Days of Our Lives One Shots

Deimo’s Dilemma
Nicole kept Chloe’s secret about Chloe’s baby not being his. How can he ever come back from this? Nicole knew how much he wanted a child? She for one should have known how much it meant, having lost her own child? How could she do this to him?
Now, she’s back…to apologize? And why should he believe her? What else is Nicole hiding? Will she do this again?
Despite Nicole’s pleas and apology, he can’t bring himself to trust her again. It’s over between them. Nothing will ever be the same for them again!
Nicole’s Dilemma
Nicole loves Deimos. She just knows that Deimos has changed because of her love for him. But Chloe is pursuing custody of Holly, her daughter with Daniel, despite how much it hurts that Chloe would do this to her. Chloe knows how badly Nicole has wanted a child. To take away her child after Nicole has lost all hope of ever having a child is just cruel. Nicole doesn’t even know Chloe anymore. This has put a krimp in their friendship. If only she make it look as if she has let Deimos go—just until she got custody of Holly. Once custody of Holly was sealed by the court, Nicole could resume her plans to marry Deimos. But would Deimos go along with her plan? And would Chloe buy her charade to dump Deimos?
Where Is Deimos?
Author’s Note: This is a prelude to my new fanfiction crossover Deimos Kiriakis Meets Dr. David Hayward: (DOOL/AMC Crossover).
Deimos disappears after the Orwell Project is successfully destroyed? Did he go off on his own or was he kidnapped? Or maybe he died?
But just as Salemites have finally moved on with their lives, Deimos suddenly reappears. . .or has he? Is it really Deimos, or someone else?
Nicole Does the Unthinkable
“There’s no way Chloe is taking her daughter away from her and to New York!” Nicole said to herself while waiting for Chloe to turn away so she could snatch Holly.
She didn’t have to wait long as Dario was a saint for causing a scene that took Chloe’s attention off Holly. Nicole saw her chance and calmly walked over to Holly’s stroller and picked up her daughter and walked off with Chloe so engrossed in her argument with Dario she didn’t even notice Nicole had taken Holly.
Nicole had made her way to the secret house Deimos had arranged to have Nicole go with Holly so Chloe wouldn’t find her, by the time Chloe’s argument ended with Dario and realized Holly wasn’t in her stroller.
“Help!” Chloe yelled. “Someone has taken my daughter!”
But no one came to her aid but a little old lady who came up and slapped Chloe across her face, “you should be ashamed of yourself. “
“What did I do?! Someone took my daughter!” Chloe yelled back at the little old lady.
“I read the headlines!” the little old lady said heatedly. “You’re the one who took that sweet baby girl from her mother!”
“Holly is my daughter according to the court!” Chloe yelled back.
Soon, JJ came upon the scene and asked the two ladies what was the matter.
“JJ, you have to help me!” Chloe pleaded.
“Help you with what?” JJ asked her.
“Holly has been kidnapped!”
“Well, you know the procedure. I’ll take you to the PD and you can file a report. Then after 24-hours, we’ll put out a missing persons report.” JJ told an angry Chloe.
“That’s all you’re going to do?!” Chloe said angrily.
“Sorry, Chloe, but I have to by procedure!” JJ explained.
“Fine!” Chloe harrumphed, as she followed JJ to the PD.
As soon as Chloe was gone from the scene of Holly’s kidnapping, Deimos took off the old lady mask, “You’ll never find Holly!
Julie and Eli Bond
“I’m sorry, but I need to talk.” Eli stands up at David Bannings memorial service.
Valerie shakes her head at her son and mouths, “No, Eli.”
Eli just looks at his mother as she begins to confess, “What I’m about to say will shock you all, but I need to say it.”
As Eli has everyone’s attention, Eli continues as Valerie silently objects
“I hate to do this to you, but I need to get this out. I am grief-stricken over David Banning’s death, especially since he was my father,” Eli confesses, as jaws drop and Julie heads over to Valerie and slaps her.
“How could you!” Julie yells at her. “Keep me from knowing my grandson!”
“I’m sorry!” was all Valerie could say, as Abe just looks at her with disapproving looks.
As everyone rallies around Eli, Valerie is left out of the cold. Valerie starts to leave, but Abe stops her.
“Valerie, why couldn’t you tell me?” Abe asks her, not understanding. “I thought we had a connection?”
“I’m sorry, Abe!” Valerie said, before slipping away from the memorial.
Julie comes up to Eli and hugs him, “Do you want to have lunch?”
“I’d like that very much.” Eli agrees.
Julie and Eli head on over to the Java Café as Valerie heads back to her suite and packs her things to head back the DC.
Nicole’s Happiness
Nicole thought she and Brady were going to have some happiness after the Scooter situation. Brady confessed his love for her—she for him—and they made passionate love. It was heaven. She and Brady—a family, with Tate and Holly.
But it all came crashing down when Deimos arrived looking for Nicole. And that vile Xander. Why can’t she ever have any happiness? What did she ever do wrong to deserve all this misery?
Yes, she’s made mistakes and some very big ones. But hasn’t she paid for her crimes?
She went to prison for keeping the truth about Sydney and Grace from Mia McCormick and Sami Brady and kidnapping Sydney to keep the truth from Sami and EJ.
But now that she has Holly, she just wants her daughter—the baby she thought she never would have—Daniel’s baby! And a perfect life with Brady, Tate and Holly! Don’t they deserve that?!


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