The Young and the Restless One Shots

Abby’s Decision
Abby loved Ben (Stitch). She just didn’t feel like he really understood her. Ever since the miscarriage, she and Stitch haven’t connected. He’s busy with his son’s ordeal. Lately, it seems that Max is more important than their baby. Why? Because their baby didn’t make it? All because of Max’s plot to make her trip down the GCAC (Genoa City Athletic Club) stairs at her baby shower that Max planned for her.
Abby wasn’t sure she could forgive Stitch for ignoring her pain over Max’s problems. Yes, Max was Stitch’s son, and apart of the family. It seems like they’ve been thrown a lot when they married. Max’s mother dying and Max moving to Genoa City? The baby? The miscarriage? How much could she take?
Abby couldn’t take it. She had to get out of this town.
The next thing she knew, Abby was on the next flight headed out of Genoa City.
Victoria’s Dilemma with Reed
Ever since Victoria came home to find Reed making out on the sofa with a girl while he was supposed to be watching Katie and Johnny, Victoria has been on edge. And Billy’s talk with her son didn’t make matters any better. And what right did Billy have giving advice to Reed? He isn’t Reed’s father—a father-figure, maybe, since J.T. has moved halfway around the world.
The last straw came when she received her credit card statement and it revealed some purchases that she didn’t make. She has got to have a talk with Reed about what he has done and why he made the purchases.
Adam’s Death
Chloe’s POV: Adam had to die! He killed Delia and got away with it! Why can’t anyone see that! My baby girl is dead and won’t be coming back! So, yeah! I tied up Adam and messed with the propane so there would be an explosion. And I made Nick, Chelsea and Connor watch! No one could see Adam for the man he was—a cold blood killer!
Chelsea’s POV: I can’t believe Chloe used to me! She made me believe that we were friends when she cold-bloodily killed my husband, and Connor’s father! She says that Adam was sick? At least Delia’s death was an accident? Chloe hunted Adam down and murdered Adam? So who’s the sick one?
Nick’s POV: I can’t believe that my own father helped Chloe frame Adam! I thought my father had changed. I know he and Adam had their issues, but I never thought he would ever do this to one of his children? I suspected Chloe was the one who killed my brother, but never in a million years did I suspect my own father to apart of this?!
Victor’s POV: I just wanted Adam to suffer. I thought he was disloyal to the family. He came back posing as Gabriel Bingham. I only wanted to teach Adam a lesson. But then I learned he regretted his decision and only wanted his life back after the explosion. That’s when I tried to help escape prison and live a life with Chelsea and Connor. I just hope my involvement with Chloe won’t come out. I’ll be damned if that backstabbing bitch ruins all I’ve done to protect my family!!
Reed’s Lovelife
Reed was enjoying Zoey until his date with Kendall at the movie and that kiss. Now he can’t get Kendall out of his head.
“Reed, what’s wrong?” Zoey says when Reed pulls away from kissing her.
“I’m distracted.” Reed lies. “My performance at The Underground.”
“Well, c’mere. Let Zoey make it all better.” Zoey says kissing him some more.
Reed doesn’t resist Zoey’s kiss hoping it will take his mind off of Kendall, but it doesn’t work. All he can think about is Kendall. What is wrong with him? Why can’t he get Kendall out of his mind?
Reed went home after his botched date with Zoey. He went up to his room to contemplate the Kendall/Zoey issue when Victoria knocked on Reed’s bedroom door.
“Reed, dinner is ready?” Victoria said through the door, trying to be super mom and have a family dinner for once.
“I’m not hungry mom!” Reed yelled through the door!”
Reed couldn’t think about eating when his lovelife was in question.
Elsewhere in Genoa City, Kendall was at home working on another plot to get Reed to like her and take him from Zoey. Zoey didn’t know it, but she was going to be in a rivalry for Reed’s affections.


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