a burger and fries, Max’s favorite, in hopes of cheering him up and giving him hope that they would find Chelsea.
“Thanks mom!” Max said gratefully. “But I’m just not in the mood to eat.”
“You have to keep your strength up.” Caroline encouraged. “Chelsea doesn’t want a skinny fiance.”
“Fi—“ Max started to say.
“C’mon Max, you heard about my visions.” Caroline interrupted him. “I had a vision that you were going to propose to Chelsea.”
Max just hugged her and started eating the burger and fries.

Back in London, Chelsea confronted her abductor, who none other turned out to be Kate Roberts.
“What do you want with me?” Chelsea said struggling to free herself of the chains Kate had her in.
“Simple.” Kate told her.
“Get in the good graces of my son.” Kate demanded.
“You had me kidnapped so I could help you reunite with Lucas?” Chelsea asked confused.
“And I thought you were so smart?” Kate said shaking her head. “No, not Lucas! Max!”
“Huh? I don’t understand?” Chelsea misunderstood Kate.
“Duh? Max is my son!” Kate pointed it out to her.
“Max is not your son!” Chelsea pointed that out to her. “Lucas, Austin and Rex are your sons!”
“And Max!”
“Huh? How is that likely!”
“I can’t get into the story of what happened right now!” Kate told her. “Right now we have a flight booked for the States!”
Kate unlocked Chelsea’s chains and handed her a burner phone.
“Call Max and tell him you’re on your way back to him.” Kate demanded. “But don’t mention anything about what I just told you.”
Chelsea took the phone and called Max.
“Hello?” Max answered his cell to a number he didn’t recognize, something he didn’t do, but his gut told him to answer.
“Max!” Chelsea said happily.
“Chelsea?” Max said nearly in tears.
“I’m on my way back to Salem!” Chelsea told him like Kate had instructed.
“Where have you been, Chels?!” Max asked her.
“I can’t talk right now. But I will tell you when I get back to Salem.”
“I love you, Chel—–“ Max started to say but the line went dead.
“Thank you.” Kate said as she took the phone from Chelsea. “Now, we have to get going before we miss the flight.”
As Kate and Chelsea headed for the airport for the flight, Kate recalled from her memory the night that she gave birth to Lucas. After Lucas was born, the doctor informed her that their was another baby waiting to be born. She couldn’t believe that she was pregnant with twins. Then the next thing she knew, everything went dark as she somehow passed out. When she came to, the doctor had told her that she had only one baby not two. Now after all these years, Kate has finally found the truth about what happened to that baby.
Chapter 5
Kate couldn’t believe that Max was Lucas’ twin brother. And the worst thing was Victor’s part in the kidnapping. Kate knew that if she kidnapped Victor’s granddaughter, he’d have to give a ransom. But Victor didn’t give one, which made Kate mad. Now the only thing to do was head to Salem and confront Victor himself for hiding her son from her and find out why he did it!
Kate and Chelsea’s flight landed in Salem and Kate couldn’t wait to see Victor. Kate sent Victor a text to meet. Victor replied back that he had no dealings with her. That made Kate mad so she decided it was best to ambush Victor since he wasn’t going to play nice.
So Kate took Chelsea and headed over to the Kiriakis mansion, where she was met by Maggie.
“Kate? Chelsea?” Maggie said shocked to see them.
“Grandma!” Chelsea cried out.
“Kate, what are you doing with my granddaughter?” Maggie demanded.
“I need to see Victor!” Kate demanded.
“Well, he’s sleeping and can’t be disturbed.” Maggie informed her.
“Well, I’m sorry, but he’ll just have to hear what I have to say.” Kate headed upstairs with Chelsea.
“Victor!” Kate yelled out.
Victor came rushing out to see what all the commotion was all about and that’s when he saw Kate with holding a gun to Chelsea’s head.
“Kate, are you crazy?!” Victor yelled at her.
“Just tell me why you did it!” Kate demanded from him.
“What are you talking about?!” Victor said, looking confused.
“You took my baby from me!” Kate revealed.
“Baby?” Victor questioned her. “What baby?”
“Max!” Kate yelled at him.
“Max is your son!” Victor looked at her shocked.
“Yes! He’s the twin that was born to me when Lucas’ was born!” Kate confessed. “The one that nurses at the hospital where Max and Lucas were born told me the other baby died!”
“So, what’s that’s got to do with me?” Victor asked surprised.
“Because you’re the one who took him from me, had Max given up for adoption!” Kate revealed Victor’s secret.
But it all ended there when Victor double over in pain from a heart attack as Maggie rushed to his side.
“Victor!” Maggie cried out.



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