Nicole’s Miracle: A Days of Our Lives Fanfiction

As Chloe goes into labor on Christmas Eve, Nicole is there for the delivery. After Chloe delivers a daughter, Chloe, overcome with guilt, reveals the truth to Nicole that her baby girl is her and Daniel’s daughter. After the initial shock of Chloe’s confession, Nicole goes into post-partum depression, as she wonders if she can be a real mother to Holly and what it means for her romance with Deimos?
In other Salem news, Philip Kiriakis does a double take when he thinks he sees Mimi Lockhart in Salem. But is it Mimi, or someone else? And will it lead to romance, or something else?
And Brady moves on after Theresa’s absence from Salem with someone from his past.
Nicole Walker – Arianne Zucker
Deimos Kiriakis – Vincent Irizarry
Chloe Lane – Nadja Bjorlin
Philip Kiriakis – John-Paul Lavoisier
Gigi Morasco (Mimi Lockhart) – Farah Fath
Shane Morasco-Balsom – Austin
Brady Black – Eric Martsolf
Chapter 1
Chloe Lane had tears in her eyes as Nicole bonded with her daughter—the daughter she help bring into the world. The only thing more perfect would be to have Daniel see his daughter, Chloe reflected on how much Daniel would be a good father. It was sad, really. Daniel never got to raise Melanie and he barely had time with Parker, especially after another DNA test revealed Parker to be Daniel’s and not Philip’s, thanks to Victor’s manipulations. She had to tell Nicole the truth about Holly. Plus, she didn’t want to lose Nicole’s friendship over this.
“Nicole, you’re absolutely beaming.” Chloe said, happy for her friend.
“I can’t believe Holly is mine?” Nicole said in disbelief, tears streaming from her eyes.
“Well, believe it. I promised to help you and Daniel bring a child into the world.” Chloe stated. “I never renege on my promises.”
“Thank you, Chloe. You’re such a good friend.” Nicole said gratefully.
“Just be the best mother you can to this precious little girl.” Chloe told her friend.
“Well, I have to get back to New York to Parker.” Chloe said. “Wow! Parker has a little sister.”
After Chloe left Nicole alone with Holly to get back to her own son, realization hit her hard. What if she wouldn’t be a good mother? Holly deserved a good mother, and with her history, what if she couldn’t do that?
Nicole laid Holly in her bassinet to sleep while she left the room.
An hour later, Holly was crying when Brady came by, and seeing that Holly was crying, wondered where Nicole was.
“Nicole, where were you?” Brady asked her, concerned.
“I-I-I. . .” Nicole stammered. “I just stepped out while Holly was sleeping.”
“You left her alone?” Brady asked her.
“She was sleeping? I needed a break?” Nicole defended herself.
“You don’t leave a baby alone?!” Brady rebuked her.
“See? I knew it!” Nicole spat out. “Why did Chloe have to go and have the invitro?! I’m a terrible mother!”
Nicole couldn’t take it. She ran from Victor’s mansion where she was staying with Brady and Tate. She had to get away. Motherhood wasn’t for her. That’s why she always lost her babies. She just wasn’t a good mother!
Meanwhile, a dejected Philip was sitting alone in Horton Square when he spied a woman similar to Mimi Lockhart, drinking a latte. He went over to see her.
“Mimi?” Philip asked.
“I’m sorry? Do I know you?” Gigi asked him.
“I’m sorry, I thought you looked like someone I knew?” Philip apologized.
“I’m Gigi. Gigi Morasco.” Gigi introduced herself. “I’m here on business for some designs. I was trying to find a Kate Roberts of Basic Black?”
“Funny you should say that.” Philip said. “I can take you to Ms. Roberts.”
“You know Kate Roberts?” Gigi asked him.
“Only for my entire life.”
“Yes. She’s my mother.”
“Shall I introduce you to her?” Philip asked her as they headed off for Basic Black.
Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos came into Holly’s nursery to find Brady holding Holly.
“What are doing holding Holly?” Deimos questioned him.
“Nicole needed to do something so I’m babysitting.” Brady covered for a heartbroken Nicole.
“What do you mean? Where’s Nicole?” Deimos questioned.
“She had to get some baby things before Holly woke up.” Brady covered, not wanting Deimos to know about Nicole’s breakdown.
Later, Nicole found herself sitting alone in the park wondering why she wasn’t with Holly. She had always wanted a baby and now that she finally got the one she’s always wanted, she leaves her baby? What was wrong with her?
But her troubles are far from over when she is spied on by an unknown figure.
Chapter 2
Chrystal Lennon wanted to get to know Nicole, the woman who was on her birth certificate as her birth mother. She wanted to know who her birth father was. So she googled Nicole Walker and found her to be living in Salem. So she got a bus ticket for Salem to find out.
When she spied the blonde woman in the park crying, Chrystal decided to keep silent, until she ran into Deimos Kiriakis.
“Who the hell are you, and why are you spying on my fiancée?” Deimos Kiriakis demanded.
“I’m just some fan of Ms. Walkers.” Chrystal lied, trying to get away from him quickly.
“Not so fast!” Deimos yelled after her.
“Please, just let me go!” Chrystal pleaded.
“Tell me who sent you here?” Deimos ordered her. “Did Chloe send you here to spy on Nicole?”
“Who’s Chloe?” Chrystal asked confused.
“That’s it? Chloe sent you here to spy on me and Nicole.” Deimos said, not buying Chrystal’s story. “I knew it. That’s why Chloe left so hastily. She had a spy watching Nicole?”
“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about? I don’t know any Chloe!”
“Well, you’re coming with me!” Deimos told Chrystal as drug her to the mansion to let Nicole know she was being followed.
Nicole arrived back at the mansion to find Brady holding a crying Holly.
“Nicole, where did you go?” Brady asked concerned.
“I just needed to get away?!” Nicole defended herself, not wanting to tell Brady her insecurities for being a mother to Holly.
“Okay. Deimos was here wondering where you were.”
“I hope you defended me?” Nicole questioned him.
“I told him you were out buying some baby things?”
“Great. Can I take her now.” Nicole said, feeling a little more confident about her role as Holly’s mother.
Nicole smiled as Holly smiled up at her, “She is beautiful.”
“You’re a natural.” Brady encouraged.



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