Valentine Day’s Surprise: A Marty & Patrick (Party) Romance


Marty Saybrooke, sad and not looking forward to Valentine’s Day, decided to just hang at home alone since the love of her life, Patrick, had been dead for several years and her son, Cole and granddaughter, Hope, were killed in an auto accident, and her son’s girlfriend, Starr, had just started a new romance. Just when Marty had given up hope, a mysterious Valentine’s Day card appeared on her doorstep. As Marty investigates the sender of the card, she gets the shock of her life.

Chapter 1

“Hey, Starr, do you want to spend Valentine’s Day together, just having a girls’ night out?” a lonely Marty asks via cell.

“Oh, gee, Marty, I’d love to, but I already made plans with my new boyfriend, Chad.” Starr sadly tells her.

“Oh, ok. I’m sorry to bother you.” Marty said, sounding a little hurt. “Have a nice time.”

“Thank you, Marty.” Starr says. “Say, why don’t you and I plan a girls’ night out this next weekend? Just the two of us?’

“Sounds great.” Marty perks up. “See you later, Starr.”

As Marty ends the call with Starr, she can’t help but wonder if this new guy is right for Starr. Starr has been making some rash decisions since the death of her son, Cole, and their daughter, Hope. She just hoped this guy was good for her.

As for Marty, she decided to just hide out in her one-bedroom flat and eat munchies and watch sad romance stories for Valentine’s Day.

She had just gotten home from her shopping spree after buying her Valentine’s Day treats and was unlocking her door, when she spotted a red envelope someone had slipped under her door. As soon as Marty set her purchases on her kitchen counter, she bent down to pick it up.

As she opened it up to read it, tears fell from her face. It was her favorite poem that her beloved husband had read to her after the first time they made love. As memories of Patrick flooded her mind, she couldn’t help but wonder who could have sent this card and how much the poem met to her.

The next day, curious as to who could have sent the card, she went to Det. John McBain, who was now a P.I. After resigning from the Llanview PD.

“John, I need your help!” Marty exclaimed, as she entered his P.I. Office.

“How can I be of assistance, Marty?” John asked her.

“I need to know who sent this?” Marty replied, showing her the Valentine’s Day card she received the night before.

“What is this?” John asked, piqued with curiosity.

“I don’t know? I found it slipped under my door last night when I came home.” Marty said.

John read the card to see if he could spot any clues.

“Isn’t this the poem Patrick Thornhart read to you?” John asked, remembering that she had told him during one of their dates.

“Yes, it is.” Marty replied. “I don’t know if it is a cruel joke or a romantic gesture?”

“Well, Marty, I will get to the bottom of it.” John told her.

“Thank you, John.” Marty said. “I couldn’t sleep at all last night. All I could think about was that card.”

Marty left John’s office and went back to her apartment. She set out her munchies for her lone night of sad romance movies for Valentine’s Day. But her heart just wasn’t in it. The Valentine’s Day card she had received was still bothering her and she couldn’t concentrate on the movies she had rented or even eat her favorite munchies.

All Marty could think of was that Valentine’s Day card.

Chapter 2

The next day, Marty called Starr to see how her Valentine’s date went, but she didn’t pick up her cell. She shrugged it off, assuming that Starr must have had some night and didn’t wish to be bothered.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on her door. As Marty went to answer the door, Starr’s date, Chad, was standing outside her door.

“Chad?” Marty asked confused. “What are you doing here? I thought you were with Starr?”

“No.” Chad said. “I waited for her all night, but she never showed up. That’s when I decided to come to your place and see if she decided to hang with you last night?”

“No, Starr hasn’t been here.” Marty said.

“Oh! I thought maybe she may have changed her mind. She sounded so concerned that she turned you down last night.” Chad said.

“Well, that sounds like Starr. Always worried about others before herself.” Marty said.

“Yes.” Chad agreed. “I just wonder what happened to her and where she is?”

“Me too. It’s not like Starr to just up and leave.” Marty questioned also.

“If you hear from her, will you let me know?”

“Yes, Chad, if I see or hear from her, I will let you know.” Marty agreed.

As Marty closed the door, she was more curious and concerned now than ever. First, the Valentine’s Day card, now Starr was missing. Things were getting more weird and mysterious than ever.

She put in a call to John to let him know of Starr’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, in a remote cabin on the outskirts of Llanview. . .

Starr Manning woke up to find herself in a tiny cold bedroom. She tried to get up, but felt woozy and fell back down on the bed. Everything was blurry and she could barely see the mysterious figure who had come in the bedroom to leave her a meal, then leave the room.

Chapter 3

Starr had just finished the breakfast that was left for her. It sure was good―French Toast, bacon, wheat toast with butter and strawberry jam, and milk and orange juice.

Starr had to use the rest room and went to the door, thinking it would be locked, but it wasn’t. She slipped out and just as she went to find a bathroom, saw a guy in the nursery playing with a little girl about 2 years of age, just the same age as . . . Hope.

As Starr peered closer, she realized it was Hope. . .and the guy was Cole. Cole and Hope were alive after all.

“Well, hello, Starr.” Cole said. “Come say hello to our daughter.”

Starr walked into the nursery, tears in her eyes, as Cole reunited her with her daughter.

“I thought I had lost you forever.” Starr said, hugging Hope tight, Hope gasped for air.

“Cole, what is going on here?” Starr asked him, confused.

But Cole didn’t get the chance to explain when Patrick walked in on them.

“Well, hello, Starr, I’m glad to see you found Cole and Hope.” Patrick said, cheerfully.

“Patrick, I thought you were dead?” Starr asked, even more confused.

“It’s a very long story.” Patrick said. “One that I am working to fix.”

“What do you mean?” Starr asked.

“Well, I’m slowly working to reunite my family. Soon Marty will be here and we will all be family the way it should be.” Patrick informed her.

Starr was just glad to have Hope in her arms again. And Cole and Patrick back. It was nice to know that Cole had his father in his life again.

Meanwhile, back in Llanview. . .

Marty never made it home when John came to report that the card that was sent to her came from a “Patrick Thornhart.” He left a note to call him soon and slid it under her door.

Marty woke up in the back seat of a strange car with a strange man driving. She screamed and caused the man to run off the road.

Chapter 4

Marty woke in the back seat of the car to find that the strange man behind the wheel dead upon impact from the crash.

Just then, the man’s cell rang, flashing the name “Patrick Thornhart”. Marty looked confused, as she wondered if she should answer it. It couldn’t be Patrick? Patrick was dead?

Marty picked up the cell and dialed John’s number.

“Hello?” John asked, answering his cell.

“John, I’m glad I got a hold of you.” Marty said.

“Marty, where are you?”

“I’ve been in a car crash.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I am, but the driver is dead.”

“Tell me where you are and I’ll come get you.”

Marty gave John directions so he could come get her. As Marty waited for John, she couldn’t help but wonder why that number came up with Patrick’s name. Assuming it was a joke, Marty tossed the phone into the river just as John pulled up to pick her up.

Marty got into John’s car as soon as he stopped the car.

“What was that you tossed into the river?” John asked Marty.

“A cell phone.” Marty said. “It rang and came up Patrick’s name, so I tossed it into the river.”

“Ah, Marty. You shouldn’t have done that.”

“Why not?”

“Because Patrick is alive.”

“And how can that be?”

“Those flowers and poem you received came from Patrick himself.” John told her. “I ran an Internet search and Patrick is indeed very much alive.”

“Patrick is alive, and I just tossed the only way to get a hold of him into that river.”

“Don’t worry, Marty, I’ll find Patrick.”

Meanwhile. . .

Patrick called Simon’s cell, but got no answer.

“Damn it, Simon!” Patrick raged. “Where the hell are you?”

Unaware that Simon is dead from the car crash and that Marty tossed the phone into the river, Patrick called his other body guard to find Marty.

Chapter 5

Patrick got a hold of Max, his trusty body guard that Patrick could truly trust, to find Marty. As Max was enroute to Simon’s last known location, he saw a man and woman in a wrecked car on the side of the road.

Pulling over, Max realized it was Marty, but didn’t let on who he was.

“Can I be of some assistance?” Max asked, getting out of his car.

“Yes, sir.” John said. “We seem to have had an accident.”

Looking at the dead driver in the driver’s seat, Max realized it was Simon.

“Yes, you do seem to have a problem.” Max said, as he sent a quick text to Patrick, “I found her!” before getting back to John and Marty.

“Well, can I give you a ride to where you were going?” Max asked, but secretly he would be taking Marty to Patrick.

“That would be great!” John said, with a grateful Marty nodding her head.

“Well, then, hop in!” Max tells them.

“What about him?” John says, pointing to the dead driver. “We can’t just leave him here?”

“I’ll make a call on my cell and have someone come pick him up after we get going.” Max informed Marty and John.

While Max was enroute, John and Marty were so tired, they instantly fell asleep as soon as they got into Max’s car, which pleased Max.

“Yes, boss.” Max said as soon as Patrick picked up his cell.

“What’s up, Max?”

“I have them and we’re on our way.”

“That’s good!” Patrick praised Max. “How soon will you be here?”

“In about 2 hours.” Max said. “Simon is dead. Can you send someone to come get him?”

“Dead?” Patrick asked. “How?”

“There was a car crash.” Max explained.

“Is Marty all right?” Patrick asked, worried.

“They’re both fine. They both fell asleep as soon as he pulled off.”

“They’re? Who else is with Marty?”

“Some guy named John?”

“Marty wasn’t alone?”

“Well, let me know when you get near, Max, and thank you for finding Marty.” Patrick said, gratefully. “You’re awesome!”

As Patrick waited for Max to arrive with Marty and some guy named John, he wondered what he would do with him.

Chapter 6

Max was on the cell talking to Patrick when John woke up and heard him talking to someone.

“Who the hell are you talking to?” John demanded from Max.

“Excuse me boss.” Max said to Patrick, so as not to reveal who he was talking to in front of John or a sleeping Marty.

“I got lost and was calling for directions.” Max lied to John.

John didn’t believe Max and grabbed Max’s cell from him, causing Max to run off the road and into a ditch. Marty slept through the crash and Max was out for about 5 minutes when he came to find Marty still asleep and John thrown from the car, lying in the ditch.

Quick on his feet, Max managed to get the car out of the ditch and back onto the road, leaving John behind.

As soon as Max was well on his way, Max’s cell rang. It was Patrick.

“Yes, boss?” Max said, answering his cell.

“What the hell is taking so long?” Patrick said, getting irate.

“That John dude woke up and demanded I tell him who I was talking to.” Max began. “When I refused, he grabbed my cell, knocking it to the floor and causing us to run into a ditch.”

“Oh my god!” Patrick said, worried. “Marty? Is she alright?”

“She good. Slept right through it all.” Max said, relieving Patrick’s worry. “We’re back on the road. John however, was thrown from the car.”

“So, it’ll just be you and Marty who show up?” Patrick asked.

“Correct, boss.” Max reaffirmed.

“How soon will you here?”

“I say about 30 minutes.”

“Alright. See you when you arrive.”

“Okay boss.” Max said as he ended his call.

Meanwhile, back at the ditch where Max left an unconscious John, John woke up to find that Max’s car had left him there and Marty was no where in sight.

Chapter 7

John found tracks were heading north and as luck would have it, saw a car abandoned ahead on the road. He got in the car, started the engine and drove off to find Marty.

Meanwhile, Max had arrived at Patrick’s hideout with an unconscious Marty. As he was bringing her inside Patrick’s hideout, Patrick, Cole, Starr and Hope looked on.

“How is she?” Patrick asked, when Max brought in Marty and laid her on the sofa.

“I can’t believe I have both my mom and dad with me.” Cole said, with tears in his eyes.

Starr just hugged Cole as Hope ran up to her parents, “Mommy. Daddy.”

Starr reached down and picked up her daughter as Cole and Starr gave Hope a family hug.

“Daddy, who’s that lady lying over there?” Hope asked.

“That’s your gramma.” Cole said, crying.

“Why are you crying, daddy?”

“I’m just happy that we’re all finally here.” Cole said, giving Hope and Starr a big hug.

Just then, Marty was stirring as Patrick was at her side, holding her hand.

“Where am I?” Marty said, groggily.

“Sh-h-h!” Patrick said lovingly.

“Who are you?” Marty asked Patrick as he gazed into her eyes.

“It’s me, Marty. It’s me, Patrick.”

“Patrick? No, it can’t be? You’re dead?”

“Yes. It is me.” Patrick reassured her. “It’s a long story, but it is me.”

Then Marty looked around the room and noticed that she was surrounded by Cole, Starr and Hope.


“Yes, mother.” Cole said, squeezing her hand.

“And Starr and Hope, too?”

“Yes, Marty. We’re here.”

Max left the happy family to celebrate when he got a call on cell, “So how is the happy family?”

“What do you want?” Max said to the caller.

“You’ve done your job.” The caller said. “It’s my turn now.”

“What are you going to do, Zinnia?” Max said.

“Never mind. Don’t warn Patrick. If you do, you’re dead!” Zinnia warned him.

Zinnia Michaels had a surprise for Patrick. One that he would not like. You don’t leave Zinnia Michaels and get away with it.

Chapter 8

Zinnia was well on her way to Patrick’s so surprise him. She was the one who had found Patrick and nursed him back to health. Patrick had amnesia and didn’t remember who he was. When Patrick finally remembered who he was, he managed to flee Zinnia’s compound and embarked on a plan to get back to Marty and Cole. It was heaven when Patrick figured out he had a granddaughter.

But Zinnia had other plans in store for Patrick. She had given her life to rescue Patrick and they had a bond as she felt her stomach.

“Don’t worry, baby. Daddy will back in our lives soon!” Zinna said to herself.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Marty were enjoying life now that they were all together as a family: He, Marty, Cole, Starr, and Hope. They all had a big family feast before Patrick whisked Marty off to the private island for a little fun and adventure.

“Marty, I’m so happy to have finally found you.” Patrick exclaimed as he kissed her after making love for the first time since he had brought Marty to the hideout.

“I can’t believe you’re alive.” Marty said as she hugged him tightly. “It all still feels like a dream.”

“It’s not a dream.” Patrick said, holding her in his arms. “It’s not a dream.”

Back at the hideout cabin, Cole and Starr were enjoying some time with Hope when there was a knock at the door.

“John?” Cole said surprised.

“I followed the tracks of the car that ran Marty and I down.” John explained.

“Come in, John.” Cole offered.

“So, where is Marty?”

“She’s with my dad.”

“Patrick?” John asked confused. “I thought he was dead?”

“Well, we thought so, but it turns out he’s alive.”

“Yes, John.” Starr chimed in. “We all had a feast before Patrick whisked Marty off to a special retreat.”

“So they’re alone together.” John said.

“Yes, they were so happy to be back in each other’s lives, dad had a surprise for mom.”

“So, all those flowers and gifts—they were from Patrick?”

“Yes. Dad was the one sending them.” Cole explained. “Dad was reaching out to Marty so he could reunite with her.”

“Well, I guess I will head back to Llanview. Looks like I’m not needed here.”

“John, thanks for looking out for my mother.”

“Yea. I thought we had something special, but now that Patrick’s back. . . “ John stopped short before leaving the cabin.

“I feel for John, but I’m so happy for your parents.” Starr said as she gave Cole a kiss.

“Yea. Me too.” Cole said, kissing her back.

Cole and Starr starr getting in the mood for passion, but were interrupted when Hope said her first words: “Mommy and Daddy!”

“OMG! Cole Hope just said her first words!” Starr cried happy tears of joy.


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