Betrayed: Marty Saybrooke Meets Ridge Forrester



After finding out about John latest betrayal with he ex, Natalie Buchanan, Marty leaves Llanview with her kids,2 years old twins, Cheyenne Margaret and Patrick Michael McBain to Los Angeles, California where she has accepted a job offer working at Forrester Creations. When Ridge meet Marty, he is instantly attract to her. What starts as a dangerous attraction soon spirals into something more between Marty and Ridge. What happens when John McBain and his new wife Natalie Buchanan comes looking to get custody of Cheyenne and Patrick.


Chapter 1


“I’m going to miss you mom.” Cole Thornhart says, giving Marty Saybrooke a hug as he and his wife, Starr Manning Thornhart see her and his siblings off for her new job in Los Angeles at Forrester Creations.


“You take care of Cheyenne and Patrick as well as yourself.” Starr says giving her a hug, as Cole is entertaining his brother and sister.


Marty hated to leave Cole and Starr and their daughter Hope now that Cole was exonerated for Eli Clarke’s murder.  But she couldn’t stay in Llanview after John McBain cheated on her with his ex, Natalie Buchanan.


When Forrester Creations creator, Eric Forrester called about her submitted designs, and hired her on the spot, Marty decided to accept with a little nudging from Cole and Starr.


Marty took Cheyenne and Patrick’s hands as the final boarding call for Los Angeles announced its departure.  After saying a tearful goodbye to Starr, Cole and Hope, Marty boarded the plane with the twins, bidding Llanview goodbye.




“I need to seek sole custody of my twins, Cheyenne Margaret and Patrick Michael?” John McBain asked his attorney.


“What do you want the grounds to be, Mr. McBain?” John’s attorney asked him.


“On the grounds that Marty Saybrooke is mentally unstable to provide for my children.” John said, firmly.  “I am newly married to Natalie Buchanan and believe the two of us could provide better home for them.”


“I will get started on the custody proceedings.” John’s attorney tells him.  “Just don’t do anything that could jeopardize your chances.”


“Thanks for the advice.” John says.


“I will let you know what you need to do next.” John’s attorney says.


Leaving his attorney’s office, John puts in a call to Natalie, “It’s done!  Custody for Patrick and Cheyenne is started.  Marty won’t know what hit her!”


Chapter 2


Marty and the twins arrived in Los Angeles and were greeted by Ridge Forrester to take Marty and the twins to her new home as Marty was a neighbor to the Forrester, as Eric Forrester agreed to pay the down payment for Marty as a condition to her employment.  Ridge was instantly smitten with Ms. Saybrooke, but had conflicted feelings due to his relationship with Caroline Spencer.


When Marty saw her new home, she was in awe of her new home and wanted to thank Eric for all of his help.


“Thank you, Ridge for picking me and the twins up from the airport.” Marty said, gratefully.


“It’s an honor to have done it.” Ridge said.  “I can’t wait to see your work and what you can do for Forrester.”


“Well, as soon as I get Patrick and Cheyenne fed, I’d like to thank your father for all his help.”


“Well, let’s go on over to the mansion now.  There is lunch and you can feed Patrick and Cheyenne and talk to my father.” Ridge suggested.


“I don’t want to impose on you.”


“It’s no imposition.  We’d love to have you.”


“Well,  okay.”


Ridge picked up Patrick while Marty picked up Cheyenne, as they all headed over to the Forrester mansion.


Meanwhile in Llanview. . .


“Mr. McBain, I’m afraid I have some bad news!” the detective said, when John answered his door.


“What is it?”


“I’m afraid Ms. Saybrooke has left Llanview.”


“Thank you for letting me know.” John said, as the detective left.


“Damn her!” John said, under his breath, as Natalie was coming downstairs, after putting Liam asleep.


“What’s wrong, dear?”


“Marty fled Llanview with the twins!” John raged, as he hit the number for Cole’s cell.


“Yes, Cole.  It’s John.” after Cole picked up his cell.


“Yes, John, is there a problem?”


“Yes, I need to know where your mother ran off to?” John said, ired.


“She’s in Los Angeles.  She got a job offer at Forrester Creations.” Cole informed her.


“Thank you, Cole.” John apologized.  “I’m sorry for my behavior.”


After John hung up with Cole, he grabbed his suitcase and packed some essentials.


“What are you doing?” Natalie asked.


“Pack some things for you and Liam.” John said.  “We’re going to Los Angeles.  Marty just moved there for a job.”


Natalie went upstairs to pack.  She couldn’t believe that Marty would just take the twins without letting John know.


Chapter 3


Ridge arrived at the Forrester mansion with Marty and the twins as Eric greeted her and welcomed her to the Forrester fold.  Caroline, who had fell in love with Marty’s twins, Patrick and Cheyenne, took their hands and led them to the kitchen to get them something to eat.


Ridge led Marty over to the duvet as a jealous Brooke watched.  She was sickened by Ridge fawning over Marty and Marty obviously enjoying it.  Who did this woman think she was?  Ridge was hers.  She had managed to come between Ridge and Caroline and cause conflict in their relationship, now this Marty Saybrooke is here.  Well, Ms. Saybrooke would not take Ridge from her when she was so close to having him back.


“Everyone!” Ridge announces, tapping a fork to his wine glass.  “I’d like to welcome our newest member to the Forrester family―Marty Saybrooke, who has come all the way from Llanview, Pennsylvania looking for a fresh start.”


Marty just looked at Ridge, blushing, as Brooke gagged.  She couldn’t believe the gall this Marty had.  She knew Marty’s type.  She looked like the innocent sweet woman, but deep down, this Marty Saybrooke was hiding something, and Brooke Logan vowed to find out what it was.


“Thank you everyone.” Marty said, accepting Ridge’s welcome.  “You don’t know how much it means to be accepted by all of you.”


Caroline had come into the living room with Patrick and Cheyenne just as Brooke was introducing herself to Marty.


“I’m Brooke.”


“Hello.” Marty said, cheerfully.


“I just wanted to welcome you to Forrester.” Brooke said, trying to hide her dislike of her.


“So, what do you do here?” Marty said, trying to break the ice.


“Oh, I’m Eric’s ex-wife and mother of the CEO, Rick Forrester, as well as Ridge’s ex-wife, and mother to his son, RJ.” Brooke gloated.


“Well, it’s nice to meet you.” Marty said, but thinking, “You obviously get around, don’t you.”


“Well, just for your FYI, stay away from Ridge.” Brooke warned.


“If you think I have designs on Ridge, you don’t have to worry.” Marty told her.  “I just got out of a relationship, and I don’t wish to start something at the moment.”


“Well, if you do, just make sure you don’t set your sights on Ridge.  Ridge is mine and we are about to reconcile after a year apart.”


“Okay.” Marty said. “Thanks for the advice.”


Marty could tell she was going to have some issues with this Brooke Logan.  What was her problem?   And was she seriously about to reconcile with Ridge when he was apparently in a relationship with Caroline?  Something was amiss and Marty didn’t want no part of it.  She was here to do a job and she had no intention on getting involved with anyone, let alone with Ridge Forrester.


Brooke, on the other hand, decided to do a background check on Marty Saybrooke and googled her name.  She couldn’t believe her eyes when she found the rape online.  “So, Ms. Saybrooke, you’re the victim of a gang rape back in college!” Brooke said to herself.  “I wonder what else you’re hiding!”


Meanwhile, John and Natalie and little Liam had just landed in Los Angeles with a summons to bring back Patrick and Cheyenne to Llanview.


Chapter 4


It didn’t surprise Marty in the slightest when she walked into her design studio at Forrester that Ridge had designed especially for her, to find Brooke sitting at her desk.  In fact, she half expected her to be waiting.


“Why good morning, Brooke.” Marty said, cheerfully, not letting Brooke dampen her spirits.


“Well, you certainly sound chipper this morning.” Brooke said, jealously.  “But I bet I can wipe that smile off your face.”


“Go ahead, Brooke.” Marty dared her.  “Nothing can ruin my first day at Forrester.”


“Well, how about you stay away from Ridge or I’ll spill your secret past as a rape victim.” Brooke warned.


“Go ahead, Brooke!” Marty said, as she whipped out a clipped article from Brooke’s past.


“What is that?” Brooke asked in disbelief.


“I knew you would be a thorn in my side, so I did my own Internet search on you.” Marty said.  “Somehow, I don’t think any of the Forrester’s know about this tidbit of news on you, do they Brooke?”


“You wouldn’t!”


“Just a little leverage to make you keep your mouth shut!”


Brooke was stunned.  She had Marty Saybrooke pegged all wrong.  She wasn’t like all the other women in Ridge’s life.  Clearly, Brooke was going to have a challenge keeping Marty out of Ridge’s life.


As if finding Brooke in her office wasn’t enough, Pam called her from outside her office to inform Marty that she had some visitors.  Before Pam could tell Marty who they were, she told Pam to let them in.


“Well, hello, Marty.” her ex, John said, as he walked into her office.


“John, how did you find me?”


“That doesn’t matter.” John said, angrily.  “Did you think you could skip town with my children without informing me?!”


“I was going to tell you.” Marty told him.  “I’ve just been busy getting the new home ready and starting my new job.”


“That’s not the point.” John stated.  “You took Cheyenne and Patrick out of the state of Pennsylvania and Natalie and I are here to take them back.”


“Sorry, John, but I got permission from the court before I left.”


“I wasn’t informed you were leaving.”


“Well, the judge said he sent out documents.”


“I don’t know what to tell you, John.  I did everything by the book.”


“Well, I am taking the twins back to Llanview.”


“No your not.” Marty says, as she pulled a restraining order from her desk.


“What’s this?” John asks.


“It’s a restraining order forbidding you or Natalie from coming 100 feet within me or Cheyenne or Patrick.”


“You can’t do this to us!” Natalie spit at her.


“I can and I have.”


“This isn’t over, Marty.” John warned as Ridge, who had just walked in on the end of the conversation, happily escorted an angry John and Natalie from Marty’s office and Forrester.


Marty just smiled knowing that she was one-step ahead of John and Natalie.  The was going pretty smoothly.  She had Brooke Logan and John and Natalie right where she wanted them.


Chapter 5


“John, I’m so sorry what Marty did to you?” Natalie apologized.


“Don’t worry, Natalie.” John assured her.  “I’ll get the twins.  Marty won’t win.  Soon Patrick and Cheyenne will be back in our home, playing with Liam.”


Natalie kissed John.  “I know they will be.  Liam is just love having his brother and sister around.”


Meanwhile in Los Angeles. . . .


“Marty, I want to praise you for your cool collective behavior when your ex came and threatened to take your children away.”


“Thank you Ridge.” Marty said, gratefully.  “I don’t want to seem unstable.  I know John will try to prove that I am.”


“Well, you’re a remarkable woman to risk coming out to Los Angeles for a new job in the middle of a custody battle.” Ridge praised.


“Well, I have to provide for my children.” Marty reasoned.  “Any court should be able to see that.”


“Well, I won’t argue with that one.” Ridge agreed.  “By the way, do you have your sketches?”


Marty pulled out her sketchpad full of her drawings.


“These are really good.” Ridge said, flipping through Marty’s sketchpad.  “Can I show these to my father?”


“Yes you can.” Marty said.  “I was a little unsure what you would think.”


“Don’t be.” Ridge assured her.  “These are excellent.”


Marty dropped her pencil and as she stooped down to pick it up, Ridge did to.  As they came back up, they ended up in a kiss, but Marty felt guilty about it and quickly backed off.


“I think you better go, Ridge.” Marty said, feeling guilty.


“Ah, yes.” Ridge agreed, but still wanted more.  “I’ll just go show these sketches to dad.”


After Ridge left, Marty couldn’t help but enjoy the kiss between them.  But logic told her not to get involved with him.  Ridge was with Caroline and John would for sure use that to gain custody of the twins.  A relationship with Ridge wasn’t the best move.  Marty had to keep her distance from Ridge.


Chapter 6


Ridge couldn’t concentrate on his designs.  Ever since the kiss between him and Marty.


“C’mon Ridge.  Concentrate.” Ridge told himself.


But it was useless.  Every time he tried to pick up the pencil and sketch a design, flashes of the kiss between him and Marty came back to him.


Finally, Ridge couldn’t take it.  He left his office and found himself in Marty’s.


“Marty, we need to talk.” Ridge said, when she let him in.


“Okay, what is it?” Marty asked.  “Is it my designs?”


Ridge just looked at Marty and pulled her into a kiss.  Marty attempted to resist and pull away, but Ridge wouldn’t let her.  So Marty succumbed to Ridge’s kiss.


“That was great.” Ridge said, when they finally came up for air.


“Yes.  Yes it was.” Marty agreed.  “But it can’t happen again.”


“Why not?”


“Because your with Caroline.” Marty lied, not wanting to tell him about Brooke’s threat to stay away from Ridge.


“I feel something between us, Marty.” Ridge explained.  “I think you feel it too.”


“Well, it can’t ever happen again.” Marty told him, as much as she wanted to kiss him again.


“Well, I’m going to tell Caroline the truth.” Ridge told her.  “I hope you will give us a chance.”


Marty wanted to explore what was happening between them so bad, but Brooke’s threat stopped her.


A knock on her door interrupted her thoughts, as she went to answer it, thinking it was Ridge.


“Ridge, I told you that. . .” Marty said when she opened the door to Brooke.


“Ridge was here?” Brooke inquired.


“He wanted to see my designs.” Marty lied.


“I hope that was all he wanted.” Brooke warned her.


“It was.” Marty assured her.


“I mean what I say, Marty.  Stay away from Ridge!” Brooke threatened.


“Really, Brooke!  What about what I have on you.” Marty reminded her.


“Well, go ahead.  Nobody here at Forrester will believe you story.  I’m respected her at Forrester.” Brooke bluffed.


“Yeah, we’ll see.” Marty retaliated.


“Just stay away from Ridge!” Brooke said before she left Marty’s office.


How was she supposed to stay away from Ridge.  Her feelings for Ridge were growing more and more each day.


Chapter 7


Marty woke up and got dressed and woke up Patrick and Cheyenne to get them ready for daycare while she was at Forrester.  When she got to the daycare, she saw that it was closed.


“Oh, no!” Marty said, under her breath so the twins wouldn’t hear.  “Now what am I going to do?  I’m already late for work!”


Marty did the next best thing.  She drove straight to Forrester hoping the twins could spend the day in her office.  They were good kids.  What could be the problem?


When Marty drove away, Brooke came out from behind the bushes and took away the “closed” sign from off the front door of Marty’s daycare, smiling a sly smile.


“That will serve you right, Marty, for going after Ridge.” Brooke said to herself.


Marty showed up at Forrester and went straight to her office.


“Now, Patrick and Cheyenne, mommy wants you two to color in your coloring books so mommy can work.” Marty says to them as she hands them some coloring books.


“Mommy, can I have some blank paper instead?” Cheyenne asks, innocently.


“Sure, honey.” Marty says, handing Cheyenne some blank drawing paper.


Marty went to work on her designs so she could deliver them to Ridge happy that her twins were being good little children.


Meanwhile, Brooke arrived at Ridge’s office to inform him of Marty’s dilemma.


“Ridge, do you know that Marty brought her children to work with her this morning?” Brooke gleefully told him.


“No I didn’t.” Ridge said.  “But she must have had a good reason for doing so.”


“I know Ridge, but isn’t it company policy to keep children out of Forrester?” Brooke reminded him.


“Well, obviously, it’s a policy that Forrester should change.” Ridge said.  “Or at least have a daycare for Forrester employees.”


“You approve of Marty bringing her children to work?”


“I will certainly get to the bottom of it, Brooke.”


Ridge left Brooke alone in his office as he went to talk with Marty.


“Marty, I see you had a little problem with your daycare.” Ridge said, noticing how well-behaved Patrick and Cheyenne were.


“I’m sorry, Ridge if it’s a problem.” Marty apologized.  “But when I saw that my daycare was closed, I saw no other option.”


“Don’t worry about it.” Ridge assured her.  “In fact, I think it’s about time Forrester started a daycare for its employees.”


“Look what I drew, Mommy!” 3-year-old Cheyenne showed Marty her version of the dress Marty was designing.


“That’s lovely, dear.” Marty told Cheyenne.


“I think you have a fashion genius!” Ridge said.  “That is really good for a three-year-old!”


“Speaking of designs, I have mine finished.” Marty told Ridge.


“These are great!” Ridge tells Marty.  “I will get them to the seamstress to get them made for our models to try on.”


“I’m glad you like them.” Marty said.


“Well, why do you and the twins join me for lunch to celebrate your first designs with Forrester and Cheyenne’s creativity.” Ridge said.


As Ridge escorted Marty and her twins to his favorite eatery, Brooke was livid that her plan to ruin Marty’s first day made Marty look so good in Ridge’s eyes.  Marty was going to pay for making her look like a fool!


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