A Pocket-Sized Dream: A Mimi Lockhart Story



For two years, Mimi Lockhart searched for her son, Philip Victor Kiriakis, Jr., the one that she had with Philip Kiriakis, that Steve and Kayla found and named, Pocket.  Intent on coming to Salem to retrieve her son from the person who took him, Mimi headed back to Salem to blackmail the responsible party.  Will Mimi get her son back, or will little Philip be lost to her forever?




Mimi Lockhart – Farah Fath

Philip Kiriakis – Jay Kenneth Johnson

Chad DiMera – Billy Flynn

Abigail ‘Abby’ Devereaux – Kate Mansi

Ben Rogers – Rob Wilson

Bonnie Lockhart – Judi Evans

Patrick Lockhart – Brody Hutzler


Chapter 1


Mimi Lockhart couldn’t believe that her hard work had paid off.  After two years of endless searching for the baby that was ripped from her arms, she finally found him.  She called her mother to give her the good news.


“Mother, I found my baby.” Mimi announced to her mother when she answered her cell.


“Oh, baby, I’m so glad.” Bonnie Lockhart Horton cried.


“You’re not going to believe where he is.” Mimi announced.


“Where, honey?”


“In Salem.  Living with a Ben Rogers and Abby Devereaux.”


“How did Abigail Devereaux get her hands on your child?” Bonnie asked, confused.


“Chad DiMera, that’s who?” Mimi said, enraged.  “And I’m going to Salem to take my son back!”


“Why would Chad want to take your son?”


“To get Abby back!” Mimi told her mother.  “Chad stole my child in order to win back Abby.  And I intend to expose Chad and get my baby back.”


Suddenly, a worried Bonnie wondered what happened as the line went dead.


Philip Kiriakis grabbed Mimi’s phone and tossed it into the bushes.


“Over my dead body will you take Philip, Jr. from Abby and Ben!” an enraged Philip threatened Mimi.


“Watch me, Philip!” Mimi shouted back.  “He’s my son and you won’t stop me!”


“I went to great lengths to get you proved as an unfit mother to keep you out of Pocket’s life.” Philip told Mimi.


“Okay, Philip, I’ll stay away from our son.” Mimi said, meekly.


“That’s better.  Now go home and stay away from Philip!”


Happy that Mimi agreed to stay away from Philip, Jr., Philip walked away.  But Mimi did not intend to give up that easy.  When she knew that Philip was well enough gone, she headed for the airport and booked the next flight for Salem.


She was going to Salem to get her son, and nobody would stop her.


Chapter 2


Mimi arrived in Salem and showed up at the Horton home that Bonnie had managed to wrangle during her divorce from Mickey Horton.


“Hello, mother.” Mimi announced when Bonnie answered the door.


“Mimi, darling.” Bonnie exclaimed.  “I’m so glad you got here safely.”


As Bonnie hugged her daughter, Bonnie’s son, as Patrick shouted from the living room, “Who is it, mother?!”


“Oh, Patrick, it’s your sister.” Bonnie said as she and Mimi came into the living room where Patrick was eating popcorn and watching a movie on the sofa.


“Oh, hi, sis.” Patrick greeted his sister.


“Hi, Patrick.” Mimi greeted her brother back.


“Well, mother, I’d say you managed to get the Horton house after you divorced Mickey.” Mimi said, sounding surprised.


“Well, let’s just say, I gave Mickey an offer he just couldn’t refuse.” Bonnie smirked.


“So, what brings you back to Salem, sis?” Patrick inquired.  “I thought you were never coming back after what happened with the baby?”


“Well, brother, dear, that is exactly why I am here.” Mimi confessed.


“What?  Did you find him?”


“Yes, I did.” Mimi told Patrick, as Bonnie listened.


“Well, where is he?”


“He’s been living with Abigail and Ben.”


“The baby that Abigail and Ben have is your son?’ Patrick asked, confused.


“Yes.  It turns out that Philip went in on a deal with Chad DiMera and took Pocket from me when Philip faked proof that I was an unfit mother.”


“So what happens now?’


“Well, in the morning, I am going to confront Abigail and Ben and let them know I want my son back.”


“Well, good for you, sis.  I hope you win.”


Meanwhile, at Ben and Abigail’s house, Abigail has just laid little Philip (Pocket) down for the night.  As she and Ben and Abigail look on, admiringly little Philip as he sleeps soundly, with his thumb in his mouth.


Chapter 3


The next morning, Ben woke to the sound of banging on the front door of his Abigail’s apartment.


“Who the hell is up so damn early.” Ben whispers, stumbling to the front door, still half asleep.


“Ben?  Ben Rogers?” Mimi asks when Ben answers the door, dressed in boxers and a t-shirt.


“Who are you?” Ben asks in response.


“I’m Mimi Lockhart!”


“And that’s supposed to mean something to me?”


“Yes.  Yes it is.”


“Well, what do you want?”


“I want my son!” Mimi states right away.


“I’m sorry.  Am I supposed to know where your son is?”


“Yes.  He’s in your possession.”


“Come again?”


“I mean, that baby boy sleeping in this apartment is my son!” Mimi tells Ben.


“I’m sorry, how is that possible?”


“Well, Chad DiMera stole my son and gave him to you and Abby to get closer to Abby.”


Ben couldn’t believe what he was hearing.


“Yeah, in your dreams.” Ben told Mimi, in denial.  “Leave my home or I will have you removed from the premises!”


Just then, Abby comes out carrying Philip.


“What’s going on?” Abby asks Mimi and Ben.  “The ruckus woke the baby.”


The sight of Abby holding her son was enough for Mimi as she couldn’t stand to see Abby holding her son.


“I’ll take my son now.” Mimi said, reaching out to take Philip from Abby’s arms.


“Excuse me?” Abby questions Mimi.  “Just who the hell are you?”


“I’m Mimi Lockhart and I’m here to take my son.”


“Well, if this is your son, Mimi, where the hell have you been?” Abby grills her.


“It’s a long story.  One I don’t care to get into with you.”


“Well, Ben and I have custody of this boy.  So if you are his mother, you’ll need to go through legal channels to get this child.”


Mimi’s altercation was interrupted when Philip arrived at Ben and Abby’s for a meeting with Ben.


“Mimi, when did you get back in town?” Philip says, surprising Mimi.


“Philip, is what Mimi saying true?” Abby asks him.  “Is this baby hers?”


“No, she isn’t.” Philip lies.  “Mimi is crazy delusional.”


Philip went to extremes to hide Little Philip from Mimi by having Chad place his son with Ben and Abby.  He wasn’t about to let Mimi ruin everything by trying to claim Little Philip as hers.


“Well, Mimi, it seems as if you don’t have a leg to stand on, so I think it’s best you go.” Ben orders Mimi to leave.


“This isn’t over!” Mimi yells back as Philip and Ben are tossing her out the door.


“Imagine thinking she is the mother of this sweet boy?” Abby says, as Little Philip smiles up at her.


“Ben.  Abby.  Please don’t let her near this boy.” Philip demands.


As Mimi looks inside Ben and Abby’s window at Philip, Ben and Abby with her son, “This isn’t over by a long shot.”


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