The Bold and the Beautiful One Shots

Nicole’s Dilemma
Nicole contemplates Rick and Maya’s offer to be a surrogate again and give Lizzie a brother or sister. As much as Nicole is in love with Zende, they are finally in a good place right now. How can she turn Rick and Maya down and be happy with Zende? But at the same cost, how can she break Zende’s heart and accept Rick and Maya’s offer of having another baby to give Lizzie a brother or sister?
As she has just decided to give Rick and Maya the answer they want to hear, the timer goes off on her cell. Nicole runs into the bathroom and picks up the pregnancy test: it’s positive. How will Rick and Maya react when she has to deliver the news that she is already pregnant? With her and Zende’s baby?
Eric’s True Motive
Nobody understand what he was really doing. But then Eric couldn’t really divulge his true motive for marrying Quinn Fuller. He couldn’t take the risk of Quinn finding out. He had to marry Quinn to get her to trust her. His true motive was to bring Quinn down for everything she has done. In reality, Eric knew that Quinn has never changed. Ridge and Rick and even Liam all think Quinn has the upper hand, but in truth, he does. He has to gain Quinn’s trust in order to bring her down. And making Steffy CEO of Forrester and Quinn president is the perfect step in keeping Quinn in line.
Liam Is Fed Up
Liam can’t take Steffy as CEO of Forrester. Like everyone else, he thinks Quinn has one thing in mind–and that is reuniting Wyatt and Steffy. But Steffy doesn’t see it that way. Liam can’t get Steffy to realize that. And watching Steffy and Wyatt work together at Forrester frustrates Liam. They are getting closer while him and Steffy grow farther apart. There is only one thing Liam can do, and that is leave L.A.
So Liam leaves L.A. and boards a flight–to Australia to see Ivy. But the plane has to make an emergency landing in Port Charles, New York, where he becomes involved with Dillon Quartermaine (also played by Scott Clifton [who originated the role]). Liam sees his new passion when he realizes he enjoys managing Dillon’s singing career.
Ridge’s Dilemma
Brooke became amorous with Ridge as the passion between them grew. The two made love in Brooke’s bedroom, but as Ridge was making love to Brooke, thoughts of Quinn flashed through his mind. After making love, Ridge lay back in bed with Brooke, who was sleeping peacefully in Ridge’s arms. Ridge felt guilty for the thought he had while making love to Brooke. No matter what Ridge did, he just couldn’t get Quinn out of his head. Quinn consumed every facet of his life—his romantic life, his professional life—everything! He had to get a handle of these thoughts before his and Quinn’s secret came out.
Over at the Forrester mansion, Eric and Quinn were lying in bed after making love. Quinn, too, was feeling guilty about the thoughts she had of Ridge just now.
Thomas’ Frustration
Thomas can’t understand why Steffy was given the co-CEO position alongside their father? He’s worked hard all his life and was groomed for the position. And Granddad, Quinn, and his father overlook him? Well, Thomas wasn’t having it? He was quitting Forrester. He obviously isn’t respected in his own family as well as the family business? Spectra Fashions is looking promising these days—and what better way to get back at the family by going to work for the rival?! Bring it on Forrester Creations! I’ll show you all!!!!
Quinn and Ridge Can No Longer Deny Their Feelings
It is Ridge and Brooke’s wedding day and Quinn is sitting next to Eric in the front row. She can’t get rid of the thoughts of Ridge making love to her as Ridge and Brooke exchange “I do’s.” Quinn glances at her husband, the one she pledge her life to, but can’t his son out of her mind. She want’s Ridge. She can’t deny it to herself any longer.
She can’t believe she is going to pull a fast on the bride and the Forrester, especially Eric. But she can’t let Brooke be with Ridge. That’s why she and Ridge have agreed to a secret rendezvous after the wedding.
Quinn really does love Eric, but there is something about Ridge that she just can’t deny. She is afraid that everyone is right and she is still the same vindictive Quinn. Out for herself. No one can find out about her true feelings for Ridge. It would be the end of her marriage.
As family and friends gather around the newly married couple, Ridge gets a text from Quinn.
“Come to our secret spot.”
Ridge heads out of the church as he gives Brooke a kiss. He is sorry to deceive Brooke, but truth is, he only married Brooke so Bill couldn’t. As he headed over to meet Quinn, he smiles, knowing he finally got the last laugh on Bill! Or did he?
Sally’s Second Thoughts
Sally Spectra is torn. She wants to revive her Aunt Sally’s company. But to steal Forrester originals? Yeah. She gets it. It’s what Sally did. And got away with it.

But Thomas? Thomas will never forgive her if she goes through with it. And she so desperately wants Thomas’ approval.
No! They can’t go through with their plan to steal Forrester originals. Grandmother Shirley’s plan to use her sister, Coco, and have her wear a piece of jewelry with spyware is all wrong!
Why can’t they revive the company with her own designs? What’s wrong with her designs?

Sorry, Grams, but we can’t steal Forrester orignals! Sally says quietly to herself.
Sally takes the designs they took from Forrester and put them in the shredder. They would just have to find another way to revive Spectra Fashions!
Ridge, Thomas and RJ’s Heartbreak
Ridge: Ridge was heartbroken when Brooke ended their engagement. Okay. He got it! He messed up kissing Quinn. It was innocent. He never meant for it to go this far. It was just to get proof of Quinn’s infidelity to get her out of Eric’s life. But Ridge was beginning to see Quinn in a new light. Yes. He was attracted to her. But she was his father’s wife and he was engaged to Brooke. But, now that Brooke has ended things, maybe……..what if Ridge started something with Quinn?
Thomas: Thomas thought back to his moments with Sally Spectra. They had some good times. And he was beginning to like her, maybe even fall in love with her. But now that Sally has stolen Forrester designs, could he trust Sally? And now his father and sister want to prosecute Sally? Thomas was confused by this action—should Sally be prosecuted or can Sally really change?
RJ: RJ liked Coco and he knew she was telling the truth that she was set up to help steal the Forrester designs without her knowledge. But now they want Coco to make a statement to send Sally to prison for espionage and theft? Should he ask Coco to do it, and will Coco go along with it?


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