Jack’s Secret: An EJ & Abby (Ejabby) Romance

When Jack died saving his daughter, Abigail, he took a big secret with him to his grave. But Stefano demands Jennifer pay up for Jack’s misdeeds, she refuses. To get revenge on Jack, Stefano demands that Jennifer hand over her daughter Abigail as EJ’s bride. To Jennifer’s chagrin, EJ and Abigail manage to make the most of this arranged marriage and fall in love. Will EJ and Abigail’s marriage survive Jack’s secret when it all comes out?
Stefano DiMera – Joseph Mascolo
Jennifer Horton Devereaux – Melissa Reeves
EJ DiMera – James Scott
Abigail Devereaux – Kate Mansi
JJ Devereaux – Casey Moss
Chad DiMera – Billy Flynn
Sami Brady-DiMera – Alison Sweeney
Chapter 1
While Jennifer, Abigail, and JJ mourned Jack’s death after saving Abigail from a fall, Stefano DiMera was livid to learn what Jack had done. He was going to make Jennifer pay for what Jack did as soon as Jack’s memorial service was over.

Meanwhile, friends and family of the late Jack Devereaux where gathering at St. Luke’s Cathedral to mourn their loss.
“Jennifer, how are you holding up?” Maggie asked the grieving Jennifer.
“I thought we lots of time left. Who knew Jack would die saving Abigail?”
“Jack is such a hero. I always knew that he loved his children.”
As Maggie and Jennifer were talking, John and Marlena had just arrived.
“John, I see Maggie and Jennifer. I want to go talk with them before I head in.” Marlena told John.
“Alright, Doc. I’ll go in and pick us a seat.” John said, as he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before Marlena went over to Jennifer and Marlena.
“Jennifer, Maggie.” Marlena greeted them with a hug. “How are you holding up Jennifer?’
“I’m holding. . .” Jennifer replied, nearly in tears.
Marlena just took Jennifer in her embrace. “I’m here if you need to talk.”
“Thanks, Marlena.” Jennifer said gratefully. “My, look at the time. We better be getting this started.”
As Marlena, Maggie and Jennifer headed into the sanctuary, Eric was standing up front waiting to start the service. Although he was no longer a priest, Eric got special permission to officiate at the proceedings for Jack’s service.
Jennifer sat down next to Abigail and JJ in the front of the sanctuary. Abigail looked across the aisle to notice that EJ DiMera had just sat down. EJ had shown up for Jack’s service against Stefano’s orders.
Abigail smiled at EJ as Ej smiled back at her. Abigail had felt an attraction but denied it ever since her crush on a very married Austin Reed. She had tried to break up Carrie and Austin when she saw that Carrie had developed feelings for Rafe Hernandez and had used it to her advantage to get Austin to notice her. In the end, Abigail lost the battle and Austin went back to Carrie.
Standing outside the sanctuary, Stefano watched as Abigail took the podium and poured out a heart-felt eulogy for her father. Stefano couldn’t wait for this farce of memorial to end so he could meet with Jennifer and make her pay for what Jack had done.
Chapter 2
After Jack’s memorial service ended, Stefano had Jennifer kidnapped by his henchman and brought to his mansion. When Jennifer came to in Stefano’s dungeon, she saw that Stefano was smiling down at her.
“Stefano!” Jennifer said, a bit groggy from having passed out.
“Well, nice of you to wake up, Jennifer.” Stefano continued smiling at her.
“What do you want with me?” Jennifer asked.
“I know what Jack did!” Stefano confessed.
“What do you mean, ‘what Jack did?’ “ Jennifer asked confused.
“Did you think he was going to get away with trying to take my company from me?!” Stefano railed at her.
“What? Why would Jack try to take DiMera from you?” Jennifer lied, pretending not to know what Jack was up to so Stefano wouldn’t come after her.
“Yes. And now that Jack is dead, you’re going to pay!”
“What do you want? I’ll give you anything!” Jennifer pleaded.
“Your daughter!” Stefano demanded.
“What do you want with Abigail?” Jennifer asked surprised.
“I don’t want her, personally.” Stefano said, making himself clear. “I want her to marry EJ!”
“What?” Jennifer asked surprised. “That’s absurd!”
“Abigail will marry EJ or I will turn you and Jack in for fraud!”
“Okay!” Jennifer said, giving into Stefano’s demands.
“Very well, Jennifer. You can go home and prepare your daughter for a marriage to my son.” Stefano demanded.

As Jennifer left the DiMera mansion, she wondered how she was going to convince Abigail to marry EJ. But little did Jennifer know, but Abigail was smitten with EJ and secretly dreamed of a life with him.
“EJ!” Stefano yelled upstairs to EJ’s room.
“Yes, father?” Ej said as he came downstairs to see what Stefano wanted.
“Prepare to be married again.” Stefano told him.
“What do you mean?” EJ asked.
“You’re marrying Abigail Devereaux.” Stefano informed him. “I’ve got it all arranged. Be at St. Luke’s Cathedral tomorrow for the ceremony.”
Chapter 3
Jennifer drove Abigail to St. Luke’s Cathedral without informing her of what was happening. She could bear the thought that Stefano demanded Abigail’s hand in marriage to EJ or he would expose Jack’s secret.
Jennifer walked with Abigail to the bride’s changing room and handed her the wedding dress that Stefano demanded Abigail marry EJ in. It was his mother’s dress and Stefano wanted the woman who married his son to wear it. Jennifer looked in horror as Abigail tried it on.
“Mom, why am I trying this wedding dress on?” a confused Abigail asked her mother.
“I surprised you with a wedding to EJ.” Jennifer lied, not knowing that Abigail was smitten with the dashing Englishman.
“A wedding to EJ?” Abigail mused at the thought of being Mrs. EJ DiMera.

15 minutes later, EJ was standing at the altar when Abigail stood at the entrance to the chapel, as he looked in awe at Abigail’s beauty.
Jennifer cried at the thought of her daughter being married to a DiMera. But Abigail couldn’t wait to start her life as Mrs. EJ Dimera.
“I now pronounce you, husband and wife.” Father Matthews said, as he concluded the ceremony, officially making EJ and Abigail a married couple. “You may kiss the bride.”
As EJ kissed Abigail at the altar, Jennifer cried tears of sadness as Stefano looked on happy at getting his way.

EJ took Abigail’s hand as they took to the dance floor for the first dance as husband and wife. While dancing, EJ and Abigail locked glances as they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Abigail was in awe. She couldn’t believe she was EJ’s wife.
“Stefano, I hope you’re happy!” Jennifer spat out. “My daughter is now married to your son!”
“You did what I asked and I thank you for that.” Stefano said gratefully.
“I just hope you keep your word as promised!” Jennifer told him.
“As long as Abigail stays married to EJ, Jack’s secret will stay buried.”
Jennifer went over to the wedding cake to announce the bride and groom’s cutting of the cake.
“May I have everyone’s attention!” Jennifer shouted loud enough to get the guests attention as she lightly tapped on a wine glass with a fork.
EJ and Abigail and their guests turned to face Jennifer at the sound of her voice.
“Everybody, it’s time for the cutting of the wedding cake.” Jennifer announced with as much enthusiasm as she could muster.
EJ led Abigail over to the wedding cake where Jennifer handed her daughter the knife to cut the first piece of wedding cake. As Abigail fed EJ the first bite of wedding cake, EJ opened his mouth as Abigail shoved the slice of cake in his mouth. Then she kissed him as she got a mouthful of cake in the process.
EJ took the knife from Abigail and sliced off a piece of cake and did the same to Abigail who gladly took the bite from her husband. As the guests cheered the happy couple, EJ kissed Abigail on the lips, as Jennifer looked on.
“Mom?” JJ crept up behind her. “How could you allow this mockery?”
“What are you talking about, JJ?”
“Abigail marrying EJ?” JJ blasted her. “It’s insulting to dad’s memory!”
Jennifer watched in horror as JJ left the cathedral. She wished with all her heart that Stefano hadn’t made his demands clear and have Abigail as EJ’s wife. But then Jennifer looked at her daughter and realized that Abigial wasn’t regretting Jennifer’s decision. It almost looked as if Abigail loved every minute of being EJ’s wife. “If only Abigail knew the truth behind this wedding?” Jennifer thought to herself. “Well, Jack’s secret would never come out as long as Abigail stayed married to EJ.”
Chapter 4
After EJ and Abigail’s wedding, Chad came up to Jennifer, “Why did you allow my brother to marry Abigail?”
“Can’t you see it, Chad?” Jennifer said to Chad, trying to convince herself, despite Stefano’s demands that Abigail marry EJ.
“I just can’t believe Abigail threw away what we had to marry my brother?” Chad railed.
“Chad, they’re in love.” Jennifer said, hating every word that came out of her mouth.
“I have to leave.” Chad said, running out of the cathedral.
Jennifer met Abigail at The Brady Pub where the Abby and EJ were having their reception. A jealous Nicole looked on trying to find a way to get EJ alone. Then Sami, also jealous, confronted Nicole with a deal.
“Nicole, I can help you break those two apart.” Sami said, nearly startling Nicole.
“Sami, how can you help?”
“I know why EJ married Abigail.” Sami told her.
“You mean EJ isn’t in love with her?”
“No, it was deal made by Jennifer and Stefano.”
“How do you know this?”
“I was listening in on Jennifer and Stefano make the deal.”
“But why would they make such a deal?”
“It has to do with a secret of Jack’s.”
“Jack had a secret?”
“What is the secret?” Nicole demanded.
“I can’t divulge that.” Sami said, because she didn’t yet know the secret.
Nicole waved to EJ and Abigail who had noticed them talking. EJ gave Abigail a kiss and said he had to rush off. He wanted to speak to Nicole about why she was talking to Sami, knowing her history with Sami.
“Nicole, you were awfully chummy with Sami just now?” EJ questioned her.
“Sami and I were catching up, is all?” Nicole told him.
“Catching up on what. . .how to take a man away.” EJ said in fascination.
“Just stuff.” Nicole said, trying to be vague.
“C’mon, Nicole, I know you and Sami. You two are like two pitbulls ready to attack.”
“Well. . .Sami. . .and I have come to an understanding.” Nicole said justifying their friendship.
“Well, I hope it lasts.” EJ says with a smirk as he left her to go find his bride.

Meanwhile, Chad had gotten Abigail alone when EJ left her to go speak to Nicole.
“Abigail, can’t you get an annulment?” Chad pleaded with her.
“Chad, we’re through. I’m EJ’s wife now.”
“But my brother doesn’t really love you.” Chad tried to reason with her.
“Oh, c’,mon, Chad. Who’s jealous now?”
“I’m not jealous.” Chad defended himself.
“Yes, you are.” Abigail pointed out. “You can’t stand it that EJ and I are happily married.”
“Okay. I admit it. I still love you.” Chad confessed.
“Too little. . .too late.” Abigail reminded him. “I’m married to your brother now and I plan to make EJ very happy.”
“Chad, trying to steal my bride away?” EJ said, interrupting his talk with Abigail.
“I was just talking to Abigail.” Chad said in defense.
“Well, Abby, shall we go?” EJ said, escorting her out of The Brady Pub and to their honeymoon suite at the Salem Inn.”
Chapter 5
Chad decided to make a last-ditch effort to strike a deal with Abigail. He knew she loved him and was only in her marriage to EJ for some reason other than love.
“Abigail, please meet me at our place before you leave.” Chad text Abigail.
“Okay.” Abigail text back.
Abigail was waiting for Chad to arrive at their spot to see what he wanted.
“C’mon, Chad, where are you? I’ve got to go.” Abigail said to herself. But Chad arrived shortly.
“Abigail, I’m glad you came.” Chad greeted her with a kiss, hoping to revive their love.
“Chad, I’m a married woman.” Abigail reminded him.
“Only because you were blackmailed into a marriage with EJ.” Chad told her.
“I love him.” Abigail tried to convince him.
“Yeah, sure you are.” Chad doubted her. “Anyway, I have a proposition for you.”
“You’re propositioning your brother’s wife?” Abigail asks him.
“Very funny, Abby.” Chad says. “Promise me you’ll text me with the destination so I can meet you there.”
“Say what?”
“You can go on this mockery of a honeymoon, while you and I have our own secret rendezvous behind my brother’s back?” Chad tempts Abigail.
“That sounds tempting.” Abigail said, knowing she was still very much in love with Chad. Chad knew her so well. “Okay, I will. As soon EJ and I get to our honeymoon destination.”
“I’ll be waiting with the DiMera jet on standby.” Chad told her with a kiss on the lips.
“Hmmmm,” Abigail thought to herself. Chad’s kisses were always so tempting.
Abigail left Chad and went to meet EJ so they could head on their honeymoon. She would play the dutiful wife while having a secret affair with Chad. Who would know. She never really loved EJ. Their one-night stand was a mistake. Chad was who she wanted. She was only married to EJ to protect her dad’s secret. Her heart belonged to Chad. Or was Abigail lying to herself?
Chapter 6
EJ and Abigail arrived in Paris to spend a few days while on their honeymoon. Abigail thought it was going to be romance, but EJ made some excuse to leave their suite. Then Chad’s text came in.
“Abs?” Chad text her.
“Chad? Hello.” Abigail text back.
“I’m waiting in the lounge downstairs.” Chad text.
“Give me 5.” Abigail text Chad, as she gussied herself up to meet Chad.
Meanwhile, EJ was in the same lounge with none other than Sami Brady having drinks. It was part of Sami and Chad’s plan to come between EJ and Abigail.
“So, how you been?” Sami asked EJ as he ordered a martini.
“Great. And you?” EJ replied, neglecting the fact he got married and was on his honeymoon.
“So, what brings you to Paris?” Sami asked, knowing full well he was on his honeymoon.
“Business. For DiMera.” EJ told her.
“Well, Stefano won’t mind you having a little dinner with me.”
“You know father.” EJ told her.
“Yes. He can’t stand me!” Sami said.
“The reason why our marriage failed.” EJ reminded her.
“Yes. Sad because I still love you.” Sami confessed.
“Yes. I love you too. We have 2 kids together.”
“Yes. And adorable kids too.” Sami agreed.
Sami saw Abigail arrive as Chad went to meet her and seat her at his table.
“Thank you Chad.” Abigail said politely.
“I’m just glad you tore yourself away from EJ to meet me.” Chad said, as he winked at Sami, who was watching.
“He had to rush out.” Abigail said.
“Rush out? And on your honeymoon?” Chad said secretly happy.
“Yeah. Business.” Abigail said making excuses for EJ’s departure.
“Well, no reason why you can’t enjoy some dinner with me?” Chad questioned.
“Well, I don’t see why not. I’m sure EJ won’t mind.”
As Chad got Abigail settled, Sami made her move per her and Chad’s agreement.
“EJ, what do you say we go somewhere else?” Sami suggested. “Suddenly, it’s a bit stuffy in this place.”
“Where to Sami?” EJ asked.
“My place.” Sami suggested as she and EJ got up to leave.
Just as they were about to leave, EJ spotted Chad sitting with Abigail.
“So, you’re cheating on me?” EJ accused her. “And on our honeymoon! I step out for a meeting and you cheat on me with my brother?!”
“EJ, it’s just dinner!” Abigail defended herself.
EJ stormed out of the lounge before Abigail could have another word, as Chad secretly smiled. It looked as his and Sami’s plan was working. Soon Abigail would be his!



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