Hope’s Choice: A Liam & Hope (Lope) Romance

After receiving a call from Steffy about Liam, Hope realizes that Liam is the man for her and decides to head back to L.A. and find Liam. But when she discovers Liam’s condition and “marriage” to Quinn, will Hope stand by Liam, or run back to Italy?
Hope Logan – Kim Matula
Liam Spencer aka Adam Smith – Scott Clifton
Quinn Fuller aka Eve Smith – Rena Sofer
Steffy Forrester – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Wyatt Fuller Spencer – Darin Brooks
Bill Spencer – Don Diamont
Katie Logan Spencer – Heather Tom
Brooke Logan – Katherine Kelly Lang
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Rick Forrester – Jacob Young
Maya Avant Forrester – Karla Mosley
Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Caroline Spencer Forrester – Linsey Godfrey
Thomas Forrester – Pierson Fode
Chapter 1
Hope couldn’t believe Liam had abandoned his job at Spencer Communications and his job at Forrester. It just wasn’t like Liam. Hope didn’t believe that Liam just up and left for parts unknown. No, something was up. She had to find out where Liam was.
After the soul searching all things months, ending her marriage to Liam’s brother, Wyatt and losing the baby—the baby she thought was Wyatt’s—she found out through DNA tests that the baby was actually Liam’s. That piece of news finally gave Hope insight into her true feelings: Liam was the one for her.
And now she had to go back to L.A. and find Liam and tell him how she felt.

The next morning, Hope woke early and ate a quick breakfast of coffee and bagel with cream cheese. Then she loaded her luggage into her car and headed for the airport as she had a last-minute ticket for L.A.
Arriving at the Milan airport, Hope checked her luggage in and waited for her flight. When the announcer came over the P.A. system announcing her flight, Hope boarded her flight back to L.A.
It was a long flight back to L.A. and Hope slept most of the way back. She woke up when the pilot announced that they were about to land at LAX.
As soon as the plane landed, she grabbed her carry-on and departed the plane, checked out her luggage, and grabbed a taxi for her mother’s townhouse.
When the taxi dropped Hope in front of her mother’s townhouse, she noticed that L.A. had changed a bit in her absence. Walking up to the door, Hope rang the doorbell to her mother’s townhouse.
“Hope, what a surprise!”Brooke said greeting her daughter, who was surprised, but glad to see her back.
“Hello, mother!” Hope replied back as the two hugged.
“Mother, who’s at the door?” Rick called out.
“it’s your sister, Hope!” Brooke answered back.
“Well, Hope, what brings you around?” Rick hugged her as Maya watched.
“Who’s the lovely woman?” Hope asked when she noticed Maya sitting on the sofa.
“Oh, Hope, this is Maya, my wife.”
“Oh, Maya, I’m so sorry. I didn’t recognize you.”
“Who’s the newcomer?” Nicole asked, having just woken up from a much-needed nap.
“Nicole, this is my sister, Hope, who’s back from Italy.” Rick introduced Hope to Maya’s sister, who noticed Nicole was pregnant.
“Nice to meet you, Nicole.” Hope said back. “Congratulations on your pregnancy. Is the father happy?”
“Yes, I’d say he is.” Nicole said, glancing at Rick.
“Rick, are you the father of Nicole’s baby?” Hope asked, confused.
“Yes I am.” Rick admitted.
“You cheated on Maya?” Hope said, not comprehending.
“No. it’s not that way. Nicole is our surrogate.”
“Surrogate?” Hope said, seeming more confused. “You and Maya can’t have a child?”
“You didn’t hear?”
“Hear what?”
“Maya is transgender.” Rick confessed.
Hope’s jaw dropped. “Oh, now I see.”
“Well, what brings you back to L.A.?” Rick said, changing the subject.
“I came back to look for Liam.” Hope said.
“Oh, you heard about Liam’s disappearance?” Brooke joined in.
“Yes, from Steffy.”
“Steffy told you about Liam?”
“Yes, mother, she did. She’s been concerned about his sudden departure.”
“Even though she is about to marry Wyatt?”
“She still cares about him, mother.” Hope said. “Besides, I need to find Liam. I have some things to tell him.”
“Well, good luck, Hope.” Brooke told her. “It’s as if Liam has dropped off the planet.”
“Yeah, and that’s not like Liam at all.” Hope reasoned. “Liam wouldn’t just abandon everything.”
“Well, it looks as if he did.” Brooke said. “He had a fight with Steffy and then that’s when he went missing.”
“Does Wyatt know anything?” Hope asked.
“He’s just as baffled as the rest of us.” Brooke told her. “And Bill is flipping out over this. He even gave Wyatt Liam’s position at Spencer.”
“Really.” Hope said.
Hope thought about what they all told her.
“Mom, I have to go see someone.” Hope said.
“But Hope, you. . .” Brooke started to say, as Hope was quickly out the door.
Hope had an idea and that idea was Quinn. She was going to go see Quinn. Somehow Hope had a feeling that Quinn was behind Liam’s disappearance.
Chapter 2
“Quinn!” Hope yelled as she pounded on Quinn’s door. “I know you’re in there!”
Fearing that Hope would find Liam here, she knocked Liam unconscious and hid him in the closet before Hope came in and found him. Just as Quinn managed to lock Liam safely away in the closet, Hope had managed to bust down Quinn’s door.
“Quinn!” Hope yelled as she tore through Quinn’s retreat. “I know you’re here! You can’t hide from me!”
Hope found Quinn in the bedroom locking the closet.
“What are you hiding in the closet, Quinn?!” Hope demanded, smelling something fishy as usual.
“I have some important designs I don’t want the world to know about until I’m ready.” Quinn covered hoping Hope would buy it.
“I don’t buy your cockamaybe story, Quinn!” Hope said, reaching for the key as Quinn dropped it down her bra.
“Come and get it Hope, if you dare!” Quinn challenged her.
Hope reached for the key that Quinn had dropped down her shirt as Quinn through Hope onto the bed and handcuffing her to the bedpost in the process.
“Let me out of these things!” Hope demanded.
But Quinn’s cover was blown was Liam came to and yelled out from the closet Quinn had him locked in.
“Eve, let me out!” Liam as Adam said.
“Is that Liam you have in there?” Hope asked. “And why was he calling you Eve?”
Quinn just put a towel in Hope’s mouth to shut her up instead.
“You’ve always been a nuisance, Hope.” Quinn spit at her. “Why didn’t you just stay in Italy?”
“MMMMMhhhhhh” Hope tried to spit out with the gag in her mouth.
“What’s that?” Quinn taunted. “I didn’t understand you!”
But just as Quinn was about to leave Hope handcuffed to her bed, Wyatt arrives at Quinn’s cottage.
“Oh no, Wyatt.” Quinn says to herself. “What are you doing here?”
“I’ll be back!” Quinn warned Hope. “Don’t try anything funny!”
Quinn went to see why Wyatt was here and to get him to leave before everything was messed up.
Chapter 3
“Wyatt?” Quinn said surprised to see him.
“I came to check on Hope.” Wyatt told her. “She came to see me about Liam, but I never heard back from her. Have you seen her?”
“No, Wyatt, I haven’t.” Quinn lied. “Don’t you have something important to do?”
“Steffy’s fine, mother.” Wyatt told her. “We’re in a really good place since Liam left.”
“Oh, that’s great, Wyatt.” Quinn congratulated him.
“So, mother, you haven’t seen Hope?” Wyatt asked again.
“Sorry, Wyatt, but I haven’t seen nor heard from her.” Quinn said. “Why would Hope come here. She clearly doesn’t like me?”
“Can you blame her?” Wyatt reminded her. “She claims you caused her to miscarry our baby?”
“I did no such thing!” Quinn said, hurt.
“Well, anyway, it’s water under the bridge. I’m with Steffy now.” Wyatt said. “Speaking of which, I just got a text from her to meet her for lunch.”
“Have a nice time!” Quinn called after him. “Whew! That was a bit close!”
Quinn went back to Hope and untied her hands and the gag from her mouth.
“Get out of here now.” Quinn ordered. “And don’t come back!”
“I’m not leaving until I see Liam!” Hope demanded.
“He’s not here!”
“Yes he is. I heard someone in the closet!” Hope said as she went for the closet before and opened it to see that Liam was indeed in there.
“Liam!” Hope exclaimed. “I knew you were in here!”
Hope took the gag of Liam’s mouth and untied his wrists as Quinn tried to hit Hope over her head with the lamp but missed. Liam lunged forward after being set free and pulled Quinn to the floor, while Hope called Lt. Baker to come get Quinn.
Chapter 4
As Quinn was being led out in handcuffs by Lt. Baker, Hope impulsively kissed Liam on the lips.
“What was that for?” a happy Liam asked her as a jealous Wyatt looked on.
“I’m just glad to see you.” Hope said, surprised by the kiss she gave him.
“I’m glad you’re here.” Liam confessed.
“Me too. When Steffy told me what Quinn had did to you, I had to come.” Hope told him.
“Well, I’m glad you did.” Liam said. “Because I have something to tell you.”
“Me first.” Hope interrupted him.
“What do you have to tell me?” Liam asked, surprised.
“Yes, Hope, do tell.” Wyatt interjected.
“Not tell…show.” Hope said, as Liam wondered what Hope had to show him as she led out of Quinn’s cottage by the hand with Wyatt right behind them.
Hope, Liam and Wyatt got back to L.A. and to Brooke’s beach house where Hope had her surprise waiting for Liam.
Liam and Wyatt did a double take when they saw a little girl, about 2, on the couch coloring in her coloring book.
“Hope, who is this little girl?” Liam asked as Wyatt wondered the same.
Not able to hide the truth any longer, Hope told Liam the truth, “Liam, meet your daughter, Brook Lyn Spencer.”
Liam was shocked to learn he had a daughter, as was Wyatt.
“But, Hope, I thought you lost the baby?” Wyatt asked, remembering her miscarriage before leaving L.A.
“When I arrived in Milan, I learned I was carrying twins.” Hope explained. “One twin died. The other survived.”
“So when you had the miscarriage, it was only one baby you lost?” Liam and Wyatt both said.
“But aren’t I the father?” Wyatt asked.
“I thought that too.” Hope explained. “But I had a DNA test done since I had the paternity test from the last baby, the test showed you weren’t the father.”
“Huh?” Wyatt asked confused.
“Well, apparently both you and Liam impregnated me.” Hope told them. “The baby that died was yours, Wyatt.”
“And the baby that lived was mine?” Liam asked.
“Yes.” Hope told Liam.
“I can’t believe this.” Wyatt said. “I had a child but it died. And now, Liam has a daughter?”
Liam was so happy he went and hugged Brook Lyn, who began to get scared.
“Mommy!” Brook Lyn cried.
“Oh, it’s okay baby.” Hope said, trying to calm Brook Lyn’s fears. “This man is your daddy.”
“My daddy!” said happily, as she let Liam hug her.
Wyatt left the three of them to bond as he headed over to the Bikini Bar to drown his misery in a few drinks.



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