All or Nothing: A Rafe & Jordan Romance



Rafe Hernandez knew he messed up when he drunkenly slept with his ex-lover, Kate Roberts, after professing his love for Jordan Ridgeway.  Now, Jordan wants nothing to do with Rafe and has moved on with Chad DiMera.  Rafe doesn’t trust Chad and thinks he will only hurt Jordan in the long run.  When Rafe discovers Chad’s true intentions toward Jordan, will Rafe be able to save Jordan from Chad, or will he lose Jordan forever?


Chapter 1


“Rafe, couldn’t believe that Jordan had moved on with Chad DiMera, of all  people.  He knew that getting drunk and sleeping with Kate after his sister went to prison for Nick Fallon’s murder was wrong, but Rafe had profusely asked Jordan for forgiveness.  But Jordan couldn’t forgive Rafe for his indiscretion.  It was one thing to move on, but did she have to move on with Chad?


Rafe was sure Chad was up to something.  Rafe just didn’t trust Chad.  What’s worse, Chad had started showing his true DiMera colors ever since he came back to Salem.  And Rafe couldn’t stand the DiMeras.  They were all the same―sly, sneaky, and downright manipulative.  Chad was truly becoming Stefano’s son.


Rafe vowed one thing:  to save Jordan from Chad, whether she like it or not.


Just then, Rafe heard voices coming Salem Park where Rafe was sitting at one of the benches.  He snuck out of sight, only to spy Chad and Jordan holding hands and kissing in public view.


“Thanks for dinner, Chad.” Jordan said, when they finally came up for air.


“You’re welcome, Jordan.” Chad said, kissing her again.  “I had a real nice time.”


“The lasagna meal that you ordered for us was the best I’ve had.”


“Someday I will have to make my very special lasagna for you.”


“Hmmmm…I’d love that Chad.”


Rafe watched heartbroken as Chad kissed Jordan again.  Rafe pulled out his cell and answer it before Chad or Jordan saw him hiding in the bushes.


“Yeah, Roman.” Rafe said answering his cell.


“Rafe, we have a bit of a disturbance down here at the cop shop.” Roman said, exacerbated.  “Can you get here ASAP?”


“Yes, Roman.  I need to get out of this park anyway.” Rafe told Roman.


“Okay, Rafe, I’ll see you in a few.”


Rafe shut off his cell as he ended his call with Roman.  As he took one last look at Jordan and Chad, Rafe made a vow to find out exactly what Chad was hiding.


Chapter 2


Rafe hit pay-dirt when he happened upon Chad having a heated conversation with a young woman in the park.  He crept closer so he could hear what the two of them were discussing.


“Why did you come back?” Rafe heard Chad tell the woman.


“I got some news that I had to tell you.” the woman told Chad.


“So, what is it?  I’m kinda busy.” Chad said, obviously trying to hurry the woman along so he could get away fast before anyone saw him with her.


“I’m pregnant, Chad, and you’re the father.” the woman told him.


“No!   You can’t be!  We used protection!” Chad angrily told her.


“Well, I guess I missed a day!” the woman said, nearly in tears.


“Well, I want proof I’m the father!  Because I don’t believe you!”


“Why do you need proof, Chad?  You know I was only with you!”


“I don’t know that!”


“Well, you’re the only one I’ve been with.”


“I still want a paternity test!”


“Fine!  You win!  I’ll get one done on the baby!”


“Let me know when you schedule it.” Chad said.  “I have to leave now.  I’m late for an appointment.”


As Chad left, the young woman watched him, with a smile on her face, rubbing her stomach.  Now Rafe knew something was up.  And he intended to get to the bottom of it.



Meanwhile, Chad met Jordan at the hospital and the two agreed to a lunch date.


While Chad and Jordan were enjoying each others company, the young woman whom Chad was having the heated conversation with sat just a few tables down watching them, and not looking all to happy.


“If you think you are going to move on and forget about me and this baby, Chad, you’re sadly mistaken.” the young woman said, rubbing her stomach.


Chapter 3


When Jordan came back from her lunch with Chad, she found the young pregnant woman waiting in her office.


“I’m sorry, did we have an appointment?” Jordan asked the young woman.


“No.  But a hospital volunteer let me in.” the young woman told her.


“Well, nobody informed me you were here, and they usually inform me when they do.”


“I’m sorry.  I didn’t know it would be a problem.” the young woman apologized.


“Well, what can I do for you?”


“My doctor told me I needed to do some exercises as I was gaining a little too much weight.”


“You look fine to me.”


“Well, I’m just concerned for my baby.”


“I’ll look over your case with your doctor and come up with a exercise regimen for you and let you know tomorrow.”


“Thank you, you don’t know how much this means to me.”


As the young woman left Jordan’s office, she realized she forgot to get her name.  Running to catch up with the young woman, she saw the same young woman arguing with Chad.  After the young woman left a few minutes later, obviously angry about something, Jordan confronted Chad about his conversation.


“Who was that woman you were talking to? Jordan asked Chad.


“Why do you want to know?”


“Because she just left my office asking about some exercise regimen and I never got her name.”


“I’m sorry, she came to see you?” Chad asked, a little miffed.  “I’ve got to go!”


“Chad!” Jordan asked, as Chad left in a hurry.  “I didn’t cat. . .”


Chad caught up with the young woman within ten minutes at her motel room.


“What are you trying to do?” Chad yelled at the young woman.  “Are you trying to ruin everything I am trying to do for us?”


“I needed to know who my competition was.”


“You know I only have eyes for you.” Chad assured her.  “I’m only using Jordan to get in good with my father so I can get control of DiMera.”


“Are you sure that’s all it is?  You sure looked pretty cozy at the diner earlier today?”


“You were spying on us?”


“I’m sorry.  I missed you so.  And when I learned I was pregnant, I had to tell you.”


“You couldn’t do it in a text?”


“It wasn’t the news I wanted to leave via text.”


“Geez, you do look hot.” Chad said, nuzzling the young woman’s neck.


“I missed you honey.”


“Me too, baby.” Chad told her.  “You’re the only one for me.”


A few kisses and Chad and the young woman ended up in bed making love.  As they lay in each others arms, the young woman vowed never to let Chad know that she was never taking precautions to avoid a pregnancy.  She didn’t want Chad knowing that she intended to trap Chad into marriage by getting pregnant.


Chapter 4


After Chad left with the mystery woman, Rafe headed over to Jordan’s office to tell her what he heard.


“Jordan.” Rafe said, as he walked into Jordan’s office.  “We need to talk.”


“I have nothing to say to you.” Jordan told him.


“But you need to hear what I just found out about Chad.” Rafe insisted.


“What could you possibly tell me about Chad that would change my mind?” Jordan asked, in anger.


“Chad is using you.” Rafe blurted out.


“Yeah, right, Rafe!” Jordan said, accusing him.  “You’re just jealous of what I have with Chad!”


“I overheard him talking with some young woman when I was walking through the park.” Rafe explained.  “Chad was telling this woman about how he was using you to get in good with Stefano in between making out with her.”


“You’re delusional, Rafe, and I’m sick of you trying to find something wrong with Chad!” Jordan told him in anger.  “You can’t accept that Chad loves me, so you’re trying to hurt me by telling me he’s cheating on me!”


“Please, Jordan!  Just listen to me!” Rafe pleaded.


But his pleas fell on deaf ears, as Jordan demanded Rafe leave her office.  Rafe left before Jordan could have him thrown out by hospital security.  Jordan was hurt, thinking that Chad too was cheating on her.  She couldn’t let on that secretly she believed Rafe.  She was still bitter from Rafe’s indiscretion with Kate Roberts, and that she still wanted Rafe back.  It took every ounce of strength not to rush back into his arms, and she so desperately wanted to.


Jordan was interrupted with her thoughts when Chad walked in.  He came in and gave her a kiss, as Jordan tried to squelch out the lingering doubts left in her mind by Rafe.  Chad’s kiss temporarily made Jordan forget Rafe as she allowed things to heat up between her and Chad.


Chad and Jordan were about to make love when there was knock on Jordan’s door.  Buttoning up her blouse just in time as Jordan’s assistant let the mystery woman into her office.


Not wanting to let Jordan know that he knew the mystery woman, Chad quickly excused himself by giving Jordan one last kiss before exiting her office.  The mystery woman looked hurt to see Chad kiss Jordan, but quickly recovered so Jordan wouldn’t see her pain.


Just as Chad was leaving Jordan’s office, Rafe stepped out from where he had been hiding down the hall and confronted Chad about the mystery woman he had just seen go into Jordan’s office.


Chapter 5


“How can you do what you’re doing to Jordan?!” Rafe asked Chad bitterly.


“I’m sorry?” Chad asked.  “What the hell are you talking about?”


“The woman I saw you with in the park?”


“A friend from high school?” Chad said, trying to recover.  “She needed a loan.”


“Oh, is that all?!”


“Yes, Rafe, that was all.” Chad said.  “Now, if you don’t mind, I have meetings to get to.”


As Rafe watched Chad hurry off for his meeting, Rafe knew something was up.  Rafe decided to follow Chad to see just who he was meeting.


Ten minutes later, Chad was true to his word when Rafe saw Chad enter DiMera Enterprises and head to his office to get ready for his meeting.


Rafe was about to leave when Jordan spotted Rafe watching Chad.


“What are you doing, Rafe?”


“I had to run an errand for Roman Brady.” Rafe covered.


“Spying on Chad?” Jordan accused him.  “Roman has you spying on Chad?”


“I was coming out of Alice’s picking up her famous donuts for Roman.  I just happened to see Chad.” Rafe lied, as Jordan noticed Rafe had no donuts in his hand.


“So where are these alleged donuts?” Jordan quizzed him.


“I haven’t gotten them yet.” Rafe lied.


“I can’t believe you’re spying on Chad?  Who do you think you are, Rafe?  And to think I thought you were better than that?”


Jordan ran off before Rafe could get a word in, “Jordan!  Wait!  Just let me explain!”


But Jordan didn’t want to hear Rafe’s lies.  Rafe wanted to go after Jordan, but he was stopped by Eric who needed his help.  Rafe would have to confront Jordan another time.


Chapter 6


Rafe was still trying to get Jordan trust him but now he wondered if he should let things go and let Chad dig his own grave.  Who was he to find dirt on Chad just to win Jordan’s heart.  He knew he has no saint, but Rafe knew Chad was hiding something big from Jordan.


Rafe decided that he had to find the truth about Chad even if it meant losing Jordan forever.  So Rafe decided that he needed to find a way to get a bug on Chad to monitor his every move.  Then it hit Rafe.  He headed over to Jordan’s office.


Rafe got to Salem University Hospital, donned a scrub and fake name badge, and managed to let himself into Jordan’s office, where he left a small box on Jordan’s desk.  Then quietly slipped out unseen.


Fifteen minutes later, Jordan came into her office and saw the wrapped box, that said, “To Chad, with all my love, Jordan!”


“Hmmmmmm, when did I get Chad a gift?” Jordan thought to herself.  “I must have had my PA buy it for me.  I must head over to Chad’s to give it to him.”


As Jordan left for Chad’s, a happy Rafe watched from the sidelines.


Jordan showed up at Chad’s and knocked on the door.


“Jordan!” Chad said, surprised.


“I had to see you, Chad.” Jordan said.  “I had to give you something.”


“Wow!” Chad said.  “What did I do to deserve this?”


“For being the best boyfriend ever.” Jordan smiled.


As Chad unwrapped the small box, Jordan watched, just as surprised as Chad was.


“Wow!  It’s a tie clip!” Chad said, surprised.


“Yes, it is!” Jordan said, just as surprised as Chad was.


“You didn’t know what it was?”


“I . . . I had my PA buy it for you, when I didn’t have time to get you something.” Jordan covered.


“I’ll wear them everyday.  Just for you.” Chad said, kissing her.


“Well, I hate to bring gifts and run. . .but I must really get back to my patients.” Jordan apologized.


“Again, thank you so much, Jordan.” Chad said, as he put on his tie clasp just as he promised.


“Now make sure you wear it everyday. . .like you promised.” Jordan reminded him.


“I will.”


Jordan kissed Chad once more before leaving, as Rafe spied them, happy to know that his “gift” would be worn.


Rafe went home to turn on his equipment so he could see just what Chad was up to.


Chapter 7


As soon as Jordan had left, he took off the tie clip and headed for the Java Café where he met with the mysterious woman.


Chad wanted to end this farce of a marriage, but Stefano demanded Chad marry the girl and stay in the marriage for one year.  The mysterious woman was the daughter of a dear friend and Stefano had promised his son would one day marry the daughter.  All his other sons are either dead or taken up with other women, so when Stefano found out that Chad was his son, he demanded Chad marry the girl per Stefano’s promise.


“Hey Gwen.” Chad said, feigning a smile when Gwen kissed Chad on the cheek.


“When do I get to move to Salem, Chad?” Gwen said.  “I am your wife now?”


“Don’t remind me.” Chad said sullenly.


“You act like you don’t love me?’ Gwen accused.


“I don’t.” Chad confessed.  “This is all my father’s doing.”


“What about the times we made love?” Gwen grilled Chad.


“Faked.” Chad confessed again.  “I faked the passion between us.”


“You don’t mean that!” Gwen said, angrily.


“I want a divorce!” Chad spit out.  “I can’t stay in this marriage anymore!”


“Well, you can’t get a divorce!” Gwen yelled loud enough everyone in the Java Café could hear.

“Why not?!” Chad asked.


“Because I’m pregnant!” Gwen yelled at him.


“How can that be?” Chad said.  “We used protection!”


“Now it’s my turn to confess!” Gwen revealed.  “I was never on the pill!  I intended to get pregnant!”


Chad was stunned as Gwen looked at him smiling.


“I’ll find a way out of this!” Chad yelled at Gwen before storming off.


Gwen would not let Chad leave her no matter what.  Gwen looked across from the table to find that Chad had left his cell phone.  She reached across the table and picked it up and scanned Chad’s calls.  There were several texts from Jordan reminding him of their date tonight.


“Like hell if Chad will be showing up!” Gwen said to herself.


“Sorry babe, I can’t make our date tonight.  Something came up!” Gwen typed the message to Jordan.


Then went on her way to the DiMera mansion to have a talk with Stefano.



Meanwhile, after learning all this, Rafe sent Jordan a text, “Meet me at Java Cafe in 15 minutes.”


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