Life After Carly: A Sonny Corinthos Fanfiction

After Nelle Hayes confessed that she only drugged Sonny and never had sex with him, Sonny went to tell Carly, only to find that she had just slept with her ex, Jax Jacks. Devastated by Carly’s hypocritical actions, Sonny decides to head out of Port Charles and to his private island, where he is surprised to find Brenda Barrett waiting for him. As the two ex-lovers reconnect, Carly is bent on revenge against Nelle for her lies to bust up her marriage to Sonny that led her to sleep with Jax, and ruin her plans to reunite with her son, Michael. But Jax has other plans as he blackmails Nelle to help him get back with Carly.

Sonny Corinthos – Maurice Benard
Brenda Barret – Vanessa Marcil
Carly Corinthos – Laura Wright
Jasper “Jax” Jacks – Ingo Rademacher
Nelle Hayes – Chloe Lanier
Michael Corinthos – Chad Duell
Josslyn Jacks – Eden McCoy

Chapter 1

Sonny boarded his private jet for his private island after finding out that Carly slept with Jax. He had went to Carly’s home to tell her that Nelle confessed to drugging him and that he never slept with Nelle in his drunken state. Yeah, he messed up and cover the whole thing up, but dammit, Carly actually slept with that slimeball, Jax. And after he went after Frank Benson to get a kidney for Josslyn. He was through with Carly for good. He was going to enjoy the solitude on his private island by himself without Carly and the kids.

2 hours later, Sonny’s private jet landed at the airstrip on the private island. He took his private limo to his condo and when he let himself inside the door, Sonny was surprised to find a familiar face waiting for him in his condo.

“Well, hello, Sonny.” Brenda said happily to see him.

“Brenda?” Sonny smiles, dimples showing.

“I heard about what happened and I knew you would come here.” Brenda told him as she kissed him full on the lips.

“As much as I wanted to be alone, I’m really glad you’re here.” Sonny said happily.

“So, do you want to go to dinner?” Sonny asked her.

“I’d love to.” Brenda said as the two headed out for a night on the town.

Back in Port Charles, Carly was not going to let Nelle off the hook for her “apology”. She intended to let the girl know how she felt about her so-called “apology.”

“Nelle, I need a word with you!” Carly demanded when she spotted her at The MetroCourt with Charlotte.

“Carly, I’m busy hanging with Charlotte right now.” Nelle said to get her to back off.

“I don’t care if you’re taking care of Satan’s child.” Carly raged. “I want to speak to you now!”

Turning to Charlotte, Nelle said, “Charlotte, can you go find a seat and I’ll join in a few?”

“Yes.” Charlotte agreed as she ran off to find a table as instructed.

“So, what is so important it couldn’t wait, Carly?!” Nelle demanded.

“I want you to stay away from Michael!” Carly ordered.

“Well, Carly, I think that should be up to Michael, don’t you think?”

“Michael can’t see you for who you really are, so I have to be the voice of reason here, and I want you out of Michael’s life!”

“Well, I don’t take orders from you!” Nelle shot back. “You’re not my mother!”

“I mean it, Nelle!” Carly threatened. “Stay away from my son, or you’ll be sorry!”

Carly left Nelle standing there fuming, but just as Nelle joined Charlotte at their table, Carly came back to start trouble again.

“On second thought, I want you out of my hotel—pronto!”

“But I promised Charlotte. . .” Nelle started to say.

“I didn’t mean Charlotte. I meant you.” Carly demanded. “I’ll call her father and tell him to come get her.”

Nelle didn’t know what to do but leave the MetroCourt. So she did. But not before running into Michael. She decided to get back at Carly and give him her story on what transpired between her and Carly.

“Well, Carly, two can play your game!” Nelle thought to herself.



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