Dying Wish: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Kralik turns Buffy in Season 3 and she runs into Spike.
A futuristic Spike from Season 6. How she came to be in Season 6 instead of Season 3, through a wish that Halfrek grants and suddenly, the turned Vampire Slayer is switched with ‘our’ Slayer from the ‘Bargaining’ which stays in Heaven. This one is soulless.
Chapter 1
“What is your wish before you die…?”
“I- I- wish I got to see it all before…” Someone grinned noxiously.
And suddenly, this alternate universe one is switched with our older one. Willow’s spell had gone wrong too the urn was destroyed, the blood of the foul stained the ground, and all of the incents left unburned/untouched on the floor.
The soulless Demon shoved the dirt up with no fear.
Chapter 2
Cordy ran into Buffy, unbeknownst to her, that Buffy wasn’t herself.
“Buffy? I’m glad I found you.”
“Yes, Cordy. What do you want?” the new soulless Buffy asked.
“Everything is gone weird around Sunnydale.” Cordy informed her.
“Like, how do you mean?” the soulless Buffy asked, wanting Cordy to leave so she could hunt for victims.
“Willow’s spell. . .it’s gone wrong.” Cordy said with fear. “And Willow’s not the same.”
“Willow. . .not the same?” Buffy contemplated, knowing she too wasn’t herself.
“Yes, she’s been turned. . .evil?”
Just then, Willow came barreling towards Cordy, who tried to back away from Willow’s evil glance.
“There you are, Cordy.” Willow said with her yellow eyes glowing. “You thought you could escape me!”
“Willow, please, calm down!” Cordy said trying to get away from Willow, but Willow’s grip on her arm was too strong. “Buffy, help!”
As Willow dragged Cordy back to Giles’ store, Buffy sat and watched Willow take Cordy away, glad that she could now hunt some victims for some fresh blood. She needed blood—badly, now that she was a soulless vampire.
Chapter 3
The nerve of Cordy to bother her. Buffy didn’t care. She wasn’t the soulless one. It was Cordy who was soulless. Ever since high school. Going after Xander—no, more like stalking—like she did. Cordy knew Buffy had a thing for Xander. But Buffy stepped aside and let Cordy have him. That’s when she allowed herself to become enticed by Angel. Even losing her virginity to him. And now, she’s the soulless one. Funny how things work out. She needed some fresh blood.
As Buffy went on the prowl for some fresh blood, Evil Willow had brought Cordy back to Giles’ store and began torturing her.
“Willow, please!” Cordy whined in her schoolgirl voice.
“Shut up, Cordy!” Evil Willow barked at her.
“Why are you torturing me?” Cordy continued her whining. “It’s Buffy you want!”
Evil Willow mulled over the concept of torturing Buffy, despite the fact that neither knew Buffy was now a soulless vampire.
“Naw, I think I’ll take my chances with you!” Evil Willow said to a horrified Cordy, who tried to escape the ropes that she was tied up in.
But Cordy was spared further torture when Giles walked into the store.
Chapter 4
“Willow, untie her!” Giles demanded.
“Yes, sir.” Willow said as she obeyed Giles’ command. She had better things to do anyway—like finding Buffy.
As soon as Cordy was free of the ropes, Willow tried to make an escape, but Giles prevented it.
“Girls, I want you to hug and make peace.” Giles offered.
“Hug?” Cordy and Dark Willow said simultaneously, turning their noses at each other and Giles for mentioning the thought.
But Giles could see the disdain in the girls’ actions. “Now!”
“Yes sir.” Cordy and Dark Willow both said together as they hugged each other, both not liking it.
“Now, can I go?” Dark Willow said in Willow’s irritating whine.
“Yes, you can.” Giles said as he left the two of them. “I need to get back to my store.”
Cordy was on her way to meet Xander after her ordeal with Willow, and Dark Willow left to find Buffy. But she only encountered Angel instead.
“Willow?” Angel said, surprising Dark Willow, who knew about Willow’s transformation into Dark Willow.
“What happened to you to your promise to torture Cordy?”
“Giles walked in and stopped it.” Dark Willow said.
“And you let him do it!” Angel raged.
“Yes, Angelus. It wasn’t Cordy I wanted!” Dark Willow spat back.
“Buffy!” Angel said. “What the hell is it with this Buffy bitch!”
“Oh, it’s not Buffy I want! It’s revenge!”
“What do you have revenge against Buffy for?”
“For the death of Tara!”
Angel laughed, “You’re blaming Buffy for your girlfriend’s death?”
“It was because of Buffy that Glory allowed Tara to die!” Dark Willow raged. “She just had to save Dawn! And at Tara’s expense, too!”
“Well, you promised to torture Cordy, and you failed!” Angel reminded Dark Willow of her promise. “Now you’re the one who’s going to pay!”
Dark Willow started to run, but Angel outran her and caught up to her and knocked her out.
Fifteen minutes later, Dark Willow woke up inside Angel’s dungeon cell, only to discover a shrine made in Buffy’s honor.



Death Knocking: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction


After Angel Season 5 ended, Angelus returns through a curse by a Wolfram and Hart survivor and someone against Angel and his team, Lilah Morgan.
Angelus then captures Buffy and Spike without them knowing that the other is also captured.
He proceeds to torture Buffy in front of her mate and then will kill his childe by turning her.
Chapter 1
He is not forgiven and he will never be forgiven again. Angelus smiled in glee at the long list of torture instruments. He picked up his sword. “Well Lilah, I have to say, you did a good job of seducing soul boy and when that didn’t work, you went to dark magic…”
She shivered in lust as his brown eyes lingered on her breasts and began to touch herself.
He grinned. “You’re too stupid for me to even want you, a lot like Cordelia, desperate and selfish…”
She gave him a glare. “I prefer my women either crazy, insane, or easy to break!”
“Someone…” He pretended to give a thought. “Like Buffy Summers!” He laughed when she rolled her eyes. “Jealous or something, Lilah…?”
“NO, you’re a real bastard!”
Chapter 2
“And you’re a real tease, but like I said, it’s no fun when the victim can’t enjoy the torture!” Then, swinging, he cut her head clean from her shoulder. Holding the head, he walked out the door, whistling.
“Spikey, my boy,” he grinned as he stood by the door and watched the Vampire champion frown at his present, the head of Lilah was attached to a sword attached to a paper with a drawing of Buffy naked. He sucked in a deep breath. “Angelus…?”
“A bonus for the winner!” Then, he proceeded to walk into the room and sat on the leather chair. “You see, someone thought of a brilliant idea to unleash the beast!”
“And Spike,” he growled. “You fucked my mate…!”
He was hanging on a rail, bleeding, the blood dripping to the ground below him. Angelus marveled at his work and smiled as William the Bloody struggled to snarl. “It’s dipped in Holy Water so if you continue to flop like a fish, the liquid will seep into your skin and the pain will be far too great…” It was like the old days again with the knives, saws, and whips. The two males would be in this same position with Angelus holding up a different tool for him to see. Spike wrestled with the chains.
Chapter 3
Angelus left Spike to suffer in the holy water, certain that Spike would be dead in a few hours. He had to get back to Buffy and torture her again.
As Spike lay there struggling to break free of the hell Angelus had him in, along came Cordelia, and wondered if she should free him.
“Cordy!” Spike whispered to her.
“Well, well, well.” Cordy exclaimed. “Aren’t you in a pickle of a mess?”
“Help me?” Spike pleaded.
“Why should i?” Cordy questioned.
But just as Cordy was about to release Spike, Drusilla happened by, “Leave him!”
“Dru?” Spike shouted, happy to see her.
“Don’t touch him lest I drink from you!” Drusilla ordered Cordy to leave.
“Yes, Drusilla.” Cordy agreed as she went along her way, leaving Spike to Drusilla’s mercy.
“Dru, you know I love you.” Spike pleaded. “Now help me out of this stuff.”
“First you have to forget Buffy.” Drusilla made him promise.
“Yes, yes.” Spike agreed. “I will give up on Buffy.”
“Thank you.” Drusilla said as she tore off Spike’s shirt and sopped up all the holy water that was nearly surrounding Spike.
Spike kissed Drusilla as a promise to her to keep his word.
Chapter 4
Spike fully intended to keep his word to Dru, but as he was making love to her, thoughts of Buffy entered his mind. He wondered where she was? If she was safe? It was going to keep his word to Dru, but try as he might, he would do it.
Back where Angelus had Buffy, he was about to torture her when Cordy showed up after following him.
“Cordy, help me!” Buffy called out.
“Why should I?” Cordy questioned her.
“We’re friends, since high school.” Buffy reminded her.
“But you never liked Xander and me.” Cordy also reminded her.
“That’s because I had a crush on Xander.” Buffy lied to gain Cordy’s sympathy.
“Really?” Cordy replied. “I always knew you were jealous. Just waited for you to admit it.”
“Well, I admit it.” Buffy continued her lie. “We had some great times, didn’t we?”
Cordy thought about helping Buffy for a minute then decided against it. “Nope. Sorry Buffy. You’re on own.”
Cordy walked out on Buffy to get herself out of her jam. She was after all, the Vampire Slayer. Giles trained her well. She was very much capable of getting herself out of her own ordeal.
Angel smiled knowing that Cordy did the right thing. If she had did as Buffy asked, Cordy would be seeing herself right along with Buffy. Cordy made the right decision. Now it was time for Buffy to get ready for what came next.
Chapter 5
“Damn you, Buffy!” Cordy said to herself. “Why do you always get what you want?!”
Cordy turned around and went back inside to help Buffy. But when she got inside the building where Angelus was holding Buffy, she was grabbed from behind and thrown into the same dungeon with Buffy.
A few minutes later, Angel arrived.
“Bravo!” Angel said, clapping his hands. “Are you happy, Cordy? Why didn’t you just leave!”
“I couldn’t let her stay here” Cordy shot back. “My guilt got to me!”
“I know our history would prevail!” Buffy smiled.
“Well, it didn’t work, because your help is in here with you now!” Angel told the both of them.
But Angel didn’t count on Spike coming back for Buffy as he swooped in and knocked out Angel. Then he grabbed the key and unlocked Buffy and Cordy’s cell and let the out. The three of them got out before Angel came to.
Back at Giles’ store, Spike, Buffy and Cordy arrived and Giles’ and the rest of the Scoobies reveled in Buffy being back.
Back at the dungeon, Angel came to and found Buffy’s cell door open.
“Damn you, Spike!” Angel said. “You’re going to pay for this!”


Cursed: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

It is also a Buffy/Spike/Angel prompt set in the 5th season of Angel, the finale ‘Not Fade Away.’ Illyria was the only one that died but the remaining group survived: Gunn, Wesley, Angel, and Spike. Buffy also died by fighting an escaped Ubervamp from Sunnydale. Willow resurrects her again, but when she comes back, she is turned cause the spell messed up and ripped her from Heaven sending her back to where she was fighting Kralik except now, she was too stunned to be there and to be brought back that the Vampire took advantage and turned her in her younger self’s body. It’s future’s Buffy in her ‘Helpless’ body.
Time Line: After Angel’s 5th Season. Illyria died, but not Wesley, Angel, and Spike. Gunn disappeared.
Chapter 1- To Rise and Fall
Buffy is dead, killed by an escaped Ubervamp from the Hell Mouth, however, she isn’t dead for long as Willow is chanting her magic.
“I wish for Buffy Summers! Bring her back from the eternal beyond!” A portal opened directing hitting the Elysian Fields and Buffy’s peace was once again taken.
‘NO! DON’T KICK ME OUT!’ But, the spirits of the other Slayers chanted together and she was suddenly gone.
In the boarding house, Kralik was fighting the Slayer and she was losing the battle until something crashed into them both and he took the distraction he needed, pinned her arms, and bit into her throat. Her eyes widened and she tried to wiggle free, but he grabbed tighter. Older Buffy screamed loudly, but the fangs were in too deep. This had been what she was afraid of all her life, having a demon rip into her throat and drink her blood. This was her worst nightmare.
Chapter 2- The cure is blood
‘The cure is blood, the cure is blood, the cure is blood,’ rang in her mind like a drum. ‘Take it. Want it. Breathe it in… You’ll feel better…’ ‘But, I want to die! I want peace!’ ‘Unfair that it was taken away from you, wasn’t it…?’ ‘I don’t want this!’ ‘Yesss, take it!’ She grabbed the wrist and drank it down.
Something lifted her higher and higher out of the realm. Then, the pain stopped. Everything stopped. Kralik held something to her face, it was irony and coppery, blood. He spilt it into her mouth and she was hit with hunger; deep and knowing and crawling.
Her train of thought was gone and she was drinking. Slowly, but surely, she was gulping it down. She didn’t want it to stop.
Chapter 3- Evil

She stood up, grinning. ‘Wonderful new life…!’ “I feel refreshed!”
Kralik: You are a thing like me now. And we are connected. Do you feel it…?
“I feel so many things…!” ‘I can feel every body in this room, see every crack in the wall, see all of the colors, and my hearing is heightened. So overpowering!’ “It’s different.”
“You’re a Vampire.”
“And I suppose I have to thank my sire…?”
“Naturally.” She looked down at her clothes. “Got to get some leather!”
He took her to the park where she would meet a few teenagers.
She walked out smiling. “Hello boys…!” All of them looked her up and down with lust in their eyes. Soon, she’d be preying on them, making them entrée number 2.
Chapter 4-The Prey
The boys made it easy for Buffy to devour their blood. Then she slit her wrists and let them drink from her, siring them into new creatures of the night. Buffy loved her new self. It felt kinda ironic as she was chosen to slay these creatures, now she was one of them. . . . . . . . .
What would Giles and the Scoobies think of her new self?” Buffy thought to herself as she wiped the blood from her lips and leaving the teen boys to rest. They would need it for the hunt they would be needing when they woke up.
As for Buffy, she needed more. . .more blood. She went on the prowl looking for more prey when she encountered Spike.
“Buffy?” Spike asked confused. “I thought you were dead?”
“Well, I’m alive and well.” Buffy told him.
“You look different?”
“Different? How?”
“I don’t know? There’s just something about you?”
“There’s nothing different about me.” Buffy lied.
“No, there is. I just can’t place it?” Spike told her.
“Well, I’m the same ol’ Buffy Summers.”
“So, are you on your way to meet the gang?” Spike asked, changing the subject.
“The gang?”
“Yeah, Giles and everyone will be so happy you’re alive.”
“Yeah. I bet they will.”
“So, let’s go!”
Back at Giles store, Willow sat waiting to see if her spell to bring back Buffy had worked.
Chapter 5
Willow was surprised but happy when Spike walked into Giles’ store with none other than Buffy. Only neither the two of them realized it was a different Buffy. They knew something was different, just couldn’t place what was so different.
“Buffy!” Willow exclaimed.
“Willow!” Buffy replied back, not letting on that she was not who they thought she was.
“My spell worked?” Willow asked, half surprised.
“Spell?” Buffy asked.
“Yes, I concocted a spell to bring you back.” Willow said, hugging her friend. “I’m so glad it worked.”
“Yeah.” Was all Buffy could say. “It worked all right.”
“So, Bufs, where have you been hiding yourself?” Spike interrupted them.
“Oh, nowhere in particular.” Buffy told them, not wanting them to know her new craving for blood and that she is on the prowl for fresh meat. “Oh, look at the time. I need to go visit my mother and Dawn.”
Buffy runs out on her friends making the excuse to see her mother and Dawn, but she really is on the hunt for fresh meat. She needs blood badly as she feels herself getting weak.
While out on a hunt for blood from some unsuspecting victim, Buffy comes across Angel in what looks to be on the take.
As Buffy moves closer to hear what is going on, she steps on a branch and is caught by Angel, who runs to see who it is. Buffy hides so Angel won’t find her.
“Who’s there?” Angel calls out. But no one answers.
Buffy keeps silent so Angel won’t find her for several minutes until it is safe to leave. Scouting the area, Angel leaves when he can’t find anyone around. Good thing too. He doesn’t want anyone to know about his new job.
“So, Angel, you’re on the take?” Buffy says to herself. “I wonder what you’re really up to?”
Chapter 6
Buffy followed Angel, hungry for more blood, but it would have to wait. She wanted in on whatever Angel was up to. As Buffy continued to follow Angel, who was heading to the outskirts of Sunnydale, where he met with Gunn.
“Gunn?” Buffy said to herself so Angel wouldn’t hear her. “Everyone back in Sunnydale assumed he was dead, but here he was, meeting Angel?”
“You need to take out the Slayer!” Gunn told Angel.
“Kill Buffy?” Angel asked, confused.
“She’s one of us!” Gunn informed Angel. “And she’s more powerful now that she is!”
“Buffy…a vampire?” Angel laughed at him. “Impossible.”
“Don’t laugh, Angelus!”
“Buffy is dead!”
“No she’s not!”
“But? How?”
“Willow? What’s she got to do with this?” Angel inquired.
“Willow recanted a spell.”Gunn told Angelus. “Only, it went awry.”
“Willow’s spell went awry?” Angel said in disbelief.
“Buffy is a vampire…more powerful than you and Spike and all the demons.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“Kill her! Kill Buffy!” Gunn repeated. “Kill Buffy!”
Angel watched as Gunn walked past in a trance to where Buffy was listening to their conservation. And just as Gunn was about to drive a stake through Buffy’s heart, Angel grabbed Gunn’s hand and shoved it through Gunn’s heart instead.
“What have you done?!” Gunn spat out before he died.


Cruel Humanity: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction


It will take place after Angel Season Five’s ‘Not Fade Away.’ Wesley, Angel, and Spike are alive but not Gunn and Illyria and she can’t ever be resurrected since she’s a God. Having no city to protect and no lives in L.A. to be saving since the city is destroyed by the Dragon, they decide to head to Cleveland to join the Scoobies. Well, they have news for Angel and Spike. Buffy had been captured by Quentin and Kralik. You see the old head of the Council had Giles manipulate her again by giving her another Cruciamentum. Then, Travers resurrected the evil Demon from Hell. Now that he’s back, he’s going to r***, torture, and turn Buffy once Spike and Angel show up for the rescue. They will be shocked and angered especially Spike. This is a Spuffy prompt with Angel and Faith.
Wesley will be with Willow.

Chapter 1

A Vampire hefted up the long silver sword, it glowing in the Sunlight and down to the hilt.

He walked over to Buffy and gazed admiringly at her before swinging it in a perfect arch to cut her from the bind.

“So weak for such a powerful girl,” he tsked. “What are you waiting for, you crazy fool,” demanded Quentin.

It smiled with stinky breath and yellow teeth, gazing down to her wrist which was dripping blood. She was injured and it excited him. His eyes now travelled to her neck where he could make out her fearful pulse. He slapped her. The Slayer was bruised all over, her lip had been cut, and her eye was swollen shut.
But, she gave him a defiant glare none- the- less which infuriated them all except for the new Council leader with his head bent and eyes closed.

It was Giles hiding behind his guilt and pain, but Buffy merely gave a f***., she stared at him like Angelus or William the Bloody or any other villain.

She was done playing games. She was 30 years old and saved the world, gave up her life, and her normalcy, was ripped from Heaven to destroy the First and couldn’t do it anymore. Couldn’t become a naïve fifteen year old. “Kill me,” she whispered.

“Oh no, you’re not going to be dead Slayer! You’re going to be something else!” Then, he drank from her until she collapsed into the darkness.

It was an infirmity when she woke up. She knew she was alive and she could hear heartbeats around the room. Her heightened senses really allowed her to study everything, gave her a chance to test her fangs by swirling her tongue around it. Then, she gave them a chilling smile. “Is it my birthday,” she asked softly.

Chapter 2

Buffy was hungry for blood, and Quentin was nowhere to be found. She needed blood! Buffy managed to pull the shackles from the wall that she was chained to and got out to find some fresh blood.

“Now, time to look for some fresh meat!” Buffy said, baring her fangs. “I’m going to love this new life!”

Buffy managed to find some poor unsuspecting fool she could feed on while Spike, Angel , Giles and the Scoobies landed in what is now Cleveland, due to Sunnydale being destroyed by the dragon.

“I don’t think I’m going to like it here?” Xander said, when they departed the airport.

“It certainly isn’t Sunnydale.” Anya said.

“Well, we can’t go home.” Angel said.

“That’s because there is no Sunnydale.” Spike said.

“We’ll just have to make the most of it.” Giles said to the group.

“If only we knew if Buffy had survived?” Spike said sadly.

“It’s not likely.” Angel said.

Just then, a girl with blonde hair looking much like Buffy ran past them.

“Man, that girl looks a lot like Buffy.” Spike mused.

“That’s because it was Buffy.” Angel said, running after the girl.

“OMG! It was.” Spike said following Angel, with the Scoobies following close behind.

They found Buffy feeding on fresh kill as she sucked the blood from the guy.

“I can’t look.” Giles said when they all caught up to find Buffy sucking the blood from the guy.

Spike couldn’t believe what he saw…Buffy sucking blood from a human? She was one of them? Who had turned her? He vowed to find the one who turned Buffy, and kill them! They needed the Slayer…now that the Demons had destroyed Sunnydale and they were all forced to move to Cleveland. God how Spike hated it here!

“Spike, help me find Buffy!” Angel demanded.

Buffy had run off when she saw Angel and Spike. They couldn’t see her like this. One of them! A bloodsucker! As much as she enjoyed being one!

Meanwhile, in another part of Cleveland, Wesley and Willow were conducting their own search for the missing Buffy, when they were distracted by one of Kralik’s minions, hoping to destroy Willow and Wesley. Kralik had thought he’d seen the last of that Scooby gang when he kidnapped the Slayer and turned her, but no…they all had to move to Cleveland. That’s when Kralik decided to move to Cleveland. He had to destroy this Scooby gang. They couldn’t destroy his plan…to take over the world. He wanted to be King and the Slayer his Queen!

“Do you think he saw us?” Willow asked Wesley, as they hid in an alley from one of Kralik’s minions.

“No, but we’ll need to hide out here until all is clear.” Wesley told a nervous Willow.

As Wesley and Willow huddled close to each other in their cramped space, feelings of attraction haunted both Willow and Wesley as they each contemplated whether to give in to desire.


Crucifixion: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

In a pretend Season 8 of the tv show (NOT COMICS), Buffy is turned into a Vampire with a soul, but she chooses to lose her soul.
Chapter 1
Who knows how powerful a Slayer could be when she is turned. Or you could drive her insane. This was reality. And it was cruel. Buffy felt the heat of his stare. Bare essentials.

“Why,” she croaked.
The Vampire chuckled. “I am older than any Vampire you’ve ever known. The original one.” He carried on like he was bragging.
“It wasn’t desire,” she spat. Henry turned to slap her and the demon froze up. Was this what submission felt like…?
“You’re lucky I kept you the way you are due to the special power inside of you. Otherwise, my dream was to create a minion, a weakling, an obedient servant!”
Buffy turned her head away to look out the window at the sunlight blinking at the emptiness that she felt. This wasn’t her life. This was death.

He left her in the room with the chained up young man also looking at her. But he was frightened by the Yellow eyes and brow ridges that adorned her forehead or the way she wouldn’t look anywhere but at that window with an eerie quiet silence. She wasn’t trembling, just soaked it all in. She wasn’t human anymore. A living walking thing, the shadow spoke.

It spoke to her everyday and she was walking into a Drusilla-like coma.

“You might as well get used to death darling…” He kissed her temple and walked away laughing.
Chapter 2

His beating pulse was deflating fast. She just yanked his head and sucked harder. The breathing was stopping as the body went limp and she let go, crawling back to be chained up by a minion. She stared at the cauls of chains being locked to the wall and gazed up at her sire. Pretending to be insane was easier said than done. “Did I satisfy you daddy?”
He nodded and threw her the doll. She held onto it wearing her hair like Drusilla did from Halloween years ago and entangled its locks. “Pretty moon, all Red and naughty, what do you think Miss Lily…?”
The female servant’s eyes widened. The White dress now hung around her body like a canvas. It mirrored the raven beau’s.
In fact, they pawned it from a shop. It was indeed Dru’s just like the other White dress from when Spike captured Angel and had his wicked plum torture her for hours. She liked torture and watched the humans as they lined up against the wall waiting for their punishments. Wicked knives, saws, stakes, whips, and fire pokers. She loved to hear screams and crying, the begging for mercy that wouldn’t come except for the wailings.
“Kill her,” whispered his new Queen having on her deep Red lipstick.
Henry growled, “No she is mine!” Beatrice snarled and went up, kicking her stomach.
Beatrice was vicious ripping into her skin with nails and scratching and punching.
Henry held up a hand. “That is enough!”
He tore her away from the laughing Vampiress.
“Let’s go, we have to prepare for the ceremony!” She grinned at the blond and purposely reached up to kiss him full on the lips, watching her with Yellow eyes. “Darling, why do you get all the fun!?!”

Days later, her insanity was no longer an act as the voices grew hostile and bickered loudly, screaming inside her mind.
Torture and more torture drove her to the shadows and the more she hid from the outside, the more she lost a part of herself.
Chapter 3

“She isn’t lucid,” she heard whispers. She knew it was the minions trying to stay far away from the psychotic creature.
She just giggled and talked to her doll, forcing tea of blood into her mouth.

Beatrice: Why do you keep the insane b*** around!?!

Henry: I am getting tired of you hurling insults at the poor child and the way you abuse her makes me regret turning you!

She backed away from him frightened as his face emerged, holding a stake.

Buffy fumbled around the room, looking at the other dolls and giving them each a piece of cake. She smiled. “Daddy is being cross with mommy…?”
Chapter 4
Buffy, in her Drusilla-like trance, looked at her dolls again and spoke to them in that Drusilla-like voice when Spike found her in Henry’s dungeon.
“Hey, Buffy.” Spike said grabbing her arm.
“Look! It’s a birdie!” Buffy spoke to Spike in her Drusilla voice. “Isn’t it lovely?”
It broke Spike’s heart (whatever he had of it) to see Buffy that way. He had to bring her back. What Henry and Beatrice did to her wasn’t right.
“Come on, Buf!” Spike urged her to go with him. But it was too late. Henry arrived and grabbed at Spike.
“So, you tried to free the Slayer.” Henry warned him. “You’re going to regret your actions!”
“What you did to her is wrong!” Spike protested, trying to break free. But it was of no use. Henry was stronger than him at the moment due to Spike being weak from not drinking his allotment of blood.
Henry threw Spike into a cell in his dungeon across from where Buffy was.
“Psst!” Spike whispered as he tried to get Buffy’s attention. But she just kept talking to what was now a dead rat in her cell.
“Pretty baby!” Buffy singsonged in her Drusilla voice. “What happened to you?
“Buffy!” Spike yelled at her. “Snap out of it!”
Buffy looked up at him. “What Spiky Baby?”
“Listen to me!” Spike tried to get through to her. “We have to find a way out of here!”
“Oh, no!” Buffy warned. “The Master says I mustn’t!”
It was of no use. Spike had to find a way to get the both of them out of there . . . and fast.
Chapter 5
It was now or never as Spike grabbed Buffy as he pushed Buffy through the window and jumped out after her. Buffy was still dazed and talking like Drusilla in her singsong voice when he grabbed Buffy’s hand and ran far away from the dungeon that Henry had them both captive in. Spike could hear Henry’s voice in the distance as they were running away.
“Find them!” Henry demanded to his men.
15 minutes later, Spike and Buffy managed to get to safety when they came to the abandoned high school and went inside. They took cover until the coast was clear of Henry’s men looking for them.
Spike led Buffy to a secluded spot and told her to stay put while he went to look for something to start a fire to keep Buffy warm and find something to eat.
Spike came back a half an hour later to find Buffy singing to a dead rat that she had found lying on the ground.
“Buffy, c’mon, please. Snap out of it.” Spike pleaded.
“Looky Spiky, I found a baby!”Buffy said in that awful singsong voice that Spike hated.
“Here, I got some food for you, Buffy.” Spike said, handing her the food, but Buffy pushed it away.
“I’m not Buffy!” Buffy yelled at him.
“Okay, Dru.” Spike said, playing along, but secretly hoping Buffy would come out of her trance.
“That’s better.” She said to him, as she got up and began to kiss him.
Unable to resist her, Spike gave into Buffy’s kisses as the two began to make love. Buffy kissed Spike in all the right spots that caused Spike to make love to her the whole night through and since there was nothing better to do, Spike and Buffy laid in each other’s arms all night.
“Was it good for you?” Buffy said in her Drusilla-like singsong voice.
“Yes, pet, it was.”
Chapter 6
A storm was brewing over Sunnydale. As Buffy and Spike basked in their passion, minions were wreaking havoc. Xander and Anya did their best to fight off the minions with Angel’s help, but they needed the Slayer. Even Faith didn’t’ seem to be able to fight off the minions.
“Where the hell is the Buffy?!” Xander yelled as one of the minions sucker-punched him.
While Xander, Anya, Faith and the rest of the Scoobies did their best to fight off the minions, Spike and Buffy continued making love, unbeknownst to the hell that Sunnydale was going through.
When all looked like the minions were losing, Buffy appeared out of nowhere as Angel and the Scoobies hoped Buffy would crush the minions, but instead, Buffy did the unexpected.
As Buffy stood there watching the Scoobies fight the minions, one of the minions got the better of Angel as they knocked him unconscious.
Buffy ran over to Angel and as she picked up a stake to take Angel out, Xander stopped her.
“Why did you do that?!” Buffy shouted at him.


Chosen Rage: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction


Buffy makes an angry wish against the Slayerettes in Season 3’s ‘Dead Man’s Party’ because they didn’t forgive her for running out on them. It takes a drastic turn when she is vamped and finds that she can’t change it. Will her friends ever get her back or is her hate for them real and genuine, not the soul? Who is right and who is wrong in a tug of war fight?

Chapter 1

On the night, that the Scoobies voted her back to L.A., she screamed her heart out.

“God, I wish they were dead so that way I can stop hearing them!” Halfrek’s face changed and she smiled.

The room and scenery whirled into another time line and place, a wish made by the world of D’Hoffryn. She became the Dark Slayer wearing heavy makeup and wanting to be turned. Her wish was from deep down within, a truly evil ‘heart’ so she got it granted, sighed Halfrek gulping Vodkha and speaking to her boss. D’Hoffryn lifted his own glass of Orange Westishae to his mouth. The place was beginning to bug him with a bunch of smart aleck teenagers. He glared at a particular group.
Chapter 2

The Dark Slayer smiled with glee at her black trimmed fingernails like she felt relaxed, like everything was alright now that she’s in this brave new world. Then, when a human passed her by, she suddenly wanted to toss him off a building. The old Slayer would have cared. Would have stopped it. Not Lady Death. Instead, she glared at his retreating back with a cold smirk. “I can get used to this!”

The town looked dead. Everything was turned upside down and people shrieked as monsters killed them. Because she was boss. She had the edge. Even the Vampires/Demons strayed from her. They knew who she was.

“Hey you,” she hollered at Vamp Jonathan.

He turned to her shivering. “I want you to sire me, tonight!”

Chapter 3

Blood oozed out of her neck along the twin puncture holes on one side as she lied there silent and dead, pale as the moon. Blood dripped down his chin as he gazed upon his childe, but knew that she would be the more powerful one, first child to dishonor her sire. He knew the power and venom in this demon. As a human, she had been terrifying, liking to inflame her victims. Hanging them upside down on a circular wheel. She never went for a fast kill.

Willow Rosenburg regretted her actions as the police questioned Joyce on Buffy’s disappearance. She watched in dismay as Joyce went with them to the station. She knew the woman was destroyed. In fact, she glared at Xander and her, making them flinch. In fact, she now glared at Xander.

“You know, you can make Angelus look like a puppy! You and Cordy hurt people with your words!”

The teen sat there and clutched his head. “All my fault…!”

His ex tried to comfort him, but he threw her off. “Get away Cordelia before I hurt you!”

Chapter 4

Buffy, the dark slayer knew she was the powerful one and tossed Jonathon aside as she went hunting for more. She found some poor unsuspecting girl just sitting on a park bench when she went walking through the park.

Buffy would have felt sorry for the poor girl, but dark Buffy went in for the kill as she swooped in and sired the poor girl and drank her blood, then let the girl drink from her. Another victory for the Dark Slayer. . . .

Meanwhile, back at Giles’ store, the Scoobies were thinking of a way to get Buffy back while Spike and Angel each took it upon themselves to find Buffy on their own.
Angel was the first to find Buffy as he watched what looked to be Buffy but with darker makeup sire another victim. As Dark Buffy was about to leave and prowl for more victims, Angel grabbed her arm.

“Who the . . .” Dark Buffy began to say.

“Buffy?” Angel asked.

“Who the hell are you?” Dark Buffy spat at him.

“No! Say they didn’t turn you?” Angel said, but knew what would have been his heart that she was turned.

“I’m Buffy, Dark Buffy.” She told him. “’The new and improved Buffy.”

Angel hated to do it, but he knew what he had to do. . .as he knocked Buffy unconscious just as Spike had managed to find them together.

“Spike, I found Buffy. . .” Angel began.

“And you knocked her out?” Spike questioned him.

“You don’t understand?” Angel told him. “Buffy’s been turned.”

“Buffy’s been turned?” Spike pondered the idea.

“Yes, we need to find a way to turn her back.”

“Ah, Angel, I don’t think that can be done.” Spike said.

“Well, we have to find a way.”

“Okay, but I don’t think the other demons will like it.”

Spike followed Angel and Buffy back to Giles’ store as Giles and the Scoobies Gang looked astonished at Buffy’s new look.

Chapter 5

“She’s not. . .” Willow said disbelievingly.

“I’m afraid she is.” Angel said sadly.

“Angel says we need to find a way to turn her back.” Spike says doubtfully.

“Can that be done?” Willow asks.

“We have to try. We can’t let Dark Buffy reign.”

“Angel is right. We have to get the Slayer back.” Giles says.

Angel lays Dark Buffy in a darkened room while the rest of them think of a way to get Buffy back. As the Scoobies, Giles, and Angel are trying to find a way to bring Buffy back, Spike is caught off guard when he spies on the sleeping Buffy and happens to awaken her.

“Who are you?!” Buffy growls at Spike.

“Spike.” Spike introduces himself to Dark Buffy.

“What do you want with me?”

“I want nothing from you. . .except maybe. . .your love.”

“I love you?” Dark Buffy asks.

“Well, we have had a thing.”


“We had one night.” Spike fills Dark Buffy in.

“Well, I don’t like you so I don’t see how I could love you. You don’t look like my type.”

“And what is your type?”

“Not you, that’s for sure.” Dark Buffy says as she gets up from the bed and knocks Spike across the room and leaving the building before anyone can stop her, leaving Spike unconscious.

“See ya! Wouldn’t want to be ya!” Dark Buffy says.

Dark Buffy intended to thwart the Scoobies plan to bring Buffy back. There was no way she was ever going to forgive them for what they did. Dark Buffy was here to stay, whether anybody like it or not.

Chapter 6

Dark Buffy went on the lam through Sunnydale. She was hungry…hungry for blood. She spotted some poor soul sitting on the bridge railing contemplating suicide…probably some poor guy whose girl just dumped him…maybe she should put him out of his misery and just drink his blood…Dark Buffy thought.

But before she could drink the poor guy’s blood, she heard moans from under the bridge. She looked under the bridge to find Cordy and Xander making out.

“Ahem!” Dark Buffy coughed to get their attention.

“Buffy!” Cordy screamed, knocking the guy on the bridge into the water to his death.

“Damn it!” Dark Buffy said under her breath, as she watched her dinner go into the river.

“Buffy!” Xander exclaimed, unaware of Buffy’s turned status.

“I see you two can’t get enough of each other!” Dark Buffy scoffed.

“Well, we thought no one was around!” Cordy told Buffy.

“Well, you thought wrong?” Dark Buffy exclaimed.

“So, where were you?” Xander asked.

“I was with…” Buffy began but never got to finish her thought when Spike happened along looking for Buffy after he came to.

“Buffy? You took off on me?” Spike asked, still confused from the decking Buffy gave him.

“Sorry, Spike! Had things to do!” Dark Buffy said, ired.

“Well, how about it?” Spike asked Dark Buffy.

“About what?” Dark Buffy asked, determined to ditch Spike, but Xander and Cordy were curious as to what Spike meant.

“About being lovers?” Spike inquired.

“Ewwwww!” Cordy said, disgusted. “You and Buffy?!”

“What about it, Cordy?!” Spike said, hurt.

As Spike, Xander and Cordy were arguing, Dark Buffy saw her chance and managed to escape the three of them. All Dark Buffy could think about was getting some blood to curb the hunger she felt.


Buffy vs. the Buffybot: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

When Spike created the Buffybot, it was meant only for him. The Buffybot has been botnapped by Glory in another attempt to rid the world of Buffy and open the portal to her world. Will Buffy find the Buffybot and destroy it before Glory can use it to open the portal to bring her world back?
Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Angel – David Boreanaz
Spike – James Marsters
Willow – Alyson Hannigan
Xander – Nicholas Brendan
Rupert Giles – Anthony Head
Wesley – Alexis Denisof
Cordelia Chase – Charisma Carpenter
Anya – Emma Caulfield
Dawn Summers – Michelle Trachtenberg
Glory – Clare Kramer
Chapter 1
“You love me, right, Buffy?” Spike said to his invention the Buffybot.
Spike has been down since Buffy called it quits between them. He can remember the conversation between them:
“I’m in love with Angel.” Spike recalled Buffy’s words breaking off their relationship.
Spike couldn’t believe that Buffy could just let it end because of Angel. Angel for all people, or vampires. He was a helluva lot good looking than that twit? What did she see in him anyway?
Spike went to the refrigerator to pull out a fresh pint of blood to sustain him and found that the refrigerator was empty. “Well, time to go hunting!” Spike said to the Buffybot. “Be back later.”

Spike went to hunt for fresh blood to curb his hunger. Along the way he ran into Buffy.
“So, Buffy, how is Angel?” Spike asked with hurt in his voice.
“Angel is fine, thanks!” Buffy replied.
“Well, you two must have had some laugh at my expense?” Spike continued obviously still hurt that Buffy ended things between them.
“Spike, go back home!” Buffy told him.
“Gee, I’d love to, but I seem to be out of fresh blood.”
“Well, go find some fresh warm body to suck the blood from.” Buffy responded. “I am busy right now.”
Buffy took her dagger and jammed it through the demon that was about to take Spike out.
“What the hell was that?” Spike asked.
“I don’t know but something is happening. I just don’t know what?!”

Meanwhile, Glory’s minions had paid her a visit.
“I have what you asked me to retrieve.”
“It’s about time!” Glory spat out as she grabbed the Buffybot from the minion’s hands.
“What the hell do you want with this thing?” the minion asked Glory.
“You’ll find out all in due time!” Glory replied to her minion with a gleam in her eye. “And soon, so will all of Sunnydale!”
Chapter 2
Spike returned home to find that his Buffybot was missing from his cave. Spike ran out of the cave looking for the Buffybot, thinking she must have gone out scouting about.
After about an hour with no luck, Spike high-tailed it over to Buffy’s house to see if she could help him find the Buffybot.
“Spike, I thought I told you it was over?!” Buffy spat out at him.
“I’m here on another matter.” Spike said to her.
“What could that be?” Buffy said clearly uninterested in what Spike wanted and just wanted him gone.
“Buffy, please?” Spike pleaded with her. “The Buffybot is missing!”
“The Buffybot is missing?” Buffy said, confused. “You still have that thing?”
“It’s a long story. . .one I don’t care to rehash with you right now.” Spike replied back.
“Well, how do you know it’s been botnapped?” Buffy asked Spike.
“I looked everywhere and she’s nowhere to be found.” Spike explained.
“You call it a she. . .as if it’s human?” Buffy quizzed Spike.
“She’s a companion.” Spike told her.
“You want a robot for a companion?”
“She’s the next best thing to the real thing.”
“You can’t have me, so you made a robotic copy?” Buffy said incredulousy. “I knew there was something off with you?”
“Please, Buffy, can you stop with the questions and just find her?” Spike pleaded again.
“Fine. I had nothing planned anyway!” Buffy said, as she grabbed her jacket and locked the front door to her home, as Spike followed along.
“So where or who do you think has this . . . Buffybot?” Buffy asked.
“I don’t know? That’s why I came to you.”
“Well, let’s head over to Giles’ store and check in the him and the others and see if they can figure out some ideas where the Buffybot could be.” Buffy said as they headed over to Giles’ store.
While Buffy, Spike and gang were trying to come up with ideas where Buffybot could be, Glory was reprogramming the Buffybot to turn it against Buffy and Spike and the Scoobies.
Chapter 3
Cordy was walking downtown Sunnydale on her way to meet Xander when she encountered Buffy.
“Buffy, what are you doing here?” Cordy asked her.
The Buffybot, which had been reprogrammed by Glory, played along with Cordy, making her think she was Buffy.
“I was supposed to meet Spike here.” The Buffybot said in Buffy’s voice. “Isn’t Spike sexy?”
“Yeah, sure! If you like that sort of thing!” Cordy said, surprised that Buffy was ogling Spike.
“”Well, have you seen him?” the buffybot asked her.
“No, I thought you were with him?” Cordy asked.
“I’ve been looking for him and Bu- er, Angel.” The buffy said, hoping Cordy didn’t notice her near-slip of the tongue.
“What do you want with both Spike and Angel?”
“It’s private.” The buffybot said.
“Well, Buffy, I hope you find them.” Cordy said heading on her way to find Xander.
“Yeah. Thanks for nothing!” the buffybot said.
The buffybot hid from view when she spotted Spike with Buffy. She had to get Buffy away from Spike so Glory to kidnap Buffy like she was programmed by Glory to do.
The buffybot saw her chance when Spike left Buffy’s side to fight off a demon. When Buffy was busy fighting the demon, the buffybot tossed Spike into the bushes just as Glory came out from behind the bush and knocked Buffy on the head. Then Glory nodded to her minions to take Buffy away, as she motioned to the buffybot to do what she was supposed to do before heading off before Spike woke up.
10 minutes later, Spike woke up to find, unbeknownst to him, his buffybot, disguised as Buffy, nursing him back to health.