Bitter End: A Billy & Phyllis (Phylly) Romance

Phyllis decides to end her affair with Billy and recommit to her husband Jack. But an unexpected pregnancy exposes the affair as Phyllis assumes Billy is the father. After a bitter end with a heartbroken Jack, Phyllis and Billy finally marry. But they have a rocky start as Jack tries to bust up the two lovers. Will Billy and Phyllis survive? In other Genoa City news, Nick and Chelsea bond as he helps her deal with Adam’s death, and Summer can’t get Luca out of her mind, even when Kyle comes back and asks for another chance.
Billy Abbott – Jason Thompson
Phyllis Summers Newman Abbott – Gina Tognoni
Jack Abbott – Peter Bergman
Summer Newman – Hunter King
Luca Santori – Miles Gaston Villanueva
Kyle Abbott – Lachlan Buchanan
Nick Newman – Joshua Morrow
Chelsea Lawson Abbott – Melissa Claire Egan
Victoria Newman – Amelia Heinle
Travis Crawford –
Adam Newman –
Chapter 1
“Billy, we can’t keep doing this?” Phyllis said as she pulled away from Billy after yet another lovemaking session.
“Phyllis?” Billy pleaded. “I need you so bad.”
“I have to go.” Phyllis said adamantly, as she forced herself to get out of the bed and get dressed, leaving Billy bewildered.

Phyllis felt guilty keeping her fling with Billy from Jack. As she started the ignition, she vowed once and for all to end things with Billy and recommit to Jack.
But Phyllis got only a few feet from Billy’s door and had to pull over. She was feeling a little sick and had to throw up. Shaking it off as the flu, Phyllis pulled herself together and continued to drive back to the Abbott mansion where Jack was waiting for her to come home.
“Jack!” Phyllis said, guiltily, as she rushed to give him a kiss. “I’m so sorry for everything.”
“Red? Why are you feeling so guilty?” Jack questioned.
“For neglecting you for so long.” Phyllis lied, as she weighed in on whether or not to reveal her indiscretion to him.
“It’s okay.” Jack assured her. “You’re home now.”
Jack took Phyllis in his arms and kissed her. It felt good to kiss him. She felt like such a fool to fall for Billy. She didn’t know what she was thinking.
“That was great!” Jack told her after they kissed. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”
Phyllis waited in the living room as Jack went to go get her surprise. When he came back, he found Phyllis passed out on the sofa. As he frantically tried to rouse her, Jack picked her in his arms and took her to the hospital.
At the hospital, Jack was met by Stitch who had just come from checking on one of his patients.
“Jack?” Stitch said surprised as he pulled from the side of the wall.
“She was unconscious as I came back downstairs.” Jack exclaimed, laying Phyllis on the gurney.
“I’ll let you know when I’ve examined her.” Stitch told him as he took her into the examining room.
As Jack waited for word on Phyllis, Billy came to the hospital to talk about Jabot business.
“Jack, we have a problem at Ja—-“ Billy started to say.
“Not now, Billy. I just brought Phyllis in.”
“What? What’s wrong with her?” Billy said worried.
“Stitch just took her in to the examining room.”
As Jack and Billy waited in vigil for word on Phyllis, Billy thought about his time with Phyllis. Then Stitch came out to inform them on Phyllis’ condtion.
“Is it serious?” Jack said with concern on his face, while Billy waited silently.
“I’m happy to announce. . .Phyllis is pregnant.” Stitch joyfully told Billy and Jack.
Jack and Billy were both stunned.
Chapter 2
Phyllis was still trying to process the news that she was pregnant.
“Billy has to be the father.” Phyllis reasoned to herself. “Jack and I haven’t been together much.”
After assuming that Billy is the father, she decided to make the painful decision to let go of Jack and make a life with Billy.
As Jack and Billy argue in the hospital waiting room, Phyllis comes in to make an announcement to the two men in her life.
“Jack? Billy?” Phyllis interrupts their argument.
Jack and Billy turn around when Phyllis enters the waiting room.
“Phyllis, you shouldn’t be out of bed?” a concerned Billy rushes to her side.
“I’m okay.” Phyllis tells Billy and Jack. “I have something to tell you both.”
Jack and Billy have ears on Phyllis as she tells them her new decision.
“Jack, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid it’s over.” Phyllis tells a stunned Jack.
“Billy, if you’ll have me, I’d like to make plans for a life with you.” Phyllis tells an elated Billy.
As Billy and Phyllis practically make out in the hospital waiting room, Jack is secretly reeling from the news of Phyllis’ pregnancy and Phyllis’ announcement that she is now with Billy.
Jack secretly plots to destroy Billy and Phyllis’s happiness.
“Enjoy it now, Phyllis. Billy.” Jack vows to himself. “Because it won’t last!”

Meanwhile, at Chelsea 2.0, Chelsea is busy working on designs trying to suppress her feelings from Adam’s death, when Nick walks in.
“Hard at work, I see.” Nick says to a frustrated Chelsea.
“Nick, I’m busy trying to get my designs ready for the upcoming fashion show.” Chelsea says, nearly biting off Nick’s head.
“Whoa! Chill out!” Nick says to her, as he tries to get her to relax a bit.
“I’m sorry, Nick.” Chelsea apologizes. “I’ve been so swamped …”
“Hey, take a break. Come have some lunch with me.” Nick offers.
“I can’t.” Chelsea tells him.
“You’re frazzled.” Nick says, worried. “Come have lunch and maybe it’ll give you some perspective?”
“Okay.” Chelsea says, giving in to Nick’s offer.
Nick takes Chelsea to the GCAC for some lunch and a heart-to-heart conversation.
“So what’s really bothering you, if I should be so bold to ask?” Nick says, breaking the ice.
“I told you, the fashion show.” Chelsea lies.
“C’mon, Chelsea.” Nick says. “It’s Adam’s death. You’re working long hours…”
“Nick, I’m busy with the fashion show.” Chelsea tells him.
“You’re avoiding your grief.” Nick tells her.
“Okay. You win.” Chelsea finally admits. “I can’t deal with Adam’s death.”
“I’m here. If you need a shoulder.” Nick offers.
“Thanks, but you’re just saying that because you promised Adam to look after Connor and me.” Chelsea reminds him.
“Yes, I did promise my brother to look after you two, but I’m also here as a friend.” Nick tells her.
“Thanks.” Chelsea tells him. “You’ve been a great friend.”
Nick and Chelsea bond over lunch as Summer comes into the GCAC, who is spotted by Nick.
“Summer?” Nick calls out to his daughter.
“Dad?” Summer says surprised to see him with Chelsea.
“How you been doing since your nuptials were cancelled?” Nick says, secretly relieved because Luca Santori isn’t his son-in-law.
“I’m dealing.” Summer tells him, trying to hide the hurt inside. “Dad, I have to be alone right now.”
“Okay, Summer, but just know, I’m here if you need someone to talk.” Nick assures her.
“Thanks dad.” Summer told him as she left Nick and Chelsea to be by herself.
Summer got to her table and ordered her favorite comfort food: an ice-cold cola, hamburger with the works and a big plate of fries. Summer had been depressed as she reflected back on what she and Luca had. As much as it pained her to see Luca behind bars for what he did to her family, she couldn’t help but think about him. She loved him, she truly did. She still wanted a life with Luca, despite everything that has happened. She wanted Luca back!
Chapter 3
While eating her burger and fries, Summer reflected on times with Luca—the almost wedding and everything. The betrayal of using her to get in with her family. Somehow, that didn’t matter. Summer still loved Luca. But all that was interrupted when Kyle showed up at her table.
“Summer?” Kyle asked her, taking her completely by surprise.
“Kyle?” Summer said, nearly knocking her Coke off the table.
“How are you doing?” Kyle asked as he sat across from her at her table.
“I’m fine.” Was all Summer could say, as she choked back the tears she was fighting from coming out.
“I heard about Luca?” Kyle said with worry for Summer.
“Yeah. Well that’s water under the bridge.” Summer said bitterly, trying not to reveal the love she still had for Luca.
“I came back because I wanted to ask you something.” Kyle said.
“What is it?” Summer replied.
“I love you Summer and I want you in my life.” Kyle revealed.
“I’m sorry, Kyle, but I can’t think about that right now.” Summer said as she ran out of the diner.
Meanwhile, back at Jabot, Jack was busy with working on a revenge plot to get back at Billy for sleeping with his wife. And it involved Victoria.
“Victoria, can you come by Jabot?” Jack asked when Victoria answered her cell. “I need to talk to you?”
“I’m busy with Brash & Sassy business right now.” Victoria replied, not really wanting to see Jack.
“It’s imperative I speak with you.” Jack told Victoria, not giving her reason to back out.
“Okay, I’ll be there in 5.” Victoria said before hanging up.
Jack smiled as he thought over his plan to get back at Billy and Phyllis in his mind before Victoria got to his office.
At Billy’s apartment, Billy and Phyllis were having dinner as Phyllis contemplated telling Billy about her pregnancy.
“I can’t believe you chose to be with me?” Billy told Phyllis as he handed her a glass of champagne.
“Sorry, but may I have some apple juice instead?” Phyllis asked him.
“No champagne?” Billy questioned her. “That’s not like you to turn down champagne?”
“I’m not really feeling up to drinking.” Phyllis replied.
“Okay.” Billy said as he went to pour Phyllis a glass of apple juice.
Back at Jabot, Victoria arrived at Jack’s office a little peeved by Jack’s demands.
“Okay, Jack, I’m here, so what’s so important you had to see me?!”
“I’m sorry to bother your busy work schedule, but I need a favor from you.” Jack replied to her.
“What kind of favor do you want from me?” Victoria asked questionly.
“I want you to take Billy back?” Jack had the nerve to ask.
“Come again?” Victoria couldn’t believe Jack’s request of her.
“I want you to take Billy back?” Jack repeated his request.
“Billy and I are over, Jack.” Victoria stated matter-of-factly.
“You still love Billy. So what’s the problem?” Jack asked.
“Try the fact that Billy can’t seem to keep it in his pants!” Victoria said heatedly.
“But we know he wants you back and will do anything to have you back in his life?”
“I’m sorry, Jack, but I can’t do what you ask.” Victoria said before walking out of his office.
Jack smiled as Victoria walked out on him. He knew he’d get the response she gave him. It was just a matter of time before Victoria took him back.
And it looked as if Jack was right—Victoria thought about taking Billy back. Life had been lonely since Travis left.



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