Crimes on Disney

Ariel Steals the Show
Teenage Ariel decides to get on board her high school musical when her crush, Tommy, persuades her to try out for the drama club. When Ariel wins the lead role, Tommy doesn’t win the part of the leading man. Will it destroy their friendship or bring them closer?

Chapter 1
“Ariel, you trying out for drama club?” Tommy asked her.
“I’m not sure?” Ariel replied.
“C’mon, Ariel, you should. You’re a natural.” Tommy encouraged.
“Okay.” Ariel agreed, as she signed the sheet for an audition.
No sooner had Ariel signed the audition sheet, snobby Carissa Jenkins showed up with her two snobby friends, Alyson and Ashleigh Thomasen, to sign up as well.
“You think you’re going to win the lead?!” Carissa snubbed her nose at Ariel.
“We shall see.” Ariel commented back.
“So nice you have confidence.” Alyson said.
“Well, Ariel is a great actress!” Tommy defended Ariel.
“Oh, it’s Tommy to the Ariel’s rescue! How cute!” Ashleigh mocked him.
Carissa, Alyson and Ashleigh left Ariel and Tommy to themselves as they sauntered off.
“Let them be.” Tommy told Ariel.
It wasn’t long before Ariel got a call from the Mrs. Walsh, the drama teacher telling her she got an audition for the lead part.



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