Eric Brady’s New Love



After learning of girlfriend, Serena Mason’s deceit, a deeply crushed Eric Brady ends their relationship, giving his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Walker hope for another chance.  But Eric decides to leave Salem knowing he still can’t forgive Nicole for the past.  When old friend, Rex Balsom, offers Eric a safe haven with him in Llanview, Eric takes him up on the offer.  When Eric thinks he sees Serena in Llanview, he confronts her, only to find out it is Natalie Buchanan, who turns out to be Serena’s identical twin, also by Clint Buchanan.  As Natalie and Eric investigate the secret of Serena’s mysterious birth, Eric is drawn to Natalie, despite her marriage to John McBain, putting them both in peril as Natalie is kidnapped when she is mistaken for Serena.  Can Eric save Natalie in time and if so, will she return to John, or find love anew with Eric?




Eric Brady – Greg Vaughan

Serena Mason – Melissa Archer (dual role)

Natalie Buchanan – Melissa Archer (dual role)

John McBain – Michael Easton

Clint Buchanan – Jerry Ver Dorn

Victoria “Viki” Lord Buchanan – Erika Slezak

Rex Balsom – John Paul Lavoisier

Gigi Morasco – Farah Fath

Shane Morasco Balsom – Austin Williams


Chapter 1


“Eric, please!  Don’t leave!” Serena begs him.


“I trusted you, Serena!” Eric laments.  “I thought you were different!  And what’s worse, Nicole was right about you!”


“Eric, please!” Serena begs him.  “Please let me explain!”


“Forget it, Serena!  It’s over!”


“I guess Nicole won!” Serena spits back.  “You’re going back to her?”


Eric storms out of Serena’s hotel suite at the Salem Inn, running into Nicole Walker, who has overheard Eric end it with Serena.


“What are you doing here?” Eric rages at Nicole.


“Is it really over between you and Serena?” Nicole says, hoping for another chance with him.


“You got what you wanted, Nicole!” Eric said, bitterly.  “You were right about Serena!  But don’t think for one minute that you have another shot with me!”


“I never thought I did have another chance with you!” Nicole angrily shot back as Eric walked away.


Deep down, Nicole hoped that Eric could forgive her and give them another chance at love.  Eric was the love of her life.  Nicole knew that and Daniel, the guy Nicole desperately tried to convince that she was over Eric.


Eric went to work and met with his client.  He was surprised to find out that his new client was his old friend, Rex Balsom from Llanview, Pennsylvania.


“I’m sorry I’m so late.” Eric apologized to his new client.


“Hey, bro, it’s quite alright!” Rex said.


“Rex?” Eric said, surprised to see him.  “How long has it been?”


“Too long!” Rex said.  “Way too long, buddy!”


“So, how has life been for you?” Eric asked him.


“I am engaged to Gigi Morasco.” Rex announced.


“Gigi Morasco?” Eric asked.  “Your high school sweetheart?”


“Yes, we reconnected when she moved to Llanview a few years ago.” Rex told him.  “We have a son, Shane, who she raised alone.”


“Gigi was pregnant with your child?” Eric asked.


“Yes.  Great kid.” Rex said.  “You’ll have to come to Llanview and meet them.”


“Is that an offer?”


“Are you looking for one?”


“Truth?” Eric said.  “My life hasn’t gone so well lately.”


“Yeah, I heard about you leaving the priesthood, over some woman?”


“Yeah, well it’s went downhill from there.”


“Was it that Nicole woman?”


“Part of it.” Eric said.  “The other was a woman from my past, Serena Mason.”


“Sorry, buddy.” Rex said.


“Why don’t you do it.” Rex said.


“Do what?” Eric asked.


“Come to Llanview.” Rex offered again.  “You can stay with Gigi and me until you find a place.”


“Thanks, Rex, but I don’t want to impose.”


“It’s no imposition.  Gigi and I would love to have you stay.”


“I’ll think about it and let you know.” Eric told him.


“Great.  You can show me the photos when you arrive in Llanview.” Rex said.  “I need to be going.  Hope to see you later.”


As Eric watched Rex leave, Eric seriously thought about Rex’s offer.  Eric needed a change in his life and what better place to be than with his old buddy.


Chapter 2


After thinking about Rex’s offer, Eric decided to head to Llanview for a new start after Serena’s deceit.  He couldn’t believe he fell head-over-heals in love with her all over again.  Eric couldn’t decide who was worse:  Serena or Nicole.  A change of scenery was just what Eric wanted, and Llanview, Pennsylvania seemed like a nice town.


“Yes, how may I help you?” the ticket agent asked Eric when he got to the ticket counter at Salem Airport.


“I need a one-trip ticket for Llanview, Pennsylvania, please.” Eric told the ticket agent.


The ticket agent punched in the details and asked for Eric’s ID and printed out the ticket and handed it to Eric.


As soon as he got his ticket, Eric headed to the gate and waited to board his flight.  He was surprised to see Serena trying to flee.  Eric kept out of sight so Serena wouldn’t see him, but he didn’t seem to have to worry since it appeared she was making a hasty exit.


Flight 2098 is ready for boarding!�the announcer said.


Eric picked up his carry-on bag and headed for the gate to board his flight for Llanview, Pennsylvania.  Before he got to the door of the plane, Eric gave Salem one last look before heading inside the plane, bidding Salem farewell.  Eric vowed never to come back to Salem.


Eric found his seat was next to a blonde girl with an infant son.


Hello, miss!�Eric greeted.  的t seems we’re seat buddies.


Yes it does seem so.�Jessica Buchanan Ford, said.  的’m Jessica.  And this is my son, Ryder.


Nice to meet you, Jessica.�Eric said.  添ou head to Llanview much?


Oh, I live there.�Jessica replied.  的’m coming back from a business trip my Uncle Todd sent me on a project.


Oh, what do you do?


I’m a reporter for his paper, The Sun.  Why are you going to Llanview?  I don’t recognize you?


Oh, sorry.  Eric Brady, from Salem.�Eric introduced himself.  溺y old buddy, Rex Balsom extended a visit for me to visit when he visited me last week.


Rex Balsom is a friend of yours?


Yes, we go way back.


Well, you can just ride with me, since I’m Rex’s sister.


You’re Rex’s sister?�Eric sounded surprised.  滴e never mentioned a sister.


Oh, we just found out a few years ago.�Jessica told him.  鄭 very long story.  Hope you’ll be around long enough to hear it?


I plan to stay a while.�Eric said.


Just then Jessica’s cell rang, 滴ello, baby!


Jess, I can’t wait for you and Ryder to come home.�Robert told her.  的 miss you both terribly.


I miss you too, baby!  Love you!�Jessica told Robert.  徹h, I’m bringing home an old friend of Rex’s from Salem I met on the flight back.


Oh, well I’ll see soon, baby.�


Bye baby.�Jessica said and hung up.


Your husband?�Eric asked.


Yes.  Married for two happy years.


Passengers, we are about to land in Llanview, Pennsylvania.  Please fasten your seat belts.�the pilot announced its arrival into Llanview.


When they got off the plane, Eric followed Jessica and Ryder and helped her with her luggage and the two waited for Max, the chauffeur, to take them to Llanfair.


Eric fell in love with Llanview the minute the plane landed.  He had a feeling he was going to love it here.


Chapter 3


“Hey, since you’re Rex’s friend, why don’t you come home with me?” Jessica asked.  “There’s plenty of room at Llanfair.”


“I couldn’t impose on your family.”


“Oh, it’s no imposition.  Besides you can meet my twin sister.” Jessica stated.


“You have a twin sister?”




“What a coincidence.  So do I?”




“Yeah.  We thought we had different fathers, but we recently found out we have the same father.  Besides, I don’t think it’s really possible for twins to have different fathers.”


“Oh, it’s possible, alright.”


“You and your sister?”


“No, my sister’s two children, Johnny and Ali – twins with different fathers.”


“You and your sister are twins and your sister had twins of her own?”


“Yes, and our mother is an identical twin herself.”


“Wow!  3 generations of twins!  Amazing!”


Jessica and Eric were coming upon Llanfair.  Jessica looked homesick for her husband Robert and her children, Bree and Ryder.


“Well, Eric, we’re home.”


Eric helped Jessica out of the limo that brought the two of them to Llanfair.  Jessica escorted Eric inside after Eric had gotten their bags out of the car.


3-year-old Ryder was waiting for his mother at the door when Jessica and Eric walked through the front door while everyone else hid in the sitting room.


“Surprise!” everyone yelled as Ryder led his mother and Eric into the room.


“Welcome home, baby!” Robert said as he kissed his wife.


“Oh, how I missed you guys!” Jessica exclaimed hugging Ryder, Bree, and Robert.


“And who might this be, Jessica?” Natalie asked her twin.


Eric’s jaw dropped when he saw Natalie, “Serena?!”


“Excuse me?” Natalie asked, confused.


“Oh, Eric, this is my twin sister, Natalie.”


“I’m sorry.” Eric apologized.  “You look exactly like my last girlfriend.”


“Oh, I see how you could have mistaken me.” Natalie said.


“Uh, Natalie, I met Eric on the plane.  It seems our brother invited him to Llanview, and I said he could stay here at Llanfair.” Jessica explained.


“Well, welcome Eric.  I hope you enjoy your stay.” Natalie said cheerfully, as 3-year-old Liam tugged on her skirt.


“Are you hungry, Liam?” Natalie said, picking him up in her arms.  “If you’ll excuse me, Eric, it seems I have a hungry toddler to feed.”


Eric waved her good bye as Natalie went to the kitchen to find her hungry son something to eat.  Rex came up behind Eric as he was watching her.


“I see you took my invitation.” Rex said.


“Rex!” Eric said, as the two friends hugged each other.  “Yes, I thought about it and decided, ‘what could it hurt?’, then boarded a flight for Llanview.”


“Well, glad to see you buddy.” Rex said, as Gigi happened upon them.  “Gigi, this is my old buddy, Eric Brady.”


“Nice to meet you.” Gigi said.  “I couldn’t help but notice, but did you say that your ex-girlfriend looks a lot like Natalie?”


“Yes.  I was quite taken aback when I first saw her.”


As the party was winding down, Rex showed Eric to the room he would sleep in.  As Eric finally got settled into bed, he couldn’t take his mind off of how much Natalie looked like Serena.  He made a mental note to check it out in the morning, after he had gotten some sleep.


Chapter 4


Eric woke up the next morning to little Liam jumping on top of him as Natalie rushed into the guest room where Eric was sleeping.


“I’m so sorry, Eric.” Natalie apologized for Liam waking him up.


“No problem.  I was awake and about to get up.” Eric said, tousling the toddler’s blond hair.


“Did you have a good night?” Natalie asked as she retrieved her son so Eric could get up.


“Slept like a baby.” Eric said.  “Haven’t had that good of night in months.”


“Well, I’m glad to hear that.” Natalie said, smiling back at him.  “Breakfast will be served in about 15 minutes.”


As Natalie left with Liam to let Eric get dressed in peace, Eric couldn’t help but be reminded of Serena when Natalie smiled at him.  It was uncanny how much she looked like his ex-girlfriend.  Brushing it off his mind for the moment, Eric headed downstairs to join Natalie and her family for breakfast.


“Well, good morning, Eric.” Jessica greeted Eric as she poured Ryder and Bree some milk and orange juice.


“It’s nice to meet you.” Viki said when Eric sat down at the table with the rest of the Buchanan clan.


“Thank you.” Eric said, politely.



Meanwhile, Serena had landed in landed in Llanview after she had hacked Eric’s email and read his email from Rex inviting him to come to Llanview.  Serena intended to get Eric back and pulled out her cell to get Eric’s location via the GPS locator she had put on Eric’s cell.


Tapping into the GPS signal, Serena found the location of Eric at the Buchanan residence in Llanview, Pennsylvania.



Back at Llanfair, after Eric had finished his breakfast, he excused himself and went up to the guest room to get his lap top and search for anything on Serena and Natalie and their uncanny resemblance just as Serena had arrived at Llanfair.


Chapter 5


Eric couldn’t concentrate on his work as his mind was focused on Natalie.  He decided to head to the library in hopes of taking his mind off Natalie.


“Natalie, I have to run to the library.” Eric said, as he grabbed his bag.


“Do you want a ride?” Natalie asked, while feeding Liam and her nephew, Ryder.


“Thank you, but I think I’ll walk.  It looks like a great day for one.” Eric smiled at her.


“Well, I’ll see you when you get back.” Natalie smiled back at him.


As Natalie got back to feeding the children, Eric still couldn’t take his eyes off Natalie.  He forced himself to leave and walk to the library.


After he left Llanfare, Eric felt foolish not asking directions where the library was.  He made the most of it and asked a passerby for directions and gladly gave him directions.


As Eric arrived at the library, Serena clicked on the GPS and noticed that Eric’s location was the library.


Eric was searching the internet, oblivious to everyone around him, he didn’t realize when Serena had arrived.


“Well, Eric, did you think you could skip out on me?” Serena demanded.


“Serena?!” Eric said, taken aback.  “How did you find me?!”


“Modern day technology!” Serena explained.  “I had your cellphone tapped with a GPS locator!”


“Well, you can just leave, Serena!” Eric told her.  “I have nothing to say to you!”


Eric logged off the library computer and picked up his bag and started to leave, but Serena followed him.


“We’re not through!” Serena said, calling after him.


Eric kept on walking hoping Serena would get a clue and leave him alone, but Serena kept following him.


As Eric approached Llanfare, he didn’t want Serena to meet Natalie.


“Serena, I am at my friend’s home.  I don’t want you here.” Eric explained.


“Well, why don’t you introduce me to your friends?” Serena said, forcefully.


“Id rather not.” Eric pleaded.


But it was too late.  Natalie had met Eric at the door as he had gotten to the door.  Natalie and Serena were stunned to see each other.


Chapter 6


“Who is this, Eric?” Serena demanded.


“Uh, Natalie, can we take a rain check on our dinner date?” Eric apologized.  “I have an urgent matter to take care of.”


“Sure, Eric, but who is this and why does she look just like me?” Natalie asked, as she glances at Serena.


“Oh, sorry, Natalie, this is my ex-girlfriend, Serena Mason, from Salem.” Eric introduced Natalie to Serena.


“Well, what about me?” Serena demanded.  “Who is your new friend?”


“This is Natalie Buchanan, Serena.” Eric replied.  “Now can we go talk.  Now!”

“Yes, Eric.”


“I’ll see you later, Natalie?”


“Yes, Eric.  Hope you clear everything up.”



Eric and Serena went to an out-of-the-way coffee shop in Llanview that Eric had found one day while sightseeing.


“Well, Serena, just what are doing here, and what do you want?”


“Isn’t it obvious!  I still want you!”


“Well, it should be obvious to you that it’s over between us.” Eric flat out told her.  “Or didn’t you get that from my departure?”


“It’s not over, Eric, and I will win you back.” Serena promised.


“Just go, Serena!” Eric pleaded.  “I’m done with you and your lies!”


Eric walked out of the coffee shop and hopefully out of Serena’s life.  But Serena intended to stay in Eric’s life, one way or another.  Her luck had just changed when she met a handsome new guy in Llanview:  Jared Banks.


“Natalie?” Jared asked when he saw Serena sitting at the coffee shop.


“I’m sorry.” Serena asked.


“Natalie, I never thought I’d see you in a place like this?”


Oh my gosh!  This guy thinks I’m Natalie.” Serena said to herself.


“No, I’m not Natalie.” Serena explained.  “I’m . . . I’m . . . I’m her identical twin sister, Serena Mason.”


“Funny, I never knew Natalie had an identical twin sister, just a fraternal twin sister.”


“You calling me a liar?” Serena defended herself.




“By the way, who are you?”


“I’m Jared Banks.”


“Well, Mr. Banks, what do you say, you have dinner with me?”


“Don’t mind if I do.  Just tell me where and when.’

“If you give me your number, I’ll text you the details.” Serena told him.


As Jared gave Serena the number, she thought about the plans she had in mind for Jared as a way to make Eric jealous and leave that pesky Natalie for her.  And Jared Banks would help her out.



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