Hope’s Choice: A Liam & Hope (Lope) Romance

After receiving a call from Steffy about Liam, Hope realizes that Liam is the man for her and decides to head back to L.A. and find Liam. But when she discovers Liam’s condition and “marriage” to Quinn, will Hope stand by Liam, or run back to Italy?
Hope Logan – Kim Matula
Liam Spencer aka Adam Smith – Scott Clifton
Quinn Fuller aka Eve Smith – Rena Sofer
Steffy Forrester – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Wyatt Fuller Spencer – Darin Brooks
Bill Spencer – Don Diamont
Katie Logan Spencer – Heather Tom
Brooke Logan – Katherine Kelly Lang
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Rick Forrester – Jacob Young
Maya Avant Forrester – Karla Mosley
Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Caroline Spencer Forrester – Linsey Godfrey
Thomas Forrester – Pierson Fode
Chapter 1
Hope couldn’t believe Liam had abandoned his job at Spencer Communications and his job at Forrester. It just wasn’t like Liam. Hope didn’t believe that Liam just up and left for parts unknown. No, something was up. She had to find out where Liam was.
After the soul searching all things months, ending her marriage to Liam’s brother, Wyatt and losing the baby—the baby she thought was Wyatt’s—she found out through DNA tests that the baby was actually Liam’s. That piece of news finally gave Hope insight into her true feelings: Liam was the one for her.
And now she had to go back to L.A. and find Liam and tell him how she felt.

The next morning, Hope woke early and ate a quick breakfast of coffee and bagel with cream cheese. Then she loaded her luggage into her car and headed for the airport as she had a last-minute ticket for L.A.
Arriving at the Milan airport, Hope checked her luggage in and waited for her flight. When the announcer came over the P.A. system announcing her flight, Hope boarded her flight back to L.A.
It was a long flight back to L.A. and Hope slept most of the way back. She woke up when the pilot announced that they were about to land at LAX.
As soon as the plane landed, she grabbed her carry-on and departed the plane, checked out her luggage, and grabbed a taxi for her mother’s townhouse.
When the taxi dropped Hope in front of her mother’s townhouse, she noticed that L.A. had changed a bit in her absence. Walking up to the door, Hope rang the doorbell to her mother’s townhouse.
“Hope, what a surprise!”Brooke said greeting her daughter, who was surprised, but glad to see her back.
“Hello, mother!” Hope replied back as the two hugged.
“Mother, who’s at the door?” Rick called out.
“it’s your sister, Hope!” Brooke answered back.
“Well, Hope, what brings you around?” Rick hugged her as Maya watched.
“Who’s the lovely woman?” Hope asked when she noticed Maya sitting on the sofa.
“Oh, Hope, this is Maya, my wife.”
“Oh, Maya, I’m so sorry. I didn’t recognize you.”
“Who’s the newcomer?” Nicole asked, having just woken up from a much-needed nap.
“Nicole, this is my sister, Hope, who’s back from Italy.” Rick introduced Hope to Maya’s sister, who noticed Nicole was pregnant.
“Nice to meet you, Nicole.” Hope said back. “Congratulations on your pregnancy. Is the father happy?”
“Yes, I’d say he is.” Nicole said, glancing at Rick.
“Rick, are you the father of Nicole’s baby?” Hope asked, confused.
“Yes I am.” Rick admitted.
“You cheated on Maya?” Hope said, not comprehending.
“No. it’s not that way. Nicole is our surrogate.”
“Surrogate?” Hope said, seeming more confused. “You and Maya can’t have a child?”
“You didn’t hear?”
“Hear what?”
“Maya is transgender.” Rick confessed.
Hope’s jaw dropped. “Oh, now I see.”
“Well, what brings you back to L.A.?” Rick said, changing the subject.
“I came back to look for Liam.” Hope said.
“Oh, you heard about Liam’s disappearance?” Brooke joined in.
“Yes, from Steffy.”
“Steffy told you about Liam?”
“Yes, mother, she did. She’s been concerned about his sudden departure.”
“Even though she is about to marry Wyatt?”
“She still cares about him, mother.” Hope said. “Besides, I need to find Liam. I have some things to tell him.”
“Well, good luck, Hope.” Brooke told her. “It’s as if Liam has dropped off the planet.”
“Yeah, and that’s not like Liam at all.” Hope reasoned. “Liam wouldn’t just abandon everything.”
“Well, it looks as if he did.” Brooke said. “He had a fight with Steffy and then that’s when he went missing.”
“Does Wyatt know anything?” Hope asked.
“He’s just as baffled as the rest of us.” Brooke told her. “And Bill is flipping out over this. He even gave Wyatt Liam’s position at Spencer.”
“Really.” Hope said.
Hope thought about what they all told her.
“Mom, I have to go see someone.” Hope said.
“But Hope, you. . .” Brooke started to say, as Hope was quickly out the door.
Hope had an idea and that idea was Quinn. She was going to go see Quinn. Somehow Hope had a feeling that Quinn was behind Liam’s disappearance.
Chapter 2
“Quinn!” Hope yelled as she pounded on Quinn’s door. “I know you’re in there!”
Fearing that Hope would find Liam here, she knocked Liam unconscious and hid him in the closet before Hope came in and found him. Just as Quinn managed to lock Liam safely away in the closet, Hope had managed to bust down Quinn’s door.
“Quinn!” Hope yelled as she tore through Quinn’s retreat. “I know you’re here! You can’t hide from me!”
Hope found Quinn in the bedroom locking the closet.
“What are you hiding in the closet, Quinn?!” Hope demanded, smelling something fishy as usual.
“I have some important designs I don’t want the world to know about until I’m ready.” Quinn covered hoping Hope would buy it.
“I don’t buy your cockamaybe story, Quinn!” Hope said, reaching for the key as Quinn dropped it down her bra.
“Come and get it Hope, if you dare!” Quinn challenged her.
Hope reached for the key that Quinn had dropped down her shirt as Quinn through Hope onto the bed and handcuffing her to the bedpost in the process.
“Let me out of these things!” Hope demanded.
But Quinn’s cover was blown was Liam came to and yelled out from the closet Quinn had him locked in.
“Eve, let me out!” Liam as Adam said.
“Is that Liam you have in there?” Hope asked. “And why was he calling you Eve?”
Quinn just put a towel in Hope’s mouth to shut her up instead.
“You’ve always been a nuisance, Hope.” Quinn spit at her. “Why didn’t you just stay in Italy?”
“MMMMMhhhhhh” Hope tried to spit out with the gag in her mouth.
“What’s that?” Quinn taunted. “I didn’t understand you!”
But just as Quinn was about to leave Hope handcuffed to her bed, Wyatt arrives at Quinn’s cottage.
“Oh no, Wyatt.” Quinn says to herself. “What are you doing here?”
“I’ll be back!” Quinn warned Hope. “Don’t try anything funny!”
Quinn went to see why Wyatt was here and to get him to leave before everything was messed up.
Chapter 3
“Wyatt?” Quinn said surprised to see him.
“I came to check on Hope.” Wyatt told her. “She came to see me about Liam, but I never heard back from her. Have you seen her?”
“No, Wyatt, I haven’t.” Quinn lied. “Don’t you have something important to do?”
“Steffy’s fine, mother.” Wyatt told her. “We’re in a really good place since Liam left.”
“Oh, that’s great, Wyatt.” Quinn congratulated him.
“So, mother, you haven’t seen Hope?” Wyatt asked again.
“Sorry, Wyatt, but I haven’t seen nor heard from her.” Quinn said. “Why would Hope come here. She clearly doesn’t like me?”
“Can you blame her?” Wyatt reminded her. “She claims you caused her to miscarry our baby?”
“I did no such thing!” Quinn said, hurt.
“Well, anyway, it’s water under the bridge. I’m with Steffy now.” Wyatt said. “Speaking of which, I just got a text from her to meet her for lunch.”
“Have a nice time!” Quinn called after him. “Whew! That was a bit close!”
Quinn went back to Hope and untied her hands and the gag from her mouth.
“Get out of here now.” Quinn ordered. “And don’t come back!”
“I’m not leaving until I see Liam!” Hope demanded.
“He’s not here!”
“Yes he is. I heard someone in the closet!” Hope said as she went for the closet before and opened it to see that Liam was indeed in there.
“Liam!” Hope exclaimed. “I knew you were in here!”
Hope took the gag of Liam’s mouth and untied his wrists as Quinn tried to hit Hope over her head with the lamp but missed. Liam lunged forward after being set free and pulled Quinn to the floor, while Hope called Lt. Baker to come get Quinn.
Chapter 4
As Quinn was being led out in handcuffs by Lt. Baker, Hope impulsively kissed Liam on the lips.
“What was that for?” a happy Liam asked her as a jealous Wyatt looked on.
“I’m just glad to see you.” Hope said, surprised by the kiss she gave him.
“I’m glad you’re here.” Liam confessed.
“Me too. When Steffy told me what Quinn had did to you, I had to come.” Hope told him.
“Well, I’m glad you did.” Liam said. “Because I have something to tell you.”
“Me first.” Hope interrupted him.
“What do you have to tell me?” Liam asked, surprised.
“Yes, Hope, do tell.” Wyatt interjected.
“Not tell…show.” Hope said, as Liam wondered what Hope had to show him as she led out of Quinn’s cottage by the hand with Wyatt right behind them.
Hope, Liam and Wyatt got back to L.A. and to Brooke’s beach house where Hope had her surprise waiting for Liam.
Liam and Wyatt did a double take when they saw a little girl, about 2, on the couch coloring in her coloring book.
“Hope, who is this little girl?” Liam asked as Wyatt wondered the same.
Not able to hide the truth any longer, Hope told Liam the truth, “Liam, meet your daughter, Brook Lyn Spencer.”
Liam was shocked to learn he had a daughter, as was Wyatt.
“But, Hope, I thought you lost the baby?” Wyatt asked, remembering her miscarriage before leaving L.A.
“When I arrived in Milan, I learned I was carrying twins.” Hope explained. “One twin died. The other survived.”
“So when you had the miscarriage, it was only one baby you lost?” Liam and Wyatt both said.
“But aren’t I the father?” Wyatt asked.
“I thought that too.” Hope explained. “But I had a DNA test done since I had the paternity test from the last baby, the test showed you weren’t the father.”
“Huh?” Wyatt asked confused.
“Well, apparently both you and Liam impregnated me.” Hope told them. “The baby that died was yours, Wyatt.”
“And the baby that lived was mine?” Liam asked.
“Yes.” Hope told Liam.
“I can’t believe this.” Wyatt said. “I had a child but it died. And now, Liam has a daughter?”
Liam was so happy he went and hugged Brook Lyn, who began to get scared.
“Mommy!” Brook Lyn cried.
“Oh, it’s okay baby.” Hope said, trying to calm Brook Lyn’s fears. “This man is your daddy.”
“My daddy!” said happily, as she let Liam hug her.
Wyatt left the three of them to bond as he headed over to the Bikini Bar to drown his misery in a few drinks.



1997 Again: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Buffy turning into Drusilla during Season 8 (imagine that Buffy the Vampire Slayer never ended at Chosen (TV) and it continued onto the Cleveland Hell Mouth, but Buffy returns to the Crater of Sunnydale to make a wish that she was back with Spike at the beginning. Pretty, soon, she is sitting next to him in the car with a purely evil Vampire (OR SO SHE THINKS, IT’S FUTURE SPIKE TAKING OVER THE PAST’S BODY).
And it’s Sunny Dale 1997 right before he crashed into town with his insane sire. Buffy tries to explain that she’s not evil but begins to enjoy the luxuries and freedom. It’s because of Giles and the Scoobies keeping her from knowing that Spike was alive, but died again as he went up against the Circle of Black Thorns. She resented them for the secrecy and Willow only showed up to help Fred in order to keep her out!
Future Buffy and Dru trade lives, but the real Dru bursts into Dust at the hole where the town was. (PAST Dru and FUTURE Buffy).
Chapter 1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer never ended at the Hellmouth and it continued onto the Cleveland Hell Mouth, but Buffy returns to the Crater of Sunnydale to make a wish that she was back with Spike at the beginning. Pretty, soon, she is sitting next to him in the car with a purely evil Vampire and it’s Sunny Dale 1997 right before he crashed into town with his insane sire. Buffy tries to explain that she’s not evil but begins to enjoy the luxuries and freedom. What could be better than having what you want at your fingertips? You could call out and dozens of minions would be at your disposal. You could click and they’d do your every need. She sighed in bliss. “We’ll be home soon and you’ll get to have your way with the Slayer.”
“Can I break her,” she asked in her light slightly exotic voice.
He growled. “And dance on her grave!”
“YES, YES,” she giggled.
Oh yeah, being insane was definitely fun!
And plus, she’ll get to see Angel fall on a stake. Nah, just torture him until the little soul is out.
“I can smell it. All of that power in one small boy readied for the preparation.”
“To stuff out the light!”
“Pretty,” she murmured at all of the demons. “Such pretty bright Red colors… I wonder if we’re invited on the guest list…?”
Chapter 2
It was warm. The body was warm. And she was cold. She slid one hand out and a splash of blood dropped against her lip. She swiped it effortlessly. The Ruby Red liquid fell down her chin and stained the White of her dress. She began to whine that it was dirty. Spike told her to remove it so they could get it washed.
‘Jane Doe’ was n*** and forgotten as her dead eyes stared at the ceiling.
Spike stopped a minion. “Hey, care to take care of the body…?”
He knew that his princess loved to play with the dead things as if they were her dolls, but he just couldn’t stand to look at them- their lifeless corpses staring back at him, vacant and blank. He persuaded his Goddess to get new dolls, but sent him away for a few days, ignoring her pleas until he brought her the puppy.
“Treasure Sunshine would you,” he had said.
“M’kay,” she clutched the dog close to her. In fact, it was right on her lap enjoying the petting.
“We’ll be there soon,” he assured.
She wasn’t actually going to kill, just enjoyed being with him again. And neither was he. He had a soul and he wasn’t even from around here, this bizarre time stream he traveled to. He had no idea how he even got to this place or era.
He’s going to have to play along, make Dru think he’s killing when it’s from a dead animal. ‘Oh Spike, I miss you so much, but now, I have my second chance in this bizarre world!’
She grazed her hand along his curls. “Come ere’ pet,” he rumbled. She climbed over him and their lips touched.
Chapter 3
Spike can’t deny it. He missed being evil. He missed Dru’s cold but hot personality. He missed her insane laughter when they mayhemed and slaughtered through towns or her claws digging into his spine when they fucked. He was free here- with no worries, pain, and guilt haunting him. No voices of the past breaking him. No sound, just silence. His blue eyes took in her nudene form, her silken skin gleaming in the light. Hours before, he took out the Anointed’s nest, now resting lazily on his elbow.
Buffy couldn’t control it anymore. When she saw the girl, she moved in slow motion before pouncing and grabbing the neck, her jaws snapping around the bulge of her artery, stopping the tortured girl’s pleas for help. This was the only life she was going to end. It was only because she needed the strengths after what Dru had to endure in Prague. She could feel the physical pain almost as if it was a contradiction.
1997 was the year of her loss of innocence.
Chapter 4
Spike ran his hand down Dru’s body as he kissed her lips. As he made love to Dru, thoughts of his night with Buffy came back to haunt him. He loved Buffy and desired her, but something inside him couldn’t stay away from Dru. He was definitely torn between the two women: Dru’s evil passion and Buffy’s sexy innocence. It was more than Spike could handle.
After fulfilling his desires inside Dru, Spike pulled out and got dressed.
“What’s wrong, love?” Dru asked him.
“I have to go.” Spike told her.
Spike left Dru alone in the grotto outside of Sunnydale.
“Well, if it’s one thing I can’t stand is to be laid and abandoned!” Dru said bitterly to herself.
Spike showed up at Buffy’s to find her with Angel. Seething with jealousy, he watched as Angel kissed Buffy’s breasts. Spike hid when Angel turned his head, but it was too late. Angel had seen him standing outside the window. Kissing Buffy more fervently, Angel gave Spike a show, as the Spike’s fangs began to show.
Spike took a walk around Sunnydale to clear his head. He couldn’t believe that Buffy was with Angel. “Didn’t their night mean anything to her?” Spike thought.
But all that would have to wait when a group of minions from the Hellmouth began wreaking havoc in Sunnydale. . . . . . .
Chapter 5
As Buffy made love to Angel, she had a feeling that came over her as she sensed someone was in danger. As much as she longed to stay in bed with Angel, she just couldn’t…not when someone could be in trouble. So as she got up from Angel’s embrace, and got her clothes on, Buffy made a hasty exit from Angel’s pad and found her way to the center of Sunnydale, only to realize it was Spike who was in trouble.
Something inside Buffy fueled Buffy’s fire as she jumped on the minions and banished them to hell right before Spike’s eyes.
“Buffy!” Spike said surprised to see her.
“Something couldn’t keep me away.” Buffy said as she moved in for a kiss, but a minion that had been hiding from them sprang up from behind Spike and struck him in the heart with a stake, sending Spike straight to hell.
“Spike!” Buffy yelled out. “Noooooooooo!”
Buffy couldn’t believe that Spike was gone. And at the time when she realized it was Spike she loved. Not Angel.
As she walked on through Sunnydale, she ran into Giles who had come out of his store when he saw her out.
“Buffy?” Giles called after her, but Buffy just kept walking, oblivious to the sound of Giles’ voice.
“Buffy?” Giles said when he reached Buffy and grabbed her shoulder.
“Who are you?” Buffy said when she turned around to see who was behind her, not recognizing her trainer.
“Buffy, it’s me…Giles.”
“Go away.” Buffy ranted.
“What’s wrong?”
“He’s gone!” Buffy moaned. “Spike’s gone!”
“Buffy, you know that.” Giles reminded her. “Spike died a year ago.”
“No, he died tonight.” Buffy looked at Giles confused.
“No, Buffy, you’re mistaken.”
“But I saw him…fighting some minions.” Buffy explained. “I fought them all off…except…”
“Buffy, whatever you’re remembering tonight…it didn’t happen because Spike couldn’t have been there.”
“You’re wrong!” Buffy said as she tore herself away from Giles grasp.
“Why were they all lying to her?” Buffy wondered. She saw it…with her own two eyes. Spike…fighting the minions…until she fought them all off and banished them all to hell. Except for one. Who was hiding from them. Snuck up and killed Spike. Spike was gone. Her Spike. Gone.
Chapter 6
Buffy tried to get Spike out of her mind, but thoughts of their night flashed through her mind. Even Angel’s kiss failed to keep Spike out of Buffy’s thoughts.
“Angel, please, not tonight.” Buffy said as she pulled away from his embrace.
“Buf-“ Angel asked. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing!” Buffy said irately.
“Who is it?” Angel demanded.
“No one!” Buffy continued her ire.
“It’s Spike!” Angel raged. “The bloody bastard has been dead for a year and he’s still got your heart!”
“You too!” Buffy yelled. “Spike was killed last night!”
“What are you saying?!” Angel said in disbelief. “Spike died a year ago!”
“No he didn’t! He died last night! Right in front of me as I tried to kill the minions who were trying to kill him!” Buffy explained.
“Buffy, –“ Angel tried to reason with her, but she ran off.
“Buffy, come back!” Angel called after her.
As Buffy ran off to the center of Sunnydale, suddenly all the surroundings no longer looked familiar to her.
“Where’s Sunnydale High?” Buffy wondered. “Where the hell am I?”
As Buffy looked around some more she said to herself, “I don’t think I am in Sunnydale anymore?”
Back at Giles’ store he had recreated in Cleveland, Angel brought Giles and the Scoobies together to help Buffy.
“Everybody, I asked you hear to discuss what to do about Buffy.” Angel began.
“What’s wrong with Buffy?” Willow asked.
“She’s not herself.” Angel told them.
“What do you mean, ‘not herself?’” Xander inquired.
“Well, she thinks Spike was killed last night, instead of a year ago.” Angel told them.
“Yes, I ran into Buffy to and she seemed confused about that fact too, but when I tried to get her to reason, she ran off.” Giles told Angel.
“It’s as if Buffy’s in her own little world.” Angel said.
“Well, what do we do?” Willow asked with concern.
“We need to find out where Buffy is and get her out of that realm.” Angel explained.
“But what realm is she in?” Xander inquired.
“Somewhere in the past.” Giles said.
“So do we go back in time to find Buffy?” Dawn asked them all.
“Yes. But first we must find Buffy and detain her.” Angel said.
“Detain her? But where?” Xander asked.
The gang headed out to find where Buffy ran off to. Giles was the first to find her lying unconscious under a tree in Cleveland.
As Giles alerted the others that he found Buffy, Giles picked up Buffy and took her off to the store as she called out, “Spike, help me!”


Niktor Forever: A Victor & Nikki (Niktor) Romance

What if Jack is using Gloria to hide the real fling he is having with Nikki Reed-Newman and using Nikki to get revenge on Victor Newman? Just as Nikki has decided to move on with her life and Victor. What will Nikki do when she discovers Jack’s deception? Will she go back to drinking? Will she tell Victor? Will she go back to Victor? Or will she seek revenge on Jack? Or will it be Victor and Nikki who will have the last laugh on Jack Abbott?
Victor Newman – Eric Braden
Nikki Reed-Newman – Melody Thomas Scott
Jack Abbott – Peter Bergman
Ashley Abbott – Eileen Davidson
Billy Abbott – Jason Thompson
Victoria Newman – Amelia Heinle
Phyllis Summers-Newman-Abbott – Gina Tognoni
Michael Baldwin – Christian LeBlanc
Lauren Fenmore-Baldwin – Tracey Bregman
Gloria Fisher-Abbott-Bardwell – Judith Chapman

Chapter 1
Nobody could know the real reason he hired Gloria Fisher-Abbott-Bardwell as a receptionist at Jabot? He tricked Gloria into “sleeping with him” getting her drunk and waking up in bed next to her the next morning. Gloria thinks she pulled one over on him, when it was the other way around. Jack is using Gloria making her think they are having an affair to hide the real affair he is having with Nikki Reed-Newman and using Nikki to get revenge on her husband Victor Newman!
Jack has to make everyone think Gloria has one over on him to get what he wants from Victor Newman. And if everyone believes that he and Gloria are having an affair, so be it! As long as he wins in the end! The Mustache will pay! Pay for all his crimes, one way or another!
Jack’s reverie was interrupted by Nikki who rushed into his office at Jabot.
“Jack, I need you!” Nikki cried out as she kissed him hard on the lips.”
“Nikki, please! Not here!” Jack reminded her of the dire consequences of exposing their affair.
“Then take me somewhere private, I don’t care. I need you now!” Nikki begged.
“Okay. Meet me at this address.” Jack said holding up a piece of paper so no one could hear as Nikki rushed out of Jack’s office.
15 minutes later, Jack and Nikki met secretly at their secret place for a little rendezvous. Passions heightened as Jack and Nikki gave into desire and made love. When the pair were through, Jack got out of bed and got dressed before leaving Nikki alone in bed.
As Jack left their undisclosed location, someone was watching from a distance.


Bitter End: A Billy & Phyllis (Phylly) Romance

Phyllis decides to end her affair with Billy and recommit to her husband Jack. But an unexpected pregnancy exposes the affair as Phyllis assumes Billy is the father. After a bitter end with a heartbroken Jack, Phyllis and Billy finally marry. But they have a rocky start as Jack tries to bust up the two lovers. Will Billy and Phyllis survive? In other Genoa City news, Nick and Chelsea bond as he helps her deal with Adam’s death, and Summer can’t get Luca out of her mind, even when Kyle comes back and asks for another chance.
Billy Abbott – Jason Thompson
Phyllis Summers Newman Abbott – Gina Tognoni
Jack Abbott – Peter Bergman
Summer Newman – Hunter King
Luca Santori – Miles Gaston Villanueva
Kyle Abbott – Lachlan Buchanan
Nick Newman – Joshua Morrow
Chelsea Lawson Abbott – Melissa Claire Egan
Victoria Newman – Amelia Heinle
Travis Crawford –
Adam Newman –
Chapter 1
“Billy, we can’t keep doing this?” Phyllis said as she pulled away from Billy after yet another lovemaking session.
“Phyllis?” Billy pleaded. “I need you so bad.”
“I have to go.” Phyllis said adamantly, as she forced herself to get out of the bed and get dressed, leaving Billy bewildered.

Phyllis felt guilty keeping her fling with Billy from Jack. As she started the ignition, she vowed once and for all to end things with Billy and recommit to Jack.
But Phyllis got only a few feet from Billy’s door and had to pull over. She was feeling a little sick and had to throw up. Shaking it off as the flu, Phyllis pulled herself together and continued to drive back to the Abbott mansion where Jack was waiting for her to come home.
“Jack!” Phyllis said, guiltily, as she rushed to give him a kiss. “I’m so sorry for everything.”
“Red? Why are you feeling so guilty?” Jack questioned.
“For neglecting you for so long.” Phyllis lied, as she weighed in on whether or not to reveal her indiscretion to him.
“It’s okay.” Jack assured her. “You’re home now.”
Jack took Phyllis in his arms and kissed her. It felt good to kiss him. She felt like such a fool to fall for Billy. She didn’t know what she was thinking.
“That was great!” Jack told her after they kissed. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”
Phyllis waited in the living room as Jack went to go get her surprise. When he came back, he found Phyllis passed out on the sofa. As he frantically tried to rouse her, Jack picked her in his arms and took her to the hospital.
At the hospital, Jack was met by Stitch who had just come from checking on one of his patients.
“Jack?” Stitch said surprised as he pulled from the side of the wall.
“She was unconscious as I came back downstairs.” Jack exclaimed, laying Phyllis on the gurney.
“I’ll let you know when I’ve examined her.” Stitch told him as he took her into the examining room.
As Jack waited for word on Phyllis, Billy came to the hospital to talk about Jabot business.
“Jack, we have a problem at Ja—-“ Billy started to say.
“Not now, Billy. I just brought Phyllis in.”
“What? What’s wrong with her?” Billy said worried.
“Stitch just took her in to the examining room.”
As Jack and Billy waited in vigil for word on Phyllis, Billy thought about his time with Phyllis. Then Stitch came out to inform them on Phyllis’ condtion.
“Is it serious?” Jack said with concern on his face, while Billy waited silently.
“I’m happy to announce. . .Phyllis is pregnant.” Stitch joyfully told Billy and Jack.
Jack and Billy were both stunned.
Chapter 2
Phyllis was still trying to process the news that she was pregnant.
“Billy has to be the father.” Phyllis reasoned to herself. “Jack and I haven’t been together much.”
After assuming that Billy is the father, she decided to make the painful decision to let go of Jack and make a life with Billy.
As Jack and Billy argue in the hospital waiting room, Phyllis comes in to make an announcement to the two men in her life.
“Jack? Billy?” Phyllis interrupts their argument.
Jack and Billy turn around when Phyllis enters the waiting room.
“Phyllis, you shouldn’t be out of bed?” a concerned Billy rushes to her side.
“I’m okay.” Phyllis tells Billy and Jack. “I have something to tell you both.”
Jack and Billy have ears on Phyllis as she tells them her new decision.
“Jack, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid it’s over.” Phyllis tells a stunned Jack.
“Billy, if you’ll have me, I’d like to make plans for a life with you.” Phyllis tells an elated Billy.
As Billy and Phyllis practically make out in the hospital waiting room, Jack is secretly reeling from the news of Phyllis’ pregnancy and Phyllis’ announcement that she is now with Billy.
Jack secretly plots to destroy Billy and Phyllis’s happiness.
“Enjoy it now, Phyllis. Billy.” Jack vows to himself. “Because it won’t last!”

Meanwhile, at Chelsea 2.0, Chelsea is busy working on designs trying to suppress her feelings from Adam’s death, when Nick walks in.
“Hard at work, I see.” Nick says to a frustrated Chelsea.
“Nick, I’m busy trying to get my designs ready for the upcoming fashion show.” Chelsea says, nearly biting off Nick’s head.
“Whoa! Chill out!” Nick says to her, as he tries to get her to relax a bit.
“I’m sorry, Nick.” Chelsea apologizes. “I’ve been so swamped …”
“Hey, take a break. Come have some lunch with me.” Nick offers.
“I can’t.” Chelsea tells him.
“You’re frazzled.” Nick says, worried. “Come have lunch and maybe it’ll give you some perspective?”
“Okay.” Chelsea says, giving in to Nick’s offer.
Nick takes Chelsea to the GCAC for some lunch and a heart-to-heart conversation.
“So what’s really bothering you, if I should be so bold to ask?” Nick says, breaking the ice.
“I told you, the fashion show.” Chelsea lies.
“C’mon, Chelsea.” Nick says. “It’s Adam’s death. You’re working long hours…”
“Nick, I’m busy with the fashion show.” Chelsea tells him.
“You’re avoiding your grief.” Nick tells her.
“Okay. You win.” Chelsea finally admits. “I can’t deal with Adam’s death.”
“I’m here. If you need a shoulder.” Nick offers.
“Thanks, but you’re just saying that because you promised Adam to look after Connor and me.” Chelsea reminds him.
“Yes, I did promise my brother to look after you two, but I’m also here as a friend.” Nick tells her.
“Thanks.” Chelsea tells him. “You’ve been a great friend.”
Nick and Chelsea bond over lunch as Summer comes into the GCAC, who is spotted by Nick.
“Summer?” Nick calls out to his daughter.
“Dad?” Summer says surprised to see him with Chelsea.
“How you been doing since your nuptials were cancelled?” Nick says, secretly relieved because Luca Santori isn’t his son-in-law.
“I’m dealing.” Summer tells him, trying to hide the hurt inside. “Dad, I have to be alone right now.”
“Okay, Summer, but just know, I’m here if you need someone to talk.” Nick assures her.
“Thanks dad.” Summer told him as she left Nick and Chelsea to be by herself.
Summer got to her table and ordered her favorite comfort food: an ice-cold cola, hamburger with the works and a big plate of fries. Summer had been depressed as she reflected back on what she and Luca had. As much as it pained her to see Luca behind bars for what he did to her family, she couldn’t help but think about him. She loved him, she truly did. She still wanted a life with Luca, despite everything that has happened. She wanted Luca back!
Chapter 3
While eating her burger and fries, Summer reflected on times with Luca—the almost wedding and everything. The betrayal of using her to get in with her family. Somehow, that didn’t matter. Summer still loved Luca. But all that was interrupted when Kyle showed up at her table.
“Summer?” Kyle asked her, taking her completely by surprise.
“Kyle?” Summer said, nearly knocking her Coke off the table.
“How are you doing?” Kyle asked as he sat across from her at her table.
“I’m fine.” Was all Summer could say, as she choked back the tears she was fighting from coming out.
“I heard about Luca?” Kyle said with worry for Summer.
“Yeah. Well that’s water under the bridge.” Summer said bitterly, trying not to reveal the love she still had for Luca.
“I came back because I wanted to ask you something.” Kyle said.
“What is it?” Summer replied.
“I love you Summer and I want you in my life.” Kyle revealed.
“I’m sorry, Kyle, but I can’t think about that right now.” Summer said as she ran out of the diner.
Meanwhile, back at Jabot, Jack was busy with working on a revenge plot to get back at Billy for sleeping with his wife. And it involved Victoria.
“Victoria, can you come by Jabot?” Jack asked when Victoria answered her cell. “I need to talk to you?”
“I’m busy with Brash & Sassy business right now.” Victoria replied, not really wanting to see Jack.
“It’s imperative I speak with you.” Jack told Victoria, not giving her reason to back out.
“Okay, I’ll be there in 5.” Victoria said before hanging up.
Jack smiled as he thought over his plan to get back at Billy and Phyllis in his mind before Victoria got to his office.
At Billy’s apartment, Billy and Phyllis were having dinner as Phyllis contemplated telling Billy about her pregnancy.
“I can’t believe you chose to be with me?” Billy told Phyllis as he handed her a glass of champagne.
“Sorry, but may I have some apple juice instead?” Phyllis asked him.
“No champagne?” Billy questioned her. “That’s not like you to turn down champagne?”
“I’m not really feeling up to drinking.” Phyllis replied.
“Okay.” Billy said as he went to pour Phyllis a glass of apple juice.
Back at Jabot, Victoria arrived at Jack’s office a little peeved by Jack’s demands.
“Okay, Jack, I’m here, so what’s so important you had to see me?!”
“I’m sorry to bother your busy work schedule, but I need a favor from you.” Jack replied to her.
“What kind of favor do you want from me?” Victoria asked questionly.
“I want you to take Billy back?” Jack had the nerve to ask.
“Come again?” Victoria couldn’t believe Jack’s request of her.
“I want you to take Billy back?” Jack repeated his request.
“Billy and I are over, Jack.” Victoria stated matter-of-factly.
“You still love Billy. So what’s the problem?” Jack asked.
“Try the fact that Billy can’t seem to keep it in his pants!” Victoria said heatedly.
“But we know he wants you back and will do anything to have you back in his life?”
“I’m sorry, Jack, but I can’t do what you ask.” Victoria said before walking out of his office.
Jack smiled as Victoria walked out on him. He knew he’d get the response she gave him. It was just a matter of time before Victoria took him back.
And it looked as if Jack was right—Victoria thought about taking Billy back. Life had been lonely since Travis left.


Days of Our Lives One Shots

Deimo’s Dilemma
Nicole kept Chloe’s secret about Chloe’s baby not being his. How can he ever come back from this? Nicole knew how much he wanted a child? She for one should have known how much it meant, having lost her own child? How could she do this to him?
Now, she’s back…to apologize? And why should he believe her? What else is Nicole hiding? Will she do this again?
Despite Nicole’s pleas and apology, he can’t bring himself to trust her again. It’s over between them. Nothing will ever be the same for them again!
Nicole’s Dilemma
Nicole loves Deimos. She just knows that Deimos has changed because of her love for him. But Chloe is pursuing custody of Holly, her daughter with Daniel, despite how much it hurts that Chloe would do this to her. Chloe knows how badly Nicole has wanted a child. To take away her child after Nicole has lost all hope of ever having a child is just cruel. Nicole doesn’t even know Chloe anymore. This has put a krimp in their friendship. If only she make it look as if she has let Deimos go—just until she got custody of Holly. Once custody of Holly was sealed by the court, Nicole could resume her plans to marry Deimos. But would Deimos go along with her plan? And would Chloe buy her charade to dump Deimos?
Where Is Deimos?
Author’s Note: This is a prelude to my new fanfiction crossover Deimos Kiriakis Meets Dr. David Hayward: (DOOL/AMC Crossover).
Deimos disappears after the Orwell Project is successfully destroyed? Did he go off on his own or was he kidnapped? Or maybe he died?
But just as Salemites have finally moved on with their lives, Deimos suddenly reappears. . .or has he? Is it really Deimos, or someone else?
Nicole Does the Unthinkable
“There’s no way Chloe is taking her daughter away from her and to New York!” Nicole said to herself while waiting for Chloe to turn away so she could snatch Holly.
She didn’t have to wait long as Dario was a saint for causing a scene that took Chloe’s attention off Holly. Nicole saw her chance and calmly walked over to Holly’s stroller and picked up her daughter and walked off with Chloe so engrossed in her argument with Dario she didn’t even notice Nicole had taken Holly.
Nicole had made her way to the secret house Deimos had arranged to have Nicole go with Holly so Chloe wouldn’t find her, by the time Chloe’s argument ended with Dario and realized Holly wasn’t in her stroller.
“Help!” Chloe yelled. “Someone has taken my daughter!”
But no one came to her aid but a little old lady who came up and slapped Chloe across her face, “you should be ashamed of yourself. “
“What did I do?! Someone took my daughter!” Chloe yelled back at the little old lady.
“I read the headlines!” the little old lady said heatedly. “You’re the one who took that sweet baby girl from her mother!”
“Holly is my daughter according to the court!” Chloe yelled back.
Soon, JJ came upon the scene and asked the two ladies what was the matter.
“JJ, you have to help me!” Chloe pleaded.
“Help you with what?” JJ asked her.
“Holly has been kidnapped!”
“Well, you know the procedure. I’ll take you to the PD and you can file a report. Then after 24-hours, we’ll put out a missing persons report.” JJ told an angry Chloe.
“That’s all you’re going to do?!” Chloe said angrily.
“Sorry, Chloe, but I have to by procedure!” JJ explained.
“Fine!” Chloe harrumphed, as she followed JJ to the PD.
As soon as Chloe was gone from the scene of Holly’s kidnapping, Deimos took off the old lady mask, “You’ll never find Holly!
Julie and Eli Bond
“I’m sorry, but I need to talk.” Eli stands up at David Bannings memorial service.
Valerie shakes her head at her son and mouths, “No, Eli.”
Eli just looks at his mother as she begins to confess, “What I’m about to say will shock you all, but I need to say it.”
As Eli has everyone’s attention, Eli continues as Valerie silently objects
“I hate to do this to you, but I need to get this out. I am grief-stricken over David Banning’s death, especially since he was my father,” Eli confesses, as jaws drop and Julie heads over to Valerie and slaps her.
“How could you!” Julie yells at her. “Keep me from knowing my grandson!”
“I’m sorry!” was all Valerie could say, as Abe just looks at her with disapproving looks.
As everyone rallies around Eli, Valerie is left out of the cold. Valerie starts to leave, but Abe stops her.
“Valerie, why couldn’t you tell me?” Abe asks her, not understanding. “I thought we had a connection?”
“I’m sorry, Abe!” Valerie said, before slipping away from the memorial.
Julie comes up to Eli and hugs him, “Do you want to have lunch?”
“I’d like that very much.” Eli agrees.
Julie and Eli head on over to the Java Café as Valerie heads back to her suite and packs her things to head back the DC.
Nicole’s Happiness
Nicole thought she and Brady were going to have some happiness after the Scooter situation. Brady confessed his love for her—she for him—and they made passionate love. It was heaven. She and Brady—a family, with Tate and Holly.
But it all came crashing down when Deimos arrived looking for Nicole. And that vile Xander. Why can’t she ever have any happiness? What did she ever do wrong to deserve all this misery?
Yes, she’s made mistakes and some very big ones. But hasn’t she paid for her crimes?
She went to prison for keeping the truth about Sydney and Grace from Mia McCormick and Sami Brady and kidnapping Sydney to keep the truth from Sami and EJ.
But now that she has Holly, she just wants her daughter—the baby she thought she never would have—Daniel’s baby! And a perfect life with Brady, Tate and Holly! Don’t they deserve that?!

General Hospital One Shots

Sonny’s Dilemma
Sonny stands on the train trestle contemplating his life after Morgan’s death. He wonders everyday if he was the one who killed him? Yes, he intended to put an end to Julian’s life, but a bomb in his car? He didn’t like bombs, not since his first wife, Lily was killed as a result of a car bomb? He was sure he told his henchmen not to use one? It was adamant that he didn’t want Julian’s life to end that way? But. . .and the crazy things is he called to have the hit called off. Did it get called off in time, Sonny wonders? Now Morgan is dead! Was it because of him?
Then Sonny is ghosts from his past: Stone Cates and Lily Rivera. Lily reminds Sonny of the life they had as she is holding their child in her arms. And Stone tells Sonny of the good he has done despite his lifestyle.
But Sonny still has doubts as to whether he is a good person. He still can’t shake the feeling that he is somehow responsible for Morgan’s death, despite what everyone tells him. Sonny has to get to the bottom of whether or not he killed his son or if someone else did. He has to make it right!
Sonny Finds Out Who’s Behind Morgan’s Death
Sonny picked up his listening device he had on Julian and was shocked to learn that it was Julian’s sister, Olivia discussing her part in having the bomb planted on Julian’s car as well as her plot to buy General Hospital.
Well, Sonny was going to put an end the Jerome business once and for all! The Jerome’s were going to pay for what they have done. They killed his son and they were going to lose everything.
Sonny broke out of his electronic anklet bracelet that kept him in house arrest.
He headed for Derek Wells Art Gallery to have it out with Julian!
Nina’s Deception
Nina was hurt when she found the watch in Valentin’s possession. She wondered where he really got it? She wanted it out of the house. Now! So she makes a rash decision and takes the watch and throws it into the pier as Anna/Alex is watching.
“You bitch!” Alex says to herself. “You’re going to pay for this, Nina!”
And before Nina knows what is going on, Alex hits her over the head and drags her off to an undisclosed location.
Back at Wyndemere, Valentin has just arrived home and is in the mood for some lovin’. But Nina is nowhere in sight.
But Charlotte comes in and asks to go riding, so Valentin heads out to the pasture for a ride with his daughter instead, but wondering where Nina is?
Secrets Revealed
Sonny heads over to Carly’s to tell her the news about Ava and Morgan’s medication and tell her she was right along.
“Carly, I have news to tell you.” Sonny says when a tear-faced Carly answers the door. “You were right about Morgan’s medication.”
“What do you mean I was right along about Morgan’s medication?” Carly says.
“Ava tampered with Morgan’s meds and has been hiding it along.”
“That bitch! She’s going to pay!” Carly says enraged. But not before kissing Sonny as the two tear each other clothes off and have sex right there in the front room.
After the heated moment of passion, Carly tells Sonny to leave. She is on a mission and Ava is going to pay for what she did to Morgan. A high price too! Carly vows.
And Sonny will pay too, for what he did to Jax!

The Bold and the Beautiful One Shots

Nicole’s Dilemma
Nicole contemplates Rick and Maya’s offer to be a surrogate again and give Lizzie a brother or sister. As much as Nicole is in love with Zende, they are finally in a good place right now. How can she turn Rick and Maya down and be happy with Zende? But at the same cost, how can she break Zende’s heart and accept Rick and Maya’s offer of having another baby to give Lizzie a brother or sister?
As she has just decided to give Rick and Maya the answer they want to hear, the timer goes off on her cell. Nicole runs into the bathroom and picks up the pregnancy test: it’s positive. How will Rick and Maya react when she has to deliver the news that she is already pregnant? With her and Zende’s baby?
Eric’s True Motive
Nobody understand what he was really doing. But then Eric couldn’t really divulge his true motive for marrying Quinn Fuller. He couldn’t take the risk of Quinn finding out. He had to marry Quinn to get her to trust her. His true motive was to bring Quinn down for everything she has done. In reality, Eric knew that Quinn has never changed. Ridge and Rick and even Liam all think Quinn has the upper hand, but in truth, he does. He has to gain Quinn’s trust in order to bring her down. And making Steffy CEO of Forrester and Quinn president is the perfect step in keeping Quinn in line.
Liam Is Fed Up
Liam can’t take Steffy as CEO of Forrester. Like everyone else, he thinks Quinn has one thing in mind–and that is reuniting Wyatt and Steffy. But Steffy doesn’t see it that way. Liam can’t get Steffy to realize that. And watching Steffy and Wyatt work together at Forrester frustrates Liam. They are getting closer while him and Steffy grow farther apart. There is only one thing Liam can do, and that is leave L.A.
So Liam leaves L.A. and boards a flight–to Australia to see Ivy. But the plane has to make an emergency landing in Port Charles, New York, where he becomes involved with Dillon Quartermaine (also played by Scott Clifton [who originated the role]). Liam sees his new passion when he realizes he enjoys managing Dillon’s singing career.
Ridge’s Dilemma
Brooke became amorous with Ridge as the passion between them grew. The two made love in Brooke’s bedroom, but as Ridge was making love to Brooke, thoughts of Quinn flashed through his mind. After making love, Ridge lay back in bed with Brooke, who was sleeping peacefully in Ridge’s arms. Ridge felt guilty for the thought he had while making love to Brooke. No matter what Ridge did, he just couldn’t get Quinn out of his head. Quinn consumed every facet of his life—his romantic life, his professional life—everything! He had to get a handle of these thoughts before his and Quinn’s secret came out.
Over at the Forrester mansion, Eric and Quinn were lying in bed after making love. Quinn, too, was feeling guilty about the thoughts she had of Ridge just now.
Thomas’ Frustration
Thomas can’t understand why Steffy was given the co-CEO position alongside their father? He’s worked hard all his life and was groomed for the position. And Granddad, Quinn, and his father overlook him? Well, Thomas wasn’t having it? He was quitting Forrester. He obviously isn’t respected in his own family as well as the family business? Spectra Fashions is looking promising these days—and what better way to get back at the family by going to work for the rival?! Bring it on Forrester Creations! I’ll show you all!!!!
Quinn and Ridge Can No Longer Deny Their Feelings
It is Ridge and Brooke’s wedding day and Quinn is sitting next to Eric in the front row. She can’t get rid of the thoughts of Ridge making love to her as Ridge and Brooke exchange “I do’s.” Quinn glances at her husband, the one she pledge her life to, but can’t his son out of her mind. She want’s Ridge. She can’t deny it to herself any longer.
She can’t believe she is going to pull a fast on the bride and the Forrester, especially Eric. But she can’t let Brooke be with Ridge. That’s why she and Ridge have agreed to a secret rendezvous after the wedding.
Quinn really does love Eric, but there is something about Ridge that she just can’t deny. She is afraid that everyone is right and she is still the same vindictive Quinn. Out for herself. No one can find out about her true feelings for Ridge. It would be the end of her marriage.
As family and friends gather around the newly married couple, Ridge gets a text from Quinn.
“Come to our secret spot.”
Ridge heads out of the church as he gives Brooke a kiss. He is sorry to deceive Brooke, but truth is, he only married Brooke so Bill couldn’t. As he headed over to meet Quinn, he smiles, knowing he finally got the last laugh on Bill! Or did he?
Sally’s Second Thoughts
Sally Spectra is torn. She wants to revive her Aunt Sally’s company. But to steal Forrester originals? Yeah. She gets it. It’s what Sally did. And got away with it.

But Thomas? Thomas will never forgive her if she goes through with it. And she so desperately wants Thomas’ approval.
No! They can’t go through with their plan to steal Forrester originals. Grandmother Shirley’s plan to use her sister, Coco, and have her wear a piece of jewelry with spyware is all wrong!
Why can’t they revive the company with her own designs? What’s wrong with her designs?

Sorry, Grams, but we can’t steal Forrester orignals! Sally says quietly to herself.
Sally takes the designs they took from Forrester and put them in the shredder. They would just have to find another way to revive Spectra Fashions!
Ridge, Thomas and RJ’s Heartbreak
Ridge: Ridge was heartbroken when Brooke ended their engagement. Okay. He got it! He messed up kissing Quinn. It was innocent. He never meant for it to go this far. It was just to get proof of Quinn’s infidelity to get her out of Eric’s life. But Ridge was beginning to see Quinn in a new light. Yes. He was attracted to her. But she was his father’s wife and he was engaged to Brooke. But, now that Brooke has ended things, maybe……..what if Ridge started something with Quinn?
Thomas: Thomas thought back to his moments with Sally Spectra. They had some good times. And he was beginning to like her, maybe even fall in love with her. But now that Sally has stolen Forrester designs, could he trust Sally? And now his father and sister want to prosecute Sally? Thomas was confused by this action—should Sally be prosecuted or can Sally really change?
RJ: RJ liked Coco and he knew she was telling the truth that she was set up to help steal the Forrester designs without her knowledge. But now they want Coco to make a statement to send Sally to prison for espionage and theft? Should he ask Coco to do it, and will Coco go along with it?